Website Profits Pro Review 2020

Honest Website Profits Pro Review

Can you really make up to $500/day automatically with this program? Or is the Website Profits Pro a scam that you should runaway from?

What is the actual cost of this program? What is inside it? And what business model does it follow?

What about the testimonials? Are they real or fake?

These questions and more, I will be answering in this honest & unbiased Website Profits Pro review.


So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Website Profits Pro Review Summary

  • Name: Website Profits Pro
  • Website:
  • Founders: “Calvin Carson and Jesse Larrow” – Mostly fake names!
  • Price: $47 Just to get in, and you might be offered upgrades, and you probably need to pay for external tools, services, and paid traffic.
  • Recommended? Not by me!

Overall Rating: 65 of 100 (Check out my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)

Summary: Website Profits Pro is supposed to give you a done-for-you site that is supposed to make money with affiliate marketing on autopilot for up to $500 a day.

These claims are unrealistic and there are many red flags with the sales video of this program, which is why I don’t recommend getting it.


What Is Website Profits Pro?

What Is Website Profits ProWebsite Profits Pro is a membership program that promises to give you a “gift” that would help you make $500/day online with a push of a button.

And as I have been making a living online for many years now, I know that these claims are unrealistic, and that you need to put in some work for a period of time before you start generating $500 a day, and it won’t be with a push of a button.

These claims are just used to sell low quality programs to people who don’t know how making money online works.


How Does Website Profits Pro Work?

How Website Profits Pro Works

The guy who speaks in the sales video of Website Profits Pro says that the system works with few clicks and a little amount of work, and you can make with that little effort lots of money on daily basis.

Sorry, but that’s a complete BS!

If you join Website Profits Pro, they might give you some done-for-you site or landing pages that you can use in order to promote certain products through affiliate marketing, which is a performance-based model where you can promote products that different merchants sell online, and you get a commission everytime you bring them a paying customer.

And this is a legit model, and my favorite method of making money online.

But, like any other model, it requires putting some work on consistent basis before you start making money.

You can’t just click few buttons and expect to make $500 a day.


Inside The Website Profits Pro Members’ Area

1 – A Done-for-You Site

If you join Website Profits Pro, you might be given some done-for-you affiliate site that is designed to promote certain products, and you just need to enter your affiliate links for each product to the pages on that site.

And when someone clicks your link and purchases the related product, you get a commission from the merchant.

However, there’s an issue here…

How do you get traffic to the done-for-you site?

This is a problem with every program that gives done-for-you sites to its members, like The Commission Code.

If you expect to get traffic through seo, then forget about it, because Google doesn’t rank websites that are DFY, as they contain duplicate content that exists on many other sites.

You need how to drive traffic to your affiliate site, and there are many ways of doing it.

The guy who speaks in the video says that he will give you a source of buyer traffic, but he doesn’t explain what it is.

In general, buyer traffic comes either from seo, which cannot be applied here, or from paid ads in different forms, but mainly, search ads on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

2 – Training & PLR Ebooks

There would be some training in the form of video lessons, and you might get some PLR documents that teach you about affiliate marketing and traffic methods.

But here’s another problem, which is the fact that PLR ebooks are usually useless and/or outdated, which is one of the main issues in many other programs like Millionaire Society.


Website Profits Pro Price & Up-sells

The initial cost of joining Website Profits Pro is $47, but you will be offered to buy other upgrades that start to add up.

Add to that, you might need to purchase external services and tools like a domain name, hosting, web traffic and more.

Be careful of the 60-day money back guarantee as in the Terms and Conditions page they say that once you get the confirmation of the order after you join Website Profits Pro, you cannot ask for a refund because you already have the ability to access the program!

This is another reason I don’t recommend joining them.


What I Like about Website Profits Pro

  • It is related to affiliate marketing, a legitimate business model, but they don’t teach it properly.

Nothing else I like about this program.


What I Don’t Like about Website Profits Pro

1 – Hyped-Up Claims

They tell you that you can make up to $500 a day with a little to no effort, which is completely unrealistic as I explained earlier.

This is the same as it is with Website ATM and many other similar programs.

2 – Fake Testimonials by Paid Actors

You might have seen some video testimonials for Website Profits Pro, but these are actually made up by actors that the founder hired from for few bucks, like this lady here, who also gave a fake testimonial to My Home Cash Club and many other low quality programs.

Website Profits Pro Fake Testimonials

3 – Fake Founders

The guy in the video is just a spokesperson, and the two guys mentioned as the founders of Website Profits Pro, Calvin Carson and Jesse Larrow, are just fake names as you might not find them online if you search for them.

Then who is the real founder?

Who knows!

He’s probably someone who keeps creating one low quality program after another, and keeps promoting them to the same people, but under different names, and that’s why he doesn’t want to reveal his real name.

4 – Done-for-You Push Button

As I explained earlier, DFY stuff doesn’t work as they will be given to everyone who joins the same program, and the market will get saturated with them too soon.

Learn how to fish by yourself!

Check out the alternative at the end of this Website Profits Pro review.

5 – Hidden Costs

As I mentioned, there are upgrades to the Website Profits Pro, and you still need to pay for external services and tools, which is not mentioned in the sales video.

6 – Deceptive Refund Policy

They tell you that there’s a 60-day money back guarantee, but on the terms of service page, they tell you that once you pay for the program and receive the confirmation email, you won’t be eligible for that refund.

How can you trust them?

7 – As Seen on TV!

They claim on the images of the program that the Website Profits Pro program has been seen on TV, which is completely untrue, and there’s no evidence on that.


Who Is Website Profits Pro for?

For anyone who wants to waste their time and money on magical push button systems that don’t work.

While those who want to really make money online with a legitimate program, check out the last section of this review of Website Profits Pro.


Conclusion – Is Website Profits Pro a Scam or Legit?

I wouldn’t say that Website Profits Pro is a scam just because you will get something in return of the money you pay.

But remember, just because you get something, it doesn’t mean it would be useful and it can make you money as claimed.

  • Name: Website Profits Pro
  • Website:
  • Founders: “Calvin Carson and Jesse Larrow” – Mostly fake names!
  • Price: $47 Just to get in, and you might be offered upgrades, and you probably need to pay for external tools, services, and paid traffic.
  • Recommended? Not by me!

Overall Rating: 65 of 100 (Check out my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)

Due to the many red flags, especially the fake testimonials and fake founders, unrealistic income claims, and the deceptive refund policy, I don’t recommend joining Website Profits Pro at all.

This is my final conclusion of this Website Profits Pro review.


However, I still recommend that you learn and start an affiliate marketing business, as it is my favorite business model, and the way I personally make money online.

But you need to learn it from a legitimate program, which takes us to the following question:

A 100% Legit & Proven-to-Work Alternative That I Personally Joined?


I’m going to recommend to you the same place where I personally learned affiliate marketing, which is a platform that is called Wealthy Affiliate.

This is where you will find all of the training, tools, support, and you can network with many other successful affiliates and learn from their experiences.

Everything you need to build your business while learning will be provided at this platform for no addition cost or upgrades, and without the need to use external paid tools or services.

This platform costs a fixed monthly fee that is affordable, and since it includes all of the training material, tools, and services such as web hosting, then it is much better that other programs in the same industry.

If you are not sure about joining it, don’t worry, as they offer a free Starter membership plan that you can join to get access to part of the training, tools, and the amazing community of more than 2 million internet entrepreneurs that are willing to help you whenever you ask.

Website Profits Pro Alternative

Check out this review of Wealthy Affiliate platform to learn more about them, and to find out how to get the Starter membership to try it first.

This is where you really make how to make money online, and not through the magical push buttons that don’t work.


I hope that you found my Website Profits Pro review useful and helpful.

If you still have any questions, please, let me know in the comments’ section below and I will be happy to answer you asap 🙂

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