Russell Brunson’s Book Traffic Secrets Review

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Review


Welcome to my HONEST Traffic Secrets Review!

This review is completely different from other reviews you will find that are just repeating the same sales pitch you heard from Russell himself, and pushing you to buy through their affiliate link and promise you bonuses that are “worth” thousands of dollars if you get the “free” book.

Does Russell Brunson’s new “free” book bring anything fresh, or is it just the beginning of a marketing funnel where he will promote to you other products that will cost you hundreds of dollars?

I will tell you what the secrets are and what will happen once you buy the Traffic Secrets book.

Let’s start!

Traffic Secrets Book Review Summary

  • Name: Traffic Secrets
  • Website:
  • Founders: Russell Brunson
  • Price: Free through their website here but you need to cover the shipping cost. Expect upsells for up to $737.95.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 90 of 100

Summary: Traffic Secrets book by Russell Brunson is a good book where Russell shows you how he grew ClickFunnels into a multi-million dollar business using different online marketing & sales tactics and tools.

The book might be worth the cost, but be aware that they will offer you many upsells that could go to $737.95.


What Is Traffic Secrets Book?

Traffic Secrets is a book by Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels, where you will learn how to get web traffic to your business and collect leads and customers using different channels such as: Google, Facebook, email marketing, others podcasts and events, …etc.

What Is Traffic Secrets Book

Russell promises to tell you in this book about the tactics that helped him grow ClickFunnels into a multi-million dollar company after it was about to fail.

Although I believe that there’s something you will learn in the book, but be aware that most of the tactics provided are not really secrets as they are being used by many other internet marketers, as you will see in the following section.


The Traffic Secrets Exposed!

The book consists of three main parts, each one has many chapters that are called “secrets”.

Here’s a summarized breakdown of what I expect you to get inside Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets book:

Part 1: Your Dream Customer

This is mainly about researching the market and finding out who your ideal customer is and where they are mostly present on the internet (which social media platform, video platform, forum, …etc.).

Also, you will learn how to write a story-based ad copy that you would use on social media in order to connect with your audience and get their attention.

You will learn also about the re-targeting ads on FB and maybe other platforms that would help increase the conversion rate as many people won’t buy your product or service on the first time they see your ad.

Also, you will learn about how to collect emails from your prospects by giving them a free PDF or mini-course, so that you can keep promote to them later with email messages for free.

Traffic Secrets Part One

Part 2: Fill Your Funnel

This is about the different types of web traffic sources such as: social media ads, Google ads, SEO, other influencers’ podcasts and email lists.

And most important by hiring affiliates that would bring you customer in return of a high commission you give them, which is the main method that let ClickFunnels grow this big.

Traffic Secrets Part Two

Part 3: Growth Hacking

This section will teach you:

  • How to create high-converting landing pages/
  • How to tap into others’ audiences through their podcasts and YouTube channels.
  • How create an affiliate program for your business so that you can hire affiliates to promote your business where you only pay them if they bring you customers.
  • And more.

Traffic Secrets Part Three


Overall Assessment of Traffic Secrets

The book would be good as you will learn how to make a comprehensive marketing strategy using online traffic sources and tools.

The methods taught are mostly well-known methods and not secrets.

However, there would be some small tricks and useful details that you can benefit from.


The Problem with Traffic Secrets

The main issue I have with Russell’s Traffic Secrets is that Russell says that he will teach you how he grew ClickFunnels into a successful company after he was about to lose it, and that you can apply his methods into your business no matter what your business model, niche or audience is.

The Problem With Traffic Secrets

But the problem is that the main method that allowed Russell to grow ClickFunnels into this size is through hiring affiliates and paying them high commissions of 40% on whatever sales they bring!

While that might work for a company that sells software apps and digital courses like what CF sells, but that might not work for ecommerce businesses that sell physical stuff or for local business that sell services.

Not every business owner can afford to pay 40% to affiliates and whatever sales he gets.

Yes, you can learn lots of stuff in the Traffic Secrets book and you can apply them to your business and benefit from them.

But remember that the number 1 method that made his company this big is paying high affiliate commissions and creating what looks more like a “cult” around his business.

However, the book is still good and you can learn useful stuff from it.


Traffic Secrets Book REAL Price & Up-sells

The Traffic Secrets book by Russell Brunson is advertised as a “free” book where you need to only pay the shipping, which is $9.95 to US and $19.95 to other countries.

However, once you buy it, you will be offered four upsells as follows:

  • Traffic Secrets Audio Book: $37!!! (I thought it was free!!!)
  • 2-Day Event: $97.
  • Box Set: $97.
  • Funnelytics: $397. (Paid tool to simulate funnels)

That can add up into the total cost of $737.95.

See? The book isn’t really free.

Traffic Secrets Book Price And Upsells

And if you asked yourself, why others are promoting it to you heavily and promising you with thousands of dollars worth of bonuses, then realize that they will get 40% on whatever you pay, which are the numbers in the blue boxes above.

This means that if you buy everything offered as an upsell and pay $737.95, who ever invited you to buy them will get $264.4.

Traffic Secrets Bonuses

Russell promises you the following bonuses once you order the book:

Bonus 1:Traffic Secrets Foundation: Four hours of training.

Bonus 2: The Ultimate Unfair Advantage: How to scale your traffic with simple videos from your smart phone.

Bonus 3: How To Make A Video Go Viral: How to create videos that people would love to share.

Bonus 4: The Ultimate Traffic Hack: How to create lots of content in short time and syndicate it in order to publish it on different platforms without losing lots of time.

Bonus 5: 30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge: A challenge that was created in order to put you on track and to make you start taking action on what you’ll learn in Traffic Secrets.

You can get these bonuses when you order the Traffic Secrets book through the following button.

Order Traffic Secrets Book

And regarding the bonuses that others offer you if you buy through their link, these are usually useless resources or white label ebooks that they bought from somewhere for a cheap price and are not really worth what they tell you.

If they were worth the value they tell you, they would sell them and make more money.

How can someone give you bonuses that are worth $1,000’s if you buy a “free” book?!

Even if you buy everything and they get the $264.4 commission, that is still less than what they claim their bonuses are worth.


Who Is Traffic Secrets Book For?

Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson can be useful for anyone who has an online business, or even and offline business, but wants to use online marketing in order to grow their business and get more clients and sales.

These include:

  • Coaches/Consultants.
  • Local Small Businesses.
  • Info Products Owners.
  • E-Commerce Store Owners.
  • Network Marketers.
  • B2B Businesses.
  • Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Agencies/Freelancers.
  • Bloggers.
  • Affiliates.
  • Those Who Are Getting Started Online.


Traffic Secrets Support

Traffic Secrets is a book, so the support doesn’t matter in case that you already receive the book.

However, you will be invited to use ClickFunnels software in order to build marketing funnels with it, and you would be invited to buy Funnelytics software (Owned by Russell Brunson) as an upsell as I mentioned earlier.

And the problem with ClickFunnels in particular is that the support is very slow as it is offered only through email and the users always complain about the problems they face when using the software and how slow the support is, which takes sometimes few days before replying to you.

In my opinion, get the book in order to learn from it, but when it comes to applying, you can use many tools available out there, you don’t have to use ClickFunnels itself even though you can use CF to make money in different ways.


Conclusion – Is Traffic Secrets A Scam Or Legit?

Traffic Secrets is not a scam. It’s a good book that can teach you how to create an overall marketing campaign for your business using online marketing tools and traffic to get customers and sales and to increase the customer lifetime value.

  • Name: Traffic Secrets (Get it here!)
  • Website:
  • Founders: Russell Brunson
  • Price: Free through their website here but you need to cover the shipping cost. Expect upsells for up to $737.95.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 90 of 100

You can get the book and learn from it some good stuff, but remember that you will be offered to buy some upsells as I mentioned earlier.

Get Traffic Secrets Book For Free

>>>Click Here to Get The Traffic Secrets Book by Russell Brunson<<<


How I Personally Drive Traffic to My Funnels?

I also use different ways to get traffic to my funnels, but mainly through seo, search ads on Google and Bing, and through social media platforms.

And I learned these methods at two places that teach how to make money with affiliate marketing:

First: Wealthy Affiliate, which is a platform that teaches making money affiliate marketing using seo and search ads mainly.

And they provide me with all the training and tools and I don’t need to use ClickFunnels and they even offer a free training.

You can check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review.

Second: Savage Affiliates, which teaches many other traffic methods such as video, social media ads, email marketing and more.

You can check my full review of Savage Affiliates.

Although these two programs are designed for affiliate marketers, but the same methods can be used to drive traffic to any kind of business.


I hope you liked my unbiased Traffic Secrets book review because I try to be transparent with my readers as much as I can and tell them the truth.

If you have any question or concern, please, leave it below in the comments’ area and I will be answering you asap 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Russell Brunson’s Book Traffic Secrets Review”

    • That’s right Ricardo,
      The Traffic Secrets book is not a money making method by itself. It’s a book that will teach you how to get web visitors to your online business or website if you already have one.

      Unfortunately, some people will promote the book to you as the secret many making thing that is fit to everyone so that they get a commission if you buy it.

      While the truth is that in case that you don’t have a website, or an online business, then you don’t need the book, but rather, you need to learn how to start an online business with a proper training that will teach you how to make money with a certain model like affiliate marketing for example.



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