The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal Review – A Scam? Insider’s Look

The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal Review


You probably have been promoted to in order to buy this training from Andy, which claims that uncovers how a “Complete Newbie Made $25,745 in a Single Month Online”. And now you are considering buying the course but want to make sure if it is worth it or not.


Join me in The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal Review in order to see what the program his from the inside and to know if it is another scam or is it worth your money and time?


I know how to feels to look into all these “Copy & Paste” Done-for-you systems and training programs that promise you to be able to make lots of money on the first month as a newbie and without much effort, and you are probably wondering if these all are scams or some of them truly work.


This why I’m writing this review in order to help you know what this program is from the inside, how it works and if there is something really worth paying the money for.


Also, I will guide you into an evergreen method for making money online by building your Brand & Authority that will make you a stable and consistent income on the long run, instead of following these “copy-paste Systems” that promise you fast results but are unrealistic.


Note: If you want to save your time and stop looking for the magical solutions and waste MONEY & TIME, then you can check my #1 method of making money online through this guide:

Andy's Training Alternative


What Is The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal?


What Is The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal


  • Name: The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal
  • Website:
  • Founders: Andy Okogbenin
  • Price: $37 Front End + Upsells.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but very general and not useful. And NOT my recommended program for the reasons below.

Overall Rating: 45 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)


In short: The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal is a training course that teaches you the basics of using marketing and sales funnels in online business in order to make money and without selling anything.


If you are wondering what sales funnels are, then in brief, a sales funnel is a sequence of events that helps that merchants or businesses use with customers in order to increase the average order value (AOV) and the customer’s lifetime value through offering them products to buy together (cross-sell) or one after another ( upsells).


A simple example of that is when you buy something from Amazon, and before you checkout, they suggest to you another related product and say “usually bought together”. This is a Cross-Sell

Another example is when you order something and after pay for it, and then you receive another promotion to buy another product with 50% discount. This is an Upsell.


But the reason why I don’t recommend you to join the Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal is that it’s very general and high level set of information displayed in a presentation without real life examples or walk-throughs, which makes it newbie Unfriendly in my opinion.


The training include three video lessons and three PDF documents.


The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal Training Components


And most, if not ALL, of the information inside it can be found for FREE anywhere on the web.


This is similar to Andy’s other training that I reviewed recently in The Money On Demand Mastery Review which also gives very general information that can mostly be found easily for free.


How Does The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal Exactly Work?


How Does The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal Work


Well, in NO specific way!!


As I said earlier, the training is a set of slides that are packed with information without real examples or walk-throughs. Which means that if you are a newbie, it won’t help you, and if you are an advanced marketer, then you already know most of what is in the training.


Expect to be offered to buy another training in order to learn how to apply what is in the training!


But it explains how funnels in general work and the basic components and elements, which I will brief here:

  1. Create a product to sell, or find a product to promote as an affiliate.
  2. Build a landing page in order to send people to it and collect their emails.
  3. Build an e-mail sequence using an autoresponder and connect it to the landing pages in step 2. (the sequence should include value emails and promotions for the products you are selling).
  4. Send targeted traffic (usually paid traffic) to the landing page in order to get people enter their emails and then receive the email sequence.
  5. After people receive your emails, if they like the products you are promoting, they might buy them and you will make commissions on what they buy.
  6. Once they buy something, offer them another product to buy in order to maximize the profit from each sale/customer.
  7. Rinse and repeat.


Seems easy, right?


But, wait a minute…


This information is the basics of making money with sales and marketing funnels and are not useful alone.

In order to make this work you need to learn how to research the market and find products to promote or create products by yourself, learn how to use the necessary tools such as: the landing page/funnel software & email autoresponder, learn how to drive traffic, learn copywriting, learn how to do tracking and optimization, scaling, …etc.


Except some examples on how to write the main elements of the landing pages, these are almost untouched in the training. Which makes it not worth the time and money.


And, in addition to that,

This method is NOT newbie friendly and you can’t really make money with it as fast as it is claimed. Especially that you have to pay in advance for the PAID Traffic and tools before you make any money, which requires lots of testing and optimizing before you start making profit!!


While if you follow my recommended alternative that is mentioned at the end of this article or here, you can rely mainly on FREE traffic and you are not forced to use the paid traffic.


So, The Training Is Insufficient, But What About The Concept Of Funnels Itself?


The concept of funnels is great in order to help you maximize the profit from every client or visitor to your website.


But, funnels alone are not enough!!

If you wonder why, then I have a question for you: have you ever joined the email list of someone you don’t know through a Facebook ad, and then purchased something of what they promote?


Likely NOT! Maybe if it was an online store that sells gadgets at low prices, but not someone who sells high ticket products, services or courses.


And why is that?

It is because you don’t trust them yet. They probably don’t have a brand or authority.


And if you follow the method mentioned in the training itself without having your brand or authority, you will look the same way to the people who will receive your emails and promotions, which will make it difficult to sell them anything.


But how do you build a brand or authority?


Well, this is why I have created my FREE Ultimate Guide For Making Money Online which includes the training and the tools you need in order to build a real sustainable online business. You can save the time and go and read now, or you can continue until the end of this article where I will talk more about it.


And then, you can also leverage the funnels and add them to your business in order to maximize your revenue and profit.


Pro’s & Con’s Of The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal



  • The PDF resources are useful and contain some tips on writing the landing pages



  • The training is very general and High-Level (basic). There are no actual examples or walk-throughs, which makes it not helpful for newbies nor for advanced marketers.
  • No real life case studies and no actual complete examples to cover the whole process.
  • You will probably be promoted to buy upsells that would include what is missing in the above two points.
  • The method relies mainly on paid traffic.
  • You can’t make 25,000 thousands in one month as a newbie!!!! And if you want to do so, then you will need more than that on the traffic and you will end up with a loss.
  • You need to invest in the email atuoresponder and landing page/funnel software.
  • The whole method of collecting emails through paid traffic is not sustainable and doesn’t help you build BRAND & AUTHORITY. Unlike the recommended method in my guide provided at the end of this article.
  • They tell you that this is a copy-paste done-for-you system!! This is the furthest from the truth.


The Price


The price of The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal training course is $37 one time payment. But be ready to be offered upsells as the training itself isn’t enough to do anything.

Also, remember that you will need to pay for the traffic (list owners) and for the email autoresponder and for landing page/funnel software.


While at my recommended alternative in the last section below, you get all the necessary training & tools included in your membership for NO EXTRA COST. Even better, they have a Free Plan to start! Check the last section to know more!


Conclusion Of The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?


  • Name: The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal
  • Website:
  • Founders: Andy Okogbenin
  • Price: $37 Front End + Upsells.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but very basic and general and not enough to learn and apply. And of course, NOT my recommended program for the reasons mentioned earlier.

Overall Rating: 45 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)


In general, it is NOT a scam, but it is not worth buying as it doesn’t help you do anything unless you buy another training.

Also, you can find, for free, more in-depth training on the method explained here.


In addition to that, you still need to pay for the tools and for the traffic.


This is in addition to what I mentioned earlier about the fact that you can’t build trust and authority with this method, which makes it unsustainable way of making money online on the long run.


An EVERGREEN Alternative To The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal?


As I mentioned above, the method of making money online using funnels that is taught in the Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal works, but the training itself is insufficient to learn it.

And in addition to that, this method is not consistent nor stable such as is the method I recommend that depends on the FREE traffic mainly.


The best alternative and the best training to learn and apply and build a REAL online business is a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.


At this platform, you will find all the necessary training, tools and support in one place included in your membership for NO EXTRA COST in order to learn and build a successful online business the right way through building your Brand & Authority.


The platform has two membership plans, and one of them is FREE so that you can try it before you pay. And you don’t have to upgrade to the paid plan unless you want.


In brief: this platform teaches you how to do Affiliate Marketing the right way.


The following screenshot is only for the first level of the Free Training which will allow you to understand how this process works, and will allow you to build two free websites easily (ZERO Technical Knowledge and ZERO Coding required), which will allow you to start building your brand and how to monetize your website:


The Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal Alternative


And when you add quality and useful content on your website (which you will learn how to do in the free training), you will learn how to make it optimized for the search engines such as Google so that it appears in the results for people looking for what you are promoting, exactly like when you found this article you are reading here right now!


This is the evergreen and sustainable strategy for doing affiliate marketing, as you don’t have to pay for the traffic like in what is taught in the ultimate instant cash arsenal training.


So, if you already know what affiliate marketing is and you want to learn how to do it the RIGHT WAY and start a REAL SUSTAINABLE ONLINE BUSINESS, then you can join wealthy affiliate through my WA review here.


And if you are completely new to the concept of Affiliate Marketing world, and want to learn more about it first, then you can read my FREE ultimate make money online guide in order to learn about it through the following button:


Make Money Online Free Guide


Go and take action now and stop wasting your money AND time looking for fast ways of getting rich as these don’t exist!!


And if you have any question about this Ultimate Instant Cash Arsenal Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be answering you ASAP 🙂

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