VideoSeeder Review 2020 – The Best Video Syndication Tool?

Detailed VideoSeeder ReviewWelcome to my VideoSeeder Review!

What is this tool by Cyril Jeet Gupta all about, what does it exactly do, and how is it different from other video syndication tools out there?

And most important, is it worth the price? And how to get the discount?

Bear with me in this review where I tell you all about this tool.


VideoSeeder Review Summary

       Overall Rating: 92 of 100

Summary: VideoSeeder is a video syndication tool that allows you to automate the process of publishing the same video to many platforms without doing everything by yourself.

The application is useful and can save you the time, and despite being new, but it is safe to try it as the creator of the software is an experienced one and there’s a 30-day money back guarantee through any of the links on this page.


What Is VideoSeeder?

What Is Videoseeder

VideoSeeder is a video syndication tool that helps you maximize the benefits from your videos by publishing the same video on many video hosting platforms and promoting it on many different social and blogging platforms.

And while you can do all of the above manually, but it can take lots of time and energy.

And that’s why VideoSeeder has been created, in order to save you the time and effort and automatically upload and promote the video for you on the different platforms without you going and doing the same task over and over again by yourself.

What Exactly Are The Tasks That VideoSeeder Does On Your Behalf?

What Does VideoSeeder Do

There are three main tasks that you can request VideoSeeder to do for you:

  1. Upload the videos you own on multiple video hosting platforms such as: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook & Dropbox.
  2. Promote your video by sharing it on different sharing platforms such as: Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, …etc.
  3. Publish video-articles on blogging platforms such as: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix & Medium.

Is It Useful To Use VideoSeeder?

Yes, since you have already created the video, then why not to maximize the outcome by publishing and promoting it on different platforms and reach the maximum number of viewers and potential clients?

And even though you can do that by yourself, but it can be time-consuming, and you better focus your time and energy on doing other tasks that need focus, and let the VideoSeeder software do most of the work on your behalf, especially that it integrates with many platforms.

VideoSeeder Integrations


How Does VideoSeeder Exactly Work?

  1. After installing the app, connect it to your existing accounts on video hosting platforms and to your existing accounts on social and other sharing platforms. How VideoSeeder Works
  2. Set the main settings like the time you want the app to wait between uploading the video on different platforms.
  3. Start your first campaigns by selecting the first video you want to share and by deciding to which video platforms you want to upload it, decide on the title and the description you want to use for the video.
  4. After it is published on at least one of the video hosting platforms, decide on which social media platforms you want to share it, and what text you want to use with it.
  5. Run the campaign, and the software will start uploading the video and sharing it to the different platforms.

Or you can just watch the following VideoSeeder demonstration by the founder of the software, Cyril Gupta.

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How Is VideoSeeder Different from Other Video Syndication Apps?

The main feature that differentiates VideoSeeder from other video syndication apps is that VideoSeeder posts your videos to the different platforms from your own IP address, while many other apps share from the IP address of the app itself.

What does that make VideoSeeder better?

Because if you are sending from an IP address that the software developer allows everyone else to upload and share from, then some users of the same app might be spamming the different sharing platforms with their posts from the same IP you are using, which triggers their algorithms to block the IP itself and mark anything that you are trying to upload and share as a spam even if it is not. And this will limit your reach.

While with VideoSeeder, you upload and share to different platforms through your own IP address, which makes it look natural as if it was really you who is sharing these videos and posts.

Another difference is that VideoSeeder is not only used to upload videos to the video hosting platforms, but you can also share the video to the social and blogging sharing platforms.


What You Get if You Buy VideoSeeder

If you buy VideoSeeder during the launch period through one of the links on this page, then you get the following:

1 – VideoSeeder Elite

This is the main software that we are talking about, and it gives you the following benefits:

  • Upload your videos to any video platform that you want on full auto.
  • Up to 100 postings per day.
  • Promote your videos to more than 15 sharing platforms.
  • Connect to up to 30 accounts in total from the different platforms.
  • License for one computer.
  • It gives you full control of your syndication with powerful posting queue that lets you decide what is posted and when.
  • The app runs on your personal computer in the background. 100% independent of a server.
  • Help you get relevant traffic from the different sharing platforms by placing links to your website or blog posts in the description area.
  • It supports text spinning that lets you create unique content on each sharing platform.
  • It supports uploading as well as sharing.
  • Very user-friendly.

2 – Traffic Mastery Training

This is a training on how to maximize the traffic on YouTube in order to even get better results after you use the VideoSeeder app.

If you get VideoSeeder during the launch, this will be given with the VideoSeeder Elite for no additional cost, but after the launch, it will become an add-on that will cost money to get.

3 – VideoSeeder Commercial Rights

This means that you can also use VideoSeeder to promote and grow other’s businesses through the video syndication method.

You can use this in order to offer Local Marketing & SEO services, or for relevant white-hat link building, or you can even create niche video accounts, grow them and finally sell them on Flippa.

4 – Traffic Jeet for Finding Keywords

Traffic Jeet is a keyword research tool that was previously created by Cyril Jeet Gupta, the same developer of VideoSeeder, and it is being sold alone.

But if you get VideoSeeder during the launch period, you will get an access to Traffic Jeet 4 as well.

This tool helps you find relevant and targeted keywords for your YouTube videos that you can try to rank under in YouTube and search engines, and therefore, make the best out of your videos where the get shown for people searching for stuff that you have videos about.

VideoSeeder Bonus

Above were the main four components that you get in case that you purchase VideoSeeder during the launch period, but in case that you you get VideoSeeder after the launch period, you will only get the first competent, VideoSeeder Elite, while the rest will be offered as upsells.

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Videoseeder Pricing Plans & Up-sells

The price of getting VideoSeeder Elite mentioned in the earlier section is $67, but discounted to only $37 during the launch period.

And if you get it during the launch period, then you get the other limited-time offers mentioned in the previous section.

There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee, which makes it safe to try it even if it was still new.

With this package, you connect up to 30 accounts from all the available video hosting and sharing platforms that are compatible with VideoSeeder.

This is the front end product of VideoSeeder.

And there are other optional upsells that give you more features and benefits.

Optional VideoSeeder Upsells

VideoSeeder Upsells

1 – VideoSeeder Pro – $47

This upgrade comes with the following features:

  • Connecting to unlimited video accounts even on the same platform.
  • Ability to connect it to unlimited sharing accounts.
  • Ability to simultaneous share on multiple platforms.
  • Agency license in order to use it to promote your clients’ accounts and manage them through your app.
  • Ready-made sales page to recruit customers.
  • 3 Licenses with VA & VPS License.
  • Ability to do URL Shortening using
  • 2 years of free upgrade.

2 – VideoSeeder Agency – $97

This upgrade gives you the resell rights that allow you to sell VideoSeeder Elite as your own product and enjoy 100% of the price for yourself.

3 – Channel Authority Builder – $47

This is about teaching you how to increase the authority of your YouTube channel by using the secret strategies of some of the top YT channels out there.

4 – PlayTraffic – $47

This is about showing you how you can leverage the YouTube playlists in order to get the most out of your videos and drive more traffic to your channel and to to your website.


What I Like about VideoSeeder

  • It is different from many similar tools out there by as it uses your own IP in order to publish and share videos so that you protect yourself from the effects of spammers who might use the same software.
  • It allows uploading and sharing videos to up to 15+ different platforms.
  • If you get it during the launch, you get for free other limited-time offers such as Traffic Jeet that will be sold later as add-ons.
  • The cost of the front end is low, and it is discounted to only $37 during the launch through the links on this page.
  • There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Cyril Jeet is an experienced marketer and has already developed many other useful apps such as Traffic Jeet and Pinflux.


What I Don’t Like about VideoSeeder

  • Nothing against VideoSeeder itself, but in general, I’m not a fan of using many automating tools. But if it can save you lots of time and effort, then why not.
  • It seems to only work on Microsoft Windows. However, if you want to use it on Mac, then you can do so by using an emulator such as: Bootcamp, Parallels or Crossover.


Who Is VideoSeeder for?

VideoSeeder can be for you if you already have a business and you use videos online in order to maximize your reach and market your business, or if you offer local or general online marketing services for your clients.

You can use VideoSeeder in order to grow your YouTube channel or your other video channels and you can use it in order to send targeted traffic to your website, eCommerce store or blog through placing links in the description area of your published videos on the different platforms.


VideoSeeder Support

Cyril Jeet is known for creating many software apps, and seems to have a good reputation in the market.

The VideoSeeder is easy to use, however, on their website, they promise you the following support:

  •  24 x 7 Live Chat Support Guarantee
  •  24 Hours Ticket Response Guarantee
  •  Live Assistance Guarantee: If you are having trouble making something work, VideoSeeder tech agents will help you on Skype and on Teamviewer / Ultraviewer in order to fix your problem.


Conclusion – Is VideoSeeder Worth The Price?

Absolutely. The price of the VideoSeeder Elite and even the upgrades is really affordable and the software can save you lots of time, which is money. And the price during the launch is even very low ($37). And it comes with 30-day money back guarantee.

       Overall Rating: 92 of 100

Also, the limited-time additions that you get during the launch for free are useful.

So, if you use videos for your business or to grow your clients’ businesses, then you can get VideoSeeder Elite for the temporary discounted price, limited-time additional bonuses and the 30-day money back guarantee.

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However, as I mentioned earlier, VideoSeeder is for you in case that you already have an online business, or an offline business and you want to use videos to promote it.

While in case that you still don’t have any kind of business, then this software might not be for you.

What you need in that case is a way to start an online business that makes you money, which takes us to the next section.


An Alternative to Videoseeder?

As explained above, this alternative is not about a video syndication software, but rather, it is about teaching you about the best way of building an online business that makes you money.

And my recommendation here is to get my FREE Make Money Online Guide that will teach you about my preferred method, how to learn it, how and where you can start with it.

This method is newbie-friendly and one that requires the lowest possible investment and long-term potential. 100% Legit.

Inside my guide you will learn all about this method and how to learn it, and it includes a guide about the same place where I learned this method, which is the place that gives you all the training, tools and necessary support at the same place.

Even better, this place offers a free starter plan in order to try it before putting any money in.

So, in case you still don’t have a business, then..

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And incase that you already have a business, and you want to use VideoSeeder in order to grow it, then you can get it with the temporary discount, limited-time bonuses and 30-day money back guarantee through the following link.

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And if you have any questions or comment regarding this VideoSeeder review, then leave them in the comments’ section below and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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