How to Get Affiliates to Sell Your Product?

Where to Find Affiliate Marketers

Where to find affiliates to sell your products?

This is a question that is becoming more popular everyday.

And there are many reasons to start looking for affiliates to promote your products and business for you, such as:

  • Increased competition from other vendors, you need your product to be seen.
  • Increased advertising prices that you cannot fight, affiliate commissions can be controlled by you.
  • Not easy to find good marketing employees, affiliates get paid only if they bring you sales.
  • More people are buying online than ever, don’t miss out on the massive opportunity as you can’t reach everyone by yourself.
  • The best customer is the one who doesn’t know that they need your product, affiliates can be creative in introducing them to what you sell.

And many other reasons.

And I know that it might feel scary at the beginning to know that you need to hire affiliates due some reasons such as:

  • The technical requirements in setting up an affiliate program for your business.
  • The potential of dealing with fraud issues.
  • The fact that you need to find the right affiliates and give them the necessary resources to market your product for you.

However, things are becoming easier everyday, and there are many tools and services that can help you find the best affiliate marketers to sell your products.

And at the same time, setting up your affiliate program in the right way without the need for technical knowledge, coding, or even hiring someone to do technical stuff for you.

And that’s why I wrote this article, where I list to you the best tools, services, and methods that can help you find affiliates to promote your stuff on your behalf.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

10 Ways to Get Affiliates to Sell Your Product

1 – ClickBank

ClickBank is the biggest affiliate network for selling digital downloads, and they also allow you as a vendor to sell physical products.

And that’s why it is one of the affiliate networks that have a big number of affiliates who are actively promoting products listed on it in different industries, such as: health, wealth, relationship, hobbies, sports, DIY, …etc.

And the nice thing is that this network works also as a payment processor, which means that they can receive payments from customers in PayPal or Credit Card, and then send them to your bank account and not require you to have a PayPal account or a payment gateway such as Stripe.

ClickBank makes it so easy to register a vendor account and list your first product there, and you can choose whether you want to sell a physical or digital product, add upsells, get recurring payments from customers, …etc.

Find Affiliates on ClickBank

In addition to the free resources on how to sell your products on ClickBank through affiliates, ClickBank also has a paid training program that is called ClickBank University, which teaches you how to create and sell products on the CB marketplace, and how to hire and manage affiliates for your business.

There are some similar sites to ClickBank for finding affiliates to sell your digital products such as courses and software tools, but these will have affiliates mainly in the Internet Marketing niche and in the Make Money Online niche.

Some of the most popular ones are: JVZoo and Warrior Plus.

And if your product is in one of these two niches (internet marketing and make money online), then after listing your product on the affiliate network you want to use, you can also list it on JVNotifyPro or MunchEye in order to get affiliates to promote it during the launch phase.

2 – ShareASale

With more than 50,000 affiliates, this is one of the biggest affiliate networks that help you find affiliate marketers to promote your products and services.

Many merchants are using ShareASales technology to hire affiliates and track their performance.

Merchants who use ShareASale to find and manage affiliates could be as big as NFL, or could be small online or local businesses.

You can also sell either physical or digital products with ShareASale, and in almost any niche or industry you can imagine.

Another great thing about ShareASale is that you can set up either a pay-per-lead affiliate program, or a pay-per-sale affiliate program, or even a program that contains both commission types, especially for software tools, and find affiliates to promote it.

There’s a process of creating a merchant account on ShareASale that is easy to follow, but the main downfall is that, unlike the first option above (, with ShareASale, there’s a setup fee of $550, in addition to the transaction fee on each sale that comes to you through their affiliates.

Hire Affiliate Marketers on ShareASale


3 – Commission Junction

Another big and old affiliate network that has tens of thousands of affiliate marketers that can promote your products and services.

Commission Junction (or CJ Affiliates) allows you to offer a lead generation affiliate program, or a pay-per-sale affiliate program.

Find Affiliate Marketers on CJ

Many big brands are using CJ to find affiliates to promote their services through the lead generation model, like car loan companies, or to promote their products, physical and digital, through the pay-per-sale affiliate model.

Some of the popular brands that use CJ to host and manage their affiliate program are AutoDesk, Travelocity,,, and more.

And many small online businesses or local businesses use this network to find affiliate marketers to sell their products and services, which could be physical products like auto parts, or digital products like online courses such as yoga courses, and software tools like AutoCAD.


4 – Coupon Sites & Intermediary Networks

Sites like Groupon, Rakuten, and others that offer coupon codes and cashback deals can work as affiliates for you.

That’s how they actually make money, and I explained this in many articles like the one on how TopCashback makes money.

You simply need to offer a discount coupon for a certain number of people on certain items or services, and the coupon site, as an affiliate, will bring you customers looking for deals on the services and products you sell.

Hire Coupon Sites As Affiliates

Other intermediary sites such as booking sites like Airbnb, Vrbo, and others, also make money as affiliates as they bring customers to property owners or experience providers (that could be you).

You can list your experience-based service or rental property, and you will only pay these sites if they bring you paying customers.

Hire Economy-Sharing Sites As Affiliates


5 – Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is actually a platform and community of affiliate marketers, and it has hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers that are active members in all kinds of industries.

This platform was originally created to teach people how to make money with affiliate marketing through comprehensive training courses, and evolved to offer affiliates a wide range of services such as web hosting, keyword tools, research tools to find affiliate programs, and more.

Find Affiliates on Wealthy Affiliate

And because of that, this platform has become popular among successful affiliates, who are looking for good products and services to promote.

You may join this platform, and try to connect with successful affiliates and see if they can promote your products and services for you, if it fits with their affiliate sites and audiences.

I am a member of this platform and I will always be.

You can learn more about it in my Wealthy Affiliate review.

6 – CPA Networks

CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition) networks like MaxBounty have tens of thousands of affiliates that can promote your products or services.

These are somehow different from affiliate networks mentioned earlier in this list as these networks allow you to list a wider range of offers that require the customer to do stuff other than purchasing something, such as:

  • Download a PDF
  • Try a software
  • Get a freebie
  • Install a toolbar
  • Join an email list
  • Make a call with your business
  • Submit a lead generation form
  • Make a purchase
  • And some other options

And you can list your offer or service in almost any industry or niche, and usually, these networks have less strict rules for affiliate offers listed on them.

Hire CPA Affiliates

And the payout you give to affiliates depends on your conversion event, industry, country, and more, which could range from as low as $1 per conversion for a free PDF download, to $25 for a filling out a lead generation form, or to $50 or more for purchasing a physical or digital product.

7 – Powerhouse Affiliate

Similar to the platform and community in the option number 5 above, Powerhouse Affiliate is a training platform that teaches people how to make money with CPA affiliate offers.

Find CPA Marketers on Powerhouse Affiliate

You can also network there with CPA affiliates who are looking for offers to promote.

And the nice thing is that the founder of this platform, Joey Babineau, has build his own CPA network where merchants can list their products or affiliate offers, and CPA marketers like the Powerhouse Affiliate students and Joey himself, can promote these offers.

You may join this platform and connect with Joey and the members and see if they want to promote your product as affiliates, and you might ask Joey to add your offer to his private CPA network.

This platform has paid and free membership options, which you can learn about through my Powerhouse Affiliate review.

8 – On Your Site (SEO or PPC)

You can find affiliates for your business on your site.

Or let’s say, you can lead affiliates to find your program through your site.

And that can be using two methods mainly, SEO & PPC traffic.

To simplify this, let’s assume that you have a business in the Yoga industry, whether it was an online course, or a physical store or studio, and you want to find affiliates to bring you customers to this business.

And there are many affiliates in this industry, and in almost every industry.

And these affiliate marketers look for relevant affiliate programs in their niche or industry by going to Google and searching for affiliate programs in their industry, by typing “industry name” + “affiliate program” in the search bar.

Recruit Affiliates Through Your Site

And they would find many results from websites that belong to businesses that offer affiliate programs in their industry.

And these results appear in Google because these businesses have created specific pages for their affiliate programs, and optimized them for SEO so that affiliates would find them and join these programs.

And you can do the same by creating a page on your site where you talk about your affiliate program in detail, and invite affiliate marketers to join it.

And to make sure that affiliate marketers would find your program, you need to optimize this page for search engines, or you can use PPC search ads in order for it to show up when they look for affiliates programs like yours.

And you can do this in order to bring affiliates to your business whether your affiliate program was hosted by an affiliate network like the ones mentioned earlier in this list, or if you created an affiliate program for your business by yourself and it was hosted and managed by you on your site using special tools such as: Shopify, InfusionSoft, AffiliateWP, ThirstyAffiliates, SamCart, ThriveCart, …etc.

9 – Display Ads

You can see your affiliate spend time online, and show them banner ads telling them to join your affiliate program.

For example, ClickBank, the first option in this list to find affiliates, in addition to the ability of adding your product to their marketplace, you can also show a banner ad on their site leading to your affiliate program, even if it wasn’t hosted on ClickBank itself, but rather, on your site!

Use Banner Ads to Find Affiliates

And since most of the people who visit are actually affiliate marketers who want to find products to promote, they will see your ad and click on it in order to learn more and join your affiliate program.

You can also create Google display ads and place them on websites that are targeting affiliates, and drive them to your affiliate program.

Or you can use Facebook ads to target people who are interested in your industry and at the same time, interested in big affiliate networks and sites, and show them your ad where you tell them about your affiliate program, and invite them to join it.

10 – Big Bloggers, Affiliates & Course Owners

The last way for getting affiliates for your offers that I will list today is by reaching out to those who already have an audience that consists of affiliate marketers.

These could be bloggers in the internet marketing industry, who write blog posts about affiliate marketing, and ask them to recommend your affiliate program as one of the best affiliate programs in your niche.

Like these bloggers do when listing affiliate programs in the weight loss niche for example.

Ask Bloggers to Send You Affiliates

And affiliate marketers looking for programs in this niche will find your program through these posts.

Or, you could search for the big affiliate marketers on the different affiliate networks, and ask them to promote your products.

And sometimes, these top affiliates actually have courses on affiliate marketing, like Robby Blanchard, the founder of Commission Hero.

Find Top Affiliates for Your Business

He has been the #1 ClickBank affiliate for many years now, and he also has a great affiliate marketing course with thousands of students.

You might reach out to him, and ask him to promote your business as an affiliate, or at least recommend your program to his student affiliate marketers so that they promote and sell your product or service.


So, with this list of the ten places where you can find and get affiliate marketers to promote and sell your products and services, you can now go and choose which one suits you better, or you can choose more than one option in order to get affiliates and scale your business.

If you liked my list, tell me below what options you liked the most, and if you have any question or you need help in any of the places and methods mentioned in this list, please, ask me in the comments’ section below and I will be happy to answer you asap 🙂

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