The Six Figure Success Academy Review 2020 – A Scam or Legit?

Six Figure Success Academy Review - Is It A Scam


Welcome my friend to my unbiased Six Figure Success Academy Review for 2020!

You probably have been promoted to on getting this training program that promises you to make $250-$500 payments/sale (on demand) multiple times a day! and you are wondering if this SFSA Program by Ty Cohen & Mike Balmaceda is a scam or a legit one.

I know how if feels looking for an online training program that would help you make money and I have seen lots of those claiming that they have that “copy-paste” done-for-you systems that would help you make four figures during the first week!

But I’m sure that you already felt that there’s something unrealistic about the income claims you have been told, and that’s why you started looking for Six Figure Success Academy scam reviews before you pay any money.

Congrats! You made the smart decision. I will tell you here all what you need to know about this program and if it was for you or not.


I will give you here my unbiased opinion about this program and know how it works EXATLY and what you might not be told before you join and risk your money!

And while I know that you can make some money with this method, but I also know that doing $1,000 a day, or $250-$250 “on demand” several times a day is unrealistic for the reasons I will detail below.

Also, I will guide you through a much more sustainable and a lot less costly method for creating long term income online through building a REAL Online Business, that you can even start for FREE.


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SFSA Alternative


Otherwise, let’s get into details about the Six Figure Success Academy


The Six Figure Success Academy Review Summary

  • Name: The Six Figure Success Academy
  • Website:
  • Founders: Ty Cohen & Mike Balmaceda
  • Price & Discount: Original Price is $1997, but you can get it at $977 One Payment or $547 Two Payments via a webinar through this link.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit But Overpriced and Unrealistic. Details Below.

Overall Rating: 75 of 100 (Check My #1 recommendation 97 of 100)

Summary: Six Figure Success Academy is a training program that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing using Instagram Influencers in order to promote other’s training courses and getting paid on the sales you bring. It is legit, but expensive and the promises of making money are exaggerated and it creates many limitations.


What Is The Six Figure Success Academy?

The Six Figure Success Academy is a training program that promises you that you can make $2500-$500 payments, multiple times a day, on demand!!! by promoting other people’s training courses through a certain method/system that leverages Autowebinars and social media influencers.


What Is The Six Figure Success Academy


While the main concept/model of getting paid for promoting other people’s products is a great & legit model that’s called Affiliate Marketing, but this model has many different methods of doing it, and the Six Figures Success Academy program teaches you ONLY one of those different methods.

And in my opinion, the method taught here is NOT the best way of doing affiliate marketing, and more important, it DOESN’T bring you the mentioned results such as $250-$500 “on demand” multiple times a day!

The reasons of why these promises are unrealistic are described in the coming sections.


How Does The Six Figure Success Academy System EXACTLY Work?

As I mentioned earlier, this SFSA system is supposed to teach you how to do Affiliate Marketing by selling others’ training courses through Autowebinars and social media influencers, and getting paid commissions for making sales.


Following is HOW THEY TELL YOU it works:


How Does The SFSA Work

Seems easy, right? But wait a minute..

If you are new to the online businesses’ thing, then continue reading in order to know why this ISN’T as easy as it seems.

In order to simplify this to you, let me give you a small explanation about how Affiliate Marketing should be done in general in order to create a sustainable business, and then, how the Six Figure Success Academy ACTUALLY teaches you to do Affiliate Marketing.

First: My Recommended Evergreen Way Of Doing Affiliate Marketing (3 Steps):

  1. You pick a niche, find products created by others to promote (online course, physical product, book, membership program, …etc.) which already have affiliate programs, and get your unique affiliate link.
  2. You create a content (Blog Posts, YouTube Videos, …etc.) about the product showing how it will be helpful to people in that niche and get your content published (SEO, Social Media, E-mail, …etc.), and place your link inside it.
  3. People read/watch your content, and if they like the product, they buy it through your link and you make a commission!


As in the following infographic:

How To Do Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

Second: How The Six Figure Success Academy Teaches You To Do Affiliate Marketing (4 Steps):

  1. Find Training Courses (only training courses) for others (that still don’t have affiliate programs), and contact the course owners to cooperate.
  2. If they agree, help them create presentations, record a webinar, and then set up an autowebinar to talk about their courses. Also, help them set up an affiliate program. (This is already done if you follow my recommended method above).
  3. Go and look for social media influencers (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Bloggers) in the same niche of the training course with BIG Audiences and lots of Followers, and convince them to promote the course to their followers without paying the influencers in advance!! (That’s not how influencers usually work by the way! more in the next section).
  4. If the followers of those influencers buy the course, then You & the Influencer will share the commission together! Unlike in my recommended method above where you get the whole commission by yourself.


The following infografic explains the above four steps as in the SFSA program:

How The Six Figure Success Academy Works
As you can see in the last infographic, although they claim that they teach you the easy way that doesn’t take time, but actually the method that the Six Figure Academy teaches you includes additional work & Costs to do such as:

  • Finding course owners who sell their courses on Udemy or other E-learning marketplaces.
  • Helping the course owner to create a presentation that will convince people to buy the course (it must be convincing)
  • Set up the autowebinar configuration (through a paid software!! who will pay for that?!!)
  • Help them in setting up the affiliate program that will automatically divide the money and send the commissions to you and to the influencer!
  • Find many influencers with big fan base and convince them to promote without an advanced payment by sending their followers to the autowebinar.
  • Keep repeating the process until you exhaust all the possible influencers in that niche. (Then what would you do?)


While if you do Affiliate Marketing the right way as in my guide here, you don’t have to help in creating the presentation, setting up the Autowebinar through the paid software, or in setting up the affiliate program. All of this is already done for you.


Your role in my recommended method is focus on creating content that describes the products and get it in front of people who need those products, and when you make sale, you get the whole commission by yourself, you don’t share it with the influencer!


So, does that mean that the SFSA doesn’t work?

In short, it works, but not as easy as it seems, and it doesn’t really bring you the results you are promised ($250-$500 multiple times a day, or $10,000 in the first week!), not even close to that.


More on why I say this in the following section:


Six Figure Success Academy Pros & Cons:


  • The E-learning industry is a big industry and is evergreen, which means that there are lots of courses to promote. But
  • The method being taught at the SFSA is doable in reality. But
  • You don’t have to create your website or your social media fan base or e-mail list. But


Now let’s talk about the three But’s above:



  • The course is expensive, and it teaches you only how to promote online courses and following one method. While the training platform I’m recommending in my guide costs much less and gives you all the tools with websites for much less cost. Even better, this platform offers a FREE Starter Membership! And it allows you to promote anything, not only courses.
  • The promised results are exaggerated and unrealistic.
  • Even if the E-learning industry itself is evergreen and there are lots of courses to promote, but you need high value courses that sell at high prices ($500 or $1000) so that you can make good money with them. How many of these can you find?
  • The program promises you that this is easy and brings fast results because you don’t have to create a website for yourself. But you actually need to do lots of extra work such as helping the course owner in creating a convincing presentation and set up the autowebinar. I would rather spend that time and effort building content on my own website as I’m already spending the time!! My own website will then allow me to promote many other products (not only courses) and will help me build a brand and a valuable E-mail list for FREE.
  • Claims that you can make money without spending a penny, but who is gonna pay for the Autowebinar software they mentioned? They said that it is included as a bonus for a limited number of the SFSA attendees, what if you are not among the lucky ones?!
  • Usually, Social Media Influencers get paid a fixed amount, in advance, for every promotion they do. They don’t get paid by commissions on the sales. How many can you find to convince them change their methods?!
  • Even if they agree on this model, it means that you will get less commission compared with what you get if you promote to customers directly through your own website.
  • Not really a sustainable model; you need lots of influencers in the same niche in order to be able to make money from each course that you promote. But remember that many don’t accept the commission based model, and in general, not all influencers will want to promote courses or products to their following.
  • Not a way that makes a Passive Income. You only make money by continuously seeking influencers and course owners and developing the necessary configurations. Once you stop working, you stop getting paid. While if you have a blog (like in my guide here), then every piece of content you publish remains there and keeps paying you for long time, even if you take breaks from your business.


Six Figure Success Academy Cost

The six figure success academy price is $1997 originally, but you can get it at $977 One Payment or $547 Two Payments via a webinar through this link.


Six Figure Success Academy Download

Lots of people are asking for the free download of the SFSA training program, but it is unavailable.

However, you can get Six Figure Success Academy the program at 50% discounted price and through the installments plan through the any of the links on this page.


The SFSA Money Back Guarantee?

The SFSA has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for 100% of what you have paid IF you apply the system and don’t double your investment of joining the course.

BUT, in order to ensure that you applied the “system”, the refund policy on their website indicates that in order to be eligible for the refund you have to show evidence that during the complete 30 days after purchasing the program, you have, at least:

  1. Contacted two course owners every single day, and also
  2. Contacted two influencers every single day.


In addition to some other evidences that you implemented what the training teaches you and you didn’t get the promised results.

So, make sure before you join that you will be able to find & contact sixty course owners and sixty influencers, go through the training and apply it on all of those sixty and sixty within the first month before you can ask for a refund!


Conclusion – Is The Six Figure Success Academy a Scam or Legit?

The (SFSA) Six Figure Success Academy is a legit program, but It is not my first recommendation for the many reasons I mentioned above.

  • Name: The Six Figure Success Academy
  • Website:
  • Founders: Ty Cohen & Mike Balmaceda
  • Price & Discount: Original Price is $1997, but you can get it at $977 One Payment or $547 Two Payments via a webinar through this link.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit But Overpriced and Unrealistic.


Overall Rating: 75 of 100 (Check My #1 recommendation 97 of 100)


As I explained earlier, this system teaches you how to do Affiliate Marketing for specific products only (online training courses), and through one method mainly (autowebinars). Which creates limitations for you. And at a really high price ($997).


A More EVERGREEN & Affordable Alternative to The SFSA by Ty Cohen & Mike Balmaceda

If you still want to follow this method of the Six Figure Success Academy, then you can get access to it NOW for the above discounted price through the link above.

However, at Wealthy Affiliate (where I learned affiliate marketing), you learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way I explained earlier.

With the method you learn at WA, you are not limited to promoting training courses only. Actually, you can promote almost ANYTHING that is sold online, whether it was online courses, eBooks, physical books, physical products listed on Amazon or eBay, software programs in any niche, and almost anything you can think of.

And better, you will learn how to promote through building your own BRAND and BUSINESS that is not reliant on those influencers or “Guru’s”. Even better, the main method of driving traffic to the promotions you do is the Free Traffic from the search engines like Google and Bing. You don’t risk your money. And you don’t have to share the commissions with anyone.



And all of that, the cost of joining wealthy affiliate them is much less than it is with the SFSA. In addition, you have the option to pay monthly fees or annual fees, and you can stop anytime.

Even better, they have a Free Plan that you can start at, and you can stick to it forever!

And both, the Free and paid plans, provide you not only with the best training in the industry, but also with the best tools and with the websites that you can build in 30 SECONDS (zero coding). ALL of this and more for NO EXTRA Cost!


If you want to join my recommendation, then you can first read my Review of Wealthy Affiliate, and you can join from there. At least get the benefits of the FREE Plan. And if you don’t like it, then you can go back to the Six Figure Academy.

So, if you like this Six Figure Success Academy Review, then share it with anyone who might be researching the program.

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18 thoughts on “The Six Figure Success Academy Review 2020 – A Scam or Legit?”

  1. I’m amazed that any newbie coming online to find some work will ever be able to afford $1997…and even the cut price option of  $977 is completely unrealistic to ask really – why are so many of these modern training courses so overpriced?

    The Instagram Influencers angle of internet marketing is refreshing and quite original, but it does pose one important question – can you find this education online for FREE anyway?

    A lot of these overpriced marketing programs are actually charging for education that is scattered over the internet already. Is that the case here?

    • I agree with you Chris.

      Maybe they organize the material of the training so that the students doesn’t need to find everything by themselves, but I don’t think it is worth this price, not even half of it.


  2. Hi Amjad,

    I am glad to read your article about Six Figure Success Academy Review.

    I once was considering to purchase the course too but, gladly, ended up buying Wealthy Affiliate instead of which I am really pleased about. I do agree, and I also found the course Six Figure Success Academy as ‘overpriced’ and questioned if you could, especially as someone new to affiliate marketing, get such value out of it. I could not gladly convince my self, and the money invested with WA was a good bargain.

    Best wishes.

  3. Interesting read this was for me and surely an excellent review you have up here concerning the six figure academy. I was skeptical right from the time my colleague told me about this program. 

    Firstly, the promise of getting rich in a jiffy always end on a bad not. Also, the pricing is too much for someone like me who runs on a very lean budget for the moment.

    Thanks for the detailed review! I guess that Wealthy Affiliate is a surer opportunity than the reviewed.

    • Thanks my friend!

      True, such unrealistic promises make me unable to recommend such a program. That’s why I recommend the right place I mentioned in the last section of the review as an alternative to the Six Figure Success Academy.

      Best regards,


  4. Ofcourse, the chance to make over $250 a day is mind blowing. Who would want to pass this up? That sign up price I think is way too high!

    You’ve explained so well in simple terms how affiliate marketing should work. Now, to contact the owners of a product to corporate is just too much hustle.I agree that the Six Figure Success Academy way of doing things is just too much work, with no guaranteed results. 

    I like a place where an affiliate program is already in place and I just have to promote it.

    Thank you for this informative review, I don’t think I’ll want to go check it out further.

    • Thank you Carol for your feedback!

      True, with the Six Figure Success Academy, you need to take extra steps and setup the affiliate program by yourself, which makes it more complicated.



  5. Goodness me! What a lot of work is involved in this Academy. Not only a lot of work but a lot of expenditure. 

    Thank you for putting it all so clearly. 

    When people join these programs like this one that you have done the review on, surely they would see how much work would have to be done in order to reach their target to earn that amount of money. Where would all the time come from to enable them to do all this?  I wonder.

    It is really expensive and also as you point out if you try to get your money back after 30 days they could always say that you did not use the program properly. 

    I do hope that a lot of people read your review and take note of the pitfalls in this program.

    • Thank you Jill for your feedback!

      True, they make it seem in the sales webinar that it is easy, but then they write a lot of things that almost nobody pays attention to it.

      It’s a hassle to get a refund, if possible. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join at such a high risk. The alternative in the last section of this Six Figure Success Academy review is the way to go.

      All the best!


  6. I’m new to the affiliate marketing space and by no means an expert, but one thing that makes complete sense to me is to focus on a subject that resonates with you.

    It is far more likely that you will follow through with something or give honest opinions/reviews of products that you are more apt to use in an area that you have a passion about.

    Everyone is looking to for a way to get rich quick and the truth of the matter is that no matter what option you choose you are going to have to put in the work.

    It just so happens that when you are doing this in relation to something that you love, it just feels less like work.

    That’s not to say that SFSA would not be profitable it you were really passionate about getting a certain type of training out to people that it couldn’t work, but it appears very narrow and with the landscape of nearly everything 

    changing as rapidly as it seems to these days, you would have to constantly be looking to search out new training programs. That just doesn’t appeal to me, so I wouldn’t sign up for the SFSA program myself.

    I personally would be more excited about your review if there were actual results from trying it, which could be from your own personal experience or from someone that you know that has tried the product.

    • True Chad.

      It is unsustainable to follow the SFSA method and I think it is difficult to reach a point where you make passive income with it. You need to hustle on daily basis for a longer time when compared with the right method of doing affiliate marketing.

      All the best!


  7. Hello Amjad

    thanks for the post. It is unrealistic to promise substantial incomes from the first week. Only naive people think so. For a sustainable business it takes time and a lot of work. This is in the instict. But I signed up for WA, and the extraordinary community here confirmed this. Kyle and Carson offer us all the tools we need. It depends on our work and our patience to succeed.

    best regards


    • True Carmen.

      People want to believe that they can make money “on demand” quickly on the internet and they go after such programs that over-promise on the results such as the Six Figure Success Academy guys do.

      That’s why I will always consider Wealthy Affiliate as my top recommended place to learn affiliate marketing as they are honest and realistic in their teachings.

      All the best!


  8. They don’t refund money back if it doesn’t works for you(they didn’t).
    Leave double, they don’t return even what you paid. Besides, for finding single Bob to be ready to work with you, you need to contact at least 100. Rediculous- SIX FIGURE SUCCESS ACADEMY

    • Hello Shruti and thank you for your feedback!

      It is sad to hear that someone has been through such an experience.

      The whole model is unsustainable and unscalable for due to the fact that you mentioned about finding that “Bob”.

      I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and thank you again!

  9. Typical Wealthy Affiliate Bullsh*t. This is an AMAZING program teaching a PROVEN business model that ACTUALLY works. Hell, you could get $400 per sale promoting it, but you’d rather send people that that scam of a company “Wealthy Affiliate”

    Sad, yet a typical wealthy affiliate review, i should not be surprised.

    Just shows people you can’t be trusted, so thanks for making it easy!

    • First of all, let me thank you Michael for your honest opinion!

      Secondly, I didn’t say that the SFSA is a scam or doesn’t work. Kindly, go back and read my conclusion. I even gave it a positive rating of 75 of 100.

      However, when it comes to comparing the Six Figure Success Academy to another program, I’m showing people why I consider Wealthy Affiliate to be my number one recommendation.

      Please, check my review of Wealthy Affiliate and let me know your opinion and please, give me one reason why you say that it is a scam?!

      You are actually asking me to promote the Six Figure Success Academy just because they will give more a much higher commission ($400) if I bring them a sale?! I’m really surprised by this logic.

      So, do you want me to be biased and promote whichever program pays a higher commission regardless if it was really the best program or not?!

      Do you want me to lie to people and tell them that they can make $250-$500 payments “on demand” multiple times a day while I know that this is unrealistic?! Just to get a higher commission for myself if they go through my link?!

      Should I understand that this is what you do on your blog?!

      That would be unethical from my side if I do it.

      Looking forward to hearing your reply and thank you again!


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