Tube Profit Sniper Review – A Scam Or Really $500 A Day From Day 1?

Tube Profit Sniper Review

Can you really make over $500 per day right from day one of using this new “system”?! Or is Tube Profit Sniper system just another scam? Join me in this detailed Tube Profit Sniper Review in order to know if it is a legit program to join or just a waste of time and money.


I have reviewed lots of these “make hundreds of dollars today” and “done-for-you” or “fully automated” secret systems and programs that promise you to be able to generate this amount of money right from day one of using them, sometimes working few hours and sometimes working few minutes, and sometimes, doing nothing.


And I know how tempting it feels to want to believe them and “give it a try”, especially when you are struggling to fight your way to the “Make Money Online” thing.


I have been in your shoes.


But, unfortunately, these claims and promises are often times exaggerated and sometimes, they are completely unrealistic and, as I will show you below, the video on the sales page of Tube Profit Sniper Program is more than enough for you to realize that these guys are like many others, they are after making money from selling you their “system” through selling you on the dream of making money so easily and so fast, and not after really helping you make money.


And don’t worry!


Yes, you can make money online, and maybe more than they promise you.

You can do it through affiliate marketing utilizing YouTube and other methods.


But just NOT by following them and buy their program and expecting to make hundreds of dollars overnight.

Start with the right mindset!


Which is why I will show you below why I DON’T recommend you to buy this program, and instead, I will help you learn what is the right way to make money online affiliate marketing through a 100% genuine and legit platform that many people have seen success with, and the one that I personally went to when I was struggling.


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Tube Profit Sniper Alternative


Tube Profit Sniper Review Summary

  • Name: Tube Profit Sniper
  • Website:
  • Founders: Mr. Unknown!
  • Price: $37 + Upsells
  • Recommended? Not By ME! (Keep Reading To Know Why!)


Overall Rating: 35 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended alternative 97 of 100)


What Is Tube Profit Sniper?

Tube Profit Sniper is a training program that is supposed to teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing through utilizing the YouTube videos. What Is Tube Profit Sniper


And if you still don’t understand what affiliate marketing is, then in short: it is a performance-based marketing method where you promote other people/companies’ products and get paid commissions on every sale you bring, the more sales you bring in, the more money you get paid.


Which is why it is my favorite method of making money online, and the one that I recommend for beginners.

But …


It is not as how the video of Tube Profit Snipe explains it. Is Tube Profit Sniper Legit



Sorry my friend, but you don’t make money this fast, neither with affiliate marketing, nor with any kind of business model, whether online or offline.

If this was possible, then everybody would start using this method, and finally, it will stop working.How To Make Money With Tube Profit Sniper


I have already reviewed many of other programs that try to convince you of this in order to make you join their programs, such as:


And most of them, if not all, claim that you can make thousands of dollars a day or a week with affiliate marketing right the first week or even from the first day.


Even though Affiliate Marketing is my favorite way of making money online and the most newbie-friendly method, and although you can make lots of money with it, but not from day one!


Every method of making money online has a learning curve, and affiliate marketing is no different.


But what I like about it is that it is one of the easiest to learn and apply, needs the lowest initial investment to start, and the one with the lowest level of associated risk, if you start it with the right guidance such as the place I will recommend to you in the last section.


I will show you evidences with the screenshots below that the results you heard about in the video are lies!


Tube Profit Sniper Components

1. The Core Training

This is a 9 video lessons course that teaches you how rank videos on YouTube so that they appear in the search results when people are looking for certain information.


There’s no real training on how to properly research the market and niche, find products, make product reviews, …etc. which are all important steps for doing affiliate marketing.


2. Extra Money Making Methods:

13 Best Apps to make money taking surveys. LOL.


3. Extra Make Money Method:

Test websites to make money. LOL. Again!


I’m laughing because the claim that they will tech you how to make $500 a day right from day one, and then, they offer you an extra method for making money by taking surveys that don’t pay you cents!!!!

And before I forget, inside the members’ area, you will see buttons for “Our Highest Recommendation”, or “Super-Charge You Income With This Program”, and if you click on them, you will be directed to other programs and “systems” to buy, and mostly High-Ticket programs that if you buy, the owner of Tube Profit Sniper will get a commission!!


How Does Tube Profit Sniper Exactly Work?

  1. Tube Profit Sniper works, after joining them and get blasted with the upsells and other “recommended” programs, by watching the video training lessons (9 Lessons). How does Tube Profit Sniper Work
  2. Create a YouTube channel, create your videos.
  3. Upload them in a way that they appear to others who are looking for information or for products to buy.
  4. Recommend the products to them through your affiliate link.
  5. Make money if someone purchases through your link.


Above is a brief of how to do affiliate marketing with YouTube.


While steps said in the video are just used to make you believe that it is that simple and purchase the program.


But as I mentioned earlier, there are other steps to do in order to be able to create videos that CONVERT the audience into buyers so that you can make money with affiliate, which is our ultimate goal.


And unlike my recommended platform, they don’t really teach you that at Tube Profit Sniper.


And anyway, using YouTube alone in order to make money with affiliate marketing is not the best method to follow.


Don’t rely completely on a platform that you don’t own!


You own the channel (not the platform) that can be shut down anytime because of some copy rights mistake you do.


So, How Does This Method Really Work?

Again, affiliate marketing is a great way, and in my opinion, the best way to make money online, but no method or system can make you $500 right from day one.


You need to put the time and effort into creating something (content) of value that helps people, and then, recommend product that are relevant and helpful for people.


And if they like your recommendations, they click on your affiliate link and might purchase the products, and you make money.


To simplify the process further, I will break it down into 4 main steps:

  1. Research the market and pick a niche for your affiliate marketing business. (a group of people with a common interest, job, hobby, problem, …etc.).
  2. Find what issues or problems people in that niche suffer from, or what products could improve their lives.
  3. Start a blog and/or a YouTube channel and create quality content the is helpful to your audience and recommend the useful solutions and products that you found, and share your affiliate link (unique link takes people to the products).
  4. Publish your content the right way, and when people in your niche find it and like your recommendations, they might buy what you recommend through your link, and you receive a commission from the seller.

Affiliate Marketing With YouTube Properly

That’s how affiliate marketing works in brief.


If you want to learn affiliate marketing the right way, then you need to follow a legit program that is proven to teach you how to do it the right way, and the one that many REAL people have made success with (unlike the actors who gave fake testimonials in the Tube Profit Sniper video!), and one that has REAL founders, such as Wealthy Affiliate.


Yes, you don’t need a previous experience to start with this method, but you need to put the time and be consistent in order to learn and apply what you learn before you make any money.


And not making $500+ right from day one! Sorry!


And again, Affiliate Marketing is my preferred way for making money online, and that’s why I encourage you to do it.


But I want you to start with the right mindset from the beginning, so that you expect what is coming and work consistently until you succeed.


While if I let you believe what these guys promise you of hyped up results and fake testimonials, you will end up with a big disappointment right from day one when you discover that they have been lying to you!


Also, at Wealthy Affiliate, you get not only with the best training for affiliate marketing, but also with all the best main tools for affiliate marketers that you will need for NO EXTRA COST!

Even better, they have a FREE plan to try it before you risk any money! NO Credit Card required!


Tube Profit Sniper Price, Discount & Up-sells

The original price of Tube Profit Sniper membership is $37, but if you try to leave the sales page a pop-up will appear offering you to join Tube Profit Sniper for the discounted price of $17.

Tube Profit Sniper Price & Discount

>>Click Here To Get Tube Profit Sniper Discounted<<


And as I mentioned earlier, they will offer you upsells and other programs to “charge” your income. LOL.


What I Like About Tube Profit Sniper

  • That the main idea is Affiliate Marketing. But of course, not as they explain it.
  • There is a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee (I’m pretty sure you will need it!).


What I Don’t Like About Tube Profit Sniper

Not sure where to start from, but let’s go with the video on their sales page:


1. Fake Testimonials By PAID Actors!

This guy for example is a paid actor that you can hire through in order to record videos for you saying what you tell him to say. (the screenshot below is from his profile there).

Tube Profit Sniper Testimonials

And the same applies to the other guys.

If this system was bringing such claimed results, then why don’t they bring real testimonials from people who succeed with it?!


I think this is an enough reason NOT to trust these guys.


2. Fake “His Friend”

He shares photos for his friend partying or driving a red Ferrari, but you can find these images on many other sites if you make a simple Google Reverse Image search because these are stock images that many are using them on their websites for their own purposes.

Is Tube Profit Sniper A Scam


3. Who Is The Founder Of Tube Profit Sniper?

You don’t know.

And no one knows!

And they want YOU to trust them with your money?!


4. It Doesn’t Make Sense At All!

As I explained above, they tell you that you can make $500 a day right from day one, and I can tell you that it is not possible.

There’s a learning curve and consistent work that you need to do before you get to those $500 days.


5. $37 For What?

For the information that you can find better on YouTube for FREE?!


6. Other Extra Methods?!!! I Thought That …

As I mentioned earlier, if they were going to teach you how to make $500 a day with this method, then why do they recommend to you other methods such as taking surveys?!


7. What If YouTube Shuts Down Your Channel?

That might happen for a small mistake such as the copy right stuff.

Then you have to start all over again?!


Don’t rely fully on a platform that you don’t own!


Conclusion – Is Tube Profit Sniper A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Tube Profit Sniper
  • Website:
  • Founders: Mr. Unknown!
  • Price: $37 + Upsells
  • Recommended? Not By ME! (For the reasons mentioned above)


Overall Rating: 35 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended alternative 97 of 100)


It depends on how you define a scam. If you actually get a training in return of the money, even though basic and not enough to make money with, then we can’t consider it a scam.


But …


Because of the completely unrealistic claims of making so much money with so little effort right from day one, fake testimonials, non-existing founder, hidden upsells and the fact that you can find better alternatives, then I can’t recommend this program.


If the program talks about anything, then it’s about affiliate marketing, which is again, my favorite way of making money online.


But unfortunately, these people and others like them are giving affiliate marketing a bad reputation when they give such promises and then they fail in delivering what they promised.


Which takes us to the next question …


Is There A 100% LEGIT Alternative To Tube Profit Sniper?



As I mentioned earlier, what is claimed by Tube Profit Sniper that you make $500+ a day right from day one through YouTube and Affiliate Marketing is completely unrealistic and doesn’t make sense at ALL.


Making money online, like it is offline, requires real work and consistent effort over a certain period of time before you make any money, and that includes affiliate marketing and all other methods.


But affiliate marketing is the best ways of making money online and is a really newbie-friendly one. But again, it requires to learn and consistently apply what you learn before you make any money.


And this is why I recommend that you learn it from the best in this industry. And my recommended alternative to Tube Profit Sniper is a platform that is called Wealthy Affiliate.


This platform provides you with all what you need in order to learn & apply affiliate marketing.

And there, you will get access to all the necessary training, tools and support at one place without paying EXTRA cost.


In addition to that, you can get direct coaching by ME.

Even better, you can try it for FREE before you pay any money! No Credit Card Required! Risk FREE!


The following screenshot shows you the first level of the training, which is included in the FREE Membership plan.

Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

This training alone will help you understand you how affiliate marketing exactly works, and will allow you to create your first free website in 30 SECONDS!(ZERO Technical Knowledge or Coding required).


Here, you will learn how to build a real, sustainable and EVERGREEN online business through building your brand and authority through having your own website where you can publish the content you create.


And of course, you can add to that utilizing YouTube videos in order to maximize your profits, but you need your website as it is what shows that you are a BRAND and makes people trust your recommendations and buy through your links!


While if you rely on YouTube alone, you risk losing everything for a simple mistake of copy rights infringement or other stuff, which might cause shutting down your YouTube channel completely!

And don’t worry, building a website is easier that it has ever been, you don’t need any prior experience or coding!


Actually, at my alternative you can create a website in just 30 SECONDS! NO Joke!


This is the place where I learned affiliate marketing and this is why I recommend it for YOU to join.


So, if you really want to learn and apply this great method of making money and you want to build a real business and stop wasting your time & money on the magical systems that over promise and under deliver, then you can join this platform even for the FREE membership through my Wealthy Affiliate Review.


And if you are completely new to the concept of Affiliate Marketing, and want to know why it is the best method for making passive income, then you can head to my ultimate make money online guide through the following button, which will lead you to Wealthy Affiliate also:

Ultimate Make Money Online Guide


Go and take action now and stop wasting YOUR Time & Money looking for that magical methods and solutions. These don’t exist!


And if you have any question about this Tube Profit Sniper Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you ASAP 🙂

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