Website ATM Review 2021 – Is Website ATM a Scam?

Honest Website ATM Review

Can you make up to $500 per day with this program or is the Website ATM a scam?

This honest & unbiased Website ATM review will tell you all what you need about this program, and will let you know if you should join this program or not.

And if Website ATM was not for you, then in the last section of this review, you will know about my recommended alternative that you can join to learn the same model in a better way and through a great training and community.


So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Website ATM Review Summary

  • Name: Website ATM
  • Website: Keeps Changing The Domain Names
  • Founders: Nick Harvey (Probably a Pen Name)
  • Price: $47 For the front end. Two optional upsells for around $300 each are available. You probably need to pay for paid traffic as well.
  • Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 70 of 100 (My #1 recommended program to learn the same model 97 of 100)

Summary: Website ATM is a program that gives you a done-for-you affiliate site, which you can integrate with Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress in order to promote their products as an affiliate.

The major reasons I don’t recommend Website ATM is that you don’t own that site since it’s hosted on their servers and you can’t move it out to another hosting, in addition to the fact that the whole concept of done-for-you affiliate sites is ineffective, especially that you need to learn how to get targeted buyer traffic.


What Is Website ATM?

What Is Website ATMWebsite ATM is a program that gives you a done-for-you affiliate site that is similar to Amazon affiliate stores, and it allows you to easily add affiliate links through plugins from the main online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress.


And if you are new to the term of affiliate marketing, then in short, it is a performance-based marketing model where you, the affiliate, promote products for online merchants like Amazon and eBay through unique links (affiliate links) to people who need them, and you get a commission on every sale that you bring.

And although you can do affiliate marketing in many ways without having a website, but these come with limitations and issues, and if you want to make a sustainable income with this model, then you better build your own affiliate site.

And while this might seem overwhelming to newbies, but actually it’s easy as you can start an affiliate site in 30 seconds even if you know nothing about sites or coding thanks to the tools available.

But anyway, Website ATM tells you that you can get a done-for-you affiliate site if you join them, as you will see next.


How Does Website ATM Work?

How Website ATM WorksWhen you join the Website ATM program, you get access to the members’ area, which offers you the ability to easily create an affiliate site, but you need to buy a domain name first, which costs around $9-$15 per year.

After that, you need to decide which marketplaces from: Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress, you want to use in order to add affiliate links and show their products on your site to promote them to your website’s visitors.

And once you decide on two of the three mentioned marketplaces, you might need to choose which category of products you want to promote.

And finally, you get a website that offers people products in a certain category, with call-to-action buttons that take people to that marketplace through your affiliate link, like in this example from one of the websites that promote Amazon products through affiliate links.

Examples Like Website ATM

And if someone visits your website and clicks on that button, they get directed to the marketplace where the product is sold, but through the unique affiliate link that belongs to you, so that you get a commission if they buy it.

This is how Website ATM works in a nutshell.


But the real question is:

How Do You Drive Traffic to The ATM Site You Have Built?

This is the most critical part, as getting targeted traffic from people who are looking for stuff to buy is the part the requires work and knowledge, and it is the biggest factor that makes or breaks any online business.

And although there are many ways of doing that, but it seems that the training in the Website ATM program that costs $47 doesn’t teach you that, which is really disappointing.


Inside The Website ATM Members’ Area

If you join the Website ATM program, you get the following sections inside the members’ area:

1 – Websites

This is where you see the websites you have created with this program, and you can create up to five websites, but you need to purchase a domain name for each of them, which costs around $9-$15 per year for each domain name.

Notice that these websites are self-hosted on the servers that they own, and since they are not WordPress sites, it means that you can’t move these sites to a hosting service of your choice.

2 – Plugins

These are the tools that allow you to extract affiliate links and products from the different marketplaces and place them on your sites.

There are three plugins available here for the three marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, & AliExpress, and you can only use two of the three.

3 – Training

This is a basic training on how to use the program to build the website and use the plugins to add products through your affiliate links.

It seems that the training in Website ATM doesn’t show you how to get targeted traffic to your site, which is the most critical part.


This review by Matthew shows you the members’ area of Website ATM:

Website ATM Price & Up-sells

The cost of joining Website ATM is a one-time payment of $47, but you need also to pay for the domain name of the website you build, which is around $9-$15/year depending on where you register that domain.

There are also two optional upsells inside the user dashboard of Website ATM:

Website ATM Upsell #1: WATM Gold

This upsell allows you to use the three plugins (Amazon, eBay, AliExpress) instead of choosing two.

Website ATM Upsell #2: Amazon Traffic Secrets

This one is supposed to teach you how to get targeted traffic to your affiliate site.


Each of these two upsells costs around $300, but you might be offered to buy them at around $100 each sometimes.

In my opinion, that’s expensive, as you can get a better package of web hosting, affiliate training, research tools, support, community, and more at Wealthy Affiliate for less than the cost of these upsells.


What I Like about Website ATM

  • It’s about affiliate marketing, which is a legitimate business model.
  • You can build an affiliate site easily, but I don’t consider it a quality site, and you don’t own it.


What I Don’t Like about Website ATM

1 – Website ATM Is Not The Best Way of Building Affiliate Sites

As I explained earlier, an affiliate site with only links to Amazon and other marketplaces without a content that you create is not an effective way of doing affiliate marketing.

Why would people visit your site and buy what you recommend if you don’t tell them why they need it?

If you need to do affiliate marketing the right way, then the alternative at the end of this Website ATM review is for you.

2 – You Don’t Own The Site

Like it is with the StreamStore Cloud program, the website you get is hosted on their servers, and it is not an open source platform, which means that you can’t move your site outside this program to a hosting service that you get from another company.

What would you do if they stop the program completely?

You have lost everything. (Except the domain name)

3 – No Training on The Traffic

Traffic is the most important part of an online business, and the basic membership of Website ATM doesn’t teach you that.

While at my alternative at the bottom of this review, you can get a good idea on the best traffic method even in the free membership.

4 – Expensive Upsells

In order to use the three plugins, you need to get the WATM Gold upgrade, which costs around $300, and to get training on the traffic, you need to get the Amazon Traffic Secrets upgrade, which costs another $300.

These are really expensive in my opinion, as you can get a better training, set of tools and support for much less than that.

5 – Pay for What?

$47 For the website that you don’t own and you can’t move outside their platform?

$300 To be able to use the three plugins that have free alternatives if you build your affiliate site on a WP hosting?

Another $300 for a traffic training, while you can get a better training for much less?

The total is around $647 for the website, the plugins, and the traffic training.

While this platform gives you a much better deal as the offer everything you need at a better quality, for an affordable monthly cost.

6 – Fake Scarcity

They always tell you that there are few spots left, but on the next day, the number might actually increase.Website ATM Fake Scarcity

This is a fake tactic to make you rush and join them before looking for honest Website ATM reviews like this one.

7 – Fake Testimonials

The testimonials that show up on the bottom of the sales page of the Website ATM are fake, and the images used are actually stock images that you can find online and use for whatever purpose you have.

Website ATM Fake Testimonials

8 – Unknown Founder

Who is Nick Harvey?

He never shows his real face.

Maybe because this is just a pin name of someone who keeps creating low quality and useless programs and keeps promoting them to the same people under different names.

9 – Make Money Easily Claims

$500 A day is possible with affiliate marketing, but it requires work for not a short period of time before getting to this level of income.

The problem is that Website ATM makes you believe that you can do this with just few clicks of a button.


Who Is Website ATM for?

I honestly don’t recommend getting Website ATM for anyone as the front-end membership gives you a website that you don’t own, and it doesn’t teach you how to drive targeted traffic so that you actually make money with it.

And the upsells are expensive in my opinion.

Check out the last section below for a better alternative.


Conclusion – Is Website ATM a Scam or Legit?

Website ATM is not a scam as you get something in return of the money, but it is not worth joining in my opinion as you don’t build a real affiliate business with it.

  • Name: Website ATM
  • Website: Keeps Changing The Domain Names
  • Founders: Nick Harvey (Probably a Pen Name)
  • Price: $47 For the front end. Two optional upsells for around $300 each are available. You probably need to pay for paid traffic as well.
  • Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 70 of 100 (My #1 recommended program to learn the same model 97 of 100)

This is my final conclusion of this Website ATM review.


However, affiliate marketing is still my favorite way of making money online, and I recommend that you learn it, but the right way.

Which takes us to the following question:

A Better Alternative to Website ATM to Learn Affiliate Marketing The Right Way?


As I mentioned earlier, with Website ATM, you build an affiliate site that you don’t own, and you can’t make money with it since you don’t learn how to get targeted traffic.

And even the upsells are expensive.

Add to that, you don’t actually own the website you build with Website ATM as it is built on their platform and they might shut it down anytime they want.

And here comes my recommended alternative, Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform teaches you how to build an affiliate site that you own and no one cant take from you.

And how to drive targeted traffic (without ads) that converts to sales and commission through a detailed step-by-step training.

On top of that, you get web hosting in the same membership without paying for upgrades, and you get research tools to find opportunities for making money with your affiliate.

And all of that and more for a fixed monthly fee that doesn’t come with surprises and upsells.

Even better, they offer a free plan that gives you a good part of the training, and it allows you to start a free affiliate site without having to pay anything, unlike it is with Website ATM.

Website ATM Alternative

This is where you need to go if you are serious about making money affiliate marketing the right way, and this is where I personally learned affiliate marketing.

Check out this detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate in order to learn more about them and how you can get started with the free plan at the start.


And if you still have any question about this honest Website ATM review, then please, feel free to ask me in the comments’ section below and I will try to answer you asap 🙂

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