The Job Quitter Review 2021

Honest The Job Quitter Review

Can you really make up to $500 per day working only 30 minutes thanks to a secret loophole or is The Job Quitter a scam?

This honest & Unbiased The Job Quitter review will help you know the answer to this question, how the program works, and whether if is safe to join it or not.


So, without further ado, let’s begin!

The Job Quitter Review Summary

  • Name: The Job Quitter
  • Website:
  • Founders: Richard Harper (Fake Name)
  • Price: $47-$67 to get started, but you might need to spend on tools and paid traffic.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 80 of 100 (Check out my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)

Summary: The Job Quitter is a legit program that teaches affiliate marketing as it provides something in return of the money, and there’s a 60-day money back guarantee. However, I don’t consider it my top recommended program to learn this model due to the reasons I will mention below, such as the fake founder and the hyped-up claims.


What Is The Job Quitter?

What Is The Job Quitter

The Job Quitter is an affiliate marketing training program that is supposed to teach you a secret loophole that will help you easily get targeted traffic to your offers so that you make up to $50 a day working only 30 minutes per day.

And if you don’t know how the affiliate marketing model works, then in a brief, it’s a performance based model that allows you to promote others’ products through a unique link (affiliate link), and get paid a commission on every sale you bring to them.

And it is easy to find affiliate offers to promote, but the most critical part is how you get web traffic (people) to see these offers and purchase from them.

And there are many ways of doing that, such as:

  • Starting a niche blog (like this one you are at right now), and creating helpful content about a certain topic, and recommending useful products to the readers so that they buy them through your link.
  • Starting a YouTube channel where you create helpful videos and tutorials about a specific industry and recommend useful products as an affiliate.
  • Building a landing page where you explain a certain product, and then driving targeted traffic with Facebook ads from people who might be interested in the product.
  • And many other ways.

And every method comes with certain advantages and difficulties, and each one has its own requirements.


How Does The Job Quitter Work?

How The Job Quitter Works
The Job Quitter teaches you making money with affiliate marketing, and it promises you a “secret loophole” that will help you easily get targeted traffic to your affiliate promotions and make sales and commissions of up to $500/day working only 30 minutes every day.

The Job Quitter Loophole
And as I have been in the world of affiliate marketing for many years now, I know that there’s no secret loophole that is so effective and so fast in getting results with this model as they promise you in The Job Quitter sales video.

Every method comes with a learning curve and requires time before bringing you real results.

These are similar to the claims in other programs I reviewed recently such as My Home Cash Club and 20 Minute Cash System, which promise you to make up to $500/day working only 20-30 minutes.

Making consistent money with affiliate marketing on the long run requires you to build a real online affiliate business, which is not hard, but it requires work, like how this platform taught me to do and now I’m making the most of my income with this model.

Forget about the magical push buttons and about copying and pasting links to make money with affiliate marketing, these are just claims that are used to sell such programs to people who are new to this field.


The Job Quitter Price

The cost to join The Job Quitter is advertised as $47, one-time payment on the sales page, but when you click to join the program, you get directed to the checkout page that shows the price as $67.

The Job Quitter Price

I really don’t like this confusion.

Anyway, there might be also costs associated to using tools and web hosting, and maybe paid traffic methods, as honestly, making money with affiliate marketing without a website, or using free traffic methods cannot bring such fast results.

However, there’s a 60-day money back guarantee on The Job Quitter program, but not on the tools and services you buy from elsewhere.

What I Like about The Job Quitter

  • It’s about affiliate marketing, which is a legitimate way of making money online.
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


What I Don’t Like about The Job Quitter

1 – Fake Founder

The guy who talks in the video on The Job Quitter website, who calls himself Richard Harper doesn’t show his face, and he only shows a photo that is supposed to be his.

However, after doing a reverse image search on Google, it turned out that this is just a stock photo that you can use for any purpose you want.

The Job Quitter Founder

Why doesn’t he show his real identity?

Maybe because he keeps selling low quality programs under different names to the same people.

I don’t like this practice as many founders of the low quality programs use it, unlike the recommended alternative in the last section of this Job Quitter review where you get to know the real founder behind it from the start.

2 – Unrealistic Income Cliams

They promise you in the video that you can make up to $500 a day working only 30 minutes.

The Job Quitter Fast Results

And in the same video they also tell you that you can make this money working only 5 minutes from your phone or laptop.

No Effort The Job Quitter

As I explained earlier, there’s no traffic method that brings you such results with affiliate marketing.

These claims are just used to get people who know nothing about online businesses to buy such programs.

3 – Fake Scarcity

They tell you that there’s only few spots left before the doors to join The Job Quitter are closed, and on the next day they say the same!

The Job Quitter Fake Scarcity

This is the same shady tactic used by many low quality programs like Click Wealth System and Home Cash Sites in order to evoke people to take action and join them without taking the time to find honest reviews about these programs like you have done and came to my honest review of The Job Quitter.

4 – Fake Income Screenshots

They show you a bank statement showing money in some account that shows name of the founder of The Job Quitter, but this is a fake name actually, which means that this statement is faked in order to fool you.

Fake Screenshots of The Job Quitter

5 – No Clear Info about The “Secret Loophole”

Honestly, there are no secret loopholes in this industry, but there are proven-to-work plans that you can follow.

The Secret Loophole is a term that is used to evoke curiosity and let people join such programs.


Who Is The Job Quitter for?

If you want to waste your time before you realize that there’s no secret loophole and ask for a refund, then go ahead and join The Job Quitter program.

Otherwise, check out the recommended alternative at the end of this review in order to learn the legitimate affiliate marketing model.


The Job Quitter Support

There’s a support email that is available to contact the team of The Job Quitter program if you need any help or to ask for the refund within 60 days of joining the program.


Conclusion – Is The Job Quitter a Scam or Legit?

The Job Quitter is not a scam, it’s a legitimate program as you get something in return of the money and there’s a money back guarantee.

However, it comes with many red flags as explained above in this review, which is why I don’t recommend wasting your time on it.

  • Name: The Job Quitter
  • Website:
  • Founders: Richard Harper (Fake Name)
  • Price: $47-$67 to get started, but you might need to spend on tools and paid traffic.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 80 of 100 (Check out my #1 recommended program 97 of 100)

This is my final conclusion of The Job Quitter review.


However, affiliate marketing is still my favorite method of making money online, and I personally do it to generate the most of my income, but I do it the right way, thanks to the program in the next section below.

A 100% Legitimate & Proven-to-Work Alternative to The Job Quitter?


As I explained earlier, if you want to do affiliate marketing properly and generate a consistent, long-term income, then you need to follow a proven-to-work plan.

And luckily, I have found that step-by-step plan, with all the necessary training, tools and support at one program that is called Wealthy Affiliate.

This is literally the place that you need to go in order to start and grow your affiliate marketing business successfully even if you were a total newbie, as they will provide you with all of the necessary training, support, and tools, but you need to learn and take action by yourself.

Magical push buttons and secret loophole don’t exist, period.

And all of what you get at this program is provided for an affordable monthly fee.

Even better, this alternative to The Job Quitter offers a free Starter plan to try it, which will also give you access to the first level of the training (10 complete lessons) that will explain the whole system for you.

The Job Quitter Alternative

If you are serious about making money with affiliate marketing, then check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here in order to learn more about this program and how you can start with the free plan to try it before putting any money.


And if you have any question about anything mentioned in this honest and unbiased Job Quitter review, please, leave it below in the comments’ section and I will do my best to answer you asap 🙂

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