Your New At Home Career Review 2020 – A Scam or an Extra $30,000/Month

Your New At Home Career Review

Is it really possible to make an “Extra” $10,000-$30,000 per month working as little as 30 minutes from your couch?! Join me in this Your New At Home Career Review in order to find out if Greg Thomas is a real person or just another scam that is after your hard-earned money.


He claims that after being in debt for years, and after trying doing surveys online and blogging, he finally found a way that can make him such an amount of money, and then found another method, and some other ways that he claims to be teaching in his program that we are reviewing here.


And he claims that many other people that are following his program are averaging $10,000-30,000 a month with what he teaches them.


I have come across many of these magical programs and systems that promise you to be able to easily earn thousands of dollars per week or day with very little effort or by spending only few hours or even 30 minutes per day, and sometimes, doing nothing!


And I know how tempting it feels to want to believe them and wanting to “give it a try, it may work!”.


Some people, unfortunately, go and purchase these programs without researching them and they lose their money as a result of that.


Congrats! You made the smart decision by looking for reviews before you get in the trap. I’m sure you felt that there’s something wrong with this system, and I will prove to you below why you made the right decision.


And I will guide you into learning how you can really make money online through a 100% LEGIT and real way that many other internet entrepreneurs are using in order to generate money online, including myself.


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Your New At Home Career Review Summary

  • Name: Your New At Home Career
  • Website:
  • Founders: Greg Thomas. (This is how he calls himself!)
  • Price: $47 + Upsells
  • Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 20 of 100 (Check My Alternative Method 97 of 100)


What Is Your New At Home Career?

What Is Your New At Home Career

In brief: Your New At Home Career is a program that promises you to be able to make anywhere from $10,000-$30,000 a month working only few hours a day or even 30 minutes!


The guy (calls himself Greg Thomas) who speaks in the sales video claims that he found several ways for making money online that help him make this amount of money with very little effort and time.


And now, he says that he created this program where he teaches others these methods and that his students are now generating such numbers working few hours a day on their laptops or even phones!


The video doesn’t talk about what these methods are, and whether this program provides in-detail training and tools or you still have to pay for the upsells and tools!

They even show you fake testimonials by paid actors that they can get from freelancing platforms in order to record these videos for them and say whatever they are asked to say.


This lady for example, I have seen her giving testimonials to other programs that I reviewed here on my website. But more important, she’s hired to do so through a platform called, this is a screenshot for her profile:

Your New At Home Career TestimonialsNatural you say! Yep, I believe you!

And the same applies for the other people in the testimonials. You can find them if you dig deep in Fiverr.


Unfortunately, this is a common practice among the many “get rich overnight” and “done-for-you-” systems and programs that I reviewed earlier such as:

And many others.


And that’s a clear evidence that the owners of these programs are lying to you!!


If there weren’t lying, then why are they hiring people to do fake testimonials?! If their students are making the money they claim that you can make, then why don’t they show us real testimonials by their students?!

It’s because their programs don’t deliver the promised results. That’s the ugly truth about Your New At Home Career and other similar programs.


The only ones that are making thousands of these programs are the ones that are selling them to you. They make their money by selling you their programs and not by applying what they teach.


So, How Does Your New At Home Career Actually Work?

How Does Your New At Home Career Work

Honestly, who knows what they will tell you after you pay the first $47 to join their program?


The guy keeps talking about how much money you can make by working so little, but he never tells you the method(s) he is teaching in the program.


By if you go to the root domain of their website (, you will notice that the main page talks about dropshipping.

Maybe this is the main method that is talked about inside the program, or maybe it’s one of several methods. Who knows?!


But if that was the case, then the claims about making so much money with working so little are completely untrue and unrealistic.

Dropshipping requires a bigger investment ($1,000-$2,000 at minimum) and lots of hours before you start making any profit or even breaking even, then how about making $10,000-$30,000 a month working thirty minutes a day?!!


So, be prepared to pay much more money on the upsells of the program itself, tools, Facebook ads, …etc. and to put many hours every day and night before you start making any profit.


You don’t just join a program and work few hours or minutes a day and expect to get thousands of dollars every week. Neither with dropshipping nor with any other method.


You need to take the time and effort in order to learn, research, test and keep trying until you start making profit.


What I Like About Your New At Home Career

  • Nothing at ALL.


What I Don’t Like About Your New At Home Career

Not sure where to start from. But let’s start with the sales page and the video there:


1. Fake Testimonials By Actors!

As I showed you earlier, the testimonials are recorded by paid actors whom you can hire for few bucks on in order to record what you want them to say. No Real Testimonials or real, legitimate proof of results.


Unfortunately, this is a common practice among many scams and low quality programs that are supposed to teach you how to make money online, especially the ones that promise you to make thousands of dollars per week, and sometimes per day, working few hours or minutes everyday.


I think this is an enough reason NOT to trust these guys.

But let’s continue…


2. Fake Scarcity Counter

Your New At Home Career Fake Scarcity

Every time you watch the same video, they say that if you leave, then you won’t be able to see the video again, but then you watch the video again on another day, and it says the same BS.


And in addition to that, the counter on the right always tells you that only 1 spot is left in your area. When you first land on the website it might be another number; 6 or 12, but as you start watching the video, the number will start decreasing until it becomes 1. It is always the same, every time you visit the sales page.


3. Unrealistic Claims & Promises That Don’t Make Sense

They say that, with this program, you can make thousands per day, or anywhere between $10,000-$30,000 per month working few minutes or hours a day.


And as someone who tried different ways of making money online, including dropshipping, I can tell you that you need long time, working several hours a day, before you make this amount of money, whether it was with dropshipping, or any other method.


Is Your New At Home Career A Scam

And more, with dropshipping, you still need to invest in the hosting platform, apps, and more important, in the Facebook ads, which is the main method to drive traffic in high volume to your online store in order to be able to make such an amount of money.


You need at least $1,000-$2,000 as a start before you start making any profit.


While with the method I recommend in my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide, you can start with as little as $500, and you can even try it for FREE before you invest any money.


And also, these promised results, in dropshipping in particular, might be the gross sales value and not the net profit.

You might even be generating these numbers in sales, but you might be spending more that them on the ads, which means that you are losing and not profiting.


4. Who Is Greg Thomas?

The guy doesn’t show his face in the video, and if you try to find him online, then you won’t find anyone with this name in the space of making money online, E-commerce or internet marketing.

Catch him if you can!


5. $47 For What?

He doesn’t explain what you will get exactly before you pay your money.

He sells you on the dreams of making thousands easily and on the financial freedom, but he doesn’t tell you anything about the components of the program.


Don’t put your money in a place where you have no clear idea at all of what you will receive in return.


6. He Says No Hidden Costs, But …

The program is listed on the MaxBounty affiliate network, and any affiliate marketer brings one sale of the program, they get a $57 commission, even though the program is sold at $47!!


What does that mean?!! Are they losing money?!

Of course not! The $47 is only to get you through the door. Be prepared for the coming upsells that you will need to learn the method(s) they are talking about.


Your New At Home Career Cost & Upsells

How would you trust someone like these people?!


7. He Says In The Video 60-Days Money Back Guarantee, But Then …

On the Terms & Conditions page you find the following:

Your New At Home Career Refund


So, what should we understand?!


Who Is Your New At Home Career For?

For whoever has extra money and willing to risk it with these people, and then pay for the upsells and other hidden costs.


Conclusion – Is Your New At Home Career A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Your New At Home Career
  • Website:
  • Founders: Greg Thomas. (This is how he calls himself!)
  • Price: $47 + Upsells
  • Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 20 of 100 (Check My Alternative Method 97 of 100)


I can’t say that it is a scam, as you might get some basic training if you join it.

But what I’m sure of, is that I won’t trust my money with someone who doesn’t tell me in advance what I will get in return, lies to me regarding the actual cost, the hyped-up claims and promises, FAKE TESTIMONIALS, and then, the money back guarantee!!


A 100% Legitimate Alternative For Your New At Home Career?

As I mentioned earlier, what is claimed by Your New At Home Career about making $10,000-$30,000 a month working only few hours or even 30 minutes a day, and with such a little investment doesn’t make sense at ALL.


There are many ways of making money online, and they are all great, but each one of them requires some effort in advance before you start seeing any results, then how about the mentioned numbers, especially if the method that is taught in this program is dropshipping.


But the best way that I recommend in order to make money online in my guide here is the one that requires the least investment, the one with the lowest risk, and the one that is proven times and times again to be the most newbie-friendly and the most evergreen method so far.


And most important, it is the main method I personally use to generate money online, which is the main reason I’m recommending it.


You will learn more about this method and how it works in my FREE Guide For Making Money Online. And you will find out about the platform where I learned this method.


This platform, will allow you to try it even for FREE before you pay any money! No Credit Card required, 100% Risk Free!

In addition to that, if you join this platform I’m recommending, you can get direct coaching by ME.


So, if you are really willing to stop wasting your time and money on the programs that promise you magical solutions and results with very little effort, and then, they don’t deliver, and if you want to build a REAL online Business & Brand, then you can go a head and read my ultimate make money online guide through the following button:

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Take action now and stop wasting your Time & Money looking for that magical “push-button” solutions.These Don’t Exist!


And if you have any question about this Your New At Home Career Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you ASAP 🙂

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