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I will show you here what I found to be the best method for making passive income online after I tried many different methods, of  which I heard from the many “gurus” out there.

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AmjadFirst Of Al: Who Am I?  And What Brought Me To This World?

My Name Is Amjad, and I’m gradually ditching my original job as an Electrical Engineer and building my online business in order to bring more flexibility and more quality into my life.

What makes me leave such a good career path that has a strong demand all the time, and one that can be really rewarding?

It’s the same reason as you!

I don’t want to get stuck in the corporate world, I don’t want to drive back and forth suffering the traffic jam as everyone else does, I want more flexibility on when and where I work, and above all, I wanted to learn how to make money while sleeping!

How Did I Start My Online Making Money Journey?


Well, it wasn’t easy at ALL!


I had no mentor.


I was easily convinced to try one method after the other. I spent lots of time and thousands of dollars trying the method that “requires no investment and needs only few minutes a day!!!”


I ended up losing thousands of dollars on each method; CPA marketing, Dropshipping, Print On Demand, CryptoCurrency trading, …etc. 


I lost that money because I didn’t have the right mentor that would tell me that each one of these methods has it’s own learning curve and needs lots of upfront investment while you learn. and then, more money to operate the business until you get to start making some profit.


But it doesn’t stop there; you still need to invest lots of time monitoring the performance of your business and managing the different aspects in order not to lose money overnight due to some unexpected flaws in the market, changes in the paid ads performance, dying campaigns or products you are promoting, fulfilling the orders on your E-commerce store, ..etc.


And let’s not talk about the survey sites! You still have to work hours upon hours doing surveys that don’t get you enough money to pay the internet bill!!!! These are literally worse than the daily job!


After all of my efforts, and after wasting lots of my time and hard eared money, I almost gave up on making money online.


But then, I reminded myself of the reasons that made me get into this world in the first place. And I decided that either I give up and stay a slave of the corporate world, or I keep looking until I find the right way to make money online.

Give Up On Making Money Online

So, Did I Find The Right Method Of Making Passive Income Online?

Finally, and during the Winter of 2017, I came across a review of a great platform that provides all what was missing in my previous efforts trying one method after the other.

I knew that this platform is the right place to start a real online business as it had the following elements:

So, What Is This Platform, And What Money Making Method Does It Teach?

 This great platform is called Wealthy Affiliate, and it teaches you how to do Affiliate Marketing the right way!

But What Is Affiliate Marketing Exactly? And Why Is It The Best Way To Make Money Online?

In brief, Affiliate Marketing is getting paid for recommending useful products, offering solutions for problems or giving the right answers to question from others!


But how do people pay you for helping them with the above?!


You don’t get paid by people! You get paid by the companies who sell these products and solutions!


You might be asking yourself: Can I do this?!


You are actually doing it everyday without knowing that! And sadly, you are not getting paid for it because you don’t know that you are doing it!!!


Do you remember the last time you recommended a software or an online game to a friend? The time you recommended a kitchen tool? The time someone asked you about a nice shoes that you had and you told them where to get from? The time your recommended a book on your social media account for others to read? the time someone asked you about a training program to learn a new skill they need for there career, life or a hobby? …etc.


You probably remember at least one of these events, and you remember that you answered them in order to help them get what they wanted.


But do you know that, this way, you did a FREE marketing for the company who sold that product, or the author who wrote that book, or the institute who delivered that training program?!!


And you know what?


You did the best kind of marketing that gives these companies the best results! You recommended what they sell as a friend through the word of mouth. This kind of marketing is the best ever, and it is the one that is guaranteed to bring sales to these companies.


But did you get paid for that? No, you didn’t!!


Would you want to get paid for it? Absolutely!! You are doing this marketing anyway, then you don’t you get paid for it?!


And this is not your fault, because you didn’t know earlier that you can really get paid for doing that through what is called Affiliate Marketing.


But There Are Many Other Ways To Make Money Online, Why Is Affiliate Marketing The Best Way?

For many reasons, for example: 


But Isn’t Affiliate Marketing Crowded, Is there Still Any Place For Beginners?

No, it is not crowded. And YES, there’s a good space for everyone!

Of course, like every other industry, there are new people coming into affiliate marketing every day. But even with that, Affiliate Marketing is still a very promising field.

But how can it remain promising if the number of people who are doing it increases everyday?!


That’s true. The number of affiliate marketers increases everyday. But also, the number of people who have access to the internet increases everyday, the number of products being sold online increases everyday, the volume of the money spend on the E-commerce increases everyday, and the number of companies that start offering Affiliate Programs increases everyday.


As of the year 2018, the number of people the have access to the internet is around 3.75 Billion!! That’s around half of the population of earth! And it’s increasing everyday!


Number Of People With Access To The Internet
Imagine that you access to all of these Billions of people and you are not making a penny out of this opportunity!!


And what is more important, is that people are spending more money buying online, not just because the number of the people with access to the internet increases, but because they also have more trust everyday in paying online because of the security and easiness that is increasing everyday in the E-Commerce world.


Only a few days ago, I read an article about a survey that showed that half of the millennials in USA would give up sex instead of giving up Amazon if they had to choose between the two!!!


There are hundreds of millions of products that are being sold online and you get the chance to make money promoting most of these as an AFFILIATE!


The following chart from shows the size of retails E-commerce for the last couple of years. See how it increases exponentially?!


During the year 2018, more than 2,800 BILLION US Dollars are spent online!! And during the year 2021, it is estimated to be twice this number, which is more than 4,800 BILLION US Dollars. 


Retail E-Commerce Volume
Courtesy of
But That’s E-commerce, How Does Affiliate Marketing Fit Into That?
That’s right, that’s the volume of stuff that is sold online, but you don’t have a product to sell, then why are these numbers important to you?



Do you remember the time you wanted to buy a training course online, a blending machine, a new digital camera, or the time you were looking for a good web hosting for a new website?



You probably went to Google, and you typed in one of the following statements:



Best blending machine

Nikon d5500 review

Best books for financial education

What is the best web hosting service?

… etc.


And then what happened?


You probably came across an article that answers your question, you read that article, and from there, you probably clicked on an image or on a link that led you right to the product on Amazon or to the merchant’s website and you bought the product!


The article you read and from which you went to the product to purchase it was probably written by an Affiliate Marketer!! And when you clicked on that link on his website and went to the merchant’s website or to Amazon or Ebay and purchased the product, that action was tracked and the Affiliate Marketer got PAID by the merchant for bringing them a customer.


And for every thing that is being sold online, there’s a big opportunity for Affiliate Marketers (including YOU) to make money! 



So, How Does Affiliate Marketing Actually Work?
Affiliate Marketing works by you, the Affiliate Marketer, recommending stuff that is being sold by companies, vendors, merchants, …etc. to those who need this stuff through a unique link (called: Affiliate Link) that you get from the product owner.


Ultimate Make Money Online Guide

Once you get that link, you should find a way to distribute it in front of those of need of what that company sells.


This could be by writing an article on a blog that you own and leave your link inside it.


And then, you get people to visit your article, either through the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Or you can link to the article in the description of a YouTube video that you record, in an answer to a related question on a certain forum or on a Q&A platform such as Reddit and Quora, joining relevant discussions or answering questions on the different social media platforms, …etc.



Your duty is to give a useful answer to what is being asked, and offer a solution to the problem, a tool to be used, or a product that is useful to the people in that field and guide them to that product through your own Affiliate Link mentioned above.


And when someone clicks on your link and buys the product, you get a commission from the party who sells that product!! Isn’t that great?!


But How Do I Get That Affiliate Link?


Well, this is done through what is called “Affiliate Program” that these companies offer.


Did you know that Amazon has an affiliate program that allows you to promote ANYTHING that is sold on their platform and get paid for getting people to buy it?


So, next time you recommend something on Amazon for your friend to buy, remember that you could’ve been paid by Amazon for doing so!!


So, stop leaving money on the table and start claiming what is your right by building your Affiliate Marketing Business NOW & Here!

But I Don’t Have Any Experience Or Any Technical Skills!!


And you will never need to!


Affiliate Marketing doesn’t require web development skills. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can literally build a website from the scratch in only 30 SECONDS!!


That’s right, 30 SECONDS and NOT minutes.


If you don’t believe me, go and create your free account through the above button or by clicking here, and during the free training, you will be able to create a free website by yourself.


You will be amazed about how they made it easy for you. You don’t need to think about any web development stuff, any hosting issues, any security threats, …etc.


It is all being handled by the Wealthy Affiliate team in order to get you only focus on creating your business and making money by helping people find solutions and answers to their problems and questions.


Then What Exactly Do I Need In Order To Start & Succeed With My Affiliate Marketing Business?


That is the right question!


The stuff you need fall into two main categories:


First Category: The stuff that Wealthy Affiliate provides for you:


Seond Category: The stuff you need to provide by yourself:


So, Let’s Have A Closer Look A What Wealthy Affiliate Provides:

In a brief, Wealthy Affiliate is an All-In-One platform that is designed to help affiliate marketers learn, create and manage their online business with the least possible effort and at the lowest possible cost!


The training and tools provided at Wealthy Affiliate are crafted in a way that will help you build and grow your business as you learn.


Here are the main benefits that you get NOW by joining Wealthy Affiliate:


So now let’s talk in a bit detail about some of the above mentioned features:

The Step-By-Step Hands-On Training


As you will see when you join Wealthy Affiliate, there are lots of resources available for you to learn from.


But in order to start the right way since the beginning, you are provided with the main training program that is called “Online Entrepreneur Certification“.


This training consists of five levels, ten lessons each that will guide you through your journey from the beginning by understanding what affiliate marketing is and how it really works, showing you the HUGE potential in this field, helping you research and pick up the niche that you want to write about, building your first website, finding products to promote, create content that makes you money, and the different skills that you would need in order to grow and scale your business.

Training On How To Make Money Online


As a premium member, you get access to all the five levels. But as a free member, you get the access to the first level only, which is still more than enough for you to understand how affiliate marketing works and how you can make money with.


And this first level will also help you in finding the niche that you want to work on and will get you build your first website and start writing content, as you see in the following screenshot for the first 10 lessons.


Free Training On Making Money Online


However, if you want a more advanced training and a more powerful tools that would help you grow your business faster and stronger, then you can upgrade to the premium membership ANYTIME you want. But for now, go ahead and get the free membership and finish the first 10 lessons of the first level and see how big the potential in this field is.



And what is also amazing about this training, is that for each lesson you attend, there are specific tasks associated with it for you to take action and build your business while you are learning!



This is the same for each single lesson of all the lessons in the five different levels of this training, as you can see in the following screenshot.

Tasks Associated With The Training

The Easiest And Fastest Website Builder!


As you will see when you watch the training at Wealthy Affiliate, this website builder will get you really start your first website in 30 seconds! And again, seconds and not minutes!


Even with the free membership you have, you can build two free websites on free domain names that you choose.


In order to do so, after you click the “Websites” button on the left menu, select the “Site Builder” option


Training On How To Make Money Online

And then follow the coming steps:


Step 1 – Select “On A Free Domain” Option.

Step 2 – Choose a domain name for your website.

Step 3 – Enter a title for your website. 

Step 4 – Choose the theme for your website.

Step 5 – Click on the “Click Here To Build This Website” button.


Build Free Money Making Websites
Finish The Website


Aaaaand… Your website is ready, Congratulations!



See, you don’t need any previous skills in order to build or manage your own website.


All the boring technical stuff is handled for you so that you can focus on doing what you have to do by creating content that helps people and MAKES YOU MONEY!


Want to try it yourself? Enter the domain name of the website you want to build in the following box and click the blue “Build it Now” button.

Highly Secured And Fast Web Hosting And Domain Registration


Normally, in order to build a website, you would need to have the paid domain name registered at one platform and then you would to to pay for a web hosting at another platform and you need to connect both together.


But At Wealthy Affiliate, you can register your domain through the platform itself along with the Web Hosting, which is already included at Wealthy Affiliate for NO Extra Cost.


This will make it easier for you as you don’t need to integrate two platforms together in order to connect the domain name with the web hosting servers. It is all done automatically.



However, even if your domain name is registered at a different platform, you still can connect it to the web hosting service at Wealthy Affiliate at no extra cost.


Also, your domains that are registered through Wealthy Affiliate come with the Security SSL Certificate and Private Registration for NO Extra Cost, which is usually a paid service elsewhere!



In addition to that, the Wealthy Affiliate hosting services are well optimized for WordPress and you can trust that your websites will get a daily backup and will be highly secured and get the fastest possible loading speed.


And even if you start with a free domain name and you start building up your website and then you decide to move it into a custom domain, you can do that easily at Wealthy Affiliate.

Site Speed And Security For Making Money

The Most Advanced Keyword Research Tool For SEO; Jaaxy!


Now in order to get the content you create on your website ranked on Google and other search engines, you need to optimize it for certain keywords or search queries that people use to search for something on the search engines.


And in order to do so, every piece of content; a blog post or an article, should be targeting one main keyword that people use frequently.


And in order to get the maximum potential of each keyword you target, you must make sure that this keyword satisfies at least the two following criteria:

1 – The keyword must have a good volume of searches per month.

2 – The keyword must have a low competition, (i.e. not many other websites are targeting the same keyword, other websites don’t have a high authority, …etc).


Now how can you find this keyword that follows this criteria?


There are many tools out there that provide you with these information. Some of these tools are free and some are paid, especially the advanced ones.


But at Wealthy Affiliate, you enjoy using Jaaxy, the most advanced keyword research tools for SEO for NO EXTRA COST.



In addition to the ability to use Jaaxy to find good keywords to target, this tool also helps you study the competition on these keywords, helps you come up with other relevant keywords that you can target as well in other articles, allows you to keep lists of the keywords you find, and many other benefits.



With the premium membership, you can use this tool as much as you want. But also, the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate allows gives you an access to the tool that is enough to get you started.


Following is an example of how this tool gives you data about a certain keyword I want to target in an article.


The Comprehensive Content Planning And Editing Platform; SiteContent

Now in order to efficiently organise the content you write, and to help you plan in advance about how much content you want to create every month and then track your progress, Wealthy Affiliate provided you with the ultimate content writing platform that will help you create more quality content faster.



This platform allows you set goals for each period of time and track them, create and store templates that you can use them for a certain type of content, add images to your content with an access to +1,000,000 of royalty free images, check your content for grammar mistakes and it keeps the content you created in the past available for you in case you want to re-purpose it and reuse it.


Writing Web Content That Makes Money

Other Ways To Learn!


In addition to the main step-by-step training mentioned earlier, at Wealthy Affiliate there are lots of training resources that you can learn from, including the following:


1 – Weekly live webinars presented by Jay, the training chief at WA.


These webinars cover different topics that range from the beginners’ level to the advanced in different areas of online marketing that will help you improve upon your business and help you find more ways to make money online!

As a premium member, you don’t only get the access to watch the live webinars, but also you get access to hundreds of the previous webinars that are also recorded and uploaded to the platform so that you can watch them as many times as you would like.


Live Webinars For Making Money Online


2 – Different Classrooms For Different Topics.


These are 13 classrooms dedicated to cover deeper aspects of certain areas of the internet marketing such as: SEO and Local SEO, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing and many other topics that you help you grow you business even further and make more money.


As a premium member, you get an unlimited access to all of these classrooms!


But also as a free member, you also get an access to two of these classrooms.

Different Class Rooms To Learn Online

Best Possible Support!

In addition to the strong 24/7 technical support provided by the Wealthy Affiliate team in order to keep you websites safe, secure and fast, you also get the support of the platform’s founders, community and the direct support from ME on any questions you have!


As a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, you can direct message any of the Founders of the platform and anyone of the other premium members! Just go to the profile member and click on the “Private Message” button and start writing your message.

Direct Messaging For Support


Alternatively, you can also ask a public question and all those following you will get notified and will help you with what you are looking for.



And in addition to all of that, you have the live chat with the community that you can use to interact with others at anytime and you can get immediate answers from anyone in the chat.



This kind of support is what makes Wealthy Affiliate literally the best place to learn how to make money online and keep taking action by applying what you learn.


The Membership Options

 Now That We Saw The Benefits From Joining Wealthy Affiliate, What Is The Price?


At Wealthy Affiliate, there are two membership options for you to choose from, and you can stick to anyone as long as you want, or you can cancel your membership anytime you want.


The options are the Starter (Free) Membership, and the Premium Membership (that is ridiculously under-priced anyway!).



I will go here into a bit of details of the benefits and pricing of each:



First Option: The Free Starter Membership (Click Here To Join!):

With this option, following are the main benefits that you get:



All this is given to you for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate!


This plan is enough for you to test the platform and to know whether affiliate marketing is the method you want to make money with or not.


The benefits mentioned above are enough for you to understand how affiliate marketing works well and to start your own business at NO COST!


Second Option: The Premium Membership (Sign Up Here!):


 Now this is not mandatory and you can stay in the free membership forever!

However, if you want to enjoy more advanced and useful features and tools and a more comprehensive training at a ridiculously low cost in order to increase your efficiency and scale up your business, then this is for you!


Following are the main benefits that you get from going into the Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate:



And maybe some other benefits that I forgot to mentioned here! You will be amazed when you join this platform.


And in any case, many new features are being added continuously to the platform that you can enjoy without paying Extra Money.


This is one of things I like about Wealthy Affiliate. Unlike some other training providers, WA doesn’t try to keep offering you upsells and doesn’t try to make you pay more than the price you join at in the first place.


While some others, they keep offering upsells or recommend external overpriced tools for you to use just to increase their revenue from YOUR money instead of helping you to make money for yourself!! 


And even better, the prices at Wealthy Affiliate haven’t changed in 13 years! Although they keep adding more features and they continuously improve on the platform.



In any case, even if you are not sure about your need to the Premium Membership, remember that if you join the FREE Starter Membership Plan, you get an access to the premium features for the first 7 days in order to test them.



And after that, if you don’t want to upgrade, you can still enjoy the Starter benefits mentioned earlier. And if you decide to upgrade during the next months or the next year or whenever you wish, you will be able to do so!



That being said, go now and create you FREE account and test the platform and learn as you want!

So, Who Is This Premium Membership For?


The premium membership is for those who are really serious about building a long term online business the RIGHT WAY.


If you are dedicated and you want to build a sustainable business that keeps paying you on the long run, then you have to put the efforts and time in advance in order to get paid later. This is true about any real business, whether it was an online or an offline one.


The difference is as I mentioned at the beginning, with an online business you have more flexibility in time and location, and you need a much lower initial investment and running costs.


In any case, if you are still not sure if this model suits you, then you lose nothing by starting your free account and going through the first level of training (10 Lessons) and test the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. I’m sure you will like it!


But if you are looking for the magical solution, that “Push This Button And Make Money Now” solution, then sorry, this is not for you!


You can go out and keep looking for this solution where the so called “gurus” sell you a “SYSTEM” after another for thousands of bucks and then they start recommending their “guru” friends’ systems and magical tools to buy at high prices.


So, if you are ready to start your journey the right way, with the right guidance, advanced tools, and a very low cost, then Click Here and start learning and building your REAL BUSINESS now!

What Is The Cost Of This Premium Membership?

In order to enjoy the premium features, you have two options:


Option 1 – You pay the monthly membership fees of $49 dollars. However, if you join for free now through one of the buttons on this page, and you then upgrade to the premium membership within the first 7 days, you can save 59% and only pay only $19 for the first month.


Option 2 – If you want to save 40% on the whole year membership fees, then you can pay the annual membership fees at once for only $359 and enjoy the premium benefits for a complete year. That would be $29.99/month! Insane, right!!!


In any case, you can start with the monthly subscription and then you have the choice to upgrade to a complete year anytime you want!


If you think that these fees are high, then I challenge you to find any other place with all these benefits and support for such a low cost!


Others are selling courses for $997 and more and they are not even providing any services! That is the cost of only their training!!

You still have to pay for the web hosting, keyword tool, technical support, …etc.


The external advanced keyword tool alone will cost you more than the monthly subscription at Wealthy Affiliate, LOL!


While at Wealthy Affiliate, you pay this ridiculously low cost to get both, the complete step-by-step training and the advanced tools all integrated in one place with full technical support and efficiency at NO EXTRA COST!

This is in addition to the other benefits I mentioned earlier such as: the weekly live webinars, access to the owners, private messaging with all premium members, live chat, …etc. 


Anyway, you can start now for FREE and you can decide later whether to upgrade or not.

Click on the following button and create your free account and you will get a direct message from me giving you details on the discount options you have.


Next Steps

If you want to really take action and stop wasting your time and build a real business, then go ahead with the following steps:  


I know how it feels to start a business alone without a guidance, this is why, I’m offering to be your personal coach in order to guide you, help you and hold you accountable and on track.

How to get me as your personal coach?

Do the above mentioned steps and you will get a direct message from me inside Wealthy Affiliate. And when you decide to go for the premium membership, you will have ME as your personal coach, in addition to the access to the owners and to the community!

I will follow-up with you on 1-to-1 level and will give you help and feedback shall you need any!


And as I mentioned, you can ask me questions on your profile or in private messages.

Once you join the free membership, you will get a direct message from me. Reply to that message and let’s get you start building your business today!


Let’s Make Money Online!


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