Walter Green’s Green Machine & Free Money System Review 2021 – A Scam?

The Free Money System Review


Can you really become a millionaire in 3 months as Walter Green The Green Machine promises you with his “secret loophole” or is Walter Green a Scam artist? Join me in this Free Money System Review in order to find out if this program is legit or are these guys just after your money.

I will show you the ugly truth!

I have already reviewed many of these “done-for-you” programs and systems that promise you to become rich overnight with just “few clicks” over your phone or your laptop’s keyboard, or with one click like what the Push One Button System claims.

And I know how tempting it feels to want to “give it a try, it might work”, especially when you are desperately looking for a way of making money online in order to get your freedom.

I have been in your place already!

But I’m sorry to tell you that the claims given by the guy who calls himself Walter Green (The Green Machine) are completely far from the truth, and as I will show you below, the video and the sales page themselves are more than enough for you to save your money and guard it from these scams, as they are just after making money from selling you their “done-for-you system” that won’t make you anything.

I will show you below why I DON’T recommend you to buy this program that will only make you lose your money forever!

And I will guide you into a 100% LEGIT and Real way of making money online through creating a real online Business and Brand and create a consistent income with it, only IF you are willing to put the time and effort into learning and applying what you learn. NO Magical Push-Button SCAMS!


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The Free Money System Alternative


Walter Green’s Green Machine & Free Money System Review Summary

  • Name: The Free Money System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Walter Green The Green Machine). (This is how he calls himself!)
  • Price: $250 (Although they say it’s FREE!).
  • Recommended? Run Away with your money!

Overall Rating: 0 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended method 97 of 100)


Summary: Walter Green The Green Machine Free Money System is a program that is designed to get you in for the first deposit (although they claim it’s free!), and selling you the hope of making thousands of dollars with few clicks on your laptop’s keyboard, and then, asking you to pay more money and not give you what is promised in return.


Who Is Walter Green (The Green Machine)?

Walter Green The Green Machine

Walter Green is a fake name for the founder of what is called The Free Money System.


The guy in the video calls himself Walter Green and claims that people call him The Green Machine because he can help them make money on autopilot with the “done-for-you” system he developed.

If you look for him over the internet, you won’t really find anyone with that name and with the same picture of the person you see in the video.


He claims to be a previous equity partner at one of the law firms, and that he lost his job and was about to lose his house, before one of his relatives told him about a “Loophole” that allowed him to make $1.1M in just three months through atuo-trading without doing anything.

And then, he learned this method and became a millionaire in short time and even made $48M so far with this method.

And after that, he developed a system in order to help others achieve the same, and claims that there are only 7 spots available for people who want to use the system before he retires.


Is Walter Green The Green Machine A Scam


And every time you watch the video, you hear the same BS! These 7 spots never finish!


What Is The Free Money System?

In short, The Free Money System is nothing other than a system that is developed to take a minimum deposit of $250 from you, and then, ask you for more and not give you what is promised in return.


What Is The Free Money System


The guy who calls himself “Walter Green” tells you that the system he developed has made 152 people millionaires in just 90 days!

He tells you that this system as an “auto-trading” system that works on your behalf and wins all the time, without you doing anything other than depositing $250.

This is the same crap you will be promised if you run into some of the other scams I reviewed already such as:


But also, it is very similar to the scam called The Free Ad Cash System, which claims to make you able to make money flipping banner ads and not trading in binary options, but both of them lead you to a scam trading platform called “”.

And guess what, the founder of the other system (Free Ad Cash System) is called “Simon Green“!! How lucky this “Green” family is!!!

All these claims of doing millions, thousands or even hundreds of dollars with “few clicks” are lies that are designed to take money from those who know nothing about making money and I will show you with the screenshots below why I say that!


So, How Does Free Money System Really Work?

How Does The Free Money System Work

Honestly, who knows what they will tell you after you pay for the “FREE” program that costs a minimum deposit of $250?!

The video claims that you can make Walter Green’s relative has hacked into a method that his company uses to make money, relying on a “secret loophole” that they bought from a group of Israeli traders who discovered it in the first place!

I feel like if I’m watching a Hollywood movie, lol!

There are many other scams out there claim to have found a “secret loophole” that allows them to win all the trades they participate in. I don’t know how it is still a “secret” since all these people are using it!!!!

And worse, he says that you can become a millionaire in 3 months with it, just by depositing the first $250!


How Does The Green Machine Work


And I can tell you that there has never been something like that and will never ever be!

If there was really a loophole like that, or any kind of “done-for-you” system that can make you money on autopilot, then where does that money come from. And even if that was true, then with all these people jumping into using it, it will stop working and will stop making money for anyone.

I have tried lots of ways of making money online, and have reviewed many of these “done-for-you” systems that promise you magical results, and I can say that there’s really nothing like that and there will never be.

If you want to make money online, like it is offline, you need to put the time and effort into building a real business and providing real value.


But at least, when it comes to the online world, you can start a business for as little investment as $500, as I show you in my Make Money Online Guide.

And in addition to that, with the online businesses you have more flexibility over the time and the place you want to work at.

But you still have to put the time and effort in order to make any money. There are no secret methods, done-for-you systems or loopholes, these are only terms used by scammers in order to sell their rubbish programs and make money from the victims who buy them.

If these systems were working as they claim, they wouldn’t share them with anyone.

Interesting thing to know, if you check any of the pages in the footer of their website such as: Disclaimer, US Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Support, …etc. you will find that these pages talk about and not about The Free Money System.


Bannerbit & The Free Money System


Which means is that there is nothing really called The Free Money System, The Green Machine or Walter Green!!!

These are just new names used to promote the same old thing called Bannerbit and convince people that it is a new thing!


What I Like about The Free Money System

Absolutely nothing!


What I Don’t Like about The Free Money System

Not sure where to start from. But let’s go with the video on their sales page:

1. Bannerbit Is There!

As I mentioned earlier, all the important pages in the footer refer to, which is an option trading platform that was exposed earlier and know it is being promoted under new names such as The Free Money System, the Free Ad Cash System and some other scams.


2. It Doesn’t Make Sense At All!

This “Walter Green” claims that the system he developed is based on a “secret loophole” that allows you to automatically win all the trades you participate in.

And this loophole never gets exposed or fixed!

Seriously, who believes such a BS!!

And he claims that you can deposit $250 and become a millionaire in three months doing nothing!!!

The Green Machine Results


Again, there’s nothing like that and there will never be anything like that!

Please, don’t believe such a BS!!


3. The Fake Counter On The Sales Page

He says in the video that there are only 7 spots left, and after weeks, you watch the video again and he says the same.

And the counter on the upper left corner of the sales page always gives you random numbers. It’s FAKE!

The Free Money System Fake Counter


And every time you watch the video, he tells you that if you exit the page, you might not see it again. Yep, I believe you!

Is The Free Money System A Scam


4. Walter Green Doesn’t Exist

As I mentioned earlier, you will never find anything about this guy on the web, other than in this video on their sales page. What does that tell you?!


5. They Say It’s Completely Free! But …

You have to pay a deposit of only $250 in order to start.


6. The Refund Policy

On the Terms page, they say that there’s no refund for what you deposit, no guarantee, and then, they mention that there’s a 14-Day money back guarantee for US customers.

But here’s the funny thing, the Terms page mentioned and not The Free Money System!!!!

How do you put your money if you don’t know whom you are dealing with?!!


Who Is The Free Money System for?

  • For people who has lots of money and want to give it a way to scammers and not get anything in return.
  • For whoever believes that they can become millionaires in three months doing nothing other than depositing $250 and clicking few clicks thanks to the “secret loophole”!


Conclusion – Is The Free Money System a Scam or Legit?

Yes. Walter Green The Green Machine is a scam and the Free Money System is a scam due to the evidences mentioned above in this review and the completely unrealistic income claims and guarantees.

  • Name: The Free Money System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Walter Green Green Machine). (This is how he calls himself!)
  • Price: $250 (Although they say it’s FREE!).
  • Recommended? Run Away with your money!

Overall Rating: 0 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended method 97 of 100)

Stay away from such programs or done-for-you systems that tell you that you can make thousands a day or become rich overnight once you join them.

There’s literally no way, system or program that can make you money without you doing anything useful or adding any value or by clicking few clicks on your laptop or mobile.

If you want to make a consistent income online, then you have to build a REAL online Business and give value, just like it is offline.


An EVERGREEN 100% Legit Alternative to Walter Green The Green Machine & The Free Money System

As I mentioned earlier, the promises in the video on the sales page of the Free Money System by Walter Green are completely unrealistic and don’t make sense at ALL.

You can’t make a million dollars in three months doing nothing but few clicks!!! Neither with this system or with any other system or method.

Making money online, as it is offline, requires real work and effort, and requires you to add value.


But at least, when it comes to the online world, you have more flexibility over the place and time you choose to work, and most important, you can start for a very low investment.

But you still need to put in the time and effort and do the useful work and provide value in order to make any money.

And, of course, you need the right mentoring, training and tools in order to start the right way since the beginning and not fall into scammers like the Free Money System or The Green Machine (Walter Green).


And that’s why I created my FREE Ultimate Make Money Online Guide that you can get through the following button:

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The way I recommend in my guide is only one of the many legit ways of making money online, but this one in particular, is the best in my opinion as it doesn’t require a big investment, and you can even try it for FREE before you decide to pay for anything through the guide mentioned above.

In my Make Money Online Guide, you will understand what this method is and how it works exactly.

This is a completely LEGIT way that many people, including myself, are making money with it, and it is an evergreen method.

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As I said, this is a real way that requires you to put the time and effort in order to get results and make money with. Like all other legit ways of making money online and offline.

And again, forget about those “secret loopholes” and “push-button” magical solutions that promise to make you millions doing nothing but a few clicks on your phone or laptop like the Free Money System Promises you. They Don’t Exist!

So, if you are ready to take action and build a real online BRAND and Business, then clicks on the following button in order to read my guide and start taking action.

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And if you have any question about this Free Money System Review, or if you have any experience with Walter Green The Green Machine that you want to talk about, leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you ASAP 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Walter Green’s Green Machine & Free Money System Review 2021 – A Scam?”

  1. Thanks for alerting me of this scam. I would like to think that I am smart enough not to fall for something like this. I have fallen for a couple of scams though so I like being able to find good reviews before making any purchases of make money systems.

    Knowing what I know now I know that there really isn’t any get rich systems out there. I checked out the product you do recommend to earn online and want to say thank you for that.

    Good review thanks again.  

  2. Awesome review. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this review. I’ve heard of Green Machine system before, but never get to know such a detailed information about it. I’m glad that I get to read your post. Now, I’ve no doubt regarding this system being a scam, you have covered every little thing on greater detail. 

    It was funny to read certain things about this scheme such as free system at $250 and it’s crazy money back guarantee. It’s unbelievable how such scams operate like a money suckers! 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post and creating awareness. And, thanks for providing your alternate recommended legit system to earn money online. 

    • Thanks for passing by Akshay!

      It’s really annoying to me seeing such scams and not exposing them.

      Actors with fake names and impossible income claims, lies about the cost, lies about the the refund, lies about everything.

      That’s why I recommended an alternative for the Free Money System in the last section of my review above.



  3. The Green Machine! I honestly haven’t heard of this until now but it seems scandalous at the get-go.

    I appreciate you bringing awareness to this product and providing a score of 0/100, kind of spells it all out crystal-clearly. Something can not possibly free and cost $250 at the same time. A secret loophole, haha.

    Your alternative in Wealthy Affiliate is brilliant as this is one of the best platforms and communities out there. I encourage all of your readers to follow the links and see what it’s all about! 

    • Thank you my friend for the comment!

      True, all lies in one place, that’s why I feel comfortable giving the Green Machine system zero rating.

      My alternative in my make money online guide is the right way to start online.

      Best regards,



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