Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Review 2018 – With Free Training

Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Review - 2018


Trying to learn how to do CPA marketing from courses and wondering if UTM 3.0 from Naidy Phoon is the right training for you? Join me in this Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Review – 2018 in order to know more about Naidy and what he teaches.



Note: UTM has been sold out. To learn affiliate marketing, check my #1 recommended platform in this review!



But before we go into details, let me clarify that there are mainly two types of affiliate marketing based on the type of conversion and the commission, so that you know what is being taught this course:


First Type (What Naidy teaches in this program): CPA (stands for Cost Per Acquisition/Action) Affiliate Marketing:

In this type, you get paid from companies for getting people from their target audience to perform certain actions that either don’t cost money, or cost some money, but usually it’s a low amount of money that is done to sell people a low ticket item on the front end, but later on, the company will keep promoting other stuff for them for higher prices or for recurring fees.


Some of the actions that you get paid for are collecting emails, phone numbers, getting people to fill in forms or surveys, downloading a free game or software, getting people to buy low ticket items, …etc. as you see in the following screenshot from one of the CPA Networks:


CPA Offers Commissions - UTM 3.0 Review


This kind is considered easier by many marketers as it relies mainly on paid traffic and they can test and scale campaigns quickly when compared to the second type below.


However, remember that you still need a good amount of money in advance in order to pay for the VPS Hosting from a reliable provider such as Beyond Hosting, you need to use tracking tools which are usually expensive, unless they are provided by the hosting company like the one I mentioned now, and you need the budget to test many offers through paid campaigns until you find a profitable one.

Also, the commissions in this CPA marketing model are low in general, and mostly, they are one-time-commissions, not recurring commissions.


While in my preferred method below, you rely mainly on the FREE traffic from the search engines in order to get traffic to what you promote, which allows you to start with a much lower investment.



Second Type (My Favourite Way): Affiliate Marketing through Blogging:

In this method, you mainly create content on your websites that is SEO friendly and make it helpful to the readers who are looking for information about something to learn, a solution to a problem, a product to buy, a review for something they might consider buying (like the very article you are reading right now), and you explain in details what they need to know and let them know if it is worth the investment to buy the product or not.


This method is the best way to make money online as it doesn’t cost a big investment in advance, you can even start an affiliate marketing free website at Wealthy Affiliate. The only reason that some people prefer the first type above is that in this second type, you need sometime for the SEO to take effect and start getting you traffic. But on the long run, this method is much more stable and rewarding, and much more passive as you can take breaks from your business without significantly affecting the passive income generated with it.


If you are low on budget, or if you want to learn a method that generates a stable income on the long run, then I encourage you to go with this method, which doesn’t need prior technical experience. You need the right guidance and the right tools and the commitment as you will be building a real business that will make you money for years.

And you can find all these guides, training lessons and tools (including the website without learning any coding) at one place, which is my favorite place to learn how to make money online.


So, If you are serious about building a stable business for how to make money with affiliate marketing with free traffic, then read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to know how what you get from them for a much lower cost. And from there, you can join them for the free plan, which you can stick to it forever. You don’t have to upgrade to the premium plan, which is already much cheaper than the Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Course. Check the comparison table at the end of this review to know more!


So now, if you still want to learn the first type (CPA Marketing with paid traffic), then lets go back to our UTM 3.0 review:


Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Review – Rankings (Updated For 2018)


  • Name: Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0
  • Website: www.utmsystem.com
  • Founders: Naidy Phoon
  • Training or Components: 88 of 100
  • Support: 90 of 100
  • Resources Provided: 92 of 100
  • Success Stories – Testimonials: 90 of 100
  • Price: Free Training Course + $977 One Payment Upsell
  • Legit/Scam: Legit.


Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 90 of 100 (Check my recommended alternative here! 97 of 100)


What is (UTM) Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 About?


UTM 3.0 is a training course that is meant to teach you how to do CPA affiliate marketing with paid traffic.

The main paid traffic method that is taught in UTM 3.0 is PPV Ads, which is stands for Pay-Per-View Ads. This is basically the method where you get the offer you promote to be shown to people through Pop-Up windows and other similar options such as Pop-Under, Tab-Up, Tab-Under, …etc.


The name Pay-Per-View comes from the fact that you get charged buy the traffic network based on how many views you get on your ad.


This method is good to promote some offers in some niches and for some audiences, but it doesn’t work on all CPA offers, as many companies don’t approve that you promote their offers using the PPV traffic. This is one of the downfall of this UTM 3.0 training in my opinion.

However, the UTM 3.0 offers you a short FREE training before they offer you the paid course that costs $997. I recommend that you watch it as you will learn something new from Naidy, who seems to be good at what he is teaching.


Ultimate Traffic Monster Free Training & Discount



>>Click Here To Get The FREE Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Training Course!<<


Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Program Components


In addition to the free training series, there are two main components of the Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Program:


First Component Of The UTM 3.0: Learn To Fish: Build Your Very Own Campaigns With UTM’s Training & Coaching:

This part of the UTM 3.0 program includes four weeks of live group coaching sessions on the UTM 3.0 system, where you can learn all about the paid traffic for CPA campaigns, which is mainly the PPV traffic method, and you will learn about conversions as well.

So the main topics that are promised to be covered in this section are the following:

  • Learn how to select the right, high-converting offers that will get you the maximum number of conversions on your traffic/visitors and make you a good profit.
  • Learn how to guarantee a positive ROI (Return On Investment) with paid PPV traffic using what is called “The Magic Duo” concept.
    UTM 3.0 Training Components
  • Learn how to set up the PPV campaigns the right way in order to try to ensure that you would be profitable from day one. Also, you will learn the mistake that 99% of people in the CPA affiliate marketing field make that causes them losing lots of their money.
  • Learn about the not-so-well-known tool that you can use in order to get lots of laser-targeted audience to target in your campaigns and make profit from.
  • How to set up simple, but high converting landing pages without the need of any technical skills, with hacks to increase conversions.
  • Learn how to get the “low-hanging-fruit” keywords (the cheap yet high converting traffic) that give visitors for as low cost as $0.01.
  • Learn to set up conversion tracking properly in order to read the performance of your campaigns and targeted keywords and identify profitable keywords and websites, so that you can optimize your campaigns and make more profit. (without using complicated tracking software or programming).
  • Learn how to apply the 80/20 rule in order to create “golden campaigns” that consist of only of the most profitable keywords that you can leave them to run on autopilot for longer times without checking them continuously.
  • How to turn the “dead” keywords that are losing money and convert them into profitable ones with one very simple change.
  • How to legally hack into the way and techniques that larger websites or companies successfully use and get more traffic, sales and customers.
  • A step-by-step campaign creation guide for affiliate marketers, CPA marketers, and E-commerce sites.
  • Learn how to build a very long E-mail list “invisible Magic List” of 100,000 or more people in a single day in order to keep promoting to them later for much lower cost than the PPV cost!
  • Learn how you can scale up profitable campaigns to 4 figure days and maybe beyond!
  • Scaling further by leveraging UTM’s winning campaigns : Media buys in other networks and private deals.
  • Unlimited Q&A at the end of each session.
  • And much more to learn…


The above material is what you are supposed to learn during the four live coaching sessions, this is in addition to the following benefits:

  1. Getting ready campaigns that you can copy and paste in order to skip all the research and work (Including creating landing pages and researching high-converting, low competition targets (keywords), lead magnets and PLR material). All of this is expected to be ready for you to use for your own campaigns.
  2. Get a personalized assessment and a custom action plan based on a survey you fill up once you join and answer some questions.
  3. You get unlimited access (for coaching & consultation) to Naidy through email and Skype in order to ask questions, get guidance, personalized plans, …etc.
  4. Get campaign audits/tweaks in order to help you with personalized suggestions or changes, and, if necessary, get Naidy to tweak the campaigns for you.
  5. UTM expert panel – Bonus training sessions with some of the CPA Marketing industry leaders: (7 and 8 figure earners) who would share their secrets and business models with you.
  6. Access to the Members only forum where they can interact with each other and share success stories, interact and support each other.
  7. UTM monthly contests in order to give rewards for action takers: Top achievers could win prizes such as: Laptops, smartphones, watches, …etc.!
  8. Access to the previous editions of UTM (You are being now the third edition) a best-selling traffic generation series, and you can learn about Reddit and Bing to drive even more traffic that you might not reach with the PPV ads!
  9. A good number of broadcast emails that Naidy had made money with them and helped him to win many affiliate contests beating leading affiliates, so that you can use them for your own campaigns for a great effect.
  10. A FREE LIFETIME access to the UTM Funnel Builder, which is a drag and drop web based software that helps you overcome all technical troubles and high monthly domain and hosting fees that you would pay to the main landing page/funnel builder such as: Clickfunnels, Instapage, Leadpages, …etc.


Following is a screenshot for some of the affiliate contests that Naidy Phoon has won promoting other’s products, which means that he is really good at what he is doing!


Ultimate Traffic Monster Testimonials - Who Is Naidy Phoon


So now that we are done talking about the first component of the UTM 3.0 program, let’s go now about the details of Component 2, which promises the students an enterprise level training, tools and services for peanuts!


Second Component Of The UTM 3.0: Fish On a Silver Platter: Already Done For You Campaigns So That You Can Start Winning In The CPA Field Faster!

This part of the UTM 3.0 program offers the students what makes their life much easier by skipping most of the work, and getting one campaign ready for each student in order to help you get profitable faster.


In this part you get:

  1. A custom, already done-for-you campaign where almost everything is already researched, and you get, created from scratch, your landing page, autoresponder email sequence, keyword research, …etc. Everything according to the offer you want to promote! This is a huge value! This includes creating the campaign in your PPV network account.
  2. A risk-free lead generation offer (from an exclusive lead marketplace): This is to help you generate leads and sales even without creating any campaign with the PPV traffic, and without the need to optimize or take any risk! The cost per lead is promised to be low ($1.5/quality lead). You can use their existing campaigns in any niche in order to build your list rapidly, which you can monetize by promoting offers to your subscribers. Naidy promises that these are quality leads that are better from what you get from the Solo ads that you would buy on the known solo ads platforms, whom are being promoted to on daily basis and they don’t buy anything.


Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Pros & Cons:



  • Before you buy the paid UTM 3.0 program, you get a completely FREE short, but valuable training course on the CPA Affiliate Marketing.
  • Naidy seems to know very well what he teaches, which is clear from the free course itself.
  • The paid training will be of 4 live sessions with a promised, unlimited Q&A session at the end of each session, which is also great.
  • There is a good bonus of helpful training from leaders in the CPA marketing industry.
  • Useful data and ready to use campaigns that are available for you to use.
  • A private forum for the course students to interact and cooperate with each other.
  • A done for you campaign that is created from the scratch by the Ultimate Traffic Monster system team.
  • Lead generation is promised for low cost and high quality leads.
  • Free lifetime access to a funnel builder software.



  • The program doesn’t seem to include the basics of creating your own website, however, setting up a simple WoredPress website courses are available for free on YouTube.
  • The cost of the course is a bit high, but it also has bonuses and benefits compared to other courses as mentioned above.
  • The course is based mainly on PPV traffic, which is good for many niches, but some offers in many other niches don’t accept or don’t work well with this kind of traffic.
  • This point is about the CPA marketing in general and not about the UTM 3.0 course: This method works almost only on paid traffic and is not as sustainable as the Affiliate Marketing Through Blogging method I mentioned earlier.


Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Pricing & Discount


The Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Program consists of the following:

1 – A free, short but valuable training from Naidy Phoon that will give you lots of value even if you already what CPA marketing is.

2 – A paid training program for the cost of $997, one time payment that is going to get offered to you after the free training.


Remember that this is the cost of the training, you still need to pay by yourself for the VPS web hosting and for the paid traffic. While at wealthy affiliate, you get all the training, web hosting for upto 25 websites, advanced keyword research tool, live webinars, and many other benefits for only $359/year or $49/month. They even have a free plan. (check the table at the end of this review).

However, if you still want to do the CPA method, but you are not sure about joining the Ultimate Traffic Monster paid program, then at least get the free training which will teach you a lot.


Conclusion – Is Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 A Scam Or Legit?


  • Name: Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0
  • Website: www.utmsystem.com
  • Founders: Naidy Phoon
  • Price: Free Training Course + $977 One Payment Upsell
  • Legit/Scam: Legit.


Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 90 of 100 (Check my recommended alternative here! 97 of 100)


Definitely, the Ultimate Traffic Monster is NOT a scam. You can see that Naidy knows what he teaches in the free course. However, we couldn’t access to the paid course is it is not launched yet and the sessions we be live after you enroll in the training.


As mentioned earlier you can get the FREE course in order to know Naidy better and learn more about the CPA Marketing.


If you liked this Ultimate Traffic Monster 3 Review, then share it with others who might be interested in learning the CPA marketing, at least get them benefit from the free course.


And if you don’t want to do the CPA marketing method, and alternatively, you want to choose my preferred method for doing affiliate marketing with blogging, then check the following table that shows you what you get from wealthy affiliate that costs only $49/month, or better, $359/year including the training, hosting, keyword tool, weekly live webinars, and many other benefits. Also, they offer a free plan which includes the basic training and hosting for two free websites and a limited access to the advanced keyword tool.


And if you have any questions or you need any help, please let me know in the comment section below and I will get back to you ASAP 😉

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12 thoughts on “Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Review 2018 – With Free Training”

  1. Hi there,

    Great review!

    I have never heard of Ultimate Traffic Monster until I read your article and it’s great to know about it!

    I prefer the second type of affiliate marketing which is blogging because as you said, it is more useful for the reader and more stable. Anyway, $997 for a paid traffic course is quite expensive especially if you can not use it for every niche.

    I am a member of WA for over four years now, and they teach everything about paid traffic. Whether it is remarketing, PPC or any other marketing strategies, but I don’t know if you can find the PPV method there.

    Is there something in the Monster course that WA doesn’t have? I am curious about this:)

    Thank you for this excellent post!


    • Hello Daniella and thank you for your comment and question!

      In wealthy affiliate, you might not find lots of training on the PPV traffic method and the CPA marketing model. There might be some training from some of the members.

      While at the Ultimate Traffic Monster, that is the main core of the program that Naidy teaches.

      But right, the PPV method doesn’t work with all niches as it is with the blogging method. Each one has its pros and cons. It is up to everyone to choose which one to follow.



  2. A comprehensive review. I think from what you have said this product looks promising and would be able to impact positive knowledge to its members. The pricing though seems to be rather expensive and that might be a problem for those that are just starting online with a very limited budget.

    But it seems to be an amazing program and lots of people would  benefit from it.

    • True! Even the free training is great and I learned a lot from it.

      I agree that those with limited budget might not really benefit from the CPA marketing model. However, I encourage you to at least watch the free training as it provides a lot of value when it comes to choosing the right CPA offer, learning the numbers and targeting the right audience.

      Naidy Phoon seems really good at the CPA marketing and seems to have put together a good training program in the UTM 3.0 for those interested in learning this method.

      All the best!


  3. Hi Amjad and thank you for the post!

    I am actually a beginner at affiliate marketing, my approach is the SEO at the moment. But as you mentioned earlier there is CPA as well that I might want to try.

    One question I have; is PPC and CPA the same thing? There are so many terminologies. Which marketing method do you like best? I signed up for Max bounty but still do not know how to use it… gotta study harder.

    Thanks for the info!


    • Hello Nuttane and thank you for your question!

      CPA & PPC are different terminologies that belong to different aspects of internet marketing.

      CPA is an affiliate marketing model, which is something that describes on which basis the affiliate network (e.g. MaxBounty) pays the affiliate marketer once a certain action is accomplished such as: E-mail submit or software download. One of the other methods are CPS (cost per sale), which means that the affiliate network (e.g. ClickBank and Amzon) pays the affiliate marketer when a purchase happens.

      While PPC (Pay Per Click) is a traffic method that describes how the marketer pays the traffic source (Google, Bing, Facebook, …etc.) whenever someone clicks on the ad. An alternative to this is the PPV mentioned in my article above.

      In this Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Program, the traffic method being taught is the PPV and the affiliate commission model is CPA.

      I hope that makes it easier to understand.

      Please, don’t hesitate to ask me in case you need further clarification.


  4. Hello Amjad. Thanks for a great and informative article on making money through CPA and blogging. Although I am currently into affiliate marketing, I have not tried the CPA as a way of making money so I appreciate the differences and the costs of both that you have pointed out.

    For someone on a tight budget, I would think blogging is the way to go as long as you have the patience to build up your traffic. I know for myself, it has taken a lot of time.

    I am curious though about the Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Free Training Course + $977 One Payment Upsell. Is this really the final cost, or is it one of those programs where you always have to buy “one more product” to make money. If it is just the one time fee, then someone with a budget could very well benefit from this. Personally, I like what you outline with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hello Mary and thank you for your question!

      I have seen the funnel behind the UTM 3.0 and it looks that there is no more upsells after the +997 program that teaches enough skills in order to start making money. However, the money is still needed for the hosting of the website and for testing several offers until you find a winning one.

      Since you are already in the blogging world, then I recommend you stick to it. But also, I encourage anyone to attend at least the free training from Naidy in the Ultimate Traffic Monster 3 as there will always be something to learn, and Naidy will teach you a lot.

      All the best!


  5. Thanks for such a valuable review. I’m in the type 2 🙂 I created my website a few months ago and I keep adding content on a weekly basis with the hope that I can get some passive income. I agree with your description about Wealthy Affiliate ( I read your other article as well). As you mentioned, it will take time but it can become more stable.

    I will keep Ultimate Traffic monster 3.0 in the back of my mind in case I can’t seem to make it work. The details and videos included on your article are just on point. I appreciate your time and experience with the online business!

    • Hello Victor and thank you for your comment!

      I’m glad to know that you are in the second type. It is better for newbies with lower budget, but it requires more patience.

      The first method that is being taught in the Ultimate Traffic Monster program is also good, but it requires more budget and it works in some niches and not all.

      All the best!


  6. Hey Amjad! How are you doing?

    I really enjoyed reading this review of the Ultimate Traffic Monster 3, as you’ve provided us with lots of in depth information about the system.

    I’m actually an affiliate marketer myself and my niche is into fitness, but I do it through blogging. Do you think it is possible for me to use the PPV method that Naidy is teaching in his system?

    Looking forward for your answer. Thanks!


    • Hello Adam and thank you for your question!

      Answering your question; yes, this is one of the niches that you can promote with PPV traffic as you will learn in the UTM 3.0 program. 

      However, and since you are already blogging as an affiliate, then I encourage you to stick to this method as it is better on the long run and the PPV requires lots of testing until you find the right targeting data.

      But if you are already making good money through your blog and have the budget to scale further and reach people whom you might not reach through the search engines, then you might go ahead with the PPV method. But remember that you need to promote offers which their advertisers allow you to use this method. Usually, this is clear in the CPA networks in each offer’s page.

      I hope this helps!



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