Honest WP Affiliate Machine Review – Here’s The Problem!

WP Affiliate Machine Review - Is It A Scam

Can you create a complete affiliate website with all the content and monetization in 60 seconds and 1-click only with this WordPress Plugin? And if yes, then would it really make you money, or is it useless? This detailed WP Affiliate Machine Review will tell you all what you need to know before you risk your money.


I have reviewed many of these done-for-you and push-button systems and programs that promise you to be able to make money with little or no effort.


And I know how tempting it feels to want to believe them and “give it a try, it might work!”, especially when you are still trying to find your way in the world of making money online and haven’t made you first dollar online.


I have been in your place.


And although the main method of making money with the WP Affiliate Machine plugin is my favorite way of making money online, affiliate marketing, and although I know that you might benefit from purchasing the WP Affiliate Machine software, but I want to let you know that it might not bring you the results you expect and it won’t be a sustainable strategy on the long run.


I will show you below what I mean by that, and I will help you to know where you can learn this amazing method of making money online the right way that you need to be following and from the same program where I learned it, which is the place that is trusted by more over 1.5 million students, and the platform that will provide you with all the necessary training, tools and support all in one place.


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WP Affiliate Machine Review Summary

  • Name: WP Affiliate Machine Plugin
  • Website: www.wpaffiliatemachine.convertri.com
  • Founders: Ankur Shukla
  • Price: $9.95 One-Time Fee for single site license and $21 for multi-site license. Optional upsells and monthly subscription available.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit but not recommended. (Check the last section for alternative!)

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 75 of 100 (Check my #1 recommendation for affiliate marketing 97 of 100)


What Is WP Affiliate Machine?

What Is WP Affiliate MachineWP Affiliate Machine is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a complete affiliate website with written articles and product reviews including your own affiliate links in few clicks of a button.

This plugin needs a WordPress based website in order to install it and start creating content with it as you will see in the coming section.


How Does WP Affiliate Machine Exactly Work?

  1. Install the WP Affiliate Machine WordPress Plugin on an already existing website.
  2. Add your affiliate ID for the different affiliate networks (WarriorPlus, JVZoo & Clickbank).
  3. You can either choose the number of articles published automatically on your site, or you can click the “Force Import” button in order to add articles at the any time you want.

How WP Affiliate Machine Works

The automatically loaded articles are ready articles that includes reviews about the products that are being promoted through affiliate marketing, and the article will have your own affiliate link automatically.

Watch the following WP Affiliate Machine Plugin demonstration by Ankur in order to see it in action:



>>> Click Here To Install The WP Affiliate Machine Plugin <<<


So the purpose of using the WP Affiliate Machine App is to add an already written content to your website without doing any part of the work by yourself, in order to help you make money with product reviews.

And this seems great, but the thing is:


How Do You Drive Traffic To This Website?

Now in order to make sales and commissions, you need people to see your content and click on the affiliate links and buy what you promote.

But how do you get that traffic?

If you think about the paid traffic through Facebook, Google or solo ads, then this is not a sustainable way, it requires lots of testing and ad spend in front before you make any profit.

And in any case, a website with reviews doesn’t work well with paid traffic.

If you want to use the paid traffic, then it would be better to send your audience to special landing pages through a funnel.


Then how do you get the traffic to this website built with the WP Affiliate Machine App?!

In this case, you need to rely on organic traffic from the search engines like: Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Which means that you need to do proper SEO for your blog posts (Review Articles).

And if you just let the WP Affiliate Machine software publish the reviews automatically as they are without changing anything, which is the ultimate goal of this plugin, then forget about ever ranking on Google or other search engines.

The reason why I say that is that these articles are also being published on many other websites like yours that are owned by people who purchased the WP Affiliate Machine plugin.

And in this case, this will be considered by the search engines as a “Duplicate Content”, and they will never rank any of it and will never send you any traffic.


Does This Mean That The WP Affiliate Machine Plugin Is Useless?

Yes and No!

It depends on how you use it.

If you think that by setting and forgetting this plugin and by letting it create content automatically without you touching anything, then it is USELESS.

But in case that you do some changes on the content in order to make it unique, and modifying the titles in order to stand out from the others, then you might get ranked on the search engines, which means that the WP Affiliate Machine plugin is NOT useless.

But this falls against the main purpose of using the WP Affiliate Machine plugin, which is to AUTOMATICALLY create a done-for-you affiliate website!

And even if you make some changes on the content and make it unique, you are still targeting the same keywords (e.g. Product X Review) as hundreds of others are doing, which makes the competition very high on each keyword and makes it very difficult to rank your articles and reviews.


Another Problem..

And in any case, the 30 articles that you promised with the front end offer are not enough to start getting ranks on search engines within 30 days.

You need to publish regularly for at least 3-4 months before you start getting traffic from search engines.

And since you only get 30 articles with the front end product, then you need to do one of the following:

  • Option 1: Learn how to write product reviews that make money, or
  • Option 2: Purchase one of the upsells of the WP Affiliate Machine that adds new 10 articles per month to your website, but also, requires a monthly subscription of $27 every single month.


And again, in case that you think that the second option is a good deal, then remember that you still need to work on the content in order to make unique before you published.

And remember that you are still targeting the same keywords as many others, which means that it will be very competitive.

So in any case, regardless of the option you will follow from the above two options, you need to learn how to write SEO-friendly content and reviews, and you need to add content by yourself.


Then why to start with this plugin in the first place?!

Learn how to fish since the beginning!

And there are other limitations and issues I will explain in the “What I Don’t Like About WP Affiliate Machine” below.


WP Affiliate Machine Price

The price of the front end product of the WP Affiliate Machine Plugin is $9.95 one-time fee for the use on one site license, and around $21 one-time fee for multi sites license.

And this includes publishing 30 articles on each of the websites. And if you want more articles, then you need to purchase the second upsell I will mention below.

Remember that you still need a web hosting, minimum $4/month.


Following are the features that come with the WP Affiliate Machine Front End

  • Fully Automated Affiliate Site Builder App
  • Install The Plugin & Create Content in 60 secs
  • Comes with Pre-loaded Content Instantly importable to your site
  • Add 30 Articles to your affiliate site in just 1-Click
  • Automatically Import & Publish Product Reviews For Jvzoo, WarriorPlus & ClickBank
  • Automatically Add Images & Call to actions for all affiliate offers
  • Share Articles on your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and 7 other social sites for traffic.
  • Add Product Banners / HTML Code above or below the articles
  • Guaranteed Approvals to 30 affiliate offers
  • Promoted products earn you 50% to 100% commissions from these affiliate offers for every sale you get.


This plugin comes with 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.


WP Affiliate Machine Upsells

1 – Upsell #1: WP Affiliate Machine Pro

This upsell costs $47 one-time fee, and it includes all the features in the front end product mentioned above, in addition to the following:

  • Automatically add SEO Tags to your Articles
  • Automatically Build Backlinks to Your Articles (I don’t recommend this feature)
  • Automatically Turn Your Articles into PDF.
  • Automatically Share PDFs to PDF Site Networks
  • Automatic Content Spinning for Reviews (I don’t recommend using content spinning at ALL!)
  • Integrate with Multiple Top Content Spinners (Check the point above!)
  • 1-Click Turn Articles into Videos (Similar to what the WP Video Machine plugin does)
  • 1-Click Upload & Publish Review Videos on YouTube (Like the point above)
  • Show Related offers under Product Reviews & Articles for external offers.
  • Add Free Offers & Optin Forms to Your Site In Order To Build Your Email List.
  • Store Unlimited Email Leads on Your Site
  • Turn Specific Keywords into Affiliate Links Automatically & Earn Commissions if someone buys through these links.


2 – Upsell #2: Monthly Content

This upsell costs a recurring monthly payment of $27/month in order to add new 10 articles every month after the first 30 articles.

And this is a good price, but also remember that these also are not unique as everyone else will publish them on their websites and you need to re-edit the content in order to make it unique.

But it will remain competitive as you will target the same keyword like many others.


3 – Upsell #3: Themes Pack

This upsell costs $47 one-time fee, and it will give you a package of WordPress themes.


4 – Upsell #4: Auto Content

This upsell costs $37 one-time fee.

It is not clear how different from the front end and the second upsell it is. But again, you still need to work on the content by yourself in order to avoid duplicate content issues.


5 – Upsell #5: Auto List Builder

This upsell costs $47 one-time fee. It is not clear what it exactly does.


WP Affiliate Machine Bonuses

If you get the WordPress Affiliate Machine Plugin, you get the following bonuses from Ankur:

  1. Bonus #1: Live Training on Making $100k/yr in Easy Passive Income.
  2. Bonus #2: Welcome Mat WP Plugin for Fast List Building.
  3. Bonus #3: Live Training How to Build Your Email List & Earn Affiliate Commissions Every Day.


What I Like About WP Affiliate Machine

  • It is about making money with affiliate marketing, which is my preferred method.
  • The price of the front end product is really low.
  • Easy to use and clean interface.
  • 30-Days money back guarantee.


What I Don’t Like About WP Affiliate Machine

1 – Duplicate Content Issues

As I mentioned earlier, and although that they mention on the sales page that the content is 100% SEO ready, but I disagree with this.

Problems Of WP Affiliate Machine Plugin


Since you are getting the same content as many others who purchased the WP Affiliate Machine Plugin, then this content is not SEO ready and will NEVER rank on search engines.

You still need to work on it in order to make it unique for the SEO purposes, which defies the reason of using the plugin in the first price. Right?!


2 – 30 Articles Are Not Enough

In order to rank on search engines, you need more than 3 months of publishing content regularly, and 30 articles in the first 30 days won’t be enough, which means that you still need to write content by yourself.

And even if you buy the second upsell of the WP Affiliate Machine for the more 10 articles per month ($24/month), you still need to re-edit them and make them unique.


3 – Limitation

All the reviews that will be published on your website will be in the Internet Marketing and MMO niche. No other niches are available.

While if you learn how to create product reviews by yourself like in my #1 recommendation, you can create an affiliate website in any niche you want.


4 – Competition

The Internet Marketing and the MMO niche is probably the most competitive niche out there, and having also hundreds or thousands of others who purchased this plugin, will make it very competitive for you to rank any of your articles.


5 – Unsustainable

The whole done-for-you thing doesn’t work on the long run.

Like it is with the software I wrote about in my Auto Cash Profits Review, What will happen when they stop supporting the plugin?

You will need to learn how to do everything by yourself.

And in any case, you need to learn how to write articles and reviews by yourself even with the plugin, as the number of articles that come with it is not enough to start getting rankings on search engines.


Learn How To Fish By Yourself! (Check the last section for alternative!)


Who Is WP Affiliate Machine For?

Although the idea of having ready content with affiliate offers is a good idea, but you still need to do lots of work in order to make it bring you money.

I recommend that you start the right way since the beginning by learning how to write SEO friendly content and how to monetize it in any niche and avoid the competition that you will see if you go with the WP Affiliate Machine approach.

For that, go to the last section in this review.


WP Affiliate Machine Support

Since the WP Affiliate Machine plugin is still new, there’s no enough feedback about it.

However, Ankur is an experienced software developer who created different tools that many internet marketers are using.

Also, you have a 30-Days money back guarantee.


Conclusion – Is WP Affiliate Machine A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: WP Affiliate Machine Plugin
  • Website: www.wpaffiliatemachine.convertri.com
  • Founders: Ankur Shukla
  • Price: $9.95 One-Time Fee for single site license and $21 for multi-site license. Optional upsells and monthly subscription available.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit but not recommended. (Check the next section for alternative!)


Overall Online Passive Income Guide Rating: 75 of 100 (Check my #1 recommendation for affiliate marketing 97 of 100)


WP Affiliate Machine is NOT a scam. It can help you in creating some content that is already monetized through affiliate offers.


However, due to the fact that you need to repurpose the content in order to make it ready for search engines, and the content you get with this plugin is not enough to get authority and traffic from search engines, the plugin is not of much value and makes the whole approach unsustainable in my opinion.


Which takes us to the next question!


A 100% EVERGREEN Alternative to The WP Affiliate Machine?

As I explained above, building an affiliate marketing website with the WordPress Affiliate Machine is not really useful as you still need to do lots of work and create more content by yourself in order to get traffic from search engines to your offers and make money.

In addition to that, you are limited to the same niche that thousands of others will be having their websites built around, which will make it very competitive.

Therefore, you will need to do lots of the work by yourself and you need to learn how to do affiliate marketing properly anyway.

Then you don’t you just start it the right way since the beginning?!

For this reason, I would like to recommend for you the same place where I learned how to do affiliate marketing, which is a platform that is called Wealthy Affiliate.


This is the best place to learn how to create a successful affiliate marketing business in any niche from the scratch.

This platform will not only provide you with the step-by-step, easy to follow training, but it will also provide you with all the main tools that you will need for your business including the web hosting, keyword research tool, content editor, ….etc. for NO Extra Cost!

This is in addition to the technical support to your websites, all in one place.

This platform offers both, a paid and a free membership plans.

And if you think that the paid membership is expensive, then remember that with the WP Affiliate Machine, in addition to the front end cost of the plugin, you will need the monthly membership of $27/month in order to get more articles on regular basis, and you still need to pay for the web hosting by yourself (around $4/month).

Together, these are $31/month just for the hosting and the 10 articles added monthly, which will still require you to put some work and create content by yourself.

While at my recommended place, you learn how to create content by yourself, you get to host up to 25 websites with FREE SSL certificate, you get an advanced SEO keyword research tool, a detailed step-by-step training that allows you to create your website in any niche, and all of that, can be received in less than $30/month if you go with the yearly payment option! LOL.


And if you are afraid of risking your money, then don’t worry! You can try this platform for FREE before you pay anything. No credit card required. 100% Risk FREE!


The following screenshot is from the FREE training in the FREE Starter plan that you can join through my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

WP Affiliate Machine Alternative

These FREE 10 lessons will be sufficient for you to understand how affiliate marketing exactly works, and how you can create content that can make you money.

This membership will allow you to build your first FREE affiliate marketing website in 30 SECONDS! (No Coding Required).

This is only the FREE membership.

And this is where you learn how to create an affiliate marketing website in any niche that you want, and you can avoid the competition the is coming from doing the same thing and reviewing the same products other many others are reviewing, which you will face if you go with the WP Affiliate Machine.


This is the right way to do affiliate marketing in a sustainable way.

Yes, it will take some time to bring results, but these results become long-term ones, and anyway, even with the WP Affiliate Machine system you still need to spend time modifying the content by yourself and creating more content.

So, if you want to learn this method, then go ahead and read my detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate and join from there.

Go and take action now and start building your business today instead of looking for the magical push-button that doesn’t exist.

And if you have any question regarding this WP Affiliate Machine Plugin Review, then leave it in the comments section below and I will be answering you asap 🙂

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