Wix Affiliate & Partner Program Review 2022 – Can You Make Money with it?

Wix Affiliate Program Review - A Scam Or Legit?

Trying to make money promoting Wix as an affiliate and looking for a Wix affiliate program review (and Wix partner program review) in order to know if this program is worth it to join and if you can make good money with it?

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You are in the right place!

I will show you in this review all what you need to know before you join this program in order to avoid the mistakes other affiliates did when they tried to make money with the Wix affiliate program, and why you should be careful when promoting it.

And at the end of this wix affiliate review, I will tell you about the best alternatives to this affiliate program that might help you make more money affiliate marketing for web hosting and website builder services.


Wix Affiliate & Partner Program Review Summary

  • Name: Wix Affiliate Program / Wix Partner Program
  • Website: www.wix.com/about/affiliates
  • Founders: Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan
  • Price: Free to join
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but have many disadvantages.

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 70 of 100

Summary: Wix affiliate program is legit, but it has gained some bad reputation due to conflicts with many affiliates who claim that they have been cut from their deserved commissions and due to the many negative user reviews and complaints about Wix services in general, which now makes it hard to trust this service provider from your referrals and makes it difficult for you to make money with it.


What Is Wix Affiliate Program?

Wix Affiliate Program is a program that allows you to make money by promoting Wix hosting and website building services through your own unique link (affiliate link) and get a commission (up to $100 bounty) on every new paying customer that you bring.


Wix Ecommerce Affiliate Program

This is the same Wix affiliate program that allows you to promote Wix products, but here we are talking about the ability to build an ecommerce store and not a general website or a blog.

You can become the Wix ecommerce affiliate program once you join the normal Wix affiliate program and you can start promoting Wix ecommerce platform as an affiliate.

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What Is Wix Partner Program

Wix partner program is different from Wix affiliate program in the fact that with the partner program, you act as an agency where you build and manage websites for your clients through your partner dashboard and you get a commission of 20% on 1,2 or 3-year plan sales from Wix in addition to the fee you charge to your client for building and managing Wix websites on their behalf such as web design, development, SEO and marketing.

While with the Wix affiliate program, you don’t act as an agency and you don’t build websites for your clients, but you only promote Wix services and you get a flat commission of around $100 on every new paying customer that you bring to Wix through your affiliate link.



How Does Wix Affiliate Program Work?


1 – Sign Up For Wix Affiliate Program & Get Your Affiliate Link

This is a normal process for every affiliate program out there.

You need to fill in the form in order to apply to Wix affiliate program and provide the main information such as your name, location, phone number, your bank account details, your website(s), …etc.

Join Wix Affiliate Program

Notice that you need to wait until you get your application reviewed and approved in order to get your Wix affiliate link and start promoting them.

This might take 1-2 days, and it might depend on your website to decide whether to approve your request or not.

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2 – Start Promoting Wix Through Your Affiliate Link

Once approved, you can now grab your affiliate link and start promoting Wix as an affiliate and make money.

In order to promote Wix to potential customers, you can do that in many different ways such as:

  1. Creating a blog where you teach people how to create websites, landing pages and e-commerce stores using Wix and without coding, and share your affiliate link in your content.
  2. Creating a YouTube channel and doing video walk-through’s to show people how they can utilize Wix website builder for different purposes.
  3. Recommending Wix through email to those who might need it.
  4. Offering others to build and manage websites for them and do that as a Wix partner.
  5. Answering people’s questions on forums and Q&A platforms that are related to creating websites and landing pages with ease, and then, promote Wix using your affiliate link.

And many other ways.

But the best method for promoting Wix as an affiliate in my opinion is the first one using a blog where you can create content with images and screenshots and rank your articles in order to show up on Google when someone is searching for the info you provide.

This way you get the free traffic, which is the one that converts the best, and because it is the most evergreen method of doing affiliate marketing.

And don’t worry, you don’t need prior experience in order to start an affiliate marketing blog as you can create a WordPress website in few seconds with a good website builder like the one at Wealthy Affiliate, the platform that provides you with the best affiliate marketing training program.

Of course, you can still make money with Wix affiliate program if you do affiliate marketing without a website in many different ways, such as using YouTube to do affiliate marketing for example, but still, having your own blog that you own is the best way by far.

More on that in the last section of this review of Wix affiliate program.

3 – Earn A Commission Every Time One Of Your Referrals Becomes A Premium Customer

Now that you have created the helpful content and did the necessary marketing in order to put it in front of people, you will get a commission every time one of your audience clicks on your affiliate links to go to Wix and purchases one of their services.

You are supposed to get paid around $100 bounty for every new paying customer, which will be transferred to your bank account after a certain period of time. (usually 30 days).

And that’s how Wix affiliate program works and how you can make money with Wix as an affiliate marketer.


Wix.com Affiliate & Partner Program Features

Here are some of the basic features of the Wix affiliate program that you should be aware of before you join them:

1 – Wix Affiliate Program Payout

Wix affiliate commission is announced as a fixed commission of $100 for every paying user that you bring to Wix, which they claim that it is the highest in the history of web hosting industry.

Wix Affiliate Commission

I find that not so accurate as with some web hosting affiliate programs such as A2 Hosting affiliate program and SiteGround affiliate program, you might get paid more than that commission if you bring a certain number of paying customers in a month.

Since WIx offers a free plan, you don’t get paid for any free referral until they upgrade to one of the premium plans.

This is regarding the Wix affiliate program.

But regarding Wix partner program, the commission is 20% of every yearly plan purchase your client gets from Wix, which can be more lucrative on the log run if you keep them as your customers for a longer period of time, this is in addition to the fees that you will charge them for providing your web services such as web development, seo, …etc.

2 – Wix Affiliate Payment Method

On their website, Wix claim to offer different payment methods in order to pay their affiliate the earned commissions, but when I tried to sign up for their affiliate program, they only offered me the wire transfer method, which might make inconvenience for some affiliates.

3 – Wix Affiliate Dashboard & Marketing Resources

Wix promises to offer some of the highest converting creatives such as banners in order to help you promote them efficiently.Wix Affilaite Dashboard

4 – Unlimited Referrals

Wix promise to credit you the commissions for every paying customer that joins Wix through your affiliate link, no maximum cap.

5 – Wix Partner Dashboard

Wix partner program offers you with a dashboard that helps you to efficiently manage your clients projects and websites, which should help you do a better job in order to maintain them until they upgrade to a yearly plan and get the 20% commission on what they pay.

6 – Wix Affiliate Program Cost To Join

Wix affiliate program doesn’t cost you anything in order to join it.

However, their are side costs for starting an affiliate marketing business such as the fact that you need a proper training, a website to create content on, keyword research tools, …etc.

But luckily, you can get all of that in one place at a reasonable cost at the platform I mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate, which also offers a free membership and tools to start with.

7 – Wix Affiliate Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for Wix affiliate program is 30 days from clicking on the link, which means that if your referral signs up within the first 30 days from clicking on your affiliate link, and they go premium either immediately or later on, you get a commission on their purchase.


What I Like About Wix Affiliate & Partner Program

I like the fact that the affiliate commission for Wix is relatively high and that Wix website builder is a bit easy to use for non-techie people as the users will be building their website using a front-end editor, which would help to convince more people to use the platform to build their own websites and online stores.

Another advantage is that they have a free plan, which might help by convincing people to try it before they buy the service.


5 Reasons I Don’t Like The Wix Affiliate & Partner Program

There are many reasons that I can’t consider the Wix affiliate program as my favorite when it comes to web hosting affiliate programs, such as:

1 – It’s Not Easy To Promote Wix As An Affiliate

Although Wix is relatively easy to use for people with no technical experience, but so is the WordPress platform nowadays.

And the downfall about using Wix website builder is that it is NOT an open-source platform such as WordPress, which makes people hesitant to join it as it “locks them in” and makes it difficult for them to change from Wix to another hosting company in the future and would come with a lot of hassle.

And this in particular is a turn-off for anyone who want to use a front-end website builder such as Wix, Weebly or ClickFunnels, which makes it a bit difficult to convert your audiences into paying customers, and it is the same problem I pointed out in my GoDaddy affiliate program review.

2 – Wix Referrals Complaints

Before people buy any service online, especially web hosting and website builders, they search for online reviews for that service in order to see what other existing customers say about it.

And a quick search on Google will show you that many existing customers are NOT happy with Wix.

For example, more than 1,300 Wix customer reviews on TrustPilot with the very low average rate of 1.5 out of 5 show lots of complaints about many things such as billing, support, malfunctioning, hidden costs, …etc.

Wix Referral Reviews

This will make it really hard to convince people to join Wix through your referral link and would put them off.

3 – Wix Affiliates Complaints

Their are also many complaints from other affiliate marketers who used to promote Wix products where they show in details how this company has discredited them from potentially 10s of thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions as it did many changes on the affiliate system and commission structure without a prior agreement and without even any warning.

For example, in his Wix affiliate review, Kevin Muldoon talks in this video about how he used to bring Wix lots of referrals, and suddenly, they changed the affiliate system they use without warning him and the old affiliate links stopped tracking the new sales for years!!Wix Affiliate Program Scam

And worse, they got him lots of headache while he was trying to get in contact with their support in order resolve this issue and get his deserved commissions, as he explains in this video:

Also, I found another complaint about the Wix affiliate program from another affiliate on the Digital Point forum where the affiliate explains how Wix “scammed” him with more than $30,000/year after they have changed their commission structure from a recurring E payment, into a one-time bounty of $100 dollars for each paying customer.

Wix Affiliate Complaints

This resulted in a big financial loss as he used to bring them thousands of paying customers every year.

And they changed their structure without a mutual agreement, and refused to get back to the original structure even after contacting them for a long time.

Now that is NOT a respectful way to treat your affiliates who bring you paying customers.

These two Wix affiliate reviews alone are more than enough for me to stay away from promoting such a product that already has lots of negative customer reviews as well.

Imagine that after all the effort you put in promoting a product that is not yours, the product owner decides to change their terms, cut the commissions or change the program without letting you know properly.

4 – Wix Affiliate Program Support

As mentioned in the previous point, not only that Wix changed their affiliate management system and payout structure in a way that really hurt their affiliates, but what makes it even worse is the fact that they make their affiliates suffer through the long, inefficient cycle of communication when trying to sort things out.

This is how they treat people that are bringing them customers?

They act as if there were no other options for you to promote.

Actually, there are many other alternatives to Wix that would help people create websites with ease, and ones that would provide better support to their customers and to their affiliates as you will see in “The Best Wix Affiliate Program Alternatives” section below.

5 – Wix Affiliate Payment Method

As I mentioned earlier, when I tried to sign up for the Wix affiliate program, they only offered me one payment method, which is wire transfer, in order to receive my commissions.

This might not be suitable for all affiliates depending on their country, or on the way they manage their business.


Who Is Wix Affiliate & Partner Program For?

You can make some money promoting Wix for building websites, landing pages and e-commerce stores, but the fact that they have many bad reviews online from both, existing customers and affiliates, I would recommend that you don’t make it your main revenue source to make commissions from promoting Wix as an affiliate, especially with the great alternatives out there that have great reputation and lots of positive reviews from both, customers and affiliate marketers.


The Best Wix Affiliate Program Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Wix that you can promote and make money with as an affiliate such as:

1 – A2 Hosting Affiliate Program: My #1 recommended alternative to Wix’s affiliate program as they offer a wide variety of products related to web hosting from shared hosting, to VPS, to cloud hosting, to managed hosting, ….etc.

And most important, they offer a better service and support for both, customers and affiliates.

2 – Shopify Affiliate Program: Which allows you to make money by promoting Shopify as an affiliate, which is one of many different ways of making money with Shopify.

The nice thing about Shopify is that it provides the easiest way to build an online store without technical knowledge, and they provide a great experience to their users, which means that it is easier to convert your potential customers into using Shopfiy instead of Wix Ecommerce platform.

3 – Wealthy Affiliate: Although Wealthy Affiliate was created initially to provide training on affiliate marketing, but thanks to the continuous improvements they do, they now offer web hosting services (Mainly managed WordPress hosting with premium technical support) for up to 25 websites with free SSL certificate for every premium member they have.

This is in addition to the many training resources, tools and services that they provide.

And you can start promoting them as a web hosting provider for people who need managed WP hosting with outstanding capabilities and support.

These three are all better alternatives in my opinion to making money with Wix affiliate program, especially is that they offer a much better service for the paying customers and better support, resources and communication with their affiliates.


Conclusion – Is Wix Affiliate & Partner Program A Scam Or Worth It To Join?

I wouldn’t say that Wix affiliate program is a scam as many people are still making money with it, but at the same time, I wouldn’t recommend relying on it as a main program to promote due to the many disadvantages I mentioned earlier, especially regarding the negative reviews from both, customers and affiliates.

  • Name: Wix Affiliate Program
  • Website: www.wix.com/about/affiliates
  • Founders: Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan
  • Price: Free to join
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but have many disadvantages.

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 70 of 100

I would recommend joining one of the best alternatives to Wix affiliate program I mentioned in the previous section above.

That’s my final conclusion to this Wix affiliate program review.


But wait, before you go…

A Good Affiliate Program Without A Good Training Won’t Really Make You Money

And that was the case for me when I first started looking for good affiliate programs to join.

I used to think that joining a good paying affiliate program such as the web hosting affiliate programs was enough in order to make lots of money, but I was wrong!

Affiliate marketing is a real business and I wasn’t able to make money with it at the beginning because I lacked the proper direction.

However, this all changed when I found this great platform where I learned how to do affiliate marketing properly and make money by doing the necessary things they have taught me.

This platform offered me with all of what I need in one place for a really low cost compared to other programs in the industry, such as:

  • The complete step-by-step affiliate marketing training program.
  • Weekly live webinars with Q&A sessions from one of the experts in the industry.
  • Advanced keyword research tools and affiliate program research tools.
  • A premium, state of art web hosting with an amazing support.
  • Many tools that would help me do things efficiently and track my progress.
  • An insanely supportive community of more than 2 million online entrepreneurs that are willing to help me whenever I need help in my journey.

And much more.

And all of this only for the cost of the training program that is already very affordable to join.

Even better, this platform offers a FREE starter plan to start with, which will give you an access to part of the training and part of the tools that would help you even if you don’t go for the premium plan.

My advice is that you give yourself five minutes and read my review about this great platform and maybe, join for the free membership here in order to get whatever you can get from them that would help you in your journey as an affiliate marketer, exactly as it helped in the beginning of my journey.

It’s completely up to you.

And if you have any questions or you want to add anything to this Wix affiliate program review, please, feel free to do so in the comments’ section below, and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Wix Affiliate & Partner Program Review 2022 – Can You Make Money with it?”

  1. How difficult is it to get approved by Shopify? They’re one of the main services I would like to try promoting, but I’m not sure how much traffic I need to be eligible for the program and I’m slightly scared of applying too soon and getting rejected?

    • Hello Sofie and thank you for the great question!

      When I applied to Shopify’s affiliate program I have less than 100 visits a day to this website and they approved my application.
      Most important is that you show them that you have a plan.

      For example, I mentioned the kind of keywords and promotions I intend to use in order to bring new users to Shopify, mainly how-to kind of articles and comparisons between Shopify and other platforms.

      Also, your website should not look spammy and you should have a good number of article before you apply.

      Try not to have all of your articles like “product x review, is it a scam?”, as these sites look spammy for affiliate program managers.
      You website should show trust through important pages like privacy policy, affiliate disclosure, contact us, about us, …etc.

      In any case, if you apply and get rejected, I believe that you can apply again later.

      But overall, I recommend that you only apply for affiliate programs that are good like the Shopify affiliate program and A2 Hosting affiliate program, and try to avoid Wix affiliate program or any program with a bad history with customers and affiliates.

      I hope that helps.
      If you have other questions, please, let me know!

  2. Tons of great information on this review for ClickFunnels affiliate program that will help affiliates understand what this program is all about and how to approach this program helping them to make the right choice.

    • True, there are many ways of making money with ClickFunnels, and affiliate marketing is one of them, but the problem is that their products are pricey and they are not well supported, which could hurt your brand to promote them.
      The alternatives I mentioned in this ClickFunnels affiliate review are better, and most important, you need a good training like the one provided by Wealthy Affiliate if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs alone are not enough.


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