Tripadvisor Affiliate Program Review

Honest Tripadvisor Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate Marketing is a good way for making money with without owning property or providing services, but is it worth it?

In this honest and unbiased Tripadvisor affiliate program review, you will learn about the good and the bad in this program, and you will know whether this is a good booking website to affiliate with, or is there a better alternative.

Note: Affiliate programs won’t make you money without the necessary skills and tools no matter how good they are. I wasn’t getting real results despite joining the highest paying affiliate programs, until I joined this platform that helped me do it the right way with their training and tools.


Tripadvisor Affiliate Program Review Summary

  • Name: Tripadvisor Affiliate Program
  • Website:
  • Founders:
  • Price: Free to join, but you need a training and tools to make money with it. (More in the last section of this review)
  • Worth it? Yes, but you need to read the last section.

Overall Rating: 90 of 100

Summary: Tripadvisor offers a good affiliate program with a wide range of products and services to promote, good affiliate tools to increase conversions, and a generous commission.

The main downfall is that their affiliate program is not self hosted, but it is managed through affiliate networks, which might make it difficult for some affiliates to join.


What Is The Tripadvisor Affiliate Program?

Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

The Tripadvisor affiliate program is a program that allows affiliate marketers to make money with without owning properties or providing services, but rather, by promoting what is already listed on Tripadvisor in exchange of a commission on every reservation that happens through their promotions.

And this is what is called affiliate marketing, and it is the same business model of itself, as they make money as commissions that they get from the hotels, airlines and car rental companies for the customers they bring to these companies.

And the affiliate commission that you get from Tripadvisor is about 50% of what gets from the booking service provider.

This means that you work as a sub-affiliate under the main affiliate,


Features of The Affiliate Program

Products & Services to Promote

As a affiliate, you are allowed to promote a wide range of products and services that are listed on their website and app.

These include:

  • Hotels
  • Vacation rentals (villas, tree houses, beach houses, …etc.)
  • Experiences
  • Tours
  • Vacation packages
  • Flights
  • Rental cars
  • Cruises
  • And more.

Offers to Promote As Tripadvisor Affiliate

This is a nice thing about Tripadvisor because more services mean more opportunities for you to make money as a Tripadvisor’s affiliate.

Tripadvisor Affiliate Commission Rate

Tripadvisor pays its affiliates a commission that starts from 50% of what they get from each booking that happens through their website or app, which is quite generous compared to other programs like affiliate program.

You might get a higher percentage based on your performance and the offers you promote.

Tripadvisor Affiliate Cookie Duration

The cookie duration of the Tripadvisor affiliate program is fourteen days, which means that if your referral clicks on your affiliate links and goes to and leaves it without booking anything, and they comeback anytime during the next two weeks, you still get the commission.

This is great as some other travel and booking affiliate programs have a much shorter cookie duration.

But in general, outside the travel and booking industry, some affiliate programs offer a 30-day or even a 60-day cookie duration, and some even offer longer cookie duration.

Languages Available is an international website and they allow users to browse the website in many languages, based on their preferences.

This is great as this will make it easier for non-native English speakers to search and make a booking through Tripadvisor.

Cost to Join The Affiliate Program

Tripadvisor’s affiliate program is free to join, however, in order to make money with, or with any other affiliate program, you need to have skills and to use tools in order to grow an audience that would take your promotions.

And this requires you to create a simple affiliate site, which is easy to do these days thanks to the tools and training available, which I will tell you about in the last section of this review of the affiliate program.

Tripadvisor Affiliate Payment Threshold & Hold Period

It is unclear how much the minimum payout is, or for how long the commission will remain on-hold before released to you.

Tripadvisor Affiliate Payout Methods

Since the Tripadvisor affiliate program is hosted through affiliate networks, then the payment method available depends on those networks.

Mainly, for Awin and CJ, the payment methods available are international wire transfer, direct deposit, and check.


Make Money As a Tripadvisor Affiliate in 3 Steps

1 – Create a Relevant Online Business to Grow an Audience

If you want to make money with Tripadvisor’s affiliate program, you need to have an audience to which you would promote the services listed on

And although there are many ways of doing so, such as: growing a Facebook group or page, a YouTube channel, an IG account, …etc., but the best and the most sustainable way by far, is through starting on a domain name that you own, and make it related to a certain topic or niche where you can promote travel and vacation offers.

If you don’t know how to create a simple blog, then don’t worry! In the last section of this review I will tell you about the place that helped me start many affiliate blogs without technical knowledge or experience.

And to grow an audience, you will need to add helpful content to your blog on regular basis.

Let’s say that you make your website about places to go and things to do in Texas.

You would create articles that help people, either residents or visitors of Texas, find what they are looking for such as:

  • Best hotels with indoor pools in Texas.
  • Best hotels on the beach in Texas.
  • Best car rental companies in Texas.
  • Vegan restaurants in Texas.
  • Cheap flights to Texas.

And so on.

Promote Tripadvisor As an Affiliate

And for each one of these queries, you would create an article listing the best 5-10 options available in Texas.

2 – Join The Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

In order to use the affiliate tools to promote Tripadvisor to your audience, you need to join their affiliate program first.

As I mentioned earlier in this review, Tripadvisor’s affiliate program is listed on two affiliate networks, Awin and CJ.

Join Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

After you apply through any of the two networks, Tripadvisor will review your site and see if it fits their criteria before approving your request.

3 – Use The Tripadvisor Affiliate Tools to Drive Your Audience to Tripadvisor & Make a Booking

Tripadvisor offers many affiliate tools for you to use, such as:

  1. Affiliate links: These are unique links that take people to any page or offer that is listed on the Tripadvisor website, which allows them to track the people that come from your site and credit you for the reservations you bring to them.
  2. Banners: These are images that you can embed on your site, which will take people who click on them to to make a booking, and they will be able to track them to you.
  3. Buttons: These are buttons that you can generate for specific services or offers, with a text on the button that tells your audience to click it in order to go to and book something.
  4. Search Widget (Screenshot below): This is similar to the search box that people use on the Tripadvisor website itself in order to search for something, but Tripadvisor allows you to embed this search box to appear on your site in order to make it easier for people to search for what they need and then go to to find more details or make a reservation.

Tripadvisor Affiliate Tools

Now with these tools, you can create list-based articles as explained in the first step above, and link to each offer through an affiliate link or a button that would take your site’s visitors to Tripadvisor to book it.

Or you may place banners that take people to the home page of the Tripadvisor website through your affiliate link.

Or, you can embed the search widget or box on your site and allow your audience to use it in order to find what they need by themselves, and then they would be redirected to to book it.

And whenever someone goes from your site to Tripadvisor and makes a reservation, either immediately or within fourteen days, you get a commission that is around 50% or more of what Tripadvisor earns from the service provider.

And with these three steps, you can earn money with the Tripadvisor affiliate program.


Pros & Cons of The Tripadvisor Affiliate Program


  • A well-known website that many people trust to find travel and booking offers.
  • A wide variety of products and services to promote as an affiliate.
  • Available in different languages, which helps increase the conversion rates.
  • 14-Day cookie duration.
  • Many affiliate tools available for you, including the affiliate links, banners, buttons, search widgets and more.
  • Generous commission rate based on your performance.
  • Different affiliate payment methods such as: wire transfer, direct deposit, and check.
  • Affiliates from different countries can join the Tripadvisor affiliate program.
  • Hosted on big and trusted affiliate networks: Awin and CJ.


  • The cookie duration of 14 days is good when compared to other travel and booking sites, but it is short compared to many affiliate programs in different industries.
  • The Tripadvisor affiliate program is hosted only on affiliate networks and not in-house, which makes it difficult for some affiliates to join.
  • There’s an approval process in order to join it, which means that your application might not be accepted.


Tripadvisor Affiliate Program Alternatives

There are many other travel and booking sites that have affiliate programs, and you can find them through the different tools and methods for researching affiliate programs, but here are three of them:

  • Skyscanner Affiliate Program: Skyscanner offer a wide range of offers such as: hotels, rental cars, and flights, and they pay affiliates around 20% or more of their earnings on every booking that the affiliate brings to them, and the commission might get higher for affiliates with lots of referred bookings. They also offer great tools such as the search widgets, and the cookie duration is 30 days.
  • Affiliate Program: specializes in booking properties such as hotels, homes, villas, apartments, …etc., airport transportation, and flights. They pay their affiliates 5% of the total booking value, but the main problem is that their affiliate cookie duration is limited to the same session your referral stays on immediately after clicking your affiliate link.
  • Affiliate Program: is a very popular website and that helps in making money with it as an affiliate, and they offer different types of offers and many affiliate tools to use. Their affiliate program is hosted in-house and on affiliate networks. The main downfall is that, like Agoda’s affiliate program, the cookie duration of is limited to the session your referral stays on their site after clicking on your affiliate link or banner as I explained in this review.


Conclusion – Is Affiliate Program Worth it?

Tripadvisor’s affiliate program is a good one as they offer a good number of services to promote, and good tools to use in your promotions, in addition to the high commission and the 14-day cookie window.

  • Name: Tripadvisor Affiliate Program
  • Website:
  • Founders:
  • Price: Free to join, but you need a training and tools to make money with it. (More in the last section of this review)
  • Worth it? Yes, but you need to read the last section.

Overall Rating: 90 of 100

However, the main downfall of the Tripadvisor affiliate program is that it is only hosted on affiliate networks, which makes it difficult for some affiliates to join.


The Best Affiliate Programs DON’T Make You Money, Unless ….

Unless you acquire the necessary skills and you use the right tools, it is really difficult to make an income with affiliate programs, even with the best ones.

And this also applies to the Tripadvisor affiliate partner program.

I suffered a lot before making a living with affiliate marketing because I started without a clear plan and without the necessary skills and tools.

But this changed after I found the right place to learn and grow my affiliate marketing business the right way, as this place provided me with all what I needed in order to succeed with affiliate marketing, such as:

  • The step-by-step, easy-to-follow training.
  • The advanced affiliate marketing tools to find opportunities for making money and to grow my business.
  • The easy-to-use website builder and the best web hosting with the premium support so that I don’t care about the technical stuff.
  • And best of all, the amazing community of more than 2 million online entrepreneurs who would gladly help you whenever you ask for help.

And much more.

And all of that is offered for a very affordable monthly fee that doesn’t come with any upsells, hidden fees, and surprises.

And this great place is called Wealthy Affiliate.

This is where you need to go if you want to succeed with travel and booking affiliate programs like the Tripadvisor affiliate program.

Learn to Become Tripadvisor Affiliate

You can check out this review of Wealthy Affiliate in order to learn more about what this platform can provide to you for making money with travel affiliate programs like Tripadvisor’s affiliate program, and you will learn how you can get started with the FREE Starter plan first in order to try it before paying anything.

I hope that you found my affiliate program review helpful in finding all the necessary details about this program, and about how you can make money as a Tripadvisor affiliate.

If you still have any question about anything I explained in this review, please, tell me in the comments’ section below and I will be happy to get back to you asap 🙂

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      But both have their own requirements to join.

      For example, AWIN requires you to complete the application and they will review it before giving you access to their network.
      While CJ might approve you immediately to become an affiliate, but after that, you still need to apply to join the TripAdvisor affiliate program.

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