The Money On Demand Mastery Review – A Scam? Insider’s Look

The Money On Demand Mastery Review


You probably have received a promotion to buy this training course where it is claimed that the trainer himself “Andy” has made $5,245 in his first month online as a newbie. And now you are looking to know if The Money On Demand Mastery is a scam or worth buying.

Join me in this detailed The Money On Demand Mastery Review in order to see what the program is from the inside and to know if it is worth your money and time or not.


I know how to feels to look into all these “Copy & Paste” systems and training programs that promise you to make money fast and without much effort, and you are probably wondering if these all work or only some of them.


This why I’m writing this review in order to help you know what this program is, how it works and what is the real potential of making money with it.


And before we go into details, I can tell you that you could make some money with this system, but I also want to let you be aware that you can’t make thousands of dollars of your first month as a newbie. And even if Andy says that he made $5,245 in his first month, that might not be all profit!

Actually, even with that amount of money coming in, he probably ended up with a loss and not a profit, as the method he teaches you actually requires you to pay money in advance in order to get traffic, in addition to the paid tools that you will need with this method.


Also, I will guide you into an evergreen method of making money online by building your authority and building a brand that can make you more stable and consistent income on the long run, instead of following these methods that promise you fast results but are unrealistic.


Note: If you want to save your time and stop looking for the magical solutions and waste MONEY & TIME, then you can check my #1 method of making money online through this guide:

Andy Okogbenin's Training Alternative


What Is The Money On Demand Mastery?


What Is The Money On Demand Mastery


  • Name: The Money On Demand Mastery
  • Website:
  • Founders: Andy Okogbenin
  • Price: $37 Front End + Optional Upsells.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but very basic and NOT my recommended program for the reasons below.


Overall Rating: 55 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)


In brief: The Money On Demand Mastery is a training course that teaches you how to do Affiliate Marketing (making money online by promoting others’ products and making sales) using what is called Solo Ads.


And if you wonder what Solo Ads are, then it’s paying people who have E-mail lists and asking them to send the offers you promote to their E-mail list subscribers.


This is the main method that is taught in this training, and while it works, it is still not the best method to do affiliate marketing, especially for NEWBIES. And in addition, the is NOT the training that will teach you how to do it WELL! More about this in the coming sections.


I have reviewed another program that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing with the same method, and it includes a more in-depth training, tools and ready-to-use campaigns. And I wrote about it in my List Launch Pro Review, but I also don’t recommend it as the whole method of using solo ads to do affiliate marketing is not the right way.


How Does The Money On Demand Mastery Exactly Work?


How Does The Money On Demand Mastery Work


As I mentioned earlier, in order to make money with this method, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Select a niche in order to do affiliate marketing with.
  2. Research available products in that niche and find one to promote and get your affiliate link.
  3. Setup a landing page, an E-mail Autoresponder (Paid Tool) and create a sequence of e-mail messages and include the offer you are promoting inside it.
  4. Find E-mail list owners (in the same niche of the offer) and contact them to buy traffic from them, and when you agree with them, they send messages to their list subscribers and ask them to subscribe to your E-mail list.
  5. After you receive subscribers, they will automatically receive emails from your Autoresponder and, if they like the products you promote and buy them, you get paid a commission from the vendor (product owner).
  6. Rinse and repeat.


Seems easy, right?

But, wait a minute…


This method is NOT newbie friendly and you can’t really make money with it as fast as it is claimed on the sales page.


Also, the training itself is not sufficient in order to learn this method, and it is very general and high level. You can find free videos and articles on how to do affiliate marketing with solo ads that have more details. More on the training components in the following section.


But also, one of the downfalls of the method itself is that it doesn’t allow you to do affiliate marketing in any niche you want. This method fits the niches that are related to online marketing.

But if you want to promote products in the Golf, Tennis, Yoga, Mobile Phones, …etc. then this method doesn’t work.


And in addition to that, this method doesn’t help you in building a Brand and Authority, or in building a stable and sustainable business, as the people who only know you through the email don’t trust you easily and you won’t be able to sell them the products you promote.


Also, in addition to the fact that you need to pay in order to get traffic, you still may not make money on the first time you buy the traffic. You need to get traffic from more than one list owner, and you need to track the performance of the traffic you buy and see what traffic is better and makes you money, optimize and then scale, which means more money spent on the ads and on the tools you need for tracking.


While if you learn the method that is taught in my make money online guide here or at the end of this article, then you can make money with affiliate marketing in ANY niche that you want. And better, the method I recommend you to follow in doing affiliate marketing is the right way for by building your BRAND & TRUST.


In addition to that, following the method I recommend, you rely mainly on the FREE Traffic sources instead of buying the traffic from email list owners.

Make sure to get my free guide at the end of this article or here (FREE Training & Tools included).


The Money On Demand Mastery Training Components


As I mentioned earlier, the training you will receive for paying $37 is very general and high-level, and you can find better information for free online. And if you are a newbie, then you need to research and learn some stuff by yourself. There’s no “Copy-Paste” in it.


First Component Of The Program Is The Video Lessons:


The course consists of four videos as follows:



This part is an introduction about the course and about preparing you psychologically in order to avoid the mistakes that many people do when try to make money online. Not much.



This is supposed to teach you how to select a niche, how to find useful products to promote and how to research the demand and competition.


Components Of Andy Okogbenin's Course

However, the information mentioned is very generic and won’t really help you in finding products with high demand and low competition.


Actually, Andy mentions that you should choose products with high competition as it means that they work and you can make money promoting them.

But in my opinion, this is wrong! If you promote something that is being promoted by many other affiliate marketers, then mostly the market will be saturated with that product and it will become difficult to make money with it.


Also, he tries to teach you how to research the competition and demand through the Google Keyword Tool. But what he explains in terms of reading the data is wrong.



This is supposed to teach you how to setup the landing page where you will collect the emails and how to connect it to the Autoresponder that will send the emails automatically to those who subscribe to your list, and how to connect it to the first offer you promote.


Also, it includes some information on the fact that you should setup a sequence of emails that provide value to the subscribers and not only send them offers. But no actual thorough examples are given!

Again, this is also something you can find in more details for FREE online.



This part is supposed to teach you how to get the TARGETED traffic to your email list by finding people who already have email lists and buy the traffic from them to your landing page where you will collect their emails.


Andy's Training For Getting Solo Ads From Vendors


Andy tells you what you should ask the email list owners before you pay them and ask them to send the traffic to your landing page.


But again, he doesn’t show actual case studies of how to measure the performance after you buy traffic, how to optimize and scale.

Also, very generic information that you can find better anywhere.


Second Component Of The Program Is The Resources (PDF Files):


In addition to the above for modules, there are some other resources provided for you to download as follows:

  1. THE SOLO AD MARKETING PACKET: A list of the list owners (solo ad sellers) that Andy recommends with their contact details, and a template email message for contacting them.
  2. THE SOLO AD MASTERY CHEAT SHEET: Tips on how to craft email campaigns in order to be able to make sales.
  3. THE SALES TRIGGER WORD MASTERY: This is a long list of trigger words in different niches that you can use in the titles or in the body of email messages in order to entice the email recipients and get them take action. (This in my opinion is the only real benefit from this course).
  4. The RBFM Formula: This Solo Ad Vendor Checklist is the same as described in the videos on how to select the list owners to buy traffic from.


Third Component Of The Program Is Bonuses. (Not Really!!):


These are two bonuses you get. But I don’t consider them bonuses at all.

The bonuses are actually about giving you the opportunity to promote Andy’s courses as an affiliate and making money if you bring sales. I don’t consider that to be a bonus as it is already open to affiliate marketers to promote Andy’s courses and make money with bringing people to purchase them.


Pro’s & Con’s Of  The Money On Demand Mastery



  • The list of the trigger words provided in the resources is good.



  • The training is very general and High-Level (basic). And doesn’t help newbies. You can find more in-detail training for free.
  • No real life case studies and no actual complete examples to cover the whole process.
  • You can’t make thousands of dollars on the first month, unless you spend lots of money on traffic, test and optimize. And you might not be profitable on the first month.
  • You need to invest in the atuoresponder software and in the traffic.
  • The whole method of the solo ads is not sustainable and doesn’t help you build BRAND & AUTHORITY. Unlike the recommended method in my guide at the end of this page.
  • The method of solo ads can be applied only to promote other products in certain niches. What if you want to do affiliate marketing in a different niche?! (Basketball, for example!). While following my recommended, you can choose whatever niche you like.


The Price


The price of the Money On Demand Mastery training is $37 one time payment. You might be offered upsells.

But you also will need to pay for the traffic (list owners) and for the email autoresponder software.


While at my recommended alternative in the last section, you get all the necessary tools included in your membership for NO EXTRA COST. And Even better, they have a Free Plan to start! Check the last section to know more!


Conclusion Of The Money On Demand Mastery Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?


  • Name: The Money On Demand Mastery
  • Website:
  • Founders: Andy Okogbenin
  • Price: $37 Front End + Optional Upsells.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but very basic and NOT my recommended program for the reasons above.


Overall Rating: 55 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)


In general, it is NOT a scam, but it is not worth the price as it is very basic and it even doesn’t teach newbies how to do what is taught.

Also, you can find online, for free, more in-depth training on the method explained here (Affiliate Marketing with Solo Ads).


This is in addition to what I mentioned earlier about the fact that you are almost limited to promoting products in a certain niche, you will depend mainly on paid traffic, and that you don’t build a brand and authority, which all together make it unsustainable way of doing affiliate marketing on the long run.


An EVERGREEN Alternative To The Money On Demand Mastery?


As I mentioned above, the method taught in the Money On Demand Mastery works, but the training itself is not sufficient to learn it.

But in addition to that, the method of doing affiliate marketing using Solo Ads is not consistent nor stable such as is the method I recommend that depends on the FREE traffic mainly.


The best alternative and the best training to learn & apply affiliate marketing in any niche is a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform provides you with all the necessary training, tools and support in one place for NO EXTRA COST in order to learn and do affiliate marketing the right way through building your Brand & Authority.


The platform has two membership plans, and one of them is FREE so that you can try it before you pay. And you can even stick to the free plan forever.


The following screenshot is only for the first level of the Free Training which will allow you to understand how to do affiliate marketing the right way from the beginning, and will allow you to build two free websites easily (ZERO Technical Knowledge and ZERO Coding required), start building your brand and how to monetize your website:


The Money On Demand Mastery Alternative


This platform is absolutely the world’s most comprehensive and advanced platform that teaches you how to build a real and sustainable business in the affiliate marketing world by building your BRAND and AUTHORITY through your own website (Without Coding or Technical Experience!).


And when you add quality content on your website (you will learn how to do that in the free training), you will learn how to make it optimized so that it appears in the search engines such as Google and Yahoo when someone is looking for what you are promoting, exactly like when you found this very article you are reading here right now!


This is really an evergreen and stable strategy and the best way for doing affiliate marketing, as you don’t have to pay for the traffic like in solo ads.

And when people will come in to your website and learn about what you are promoting and buy through the link you place on your website, you will make you commission.


This is really the right way to do affiliate marketing, because the people who visit your website will perceive you as an AUTHORITY and as a BRAND, and they will trust you more and will be more responsive to your recommendations and promotions. Remember why you were looking for this review in the first place!


Also, remember that in Solo Ads method, you are limited to promoting products in few niches, while if you follow the method you will learn at wealthy affiliate, then you can apply it to any niche that you like, even if it was one of the hobbies that you have!


So, if you want to learn the method I recommend and start a REAL SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS, then you should join wealthy affiliate through my WA review here.


Or if you are completely new to the concept of Affiliate Marketing world, then you can read my ultimate guide for making money online in order to learn about it through the following button:


Ultimate Make Money Online Guide


Go and take action now and stop wasting your money AND time looking for fast unrealistic ways of making money while sleeping that doesn’t exist.


And if you have any question about this Money On Demand Mastery Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be answering you ASAP 🙂

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