Wealthy Agency Scam Review – Did Jamie Call Himself A SCAM?!

Welcome my friend to my Wealthy Agency Scam Review!

Wealthy Agency Scam Review


So, Jamie Lewis has come up with another useless and worthless training course that he’s trying to sell you by telling you that you can make 6 figures per month on autopilot just by paying the “one time payment of $27 or $37” and then, “activating the system and let it run on autopilot”.


And of course, you have already felt that there’s something unrealistic and didn’t believe him, and that’s why you started looking for the Wealthy Agency reviews before you risk your money.


Congrats! You have made the right decision.


I will show you below why I wouldn’t trust any program by Jamie Lewis anymore, no matter what claims he shows in his cheesy sales videos.


And don’t worry! I will guide you at the end of this review to the right place where you can learn the best method of making money online away from the unrealistic income claims and the useless training lessons that Jamie sells to you.


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Wealthy Agency Review Summary

  • Name: Wealthy Agency
  • Website: www.wealthyagency.com
  • Founders: Jamie Lewis!!
  • Training or Components: 30 of 100
  • Support: 0 of 100
  • Success Stories – Testimonials: 0 of 100
  • Price: Start with $27, and end up with upsells of $677. So, total is $704! + Tools & Paid Ads
  • Recommended? Hell NO!


Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 10 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation In My Guide 97 of 100)


What Is Wealthy Agency?

Wealthy Agency is a training program that is supposed to teach you how to start your own online services’ agency business and set it on autopilot by “Activating The System” that Jamie will provide you with in order to make six figures in income per month!

What Is Wealthy Agency


That is some of the usual absolute BS that you hear from the founders of scams and low quality products who desperately try to make money form selling their useless programs to people who still no nothing about making money online.


There’s no system whatsoever that can be completely put on autopilot and make you any money, then how about 6 figures a month!!


You can use some tools in order to automate parts of the work, but you have to be present and to provide value in order to get paid.


And this applies to all kinds of online and offline businesses.


And worse, if you want to build a services’-based business like Jamie claims that he will teach you, then this kind of business requires you to be present more time when compared to other kinds of online businesses!



And do you want a proof that he is lying?!


Jamie Called Himself A SCAM In The Video!



Go and watch the sales video on the Wealthy Agency website, and you will hear Jamie saying “This is not some kind of push button scams, …etc.”.


But then in the same video, he tells you that you can “Activate The system” and it will make you 6 figures a month on autopilot!!!!

Wealthy Agency Is A Scam


And worse, in another program of Jamie Lewis that I exposed earlier in my Profit 365 Review, Jamie keeps saying “Just Flip The Switch & Activate The System”!!


This guy is the master of selling crappy programs with such cheesy sales pitches!


How Does Wealthy Agency Exactly Work?

The Wealthy Agency works as follows:

  • Purchase the front end product of $27.
  • Watch the 6 useless videos.
  • Buy the upsells of total $677 that are supposed to “super-charge your income” ad some sort of that BS.
  • Spend Thousands on ads and expensive tools.
  • Try to get a refund after you have wasted your time and got a big disappointment.


That’s how Jamie Lewis products usually work.


As I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing of real value or anything unique that I expect Jamie to provide.


I have reviewed two of his programs earlier:


And many others have reviewed his other programs.


And the common thing between most, if not all of his programs is that he sells you on the dream of making money quickly without much effort with the “push button” crap.


And the fact that the front end of his programs usually consists of a SIX video lessons that don’t provide much value, and you can find much better on the internet for free.


And then, he sells you expensive and unnecessary upsells that cost hundreds of dollars, and provides you also with worthless information and “resources” that don’t actually help you make any money.


Inside The Members’ Area

If you purchase the front end of the Wealthy Agency, you get a total of:Wealthy Agency Members Area

  • 3 Videos on the “Philosophy” of making money through a service-based agency.
  • 1 Video about a traffic case study.
  • 1 Video about building websites.
  • 1 Video on a FB ads case study.


And that’s it.




Do you believe that these 6 video lessons from the Wealthy Agency program can help you make 6 figures a month?! Or even during a century?!


What you will find is a bunch of information about how to find freelancing jobs through Facebook Ads or from the online freelancing marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork, Craigslist and others, and either doing the tasks by yourself, or hiring others to do them for you.


There’s nothing on autopilot with this method, even if you hire others to do the tasks that have been assigned to do.


You need to do the following tasks at least:

  • Run Facebook ads which is a completely difficult and time-consuming task.
  • Search the freelancing platforms and apply to posted projects.
  • Wait for the reply and sometimes negotiate before getting selected.
  • Go and find someone else to do the task for you.
  • Wait for them to finish and submit the completed project to you.
  • Review it, and maybe request a revision.
  • After receiving the completed project, submitted to the original client.
  • Wait for their approval on the result, or do a revision.
  • Rinse and repeat.


These tasks cannot be done on autopilot, and worse, this model cannot make you 6 figures in income a month!


No matter how many jobs or projects you can close, remember that you still need to pay the people you hired to develop the tasks!


And worse, I wouldn’t expect the expensive upsells to be any better compared to these six lessons.


Wealthy Agency Cost & Upsells

The cost of the front end of the Wealthy Agency training is $27 one-time payment, and sometimes it is $37.

Wealthy Agency Cost


This will give you an access to the useless videos I mentioned above.


And then come the useless Wealthy Agency Upsells:


  • UP-SELL #1: Outsourcing Suite – $279 One-Time Fee:

A training course of 2 lessons!!! with some email swipes that are supposed to help you outsource all of your business that will make you 6 figures a month!! LOL!

Wealthy Agency Outsourcing Suite


  • UP-SELL #2: Weekly Training Classes Forever – $149 One-Time Fee:

I don’t know what “Forever” means. But anyway, I don’t think that you can really learn something unique from Jamie. You will just waste your time and money.


  • UP-SELL #3: Wealthy Agency Business In A Box – $249 One-Time Fee:

This is probably a bunch of outdated documents and videos of Jamie Lewis himself that he used to sell other low quality programs in the past. Like the cheesy video in the Bently that you watched on the Wealthy Agency website.


I’m not sure what you are gonna do with that. LOL!


So, the total cost of the Wealthy Agency is $704 for the useless mixed stuff that won’t help you make real money!


Wealthy Agency Upsells



But you also need to add the cost of the Paid ads and the tools, web hosting, …etc.


What I Like About Wealthy Agency Course

There’s A 60-days money back guarantee. That’s all what I can think of.


But remember that they don’t compensate you for wasting your time or for the tools and the paid ads you will spend on.


What I Don’t Like About Wealthy Agency Course

Oh, not sure where to start from, but let’s go with:


1 – Unrealistic Income Claims

Six figures a month with a Service Agency on autopilot?! Lol!

Wealthy Agency Unrealistic Results

As I explained above, you need to spend time to do many tasks on daily basis, and that cannot be done on autopilot.


And worse, you can’t make 6 figures per month with this method.


2 – Push Button System

The founders of such low quality programs use these claims in order to sell their worthless and useless stuff to people who know nothing about making money, whether online or offline.


I reviewed many of such programs that promise you to make lots of money doing almost nothing or working few minutes a day, such as:


And many others.


And they are all either scams or low quality programs that don’t provide real value.


3 – Jamie Called Himself A Scam

As I explained earlier, how would you trust someone who calls the “push button” systems as scams, and then offers you a “push button” system?!


Run a way from such person.


4 – Pay For The Worthless Training?!

For six videos that don’t provide any value?!

Wealthy Agency Training Videos


5 – Hidden, Useless Upsells

$677 in upsells for the useless material?! LOL!

Wealthy Agency Hidden Costs

6 – Cheesy Sales Video

You have watched it, you can’t deny that!


7 – Unavailable Wealthy Agency Support

I’m just gonna leave this here.

Wealthy Agency Support

8 – Missing Important Pages!

The website doesn’t have a Privacy Policy, Income Disclaimers, …etc.


Isn’t that suspicious enough?!


Who Is Wealthy Agency For?

For Jamie Lewis to make money from anyone who has lots of money and don’t mind wasting it.


Conclusion – Is Wealthy Agency A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Wealthy Agency
  • Website: www.wealthyagency.com
  • Founders: Jamie Lewis!!
  • Price: Start with $27, and end up with upsells of $677. So, total is $704! + Tools & Paid Ads
  • Recommended? Hell NO!


Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 10 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation In My Guide 97 of 100)


Now calling The Wealthy Agency a scam or not depends on how you define a scam.


Since you actually get something in exchange of the money, and there’s a money back guarantee, then we can’t technically call it a scam, although Jamie himself said called the push button systems scams. LOL!


However, because of the unrealistic claims, the almost useless training lessons and the expensive upsells of $677 that are mostly useless, and the missing Important Pages, I DON’T Recommend Joining The Wealthy Agency At ALL!


That’s my final conclusion of this Wealthy Agency Review.


However, you can still make money online through one of the many legit methods, but remember that you need to put the time and effort on consistent basis and provide value.


Which takes us to the next question:


A 100% LEGITIMATE & Proven To Work Alternative To The Wealthy Agency?



As I clarified above, there’s no push button, magical solution, or switch that you press to activate a complete automated system that will make you any money.


You need to do something useful and provide value in order to deserve to get the money, period.


And this applies to all kinds of businesses, online and offline.


But at least, with the online businesses you have more flexibility over your time and location.


And better, you can start a legitimate online business for less than $500 as it is with my recommended alternative below.


My recommended alternative to the Wealthy Agency is the same platform where I personally learned the best way of making money online.


The method you will learn at my alternative is the most newbie-friendly method, the one that costs the lowest initial investment, and the one that is associated with the lowest level of risk.


And the program where you will learn this method is a 100% LEGIT platform that has been already trusted by around 1.4 Million other like-minded online entrepreneurs, and you can join them now through my guide here.


This platform I recommend will provide you with all the necessary step-by-step training, the live weekly webinars, the advanced tools and technical support.


Also, you get to join the amazing and supportive community of their students, and also, you can get direct coaching by me if you join this platform.


I have prepared for you a FREE Make Money Online Guide in order to understand what is the #1 method, and what is the recommended platform that will teach you this method and help you build your REAL online business.


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Go now and read my guide and from there’ you will understand what this method is, how it works and why I say it is the best method.


And in my guide you will also learn about my recommended platform where you will learn this method and find all the necessary tools and training at one place for NO Extra Cost!


And the cost of joining this platform with all the tools and amazing support for a complete year costs much less than the price of the Wealthy Agency useless upsells and training that costs $704!


Even better, this platform allows you to join it first for the Starter Membership in order to try it for FREE before you invest any money.


But remember, this method requires you to put the consistent effort and time for not a short period of time before you expect start generating an income, which is the case of ALL making money methods, online and offline.


There are no Push Buttons. Sorry!


You need to provide value in order to get paid.


So, if you are ready and serious about building your online business, then go ahead to my Ultimate Making Money Online Guide and join my recommended platform from there.


Give YOURSELF five minutes in order to this FREE guide that I have written for you and stop wasting your time and money on the scams that don’t deliver.


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Start taking action now and stop wasting your time and money on the magical solutions that don’t exist.


And if you have any question about this Wealthy Agency Review or if you still think that it is not a scam, then leave it in the comments’ section below and I will be answering you ASAP 🙂

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