WP Video Machine Review – Get More Backlinks, Leads & Sales From YouTube?

WP Video Machine Scam Review

Can this WordPress plugin help you get more traffic to your website what will get you more sales and leads and increase your rankings on the search engines, or is it just a waste of time and money? Bear with me in this WP Video Machine Review in order to know more about this tool and to see if it is for you or not.


But before we start, and just to reflect on the potential of using YouTube videos in your business, here are some important stats about YouTube:

  • YouTube has over one billion users.
  • YouTube exists in 91 countries that speak up to in 80 languages.
  • YouTube, on mobile alone, reaches more people in the US than any TV network.
  • One billion hours are being watched daily.


These are just few of the facts that show you how big the opportunity could be from using YouTube in your business.


But that depends on the situation of your business.


I will show you in this review if you need to purchase the WP Video Machine software or not based on your current situation.


And if this tool was not for you, then I will show you what to do instead in the last section of this review.


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WP Video Machine Review Summary

  • Name: WP Video Machine WordPress Plugin
  • Website: www.wpvideomachine.convertri.com
  • Founders: Ankur Shukla
  • Price: $14.95 For One Site License, $24.21 For Multi Sites License. Optional upsells are available.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit


       Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 85 of 100


What Is WP Video Machine?

WP Video Machine is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to easily convert blog posts on your website into videos with few clicks, along with voice over, background music, images, …etc. all from one place using one software with few clicks of a button. What Is WP Video Machine


And then, you can either download the videos or directly publish them to your YouTube channel, along with a link going back to the original article on your website in order to get you more traffic and increase your page rankings on the search engines, which ultimately will help you get more sales and leads.


This is the opposite of what another tool does, that I wrote about in my Contenu Review, which converts YouTube videos into articles.


How Does WP Video Machine Work?

  1. Install WP Video Machine WordPress Plugin on your website and activate it.
  2. Once you open the plugin, you will see a list of the posts on your website, choose the one you want to convert into a video, and click the “Create Video” button.
  3. The plugin will extract all the text content and the title from the post into the dashboard where you can edit the title or the content if you want.
  4. The images in the post also will be fetched, and you can add other royalty free images through the plugin.
  5. You can customize the audio if you want to have a male or female voice, background music, …etc.
  6. Define the video quality you want.
  7. Select the style and color of the font and the background.
  8. Check the automatically extracted title, description and category and tags for the YouTube video and edit them if you want.
  9. Once you are finished, click the “Create Video” button and the WP Video Machine software will start creating the video and will publish it to your YouTube channel.
  10. You can also request the WP Video Machine app to share the video automatically on your social media accounts.How WP Video Machine Plugin Works


WP Video Machine Demo

Watch this demo from Ankur, the creator of WP Video Machine software in order to see how easily it works:



>>> Install WP Video Machine Plugin<<<


Options Available Inside The WP Video Machine Plugin

As you saw in the video above, in addition to converting an article into a video, the WP Video Machine also allows you to do the following customizations:

  1. Content:
    1. You can edit the title and the text content before it is converted it into a video.
    2. You can change the original images from the article, or add to them in order to become part of the video.
  2. Audio:
    1. You can decide if you want a voice over or not.
    2. You select the language in order to make sure you get the right voice over.
    3. You can change the voice over between a male or a female.
    4. You can add background music and select the sound track.
  3. Video Settings:
    1. You can select to enable or disable video animation.
    2. You can choose the video quality you want.
  4. Style:
    1. You can choose whether to show text overlay or not.
    2. Yo can select the font and color.
    3. You can select the background color.
  5. Upload:
    1. You can select if you want to upload the video automatically to YouTube or not.
    2. You can change the title and the description as they will appear on YouTube. (You can use Traffic Jeet 4 to find good titles)
    3. You can decide if you want to make it a public or a private video.
    4. You can add category and tags to your YouTube video.
  6. Social:
    1. You can autamatically share the YouTube video on different social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiwtter, Medium & Buffer.


WP Video Machine Price

The price of the main Front End product of WP Video Machine is $14.95 one-time fee if you want to use it on one site, and $24.21 one-time fee for multi site license.


Following are the features that come with the WP Video Machine – Front End

  • Fully Automated Video Creator for WordPress
  • 1-Click Video Creation from any blog post
  • Turns any blog post you choose into a video and adds a backlink to your article in order to get you free traffic from YouTube
  • Create long or short videos for each article
  • Automatically fetch images from the original post & find more royalty free images based on tags
  • Search from 1,000,000+ free images
  • Automatically convert text to voice-over & create talking videos
  • Male / Female options for voices in over 9 different languages
  • Fully WordPress based and hosted, nothing to install on your computer
  • Automatically Upload Video to YouTube after video is created without having to download it into your computer
  • Automatically add relevant Tags to every video or choose tags by yourself
  • Auto-generate video title and description or edit them by your self
  • Automatically adds a backlink to your blog posts
  • 1-Click Social Sharing of the YouTube video to your social accounts
  • 1-Click Add Video to original Post (after video is created)


The above are the features of the basic WP Video Machine Plugin that you get for $14.95 for one website.

There is also 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.


However, the first upsell below (WP Video Machine Pro) gives you much more features.


WP Video Machine Upsells

1 – Upsell #1: WP Video Machine Pro

This upsell costs $47 one-time fee, and it includes all the features in the front end product mentioned above, in addition to the following:

  • Create videos from other post types on your website (pages, woocommerce products, etc)
  • Create a Video Page dedicated for each video you create instead of adding the video to the original post
  • Create Custom Video – without having post or page content on your site in the first place
  • Download mp3 AUDIO only version of your posts.
  • Automatic Upload to other video networks such as Vimeo & Dailymotion.
  • Auto Upload to Multiple YouTube accounts
  • Share video on all social media sites in 1-Click
  • Spin article content in order to get more unique content – integrate with top spinners. (I don’t recommend consent spinning)
  • Find royalty free images from Flickr, Pixabay and other sources.
  • Add affiliate links to the YouTube videos
  • Syndicate videos across multiple networks
  • Translate video content
  • Get content for your video from multiple sources: news, articles, etc.
  • Search in google trends in order to find trending keywords to create a video about
  • Get tags for your YouTube videos using tag machine technology


As you see, you can use WP Video Machine Pro to convert text into video even if the text was not on a page of your website.

And this upsell costs only $47 one-time fee.

However, if you are not sure that this is for you, then I recommend that you start with the front end version of WP Video Machine that costs only $14.95 for one site license.


2 – Upsell #2: Video Maker Pro

Cost of this upsell is $67 one-time fee.


3 – Upsell #3: Video Suite

Cost of this upsell is $67 one-time fee.


4 – Upsell #4: Video Link Builder

Cost of this upsell is $57 one-time fee.


5 – Upsell #5: Video Player

Cost of this upsell is $47 one-time fee.


I don’t have enough information about the 2nd-5th upsells, but I believe that the front end and the first upsell are enough for you.


Anyway, you can purchase the upsells any time.


WP Video Machine Bonuses

If you get the WordPress Video Machine Plugin through the link above, you get the following bonuses from Ankur:

  1. Bonus #1: Live Training on Making $100k/yr in Easy Passive Income.
  2. Bonus #2: Welcome Mat WP Plugin for Fast List Building.
  3. Bonus #3: Live Training How to Create Quick Money Pages in Just 10 Minutes & Profit From Them Using FREE TRAFFIC.


What I Like About WP Video Machine Plugin

  • All in one tool that allows you to convert text into video, add synchronised voice over, background music, text overlay, images all with few clicks of a button, which can save you lots of time and money instead of dealing with different software programs.
  • Allows you to automatically publish the video on your YouTube channel without having to download it to your computer.
  • You can also download the video if you want to use it in another way.
  • The first upsell has many great features as well.
  • The price of the front end product and the first upsell is really low.
  • 30-Days money back guarantee.


What I Don’t Like About WP Video Machine Plugin

Honestly, I have nothing against the WP Video Machine Plugin.


It is a great tool, but use it wisely. Don’t try to just use videos created with this tool!


Try to record videos by yourself with your face or at least your voice as this  humanises your brand and brings more trust and therefore, traffic and conversions.


Who Is WP Video Machine For?

WP Video Machine can be created by anyone who has a website, blog, e-commerce store, …etc. and wants to create professional videos easily leveraging the already existing content on their websites, in order to bring more web traffic.


However, remember that you need a WordPress website in order to use the WP Video Machine tool!


These could be:

  • Affiliate Marketers.
  • SEO Marketers.
  • Content Marketers.
  • Bloggers.
  • Local SEO Marketers.
  • Local Business Owners.
  • E-commerce Website Owners (WordPress/Woocommerce Based Stores).
  • Freelancers.

And others.


WP Video Machine Support

Since the product is new, there’s no enough feedback about it.


However, Ankur is an experienced software developer and many internet marketers are using the tools he created.


Also, remember that you have a 30-Days money back guarantee.


Conclusion – Is WP Video Machine A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: WP Video Machine WordPress Plugin
  • Website: www.wpvideomachine.convertri.com
  • Founders: Ankur Shukla
  • Price: $14.95 For One Site License, $24.21 For Multi Sites License. Optional upsells are available.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit


       Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 85 of 100


WP Video Machine is NOT a scam. It is a legit and great tool that helps you create and publish YouTube videos with few clicks of a button using the already existing content on your website, which will allow you to place backlinks on YouTube to your blog posts in order to drive traffic and generate more leads and sales.

This WordPress Video Machine plugin needs to be used as a tool if you already have an online business or website.


However, if you still don’t have an online business, and you are looking for a way to make money online, then WP Video Machine is not enough for you, as before you use it, you need a website with quality content, and a method to monetize that website.

In this case, you need an alternative that will teach you how to make money online with one of the many possible methods.


Which leads us to the next section.


Alternative To The WP Video Machine Plugin?

As I mentioned earlier, the WordPress Video Machine plugin is a nice and helpful tool to use if you already have an online business and you need to create videos for different purposes, and you want to that leveraging the already existing content on your website.


While if you are still looking for a way to start an online business, or you already stared one but you are suffering while trying to make any success, then there’s no point from purchasing this tool as you can’t use it.


In this case, let me help you and guide you to learning the best method of making money online through building you online presence and authority, which is the same way I use to generate income through this website your are on now.


This method I am recommending is a 100% LEGIT & EVERGREEN method that doesn’t require you to create your own product or service to sell, and doesn’t require a big investment, which means lower risk!


In order to know what this method is, how it works and where you can learn it (same place I continue to learn from), I invite you to read my FREE Ultimate Make Money Online Guide, which will explain to you everything you need to know before you start your journey into learning and applying this great method.


And this guide will also lead you to the same place where I learned this great method, which is the same place where I found all the necessary training, tools, support and the great community, and it is where you too can learn this method.


Even better, you can try the platform I’m recommending in this guide for FREE before you invest any money. No Credit Card Required. 100% Risk FREE!


Click on the following button if you want to start learning this method and start building your business today:

WP Video Machine Alternative


And if you have any question regarding this WP Video Machine Review, then leave it in the comments section below and I will be back to you asap 🙂

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