The Asigo System Review [Honest & Unbiased]

The Asigo System Review - A Scam or Legit

Welcome my friend to The Asigo System Review for 2020!

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If you are looking for an honest and unbiased review of this program by Chris Much & Jay Quiz, then you have landed on the right website, because different from other reviews, I will give you my honest opinion and won’t just push you to join this expensive program in order to get a commission.

What is this program about? how does it work? And can it really take you from 0 to $100,000 in a year?

These questions and more I will be answering this review, so, bear with me till the end.

And if this is not for you, then in the last section of this review of the Asigo System, you will learn about my recommended alternative to learn how to start an online business from scratch and at a low cost.


Most important, make sure you read the “Be Careful of The Refund Policy” section below!

The Asigo System Review Summary

  • Name: The Asigo System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz
  • Price: $2,995 One-time payment or four payments of $995 each. Optional upsells are available: Monthly subscription of $195, and a one-time offer of $995-$9,995 one-time payment. No free membership or trial.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 80 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program in my guide 97 of 100)

Summary: The Asigo System is a legit program that helps you start your drop-servicing business and scale it up, but it is very expensive and not for everyone.


What Is The Asigo System?

The Asigo System is an online training program that will teach you how to start your own drop-servicing business from scratch and grow it all the way to $100,000 per year.

What Is The Asigo System

And if you don’t know what drop-servicing (dropshipping e-services) is, then in brief, it’s when you sell online services such as writing, graphic design, web design, seo, …etc., to clients, but you don’t fulfill the services by yourself, but instead, you hire freelancers who would do the work at a low cost and leave teh margin for you as a profit.

This is a new trending model that is growing currently, and you can make money with it if you put in the work consistently.

And The Asigo System is a program that is designed to show you how to start your own e-services store where you can attract clients who would buy your services, and how to get others to fulfill the services on your behalf at a cost that is lower than the price you charge to your clients.



How Does The Asigo System Work?

As explained earlier, The Asigo System works based on dropshipping e-services as follows:

  1. You research the market and decide on what service(s) you want to sell.
  2. You create your service packages and their prices.
  3. You build your online store and list your packages and setup the payment system.
  4. You attract prospects to your e-store to see your offers.
  5. When someone buys any of your packages and pays you, you go and hire someone else to do the job at a lower cost than the price and enjoy the margin (profit).

That’s how The Asigo System works in brief.

How The Asigo System Works

Chris Munch and Jay Quiz are going to show you, in a step-by-step fashion, how to do every step in details.


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Why Is Dropshipping e-Services a Good Model to Start Now?

The reason that dropshipping e-services is a good opportunity to take advantage of, is that this is a relatively new online model, and it is expected to grow in the near future, and there’s still not a lot of competition.

This means that the barriers of entry are lower and the profit margins could be higher than they will be anytime later after many people jump on the trend.

Is The Asigo System Worth it

Add to that the fact that with dropshipping e-services, you have the chance to get clients that would stick with you for months and pay you recurring fees, which means that you need to find fewer clients compared with other models like dropshipping physical products.



What You Get if You Join The Asigo System


1 – The Asigo Training Program

This is a training that will show you how the whole system works from finding your niche, to building your e-store, to finding clients and getting sales, to fulfilling the services and so on.

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2 – Your “Copy & Paste” e-service Dropshipping Store

A done-for-you complete sales funnel that you can use in order to create your own online store for selling e-services.

3 – The Asigo “Aim & Fire” Engagement Engine

This is a proven sequence that the early test students used to make over $2,079+/wk doing it manually, now this sequence is fully automated and ready to go to work for you.

This is supposed to connect your store with the necessary traffic source that will bring prospects interested in buying your services.

4 – Your Own “Special Version” of AmpiFire™ to Dropship

This is a software that is used to distribute a website or a web page on different online platforms and networks in order to get traffic.

When you join the Asigo System, you get the chance to dropship the services that you can fulfill with this software.

AmpiFire Asigo System Software

5 – The “24/7/365” Asigo Partner’s Concierge

This is the support that you should get in case that you join the Asigo System in order to get the help and answers you need.

6 – The Asigo “Aim & Fire” High-Ticket Sales Seeker

A software that is developed to help you automate some of the tasks and find high-paying clients faster.


The Asigo System Pricing Plans & Up-sells

The cost of joining the Asigo System is a one time payment of $2,995, or you can pay four monthly payments of $995 each.

In addition to that, there’s a monthly fee of $195 in order to maintain your e-store and funnels.

There’s an optional upsell, which costs anywhere from $995 to $9,995.

There’s no free membership or trial for the Asigo System.

The Asigo System Cost


Be Careful of The Refund Policy

And although they promise you a 60-day guarantee, where you might think that this is an unconditional guarantee, but actually, if you check out what is written on the sales page, you will understand that you need to perform specific tasks for 60 days and not get more than one sale per month before asking for a refund.

The Asigo System Guarantee

And worse, on the Terms of Service page, they tell you that their purchases made on their website are non-refundable, which is a bit confusing to me, especially when buying such an expensive program.

The Asigo System Refund Policy

If you want to join The Asigo System, join it at your own risk.


Pro’s & Con’s of The Asigo System


  • It teaches a new model that is still not so crowded.
  • A free ebook followed by a workshop is available.
  • Potential of making recurring payments from the same clients.
  • High-ticket services can be sold with this model.


  • The cost of the program is a bit high, not for everyone.
  • The refund policy on the sales page is conditional, meaning that you need to do certain tasks, everyday for 60 days and not get more than 1 sale per month before getting a refund. Add to that, the Terms of Service page says that payments made on the website are non-refundable, which is confusing.
  • They make things sound easier than they are, but the truth is that, as any other legit model, drop servicing needs continuous work in order to get clients and take care of them.


Who Is The Asigo System for?

The Asigo System can be good for those who want to start a drop-servicing business and don’t won’t to do or learn everything by themselves.

And of course, it is for those who can afford to pay $2,995 in advance, and $195/month before becoming profitable.


The Asigo System Support

The support is promised to be 24/7/365, but there’s not enough feedback about it since the program is still new.

Since there’s a monthly fee to keep using the system and the funnels, then the support should be decent in order to keep the members happy and keep them paying.


Conclusion – Is The Asigo System a Scam or Legit?

The Asigo System is not a scam, it is a legit program. However, The Asigo System is expensive and might not suit everyone who is looking to make money online.

  • Name: The Asigo System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz
  • Price: $2,995 One-time payment or four payments of $995 each. Optional upsells are available: Monthly subscription of $195, and a one-time offer of $995-$9,995 one-time payment. No free membership or trial.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 80 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program in my guide 97 of 100)

In case that you want to join The Asigo System, you can join it, but remember that you need to put the work on consistent basis in order to succeed.

Also, consider buying The Asigo System without the money back guarantee as it is conditional as I explained earlier.


However, in case that you don’t have the money to invest in the Asigo System, or in case that you want to follow a different model for making money online that is more beginner-friendly, more passive, and costs less than The Asigo System, then the following section is for you.

A 100% Legit & Affordable Alternative to The Asigo System?


As I explained earlier, the drop servicing or “dropshipping e-services” is a relatively new model that still isn’t crowded.

However, the model is not very passive and requires continuous work and attention, and might not be for everyone.

Add to that the high cost to join the Asigo System in order to learn and start your drop servicing business.

And since it’s not for everyone, I have written my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide that would help you learn about a better way of making money online by starting a legitimate and sustainable online business that you own, and one that is stable and can make you an income that you can increase overtime.

The alternative method to the Asigo System I recommend is a 100% legitimate one and millions of successful online entrepreneurs are making money with it, including myself.

In inside my Make Money Guide, you can learn about this method, and you will learn about the recommended place to start with this method, which is the same place I personally learned this method.

Even better, the place I recommend in my guide is an affordable one to join, and it will provide you with all the training, support and tools you need to build your business from scratch.

This is in addition to the amazing community of two million online entrepreneurs that are willing to help you whenever you need.

Add to that, my alternative offers a free membership to try it before risking any money.

You can check out my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide in order to learn about my alternative method and the recommended program to learn it:

The Asigo System Alternative

Go now and stop wasting your time on expensive programs that are very risky to join.

And in case that you have any question regarding this honest and unbiased Asigo System review, then please, leave them in the comments’ section below, and I will be happy to answer you asap.

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