Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018 – Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit?

Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018


Is wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit


Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018 – Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit? Can it really teach you how to generate passive income with Affiliate Marketing? If not, then what is best Affiliate Marketing Training Program? Read my review here to know the answer! (And, I’m going to offer you a bonus below in the Conclusion section ;))



Since you are looking for a complete training program that will lead you into making real money through Affiliate Marketing, I assume that you have found hundreds of articles and video training courses everywhere, and you have probably paid form some of these but finally you didn’t find a complete training program that fills all the gaps and ended up paying Time and Money and not getting real results.

And probably, you have been scammed by someone who calls himself “the internet marketing Guru”, and now you are afraid of paying more money and not getting what you are looking for.


Relax! Because this suffering ends here and now! You will leave this review with your final decision.



Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018 – Rankings


  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Founders: Carson & Kyle
  • Training: 97 of 100
  • Support: 99 of 100
  • Domain Hosting: 96 of 100
  • WordPress Hosting: 99 of 100
  • Website Builder: 100 of 100
  • Research Tools: 96 of 100
  • Success Stories: 94 of 100 (Tony Lee Hamilton, aka The Marketing Veteran is a member there!)
  • Affiliate Program: 100 of 100 (The most lucrative affiliate program I found so far)
  • Price: Free for the Starter Membership, $49/month or $359/year for the Premium Membership (Price hasn’t change for 12 years) (Click here to get the free membership!)
  • Scam/Legit: Legit


       Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 97 of 100 Risk Free! Join for Free!


Affiliate Marketing Training


What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?


First of all, and to give you some quick relief, you can join the Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member for FREE by clicking here. This free membership will provide you with free access to a not small part of the most comprehensive training program in the Affiliate Marketing industry out there. Usually, this part is a paid training elsewhere.



This free part of the training will give you a step-by-step clear guide towards finding your profitable niche, choosing your domain name, starting your first website hosted within the platform itself (for FREE!), building your website in 30 Seconds (Literally, I’m not joking here!), providing you with the necessary WordPress Themes, finding the most profitable keywords that will help you rank in Page 1 of Google Search Results as the time goes, and will give you the potential to earn your first commission from your first sale online.



Not only that, but this Starter Membership will grant you access to some of the best tools the affiliate marketers need in terms of Free Web Hosting through Siterubix Platform, free access to the best keyword research tool for affiliate marketers out there, www.Jaaxy.com , content editing and grammar checking tool, and many other tools that will help you in making this a real business. This all and more is granted for free by signing-up for the Starter Member.



If this is what you can get for the free membership, then imagine what can you get for the paid membership! Here’s a simple explanation.




Wealthy Affiliate Membership Breakdown



The paid membership at Wealthy Affiliate will take your business to a completely different level that will allow you to make a full income online and finally help you in getting your financial freedom.



Please, note though that this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a bout building a real sustainable business that will take the first 3-6 months to build and start generating income, but will pay you back for the years to come. If you want something that will make you “Rich” today, please, go back to those scammers everywhere. This is the place for those who are willing to learn and grow.



If you are serious and willing to learn and work (which I don’t doubt), but still unsure about this platform, then you won’t lose anything by joining for FREE as a Starter Member. And once you feel comfortable with the platform, you can upgrade if you like in order to your business to the next level.



Wealthy Affiliate Pros & Cons



  • All in one Package: Comprehensive Hands-on Training, Live Classes, Domain Hosting, Website Hosting (up to 50 Websites without additional Fees), Advanced Keyword Research Tool, Content Editor and Checker.
  • Strong Support from the Experts and the Community.
  • Worth the Price. (didn’t change in 12 years).
  • No Up-sells.



  • A lot of information ,although organised. But might get overwhelming if you don’t stay focused.



Whom is Wealthy Affiliate for?


Wealthy Affiliate works very well for both beginners and advanced Affiliate Marketers. Also for general internet marketers, bloggers and website builders and owners as it has the tools to help them in getting higher rankings on the search engines and making Authority Websites.



Now let me give you a breakdown for “some” of the elements of this platform:


Wealthy Affiliate Pricing Plans:


Starter Membership: Free Membership. Get started through this link!


Premium Membership (Paid monthly): $49 per month. And if you join the premium membership during the first week of joining as a Starter Member, you will be only $19 for the first month, and after that, you will be paying $49 per month.


Premium Membership (Paid Annually): $359 per year. You can upgrade to the yearly membership anytime, and you will benefit from the massive discount and pay only $359 per year, instead of paying the total $588 through the monthly fee over 12 months period! That is paying less than One Dollar Per Day in exchange of accessing such a comprehensive training program, equipped with the tools that you need to create a Full Time Income Business. Including the hosting of 50 Websites (25 on registered domains and 25 on free domains)!!! That alone is worth the membership fees! not mentioning the access to the best keyword research tool for SEO for Affiliate Marketers, Jaaxy, and many other amazing tools.



Wealthy Affiliate Training Review: aka (Certification Courses – 5 Levels) The Road to Building Your First Money Making Website


Levels: 5 Levels.

Lessons: 10 Lessons/Level, total of 50 lessons.

Tasks: 169 Tasks at the moment of writing this review.


Wealthy Affiliate Training Levels



As a Premium Member, you get to access all the 50 lessons, associated with around 169 tasks that will help you enhance your learning process through performing what you learn step-by-step as you go through the training. These lessons include Video and Written tutorials that breakdown the most overwhelming steps into a very easy and actionable tiny ones.


As a Starter Member, you get to access the first 10 lessons associated with the first level of the training (aka Level 1, Getting Started, you can access it directly and check the Course Outline from here). But don’t worry! This level alone will help you build your first website and write your own Keyword Based piece of content. This will give you a good level of comfort in order to decide whether you want to upgrade and reap the full benefits of the Premium Membership and take your business to the next level or not.



==> Join the most Advanced and Comprehensive Training for Free, Click here and start learning how to generate income with affiliate marketing for beginners!



As a Premium Member, The next four levels of the training will guide you through the processes of writing a High Converting, Keyword Rich Content using the best Keyword Research Tool for SEO for Affiliate Marketers (Jaaxy.com) for free, writing a grammatically correct content through the amazing Content Writing Platform provided through the Wealthy Affiliate, the proper usage of visuals, tips into ranking on the first page of Google Search Results (SEO), leveraging the Social Networks to increase your conversions, how to get access into MILLIONS of products that you can promote as an affiliate and get commissions on the sales, creating and up scaling profitable PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns in order to maximise your profit and get quick results when compared to the organic SEO based results, …etc.  This is the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training program I found so far.



Other Training Lessons:


As a Premium Member, you get instant access into 12 Classrooms, each one of them has tons of video and written tutorials in specific niches, such as: Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Engagement, Local SEO & Marketing, WordPress, Content Writing and many other topics. These tutorial are created by the top people in the Industry that are either founders or members at the Wealthy Affiliate Community who are willing to freely share with you the most powerful and trending tactics that they are using to generate thousands of dollars of passive income.


As a Free Member, you get access into 2 of these twelve classrooms.



In addition, as Premium Member, you get access to a Weekly Interactive Live Video Training with one of the best experts in one of the topics, covering the tips they use in order to master what they are doing. You get to ask questions during the live training, or after watching the replay. Skills and tactics learned here vary from hosting your own webinars, to SEO mastery, to creating online shops, to branding your business, and many other skills, tactics and tools that will help you crush all the barriers and get the most outcome with the least amount of time, effort and money put in advance!



Wealthy Affiliate Support:


It is hard to imagine that within a community of around 1 Million Members, you get the chance to directly contact the founder of the community. But this is what happens at wealthy affiliate, the founders are engaged on daily basis in creating training tutorials, answering questions and comments on the lessons and even you can send direct messages to them. Even if they are busy, the huge community of Affiliate Marketing Experts will help you by answering your questions and will freely and openly share with you their tips into making your business better every day! There is some kind of positive atmosphere you will feel the moment you get into the platform.



Domain Registration, WordPress Hosting, Website Building & Business E-Mail Set-up in ONE place?? Yes it’s possible here!


Wealthy Affiliate Domain Registration and Web Hosting - SiteRubixThrough the integration of the SiteRubix.com inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, you can literally access the easiest and most powerful tools for building a complete website from A-Z.

This includes the ability to register your own domain (example: myownwebsite.com), or starting with a free domain associated with siterubix.com (example: myownwebsite.siterubix.com), hosting your own WordPress website on one of the most powerful and advanced Hosting Platforms out there, building your own website using the Website Builder Tool in 30 seconds!! No, I’m not kidding!

Also, creating your own business email, managing comments on your websites, writing content and publishing articles and many other features that you can access from the same place inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.



==> You are not convinced? Watch this video on how to build your Website in 30 Seconds!!



As a Premium Member: you get to host 50 Websites without paying extra fees (25 on registered domains, example: myownwebsite.com, and 25 on free domains, example: myownwebsite.siterubix.com)


Hosting of 25 registered domain websites with a free SSL Certificate & Spam Blocker (which are usually paid elsewhere on any hosting platform)! This is all included in your Premium Membership Package!! If you do the math, this feature alone is worth more than the Premium Membership fees!! LOL! The support is incredible with a response time of few minutes only. Be noticed also that the platform makes a daily automatic backup for all your websites!!


As a Starter Member: you get to host to free domain websites (example: myownwebsite.siterubix.com), but whenever you decide to go premium, you can easily transfer the content of your free domain website to a registered domain website.



Note that though, you only have to pay for the domain registration, usually $13.99/year. This is also something you do through the same platform inside Wealthy Affiliate. Or, if you already have a registered domain that is hosted outside Wealthy Affiliate, you can easily move to Wealthy Affiliate in few minutes in order to get the benefits of the strong web hosting, security protection, content creation tool, 24/7 support and many other features that are provided through this platform.



Keyword Research Tool (Jaaxy.com)


The Wealthy Affiliate Platform has two Keyword Research Tools, one that is free with unlimited usage for all members alike. But the other is the integration with Jaaxy.com (you can read my review for Jaaxy by clicking here), which is the best keyword research tool for affiliate marketers. Yes, Google Keyword Planner can give you the number of monthly searches on a specific keyword, but Jaaxy can also tell you how many pages out there that are competing on this keyword. You can use this tool to know which keywords will help you rank faster on the first page of Google Search Results.



Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool



As a Premium Member: you get access to the Lite Subscription, and you get around a 50% discount on the Pro and Enterprise memberships. But with the Lite Subscription, you can skyrocket your business.


As a Starter Member: you get free access to the Starter Subscription that allows you to make 30 free monthly searches. After that, you will need to use the first tool mentioned here in the beginning of this section, which is still amazing.



==> To claim your free trial for Jaaxy.com, click here!



But one of nice features of Jaaxy.com, is that it allows you to save lists of keywords that you find powerful to use in your next article. After you save these words in a list, you can go back to this list when you want to write your article, no need to use excel sheet or a piece of paper to do this.



Site Content, the Content Editor and Checker


Site Content is a complete platform that allows you to create your post, check it for grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes, tells you how many words you have written, check if the content is duplicated (which will cause Google to punish you if you do), and then, it helps you to publish it into your website in seconds.

And after that, it will keep track of any post you create on your website and it tells you whenever Google has indexed your post! This is probably the most comprehensive content writing and editing tool you can find on the internet.



Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 - Content Editor and Checker




Affiliate Program, Meet me in Vegas!


What is amazing about Wealthy Affiliate, is that they have an affiliate program that you can join as a Starter Member or as a Premium Member.


If you are a Premium Member: you get a recurring commission whenever someone joins the platform Premium Membership, it’s $23.5/month for every full monthly payment they make, and $100+ in case they join the yearly membership.


If you are a Starter Member: you get $11.75/month for every full monthly payment they make, and $87.5 for every yearly membership.


So, you keep receiving a recurring commission for every month or year your referrals pay for the membership, and just for the first payment!


And guess what, they have a lifetime cookies policy. Meaning that, if someone visits the Wealthy Affiliate through your referral link, and ends up being a premium member a year later, this will make you start getting commissions the month they start their Premium Membership! This is absolutely one of the most lucrative and advanced affiliate programs out there, and you can join it even as a starter member! You can make a full time income just from referring people to this platform!


Not only that, but if you were able to get 300 referrals to subscribe to the Premium Membership in one year, you will be rewarded with a fully paid visit to Las Vegas and meet with the founders of Wealthy Affiliate and other top members who made the same achievement. What are you waiting for?!



==> Join the Best Affiliate Program on the internet for free through this link!



Wealthy Affiliate Review Conclusion + A Bonus For You:


  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Founders: Carson & Kyle
  • Overall Ranking: 97 of 100
  • Scam/Legit: Legit


Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit


Wealthy Affiliate is not only legit, but also the most comprehensive and advanced platform out there that will both teach you the skills you need and provide you with the most efficient and effective tools that you will need in order to build a real sustainable business online!


Do I recommend it? Absolutely! It will teach you how to generate passive income online, and mainly, through Affiliate Marketing. I wrote this article and published it through the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, following what I’m learning there, and now you have found my post, doesn’t that tell you something? This is of course only if your willing to learn and work. But if you are looking for some kind of “get-rich-quick thing” that will make you rich tonight, then you can go back and keep searching for that thing among the many scammers everywhere.


==> So if you are willing to learn and work, click here and start your journey for FREE!



How to claim your Bonus?!


If you join Wealthy Affiliate through the link above or here to try the free membership, you will get a private message from me on how claim your bonus. This is in addition to the 59%  ($19 instead of $49) discount on the first month’s membership fee if you decide to go premium in the first 7 days.

Try it now, Risk Free!

So, join Wealthy Affiliate now, and I will see you inside!

Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review




Join Wealthy Affiliate for free!



  1. Nice article, it makes me want to sign up all over again. I agree, Wealthy Affiliate is awesome and their training has made some people very wealthy. I earn a good income from my blog, but I’m by no means super wealthy from it. I know of quite a few people in Wealthy Affiliate who make six figures and have been able to give up their full-time work…lol I’m getting there slowly. You’ve covered everything, including going to Vegas..now that’s something Id like to do!

    • Thank you for your comment Sharon! I’m glad you that you like my review 🙂

      I agree, it has an amazing training program for those who are willing to learn and take consistent action. 

      I hope you make it to Vegas soon 🙂



  2. I have heard a lot of good things about wealthy affiliate. Out of curiosity have you ever done any affilaite marketing prior to discovering wealthy affilaite? For its price I definitely think it is worth giving it a shot, it does seem that they offer alot of incentives to people interested in affiliate marketing.

    • Indeed Jacob! The training program is very comprehensive and organised and the tools provided such as the Keyword Research Tool, Content Editor and Web Hosting are very valuable. It’s good to have a One-Stop-Shop.

  3. I loved your review because you highlighted many of the features I’ve grown to love since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I love how the Sitecontent feature shows you how many words you’ve written, how you can challenge yourself, set goals, and get reminders. I love the hosting, I was with Bluehost, and I would have to sit on the phone for long times to get support. With Siterubix, it’s instant support everytime. I don’t even know how they do it. You mentioned the training and community support and that’s probably my favorite feature. It’s definitely one of a kind. Great review!

    • Thank you Tiffany for your feedback! 

      Yes, indeed it’s a one of a kind. Who doesn’t like the one stop shop? The tools offered at wealthy affiliate such as hosting and the keyword research tool would elsewhere cost more than the Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

  4. Vraiment, je suis très très fière de votre explication sur WA. Si Dieu le veut bien, par votre encouragement je passerai au membre premium si peu.
    Merci beaucoup.

    • Thank you Edouard!

      I’m answering in English as I don’t have much knowledge in French so that I express myself correctly.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to learn the online business correctly. I encourage you to go premium and unlock all the features available there. The link is available in my post here. Click on it to join!

      Please, feel free to come back any time in case you have any question or comment.


  5. Hi I like the way you reviews showing all the benefits and features to the user. I have been affiliate marketing since 2-3years and promoting through my blog. Most of the affiliate programs set 24hr cookies. And WA is using lifetime cookies that is interesting. Considering all these benefits and features it will be a good program to promote without feeling guilty. Can you suggest anything how do I start promoting WA for commissions?

    • Hi Jesse,

      Thank you for reading my review and for the question!

      If you are still not a WA member, then go to the link here in the review and sign up for the  free account. Immediately, you can go to the very top of the page, where you can find a black icon on which there’s a white plane. Click on it, and a drop down menu will show up, select “Links & Tracking” and you will be directed to the page where you grab your affiliate link and starting promoting the platform in whatever way you want. It could be by email, blogging, forum commenting, ..etc.

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions!



  6. Hi Amjadjuden; I have observed your article well; you have highlighted a number of facts that defines the character of Wealthy affiliate. In answering your question Is wealthy Affiliate a Scam or is it legit?

    Wealthy Affiliate is not a Scam. It is a Online business platform that host a vase amount of entrepreneurs. It teaches in online business in depth So that all who join the platform can start and develop a sustainable business.

    Are you having doubt about Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hello Dorcas and thank you for the feedback!

      After using Wealthy Affiliate for months now, I’m totally convinced about the eligibility of the platform. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone I Know.



  7. Awesome review! I joined Wealthy Affiliate a year ago as a free member. It surprised me how much I could do as a free member. Like you’ve explained, you get to build free websites and participate in most of the training. And, a huge bonus, for me, was that I didn’t even need to provide my credit card information to sign up for free. I had never seen an offer like that before. So, a person has nothing to lose when signing up for free.

    I agree, WA has a lot of information and can get overwhelming at times, but the training lessons take you through it step by step. This is definitely for everyone at any level of expertise. WA has everything a person needs to become successful online.

    Thank you for promoting such a trustworthy opportunity.


    • Thank you Weston for reading my review and for the feedback! 

      True, Wealthy Affiliate has a lot to offer in all the aspects of digital marketing for all levels, beginners and advanced.  The training is organized in a way that makes you enjoy learning and acting. 



    • Hello Linda,

      Thank you for your question!

      Building a website, searching niche, keywords, ideas and then writing content is honestly difficult without a PC. Although, technically, you can access the tools with your mobile phone, but it is really unrealistic to go through the process of creating a complete business.

      You can use your phone to watch the video lessons and read the written lessons, but when it comes to applying what you have learned, you will indeed need a PC, whether a desktop or a laptop.

      I hope this answers your question! Please, let me know if you have further questions or concerns!


  8. Is it possible to begin in the starter membership and make enough money thru it to finance the premium membership?

    • Hello John,

      Thank you for your question!

      The answer is yes. But this will require to put more time and effort in order to start getting the commissions. But it is doable!
      You can start by joining the free membership and going through the first level of the training from here which is free. Go through the first 10 lessons and watch all the videos and perform the tasks related to these lessons. You will end up creating a website in the niche you choose.

      This website will be on a free domain, you will not pay for the domain registration, nor for the hosting. You will not pay for anything. You will learn how to start creating content, and how to find related products to promote.

      After you create any post, try to find where to share it. It could be a Facebook page you create for your website, a related Facebook group, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, by email with someone you believe to be interested in the products you promote, …etc.

      Keep going this way until you start getting commissions and then you can fund your premium membership, this way you can build a website on your own domain, which will be much better for your business’s reputation, and will be better for the SEO so that you can get free traffic from the search engines.

      Also, the premium membership will give you access to much more quality material that will help you improve your skills and your business.

      Just start with the free membership from here and start learning and keep taking action and stay patient. The results will show up if you trust in the process.

      Let me know if you need help anytime! I will be glad to support you 🙂

      All the best!

  9. Is it available here in the Philippines? And will I be able to earn even if I only signed for the free membership?

    • Hello Swirma,

      Thank you for your question!

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is available at Philippines as well as many other countries.

      And regarding making money with the free membership, the answer is yes. But it will require to put more time and effort in order to start getting the traffic and then, making conversions.

      But in any case, it is doable!

      You can start by joining the free membership and going through the first level of the training from here which is free. Go through the first level of the training which contains 10 lessons and perform the related tasks. You will end up creating a website in the niche you would like to work on.

      This website will be on a free domain. so, you will pay nothing for the domain registration nor for the web hosting. You will start creating content, and you will learn how to find related products in your niche that you can promote.

      After you create any post, try to find places where you can share it. These could be a Facebook page you create, a relevant Facebook group,LinkedIn, Reddit, twitter, Quora, Instagram, by emailing them to someone you believe to be interested in the products you promote, …etc.

      Keep going this way until you start getting commissions and then you can fund your premium membership, this way you can build a website on a domain you purchase, which will give you more credibility, and will be better for the SEO so that you can get free traffic from the search engines.

      Also, the premium membership will give you access to a more advanced set of tools and quality training material that will help you improve your skills and your business.

      Just start with the free membership from here and start learning and keep taking persistent action and be patient. The results will come in, trust in the process.

      Let me know if you need any help or if you have further concerns! I will be glad to support you 🙂

      All the best!

  10. I too love WA! I’m still a newbie and just started getting my site filled with content but the training is so in-depth and shows you exactly what to do and how to do it! I have a background in marketing and SEO so I know everything they are teaching you is legit. I also love that you can start for free. Where else can you do that?! I’ve lined into a number of these and most are pyramid schemes that cost thousands of dollars and only works by getting new people to join. Wealthy Affiliate is great because it helps you find a ‘niche’ to make money off of (literally anything you love) or you can just promote WA if you can’t think of something. You can also do both, and have multiple streams of Revenue coming in. My current site I have a co-author helping me right medical research on fibromyalgia and related conditions. But I also want to set up another site for the affiliate program because I love this so much that I know I’m going to tell everyone about it anyways. Although I am still hosted on the free site, I just purchased my .net and will be migrating once I finish editing the next few posts.

    • I agree with you. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn from. Not only the training material, but also the tools they provide and the supportive community that helps in keeping you on the track.

      Good luck in your current and new websites!

  11. Wow, I have read other reviews about Wealthy Affiliate, but yours look so special.

    I really like the way you spacing your articles. Not just that but also the images you added makes your review very comprehensive. Indeed if there is an online training program out there that is better than Wealthy Affiliate, then I don’t know yet.
    My own experience is enough success story. I came to the platform with absolutely NO knowledge of how to build a website. But today I have my own website up and running and building a genuine successful business on my own.

    thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. I highly recommend this training program to everyone interested in making money online.

    • Hello Stephen and thank you for the feedback!

      Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training platform out there. They provide all what you need, not only the training, but also the tools that makes it as easy as possible for the non-techie guys in order to be successful in the online world.

      All the best!


  12. Amazing post about WA community!

    I have been part of this community for almost two years now and I won’t stop recommending this magnificent online business platform to people.

    I couldn’t agree more with all the various benefits you noted that wealthy affiliate provide. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for beginners to develop a solid foundation in online business in general and affiliate marketing in particular that will last them for years.

    Thanks for this review!

    • Hello Bibian and thank you for the comment!

      Indeed, WA is a great place to learn Affiliate Marketing even for free, in addition to all the affiliate tools they provide.

      All the best!


  13. Hi Amjad.

    Wow!! This Wealthy Affiliate group sounds very interesting. I have been searching the web for a legitimate online business opportunity for some years now.

    Up to now I haven’t had any luck. I was scammed out of money a few years ago, so I have been reluctant to join any group until I had a good feeling about them.

    After reading your article I now have that good feeling. As the starter membership is free I will begin with that. I’m pretty sure that will give me enough time to work out if its for me or not.



  14. Cheers for the detailed review about Wealthy Affiliate!

     It really sounds like a amazing platform and it is also really nice that there are so many classes which you can follow for extra training! 

    But i wonder though, is there really only 1 con to Wealthy Affiliate? Is the only thing which is bad, that there is too much information?

    • Hello Eeleco and thank you for the comment and question!

      So far, I never had a problem other than finding very specific information in some situations due to the huge number of training modules, videos and posts. The tools provided are really great: Hosting, Keyword Tool, Content Editing Platform, …etc. And they are managed very well and continuously updated.



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