Traxion Review – Start An Affiliate Marketing Business In 12 Minutes?

Detailed Traxion Review

Welcome to my Traxion Review!

This new training program by Bill Hugall and Mark Barrett is supposed to teach you how to make money online with a new method that is also, evergreen.

What is this method, how accurate these promises are and is this program worth it?

This is what you will know by the time you read this Traxion training program review where I explain to you what this program is about and if it was safe to purchase it or not.


Traxion Review Summary

  • Name: Traxion
  • Website:
  • Founders: Bill Hugall & Mark Barrett
  • Price: Limited-time price at only $12.95 for the front end product. Optional upsells for $27, $47, $97.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 90 of 100

Summary: Traxion is a new program that is supposed to teach a new way of doing affiliate marketing that is still untapped and is long-term.

the product seems legit, but it is still new and there’s not enough feedback about it.

However, you can get the 30-day money back guarantee through any of the links on this page, which makes it safe to try.


What Is Traxion?

What Is Traxion
Traxion is a training program by Mark Barrett and Bill Hugall that promises to teach you a new way of doing affiliate marketing using a method that is still relatively untapped and one that doesn’t rely on temporary loopholes and tactics, but rather, on a long-term strategy.

The program is still being launched, and there’s not enough feedback about it.


How Is Traxion Different From Other Programs Teaching Affiliate Marketing?

Mark and Bill promise that Traxion will be different from other programs that teach you affiliate marketing in the fact that it will help you get unstuck in the field of making money with affiliate marketing by providing you with a new, clear method of doing affiliate marketing effectively.

Some of the benefits of using Traxion are:

  • You don’t need any prior skills or experience to get results with Traxion as it is supposed to be teaching a newbie-friendly method.
  • As per Mark and Bill, Traxion is proven to get results as it has already worked for them and for others, and it’s different than most of the rehashed affiliate marketing methods you’ve seen before.
  • Mark and Bill will show you how to get everything setup and then scale things up into a DAILY, life-changing income level.
  • Bill and Mark won’t just tell you how to make money, but they will show you, as inside Traxion you will get access to Real Life Case Studies and ‘Done for You’ tools that can make it easier for you to make money right away.
  • Unlike some methods that are usually built in order to take advantage of some loopholes and that will eventually close-up and won’t work anymore, the method inside Traxion is supposed to work right now, next week, and will continue to work for months and even years into the future.
  • Inside Traxion, you are supposed to get a COMPLETE business plan for making money online with affiliate marketing that includes the setup, traffic, and a plan for scaling up your income to consistent daily profits.


How Does Traxion Exactly Work?

As mentioned earlier, Traxion is about making money with affiliate marketing.

And if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, then in short, it is a performance-based model where the affiliate marketer (you), promotes others’ products and get a commission on every sale that they bring through their own unique link.

And there are many methods of doing affiliate marketing, such as:

  • Creating a blog in a certain niche and creating helpful content where you promote products as an affiliate.
  • Creating a YouTube channel and promote products through helpful videos.
  • Using email campaigns to send promotions to relevant people.
  • Using social media platforms in order to send people to affiliate offers through landing pages.
  • And many other ways.

And although the first method using a blog as taught at Wealthy Affiliate is my favorite method as it is the most sustainable on the long run, but all other methods might work as well.

How Traxion Works

And Traxion promises to teach you a new method that is still relatively untapped compared to other methods, which will get you unstuck in the game of making money online.

With the training and tools provided in Traxion, you are supposed to do three steps in order to make money online:

  1. Use the provided done-for-you resources and the step-by-step training in order to get the setup in 12 minutes or less.
  2. Send traffic to your offers using the simple ‘Fast Action’ methods of getting web traffic that are taught inside the Traxion program.
  3. Enjoy the consistent daily profits and you can even scale things up in order to get bigger results.


What You Get Inside Of Traxion

1 – The Traxion Step-By-Step Video Training:

This step-by-step video training is an easy-to-follow training that is supposed to give you everything you need to learn and do in order to get results and make money online.

Inside the step-by-step video training you will learn:

  • How to get everything you need setup in 12 minutes or less, even if you’re completely new to making money with affiliate marketing.
  • Why this “Traxion” method is so powerful and currently, as per Bill and Mark, the best method on the marketing for getting unstuck, getting traction, and making money if you’re currently struggling trying other methods.
  • The number one reason why you’re STUCK right now when it comes to creating income online, and why the Traxion method is perfect for getting you on the path to making consistent money.
  • How to use the ‘Fast Action’ traffic methods that Mark and Bill personally use with Traxion in order to get traffic flowing and making you money as soon as possible.
  • How to get your daily income to the level of $254.40 per day and keep the money flowing in working only a few minutes a day.
  • The simple steps to scale things up as big as you want to.

2 – ‘Fast Traxion’ Quick Start Guide

This is a simple guide in order to make it easy to get up and running quickly, and jump right into the action.

It can be also great for referring back to later on when you’re ready to scale things up.

3 – ‘Real Traxion’ Case Study

Some over the shoulder training material that show you the Traxion method in action and how Mark, Bill and others really made money with this method.

The entire Traxion training course is done in a “Case Study” format.


Traxion Bonuses

These are limited-time bonuses that you can get if you buy Traxion during the launch days through one of the links on this page, and they include:

BONUS #1: Free Web Traffic Made Simple

A full course that shows you how to get insane amounts of free traffic to your offers without any of the confusing tech that normally goes with it.

BONUS #2: 30 Ways To Get Free Website Traffic In 30 Minutes Or Less

Usually, free, organic web traffic methods take longer time to work, but they are also important as they tend to have higher conversion rates.

This bonus is supposed to show you up to 30 ways on how to drive free web traffic.


Traxion Pricing Plans & Up-sells

Traxion comes with one front end product and three optional upsells:

The Front End – $12.95:

This includes the training video course, guides and real life case studies mentioned in the previous section above.

The cost of this product is only $12.95 for a limited-time during the launch.

Note: the above link gives you a 30-day money back guarantee.

Optional Upsell #1 – $27

A list of Solo Ad vendors that Bill found better results with and the ones that bring results and sales everytime he purchases traffic form them.

Optional Upsell #2 – $47

This is a live masterclass series where you get the chance to connect with Bill and/or Mark in order to see some live action on applying the Traxion method, or in order to get immediate answers to your questions.

This series is supposed to show you live some cool tips and tricks that can help you succeed faster.

Optional Upsell #3 – $97

This will give you reselling license rights where you can sell Traxion as your own product and get the complete price for yourself.


What I Like About Traxion

  • It is about making money with affiliate marketing, my favorite method for making money online.
  • It is supposed to teach you a new method that is still uncrowded and long-term based method.
  • The cost of the front end is really low during the days of launch as you can get it for only $12.95.
  • There’s a 30-day money back guarantee if you get through the above link.
  • The second and third upsells are good as they include live classes and resell rights.
  • There are done-for-you tools that you can use in order to minimize the work you need to put in.


What I Don’t Like About Traxion

  • The program is still new and there’s no clear details about what the new method is and not enough feedback about it.
  • The first optional upsell is about solo ads, which is a method that I don’t like as it has its own limitations.


Who Is Traxion For?

Traxion training program is supposed to be for those trying to make money online but struggling as they get stuck trying different outdated methods.

The program is supposed to be newbie-friendly and teaches a method that is a long-term one and still uncrowded.

There’s not many details about the method as the program is still new and the sales page doesn’t explain the method, but the good news is that the access to the program is offered at a discounted price now for a limited time only, at $12.95.


Traxion Support

The program is still new, and therefore, there’s no feedback about the support, but since it is mainly a video course and some done-for-you tools, I don’t think it would need lots of support.

In any case, there’s an optional upsell where you get live classes with the Traxion team in order to watch live action on the Traxion method of getting traffic to your offers and in order to ask the program team if you have questions.


Conclusion – Is Traxion A Scam Or Legit?

Traxion is not a scam, it is a legit program that is supposed to teach a new way of making money with affiliate marketing that is easy-to follow for beginners.

  • Name: Traxion
  • Website:
  • Founders: Bill Hugall & Mark Barrett
  • Price: $12.95 for the front end product. Optional upsells for $27, $47, $97.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 90 of 100.

There’s still not much feedback about Traxion, but the cost of the front end product is low during the launch and it offers a 30-day money back guarantee through any of the links on this page, which makes it safe to try.

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An Alternative To Traxion For Doing Affiliate Marketing?

I have nothing against Traxion, but it is still new and it is unclear what the new method is.

The good thing is that the cost of joining Traxion is only $12.95 during the launch days and there’s a 30-day money back guarantee, which makes it safe to try.

For me, my favorite method of doing affiliate marketing as I mentioned earlier is through building a niche blog where you create helpful content that gets organic traffic from search engines and where you can promote products as an affiliate and make money.

And this, although it is a relatively older method, but it is still proving everyday to be the most evergreen and long-term method of building an affiliate marketing business.

Of course, it takes time in order to create quality content and rank it on search engines before you get any traffic and make commissions, but this is the case with every sustainable business you try to build, whether online or offline.

And building a blog doesn’t require technical knowledge, actually, with the website builder at Wealthy Affiliate, you can start a free affiliate marketing website in 30 seconds.

Your role is to create helpful content that gets traffic from search engines and finally, makes you money.

And to do so, you need to learn the basics of doing affiliate marketing with blogging, and there are many programs that teach you that, but my favorite one is Wealthy Affiliate, where I learned this method.

This program will provide you not only with the training, but also with the necessary tools, web hosting with premium technical support, community support and much more.

It is a paid program, but it also offers a free starter plan, which gives you an access to the first 10 lessons in the training as you see here:

Traxion Alternative

You can learn about Wealthy Affiliate and start with the free membership through my detailed Wealthy Affiliate review where I show you an insider look into the program, tools and community.

This is if you are serious about building a long-term affiliate marketing business and if you are willing to take action.

And if you want to try Traxion first, then get it with the current discounted price and money back guarantee through the following link:

If you have any questions regarding this Traxion review, then leave them in the comments’ section below, and I will be happy to answer you asap 🙂

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