Your Wealth Magnet Review 2020

Your Wealth Magnet Review
Did you feel being brainwashed while watching the sales video of this program that claims to help you attract the wealth you want just by switching your frequency that will make your bank account look different starting tomorrow morning and you are wondering if this is possible? Read this Your Wealth Magnet Review in order to find out if these claims and promises are true or just lies that are designed to take your money.

And as I know that this program can be useful, but I can tell you that it is not enough in order to make money.

Whether you buy it or not depends on your situation, which is something I will explain in details below.

I will show you here if this program suits you or not based on your situation, and I will also guide you to my favorite method for making money online in case that this program is not for you.


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Your Wealth Magnet Review Summary

  • Name: Your Wealth Magnet
  • Website:
  • Founders: Michael McNally
  • Price: $37 One-Time Fee
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but.. (Check The Conclusion Section)


Overall Rating: 70 of 100

Summary: Your Wealthy Magnet is an ebook that is supposed to change your mindset and help you attract wealth with the least effort from your side by relying on the law of attraction.

While I believe in the law of attraction, but I know that it doesn’t work unless you actually take a serious action in order to achieve your goals.

Your Wealthy Magnet alone is not enough to achieve your goals.


What Is Your Wealth Magnet?

Your Wealth Magnet is an ebook that is supposed to help you attract wealth by teaching you the secret that will raise your frequency and align it with the frequency of the universe in order to be able to manifest whatever you want in your life and give orders to the universe in order to give streams of passive income. What Is Your Wealth Magnet

The man behind Your Wealth Magnet, Michael McNally, claims that he was broke before an old school mate gave him an access to a secret website that taught him the secrets of attracting money into his life easily by commanding the universe to bring him money passively.

After trying this secret website, he then was able to secure his finances and get the freedom he wanted into his life, and now that he has created Your Wealth Magnet System in order to help others manifest their wishes in becoming wealthy and attract money by learning the secret of changing their frequency and getting it aligned with the universe’s frequency and developing the abundance mentality.


He claims that this is the secret that the riches such as Bill Gates, John Rockefeller and Richard Branson used in order to build their wealth, and this is what most people are missing which prevents them from becoming wealthy.

The Wealth Attraction Secret Of Elites


Is There Really Such A Thing, Or Is Your Wealth Magnet A Joke?!

From my own experience as a regular meditation practitioner and as a Yoga Teacher and practitioner, I do believe in the frequency of the body, vibrations, law of attraction and butterfly effect.

And I believe that you can manifest positive situations or circumstances, opportunities, results, and atmosphere by changing your thinking habits into positive ones.



These alone are not enough to get real results!

And this is what I don’t like about Your Wealth Magnet where in the video they claim that you just tap into this secret, and within 24 hours, your bank account will look different.

But this is untrue, sorry!

The law of attraction and changing your frequency are just one part of the equation, and this part alone is not enough in order to attract wealth and abundance.


More on that in the coming section.


How Does Your Wealth Magnet Work?

How Does Your Wealth Magnet Work

Michael tell you that once you learn this secret and use it to change your frequency, streams of passive income will start pouring in and your will become wealthy without mentioning that you need to put any work.

And worse, he tells you that within 24 hours from learning this secret your forest of money trees will be found.


Your Wealth Magnet Unrealistic Claims

But the truth is, this is not how the low of attraction, vibrations and frequency alignment work.

As I mentioned earlier, positive thoughts do affect the way you live your life and the atmosphere you feel around you, but alone are not enough to make money and become wealthy.

Who would believe that just by thinking positively, streams of passive income will start pouring in to your life? Where is that money coming from? Does it print itself?!!


Then How Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work In Attracting Money?

In order to succeed in life and business, and in order to attract wealth, you need these two elements to work together:

  1. You need to put the effort and time into providing something of value that helps others solve their problems and/or improve their lives.
  2. You need to think positively and have the right mindset that will help your efforts achieve the results you want.


The riches such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson didn’t find themselves owning Microsoft and Virgin Group just by thinking positively and raising their vibrations!

They worked hard on building their businesses for long years.

And of course, they also had positive thoughts about their businesses and they always planned to expand and offer more services and solutions to people’s problems.


They had a positive vision and dreams, and they worked hard on achieving them.

This is how you manifest thoughts in reality and create your wealth, and not just by sitting your butt on the couch and thinking about money and expecting it to pop out of nowhere.


Components Of Your Wealth Magnet

When you purchase Your Wealth Magnet System, you get an ebook that is supposed to teach you about how to change your mindset from a pre-programmed negative mindset that is full with doubt and self-criticism into a new, money-making mindset that would help you find new opportunities for making money and manifest your thoughts into positive results ONLY IF you put the consistent work and effort into creating something useful.

This is the main product that you get when buying Your Wealth Magnet Program.

And there are the following bonuses that you get or free:


Your Wealth Magnet Bonuses

1. Bonus #1: Instant Habit Transformation

This is a Hypnosis audio recording that is supposed to help you change your bad habits of fear and low-esteem and build your self-confidence and develop an abundance mind-set.

However, I don’t fully agree with using the word “instant” as I believe every change to the positive needs some time to happen, especially when talking about habits that we are used to doing subconsciously.


2. Bonus #2: Mind Over Money

These are customized hypnosis audio sound tracks that are supposed to help you declutter your mind and synchronize your neuro systems in order to elevate your mental wave lengths


3. Bonus #3: Wealth Attraction Hypnosis

This is a recorded hypnosis audio course that were recorded by certified hypnotherapist in order to help you learn these secrets of wealth attraction.


What I Like About Your Wealth Magnet

  • I like that it talks about the having the right mindset and the effect of positive though patterns on success in life and business.
  • The cost is low.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


What I Don’t Like About Your Wealth Magnet

You Wealth Magnet is a good program, but there are some things that I don’t like such as:

1. Unrealistic Claims

Michael claims that the ultra-wealthy people have made their wealth utilizing the law of attraction and by changing their frequency to one that is aligned with the universe, and that you can become rich by doing the same.

Law Of Wealth Attraction

And although I agree that having positive thoughts can help in manifesting positive results, but that is not enough!

Bill Gates didn’t become a billionaire with just relaxing on the couch at his home, he made his money by offering a great product to a big number of people, by having a big, positive vision of what he can offer and working on it consistently over a long period of time.


2. Fake Testimonials

Yes. The woman in one of the photos on the written sales page “Annie” is not who they claim she is.

If you make a simple Google image search, you will find that this woman is called Jesse and that the photo they took for here is actually taken from a video for a TV interview that was conducted with here due to some case.

Your Wealth Magnet Testimonials


3. Misleading & Incomplete Information

As I explained earlier, they tell you that just by switching your frequency, the universe is compelled to give you the financial abundance that you seek.

Is Your Wealth Magnet A Scam
But that’s not enough, you still need to work hard on providing value by solving a problem or improving others’ lives in order to deserve the money you want to receive.


You might be asking yourself now:


Should I Buy Your Wealth Magnet Or Not?

It depends on your situation:

  • If you already have a business that you hope to make money with, and you know the in’s and out’s of your business, but you suffer from the bad habits, negative thinking, scarcity mentality, low confidence and self-criticism which all together prevent you from taking real action consistently, then Your Wealth Magnet might be useful for you.


But remember that you still need to put in the work! Thinking positively without taking consistent action will not make you achieve anything.

  • If you still don’t have any business to make money with, and you think that buying Your Wealth Magnet will suddenly pour money into your life, then I think that Your Wealth Magnet is not the right investment for your money.


In this case, you need to learn a way to make money, work consistently on learning and applying that method, and have the positive mindset in order to succeed.

And for that, I recommend that you read my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide in order to learn the best way to create a passive income.


Your Wealth Magnet Price

The cost of Your Wealth Magnet is $37 one-time fee.


Conclusion – Is Your Wealth Magnet A Scam Or Legit?

Your Wealth Magnet is not a scam, it is legit.

However, it is not enough alone in order to make you money. It is good for helping you build a positive mindset and change the bad habits into good ones, but you still need to have a business that you will make money from.


  • Name: Your Wealth Magnet
  • Website:
  • Founders: Michael McNally
  • Price: $37 One-Time Fee.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but.. (Check The Next Paragraph)

Overall Rating: 70 of 100


If you already have a business to make money from, but you suffer from the bad habits and the negative mindset, then you might proceed with purchasing Your Wealth Magnet System.

But, in case that you are still looking for a way to make money, then this program alone is not enough for you.


Which will leads to the next question:

The Best Alternative to Your Wealth Magnet Where You Can Start Generating Money?

My alternative to Your Wealth Magnet is a method that many successful online entrepreneurs are using to generate money online.

This method is a 100% legit method and needs you to put in the work consistently over a period of time in order to make money, there are no “push-button” solutions.

However, this method is the best method to start making money online and a newbie-friendly one that doesn’t need a big investment, you don’t need to have your own product, you don’t deal with customers, and the one that is associated with al low level of risk.

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Give YOURSELF five minutes to read my guide and learn about this great method that I personally do. And stop looking for the magical solutions that don’t exist.

You need to provide value in order to deserve the money, period.

And in this guide, you will understand what this method is and how it works.

Also, you will learn about the platform where I learned this method, and the place where you can find all the necessary training, tools and support you need. You can even get a direct coaching by ME.

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And if you have any question regarding this Your Wealth Magnet Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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