Honest Viddx Review 2020 – Here’s The Problem!

Viddx Review - Is It A Scam Or Legit


Do you think of purchasing this new software called Viddx in order to make money with it through leveraging others’ videos in order to promote products as an affiliate? Read this detailed Viddx Review in order to know if this software alone is enough for you or not.

I know that when you start trying to make money online, you always look for the tools that would help make your life easier and help you skip or automate some tasks, and that’s fine.

And as I already know that you can find Viddx Software by Mosh Bari useful, but I also want to tell you that this, to some extent, it might not be enough for you, especially if you still haven’t started your business yet and don’t know how to drive any traffic to the offers you want to promote, and you don’t have an email list since the beginning.

I will explain below what I mean by that, and will let you know if this software is for you or not.


And don’t worry, if this is not for you, then I will help you learn how to start your own online business through my FREE guide.

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Viddx Review Summary

  • Name: Viddx Software
  • Website: www.GetViddx.com
  • Founders: Mosh Bari & Zeehan Ahmed
  • Price:
    • Lite Edition – Original Price is $197/month, Discounted for $21 One-Time Fee.
    • Unlimited Edition – Original Price is $297/month, Discounted for $22 One-Time Fee.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 80 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation For Affiliate Marketing 97 of 100)

Summary: Viddx is a tool that allows you to utilize others’ YouTube videos in order to combine them together and use them legally to promote your product or for affiliate promotions.

The tool is good but it’s not a long-term strategy to use it for affiliate marketing like what you can learn at this alternative.


What Is Viddx Software?

What Is Viddx SoftwareViddx is a software program that allows you to leverage others’ FREE YouTube videos and embed them to a special web page that you own, and provide a relevant description on that page and offer products or programs as an affiliate marketers.

This way, you don’t have to create your own videos or right long articles describing the benefits of the products you are promoting.


The Viddx software by Mosh Bari is a cloud-based software, meaning that you don’t have to install anything on your computer or on your servers.




How Does Viddx Work?

  1. Setup a new campaign and select the YouTube videos you want to use based on the products you are promoting.
  2. Add a description text and add your affiliate links for the products you promote.
  3. Drive targeted traffic to the page you have just created.
  4. When someone buys anything, you get paid.

How Does Viddx Work


And that’s great, instead of having to create your own videos, you can leverage others’ videos if they are relevant and write a short description with a call-to-action text leading them to the product you promote as an affiliate.

And if you don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is, then in brief: it’s a performance-based marketing method where you promote others’ products and services and get paid for each sale you bring to them.


So, How Is Viddx Different From Embedding A YouTube Video On A WordPress Page?

You can of course use the same concept on a WordPress website by creating pages and embedding videos on them and then, sharing your affiliate links on the same products, but in that case, you mostly need a domain name and a hosting, unless you do it using a free website.

This is a bit similar to another software called Viral Cash App that I reviewed before, but Viddx is much better!


The main difference and the main advantage of using Viddx, is that you can incorporate more than one YouTube video and combined them together as a one video, and you can crop each video to start and end at a specific time instead of making people watch the whole video.

Crop Videos With Viddx

The Demo video on the sales page of Viddx explains exactly how you can use it.


Viddx Demo Video


And this method that you use Viddx to do affiliate marketing with could work and could bring you some money, but here’s the thing:


The Problem With Viddx Software

Although you can easily use others’ videos with the software to create pages where you can promote products as an affiliate, but how do you bring traffic to these pages?!

Of course, you won’t get traffic from Google and other search engines as your pages are not optimized for search engines and don’t have through content.

Which means that you have to have a way to drive traffic.

Some examples on how to bring traffic to your Viddx based pages:

  • Your existing email lists.
  • Others’ email lists.
  • Social media organic posts.
  • Q&A platforms such as Quora and Reddit.
  • Buy targeted traffic through traffic market exchanges such as Traffic Ivy.
  • Leveraging others’ audiences to bring traffic to your page (Influencer Marketing).
  • …etc.


And even if you already have your website, you can also use Viddx to create certain pages leveraging others’ videos and then, drive traffic from relevant pages to your websites.

Which means that you still can make money with Viddx software, and that’s why you can proceed with it and purchase it for the low one-time fee before they raise the price up and it becomes a monthly subscription.

But remember that although this is a relatively quick way to make money with affiliate marketing, but in my opinion, it is not a long-term and sustainable one as you don’t build a brand and authority this way.


So, How To Build A Brand And Authority With Affiliate Marketing?

By having your own online presence.

You can achieve that through different was such as:

  • Having social media followings.
  • Having an active YouTube channel.
  • Having an authority blog or a website. (My favorite)

And the reason I say that having an authority blog is that if you do it properly, it becomes the most sustainable way to get traffic to your offers.

This is, in my opinion, the best way to do affiliate marketing, as in the following chart:

Affiliate Marketing With Viddx

  1. Research the market and select a niche to write articles about.
  2. Look for what people ask online and what products or services could help them.
  3. Write articles that are SEO friendly on your website recommending these products and insert your affiliate links.
  4. If someone reads your article and buys the product through your link, you get paid from the seller.


If you do this right, then you will receive traffic for Google and other search engines for years to come without you needing to post regularly on social media platforms for every single post you write, and you don’t have to have your own email list or buy traffic from others’ lists.

And don’t worry about having to deal with technical issues, you can actually build a website in 30 seconds at my #1 recommended platform to learn affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate. Zero Coding Required!


But again, if you want to use Viddx, then you can go ahead with it. At least try to grab it for the one-time fee before they raise the prices up and make it monthly fee.


What I Like About Viddx Software

  • It is about my favorite way of making money online, Affiliate Marketing.
  • An easy and quick way to make money with affiliate marketing.
  • You don’t need to create videos or articles by yourself.
  • You don’t need a domain name or a hosting.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Very low price if you buy it during the launch time for the one-time fee.


What I Don’t Like About Viddx Software

  • You don’t build your own brand and authority as you will be using others’ videos.
  • You need to keep driving traffic to your promotions actively as your pages are not SEO’ed and won’t get traffic from search engines.


Who Is Viddx For?

Viddx for you if you want to make affiliate commissions relatively faster than having to create video content by yourself or without having a website, through using others’ videos.

But remember that you don’t build a brand and authority this way and you need to drive traffic by yourself to your campaign actively, so either you use the social media channels, your email list if you have one, others’ email lists and social media followings, …etc.

Which is still fine, and can help you make money relatively faster if you are able to drive traffic to your campaigns.


Viddx Pricing Plans & Discount

There are two main plans for Viddx Software:

  • Lite Edition – Original Price is $197/month, Discounted (Limited Time) for $21 One-Time Fee.
  • Unlimited Edition – Original Price is $297/month, Discounted (Limited Time) for $22 One-Time Fee.


Viddx Software Price & Discount

The Lite Edition allows you to create only 10 campaigns with the software with some limitations on how many videos you can find and use, while the Ulimited Edition allows you to create unlimited campaigns. That’s why I recommend buying the unlimited edition as there’s no real difference in the price.


Viddx Bonuses

During the launch of Viddx Software, there are the following bonuses if you buy Viddx:

  1. Bonus #1: ULTRA-FAST Scratch To PROFIT Checklist: A checklist to help you get the FASTEST results possible.
  2. VIP Facebook Community & Coaching


Viddx Upsells

Five optional upsells are available:

  1. Viddx Pro Edition ($47)Downsell to $27: Developer license so that you can develop campaigns to others.
  2. ViddX Traffic Jacker ($67)Downsell to $37: Promises you FREE traffic to your campaigns from day one. (I don’t think this one in particular will be reliable and effective).
  3. ViddX DFY Money Machines ($197): Done for you campaigns to promote previous products of Mosh Bari as an affiliate.
  4. ViddX Set This Up On Autopilot ($57) Downsell to $37: A training on how to outsource everything.
  5. License Rights ($147) Downsell to $97: You can re-sell Viddx software as if it was your own and get the whole price for yourself.


Viddx Support

The product is easy to use and the dashboard is clean.

However, since the software is still new in the market, then not enough information is available from current users. So, take that into consideration.


Conclusion – Is Viddx A Scam Or Legit?

Viddx Software is NOT a scam. Viddx is a legit product by Mosh Bary and can help you make money with affiliate marketing relatively faster than the normal way if you know how to drive traffic to your campaigns, but it doesn’t build you a long-term business and brand.

  • Name: Viddx Software
  • Website: www.GetViddx.com
  • Founders: Mosh Bari & Zeehan Ahmed
  • Price:
    • Lite Edition – Original Price is $197/month, Discounted for $21 One-Time Fee.
    • Unlimited Edition – Original Price is $297/month, Discounted for $22 One-Time Fee.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 80 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation For Affiliate Marketing 97 of 100)


The cost of the software is very low during launch as you can buy for a one-time fee.


A More Evergreen Alternative Method To Viddx Software?

As I explained earlier, Viddx is a legit software and the way it works is a smart way to make money with affiliate marketing if utilized well.

But the things is that you don’t really build a brand and a long-term business, as your campaigns’ visitors will see other people’s videos and not yours.

Also, you need to keep driving traffic to these campaigns actively.

While the best way to do affiliate marketing is through building your own blog on your own domain name that you can keep and you can add quality content to it that gets traffic from search engines.

This is a more long-term, evergreen and sustainable approach into affiliate marketing and this is how you do it the right way.

And having your own blog or website is easier today that it has ever been, you can build a website literally in 30 SECONDS at my recommended alternative to the Viddx software method. ZERO Coding required!


Your focus will be on creating useful content on your blog that helps people in your niche and offers them useful products and solutions.

And when you learn how to do it the right way through my recommended alternative, you can get free traffic from the search engines continuously instead of seeking out to others to share your campaign with their lists or social media followings.

My alternative to Viddx software is a platform that is called Wealthy Affiliate, and this is the platform where you will find all the necessary training, tools, web hosting, support and mentoring all in one place.

This is where I learned, and where I continue to learn affiliate marketing, and that’s why I recommend it for you if you choose the long-term approach.

And what is great about this platform is that they offer a FREE Starter membership that you can join to try it before you pay anything. NO Credit Card Required! 100% Risk Free!

Following screenshot is from the first level of their training which is included in the FREE plan. You can join it now and start learning and applying TODAY through my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Viddx Software Alternative

This level will help you learn how affiliate marketing exactly works, and it will allow you to start building your first FREE website and start adding quality content to it.

The premium membership is for taking your business to another level and you can upgrade anytime you want, or you can stick to the starter membership.

Click here to read my review and join from there for the Starter Membership and try the platform for FREE!

This is in case that you want to build a long-term presence and brand.

But if you want to do affiliate marketing the quick way with Viddx Software, then you can go ahead and grab it for the one-time discounted prices before they expire.


And if you have any question regarding this Viddx Review, leave it in the comments’ section below and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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  1. This software would solve some problems been faced by online marketers like for example making use of videos to promote ones offers.

    A lot of people don’t like making videos and would therefore jump at an opportunity like this. 

    The problem one might face with this type of software would be driving of traffic to view those videos. 

    I know you have laid out some methods in which this can be done but it is easier said than done. It is a good software and I think the pricing is pretty fair for such a software.



    • Thank you Jay for the comment!

      I agree, driving targeted traffic is not easy for beginners, although the software solves the content creating issue for them.

      It would work for someone who already has a list or has followings on a social media platform or on a forum.



  2. It’s a realistic review about Viddx software.

    After reading your review I am inspired to use Viddx for my affiliate marketing, the way it works by leveraging others’ videos to create your own campaigns and promote products is really a smart one.

    Now I am hopeful that my affiliate promotions will get some results quicker, at least for the short-run, using Viddx software. The pricing is good too.

    Thank you for writing the amazing Viddx.


  3. Hi, 

    Thank you so much for sharing with us such an important article.

    I see that Viddx Software is quick way for making some bucks, but as you explained, it is not as sustainable as having your own blog and get organic traffic from search engines.

    I will check your make money guide for that method.


    • Hello Farhan and thank you for your comment!

      I agree, it is a bit easy and quick way that at least will show the newbies that it is possible to make money with affiliate marketing, and then, they will think more sustainable and have their own website.

      All the best!


  4. I appreciate the review posted on Viddx.

    This is an easy way in making money online as it involves no posting of articles or videos by one’s self. This can be used by a some of us that are new in the online market affiliate.

    I am sure to recommend this for friends as well. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thank you Olalekan for the comment!

      Sure, although it is not as sustainable way as having your own platform that you can create content on.

      Best regards,



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