Super Affiliate System Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit

Super Affiliate System Review - Is IT A Scam
Super Affiliate System Review - Is IT A Scam


You probably have seen the video ads on Facebook and YouTube and have been invited to join John Crestani’s new program and you are wondering if it is legit or just another scam. Join me in this detailed Super Affiliate System Review and I will show you what you might not find in other reviews. Make sure to read the section “What others don’t tell you” below.


But first of all:


Who Is The Founder Of SAS?


John Crestani is the founder of the Super Affiliate System. John is a smart and successful internet marketer who already made good money through affiliate marketing.

He has been featured on many known media channels and magazines such as Buisness Insider, Entrepreneur, Forbes, CBS and others.


Super Affiliate System Founder In Media


John has been around for a while and has a good reputation, this means that he is not just another scam and you really can learn a lot from him. However, joining his Super Affiliate System Program might enforce some limitations on you. This is why I recommend you to continue reading until the end of this review, especially the section “What Others Don’t Tell You” as I will show you what limitations I’m talking about that other bloggers are not telling you.


Super Affiliate System Review – Rankings


  • Name: Super Affiliate System (SAS) (Click Here To Join!)
  • Website: imjetset.com
  • Founders: John Crestani
  • Training & Resources: 86 of 100
  • Support: 85 of 100
  • Success Stories – Testimonials: 88 of 100
  • Affiliate Program: 88 of 100
  • Price: $997/month + Additional Costs for Tools
  • Legit/Scam: Legit


Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 87 of 100. (Check my # 1 Recommendation – 97 of 100)


>>>Click Here To Join The Super Affiliate System<<<


Overview – What Is The Super Affiliate System?


The Super Affiliate System is about leveraging the Paid traffic such as PPC ads on Bing and Google, Social Media ads, YouTube ads, Native ads, Solo ads, …etc. in order to make money as an affiliate. Here are the components of the Super Affiliate System Modules:


1 – Course Material: This is a quick guide on the course that provides you with the main tools and services you will use. It contains the following modules:

  • Full Course Outline: A tour on the whole SAS course modules and how to go through it.
  • Targeting Data: These are the data that you can use in specific campaigns to target the right audience in order to become profitable with less testing.
  • Ad Swipes: Ad copies that you can use. John has tested these already and he knows that they are the highest converting, so, no need for you to make lots of testing for yourself
  • Pre-sell Pages: Landing Pages to which you send people before you send them to the offer page. These are to warm up the prospects and make it easier to convert them into buyers.
  • Affiliate Networks: These are the networks that John recommends you to join so that you promote their offers. (Important: Check the section “What Other Bloggers Don’t Tell You” below).
  • Ad Networks: These are the traffic sources that you will use to drive traffic to your offers.

SAS Targeting Data - 1




SAS Targeting Data - 2


2 – Week One – The System Setup: This section is about starting your journey by setting goals, and taking the first actual steps of building your website and landing pages, joining affiliate networks and working with them and setting up Facebook ads campaigns.

Super Affiliate System Training Components

This includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to Week 1
  • Setting a goal: Setting target to achieve with your campaigns.
  • How to join affiliate networks: About the process of applying to the affiliate networks and getting accepted. John will make this part easier since he already has some arrangements with these networks.
  • How to set-up your site: The technical guide on how to build your website and customize it.
  • How to set-up your presell page: How to build or upload the Landing Pages into your website.
  • How to set-up Facebook ads: A guide on how to use Facebook ads properly so that you don’t waste lots of money on the many options Facebook provides.
  • How to work with affiliate networks: A guide on how to work with the affiliate networks so that you abide by their rules and not get banned.


3 – Week 2 – Understanding The System: This week’s training is about scaling your business into a 6-Figures one.

In this section you will find useful lessons that are dedicated to help you acquire the Millionaire Mindset and understand why many Entrepreneur fail while the already established Franchises succeed.

He shows you how to develop the abundance mentality and ditch the scarcity mentality. And finally, how to set up a system for your online business and be able to grow it even further.

Here are the components of this week’s modules:

  • Introduction to Week 2
  • How To Earn Your First 6-Figures
  • The Missing Ingredient 99% Miss
  • Unlock the Millionaire Mindset
  • Why 85% of Franchises Succeed & Most Entrepreneurs Fail
  • What is Even More Lucrative Than a Franchise Business
  • How to License a Proven & Profitable Online Business


4 – Week 3 – Marketing And Skills: This section is about learning how to do copywriting the right way that will get you the most sales and commissions.

It also teaches you how to measure the performance of your ads and optimize them accordingly.

Following are the components of Week 3 modules:

  • How To Write Good Copy
  • Advanced Copywriting
  • My 17-Step Copywriting Formula
  • How To Optimize Ads
  • Advanced Optimization


5 – Week 4 – Facebook & Google Ads: This week is about learning FB & Google Ads in details, how to stay compliant with FB requirements, and how to measure the performance of your campaigns.

Week 3 the modules of this week:

  • Introduction to Week 4
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ad Compliance
  • Important Metrics In Advertising
  • Google Adwords Part 1
  • Google Adwords Part 2
  • FB Ads w/ Brian Pfeiffer (CEO of Marketing Meathead and one of John’s students)


6 – Week 5 – YouTube & Native Ads: This week is about utilizing YouTube Ads and Native Ads from different networks in order to expand your reach to the possible customers.

Week 3 the modules of Week 5:

  • How to Setup MGID Native Ads
  • How to Setup Outbrain Native Ads
  • How to Setup Voluum DSP Native Ads
  • How to Setup YouTube Ads
  • FB Ads w/ Tim Burd


7 – Week 6 – Scaling And Automation: So, after you have learned how to run ads on different platforms and how to read the numbers, you are now ready to scale your campaigns and make more money.

This section includes also case studies of successful campaigns.

These are the modules of this week’s training:

  • Introduction to Week 6
  • How to Use Survey Funnels (Funnels that contain surveys, and then, an Email sequence personalized based on the survey answers)
  • $240k Solar Case Study
  • Scaling Campaigns from 1-20k
  • How To Utilize Media Buyers (Buying targeted advertising time and space at different media channels such as:TV, Radio, Magazines, …etc.)
  • Student Loan Case Study


Super Affiliate System Training Components 2

8 – Week 7 – More Ad Campaigns: This part is about utilizing Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Taboola Native Ads to reach more people.

  • How To setup Bing Ads
  • How To setup Linkedin Native Ads
  • How To setup Linkedin Text Ads
  • How To setup Taboola Native Ads


9 – Week 8 – Implementing The System: This week is about starting to look to the Whole Picture and knowing how to research niches properly, choosing profitable offers, finding the right advertising platform for these offers, and networking with others in order to reach more customers.

The modules of this training are the following:

  • The Right Mindset for Success
  • How to Research Your Niche
  • How to Choose Your Offer
  • How to Choose Your Ad Network
  • Researching niches online
  • How to Network Effectively
  • Understanding Intent


10 – Week 9 – Advanced Software And Tools: This section is not completed at the moment. It is still being built.


11 – Week 10 – More Affiliate Programs: Not completed yet.


12 – Optimization Diaries: This section is about how to optimize Native Ads on the following Networks:

  • Taboola
  • MGID
  • VoluumDSP


13 – Ready To Launch Campaigns: This is a set of campaigns that John has already found to be successful and evergreen. He provides the necessary ad copies for you to use on different platforms along with the targeting data and resources provided in the first section of the Super Affiliate System.

Week 3 the categories of these campaigns:

  • Probiotic
  • Skincare
  • Brain Enhancement
  • Diabetes
  • German Muscle
  • French Diet
  • German Diet
  • Business Opportunity


SAS Ready To Launch Campaigns


14 – Weekly Webinars: These are the weekly live webinars that are mostly conducted by John himself, and sometimes, with guests that are experienced in certain marketing areas.

The webinars are also recorded and replays are available for the members.


Super Affiliate System Bonus: Signing Up to the Super Affilitae System grants you a free access to John’s first training course: Internet Jetset, which used to be sold separately.

Internet Jetset is about building authority niche or reviews websites and leveraging the free traffic methods in order to get traffic to your website. Here’s a look at the training material. And you can check my Internet Jetset Review for more details.


Super Affiliate System Bonus


What Others Don’t Tell You About The Super Affiliate System


There are two main points that other bloggers don’t tell you in their reviews about the super affiliate system:

1 – John mentions clearly that you have to work with one of the two affiliate programs he recommends. Otherwise, he will refund you and get you out of the program.

This means that mostly, john will also get commissions on every sale you make to those programs, and he doesn’t hide that. But it still means that you are limited in your choices.


Super Affiliate System Limitations


However, since john reserves the right to get you out of the program if you don’t take consistent action, this means that he is really going to follow up on your performance and results and he will get you stay on the track, which is an advantage.

He is not after selling you the course and setting back. He is motivated to make learn well and take action and succeed.

Don’t forget that he will provide with useful resources such as the Targeting Data, Pre-sell Pages, Ad Swipes, Ready to Launch Campaigns and a smoother approach into applying and getting approved by the affiliate networks. Not everyone does that.


2 – John mentions AWOL Academy as the most recommended affiliate program, and even though they have a good program with recurring commissions on all the upsells the customers will buy, but still you can’t join their affiliate program unless you are a member yourself.

The lowest membership cost is $99.

In addition, they have a two-tier affiliate programs, which means that if your referrals bring more customers through their affiliate links, you get also commissions for that. This makes it partially look as a MLM network even though it has its own products.

AWOL Academy Membership for Super Affiliate System



Super Affiliate System Pro’s & Con’s



  • John is really experienced and can teach you how to make money.
  • A comprehensive step-by-step training on the Paid Advertising methods for Affiliate Marketing.
  • Useful Targeting Data is included and tested Ad Swipes and Pre-sell Pages in some niches and for some offers are provided to save time and money on you.
  • The Paid advertising methods are scalable in many niches.
  • In the webinar that allows you to register into the training, John mentions that the Money Back Guarantee period allows him to kick you out of the program and refund you in full. This is if he felt like if you don’t want to put the time and effort and take action. Which is good because this will keep you on track. However, This also is related to the first points in the Con’s below.
  • If you are in USA or Canada, then you can pay with PayPal Credit which gets you an access to the program and gives you a window of six months to pay them the cost of the program with no interest.
  • The Program is backed by a money-back-guarantee for 30 days from ClickBank. This is why you might give it a try if you are serious. The only way to register is after you attend the webinar and watch it till the end. Click here to register.



  • John wants you to work only with the Affiliate Programs he recommends if you want to join his system and use the data resources he provides, or he will get you out of the program and refund you in full. This means less flexibility.
  • John is promoting AWOL Academy as his favorite affiliate program. However, in order to join their affiliate program, you have to get a paid membership (lowest cost is $99).
  • In addition to the high-ticket program pricing. You still need to use external tools such as: Web Hosting, Clickfunnels (minimum $97/month) and as I mentioned, the AWOL Academy membership.
  • John shares his affiliate links to the tools he recommends such as: Bluehost, Clickfunnels, Solo Ads services, …etc. which means that he will make recurring commissions if you sign up for these through his affiliate links. Although there’s a clear disclaimer about this on the website, but I don’t like that fact that he will make commissions after selling a high-ticket course.

Super Affiliate System Duration

  • The price of the program is $997. John mentions in his webinar that you get an access to the resources and targeting data available only for a year! Then what?? another $997 membership? not clear.





SAS Audience


The Super Affiliate System is for those who want to make faster affiliate commissions than it is with the free traffic methods. Also, they should have the money to invest in the training program, pay for the necessary tools, and most important, pay for the traffic.

Now for the last one, once you become profitable in a certain campaign, you can use the profit itself in order to scale or try other campaigns.

But also, SAS is for those who are willing to put the time and effort and apply what they learn consistently, not just watch and learn and then go and buy another training program. If you are one of the action takers, then click here to sign up for the webinar and then join the program.


Super Affiliate System Pricing


The SAS costs originally $1997, but if you watch the introductory webinar to the end, john offers you to register through the webinar for $997. And again, you can pay with PayPal Credit if you are in USA or Canada, which gives you six months allowance period to pay them back with zero interest.

At the end of the webinar, John mentions that the access to the resources available such as the targeting data and the ad swipes is limited for one year. which means that you might need to pay again at the end of the first year.


But remember that you still need to pay for the website hosting ($36/year), Clickfunnels ($97/month), and AWOL Academy membership ($99).

The program has 30-Days money back guarantee, which means no risk. If you are willing to take the chance, then register to the webinar and attend it to the end as this is the only way to go to the checkout page and pay for the program. Click Here to register now.


SAS Money Back Guarantee


>>>Click Here To Join The Super Affiliate System<<<


However, if you don’t have this amount of money and you can’t spend on ads before you get profitable in the first campaign, then my advice is to go after the free traffic and build an authority website.


You can do this by joining Wealthy Affiliate, which has a free plan that allows you to build two websites on free domain names, an access to an advanced keyword research tool called Jaaxy, and a basic training in affiliate marketing that will help you start creating content for your website that will rank on the search engines. No prior knowledge is required.

They also have a paid membership for $49/month, or $359/year (becomes $30/month), which allows you to host 50 websites with SSL certificate, unlimited access to the keyword research tool and many other benefits. Click Here to read my review of wealthy affiliate. Or see the table below for a comparison.



SAS Support


The support includes three main channels:

  1. Help Desk Support.
  2. Email Support.
  3. Facebook Group.

However, remember that for the external tools, you have to contact the support team of each one individually if you have any issue.

While at wealthy affiliate, and since all the necessary tools are available inside the platform, then you don’t need to interact with external parties. And the support there is incredible.


Super Affiliate System Testimonials


The Facebook group has many testimonials from people who joined the program. And so is the sales page of the system. Here are some:


SAS Testimonials 1


SAS Testimonials 2

Conclusion – Is The Super Affiliate System A Scam Or Legit


The Super Affiliate System is clearly NOT a scam. It teaches you how to make money with paid traffic and how to optimize and scale you campaigns. It is good if you have the money to invest in it.


>>>Click Here To Join The Super Affiliate System<<<


If you are still not sure about joining them, then remember that you have a 30-Days money back guarantee through ClickBank. This is why you might give it a try. Click here to start.


But if you don’t have the money to invest in it, then my advice is to go with Wealthy Affiliate as it costs much less and it even have a free plan with the training and all the necessary tools for affiliate marketing that allow you to start your business in affiliate marketing for no cost. Click here to join after reading my detailed review.


Super Affiliate System Alternative


If you still need more information, let me know in the comments below and I will make sure to answer you as soon as possible 🙂

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  1. Thanks for your review of the super affiliate system!

    I was looking at doing that but I think you may have saved me a lot of money. I am sure that it works, but as you state, there are a few extra costs, which aren’t apparent before joining, to consider and of course the unknown of what happens after the year membership is up. 

    I know there’s the 30-day money back guarantee, but it’s not cheap and with the added costs, I think I will give it a miss.

    • Hello Gaz and thank you for your comment!

      I’m glad to hear that my reviews are helping people who are looking for opportunities to make money online. Especially field has got the attention of many “gurus” out there to start their own overpriced training programs.

      Although the Super Affiliate System is a legit one and John is a smart and successful marketer, but I think the system is a bit expensive.

      If you are just starting, I recommend that you join wealthy affiliate instead.

      Let me know if you need any help!


  2. Well the course material and the system look excellent – a very interesting marketing module. The one thing that stands out, and slightly worries me, is the price on the whole thing – at first I thought it was a typo!!

    I’m not being funny, but who could afford $997 a month on top of additional expenditure on tools needed to succeed?

    Do you think this is a slightly overpriced training course when compared to other similar systems/education out there?

    • Thank you Chris for your comment and question!

      Honestly, yes! I think that it’s a bit overpriced, especially that it doesn’t include the tools you will need to use.

      However, the good point is that you are provided with data for successful campaigns and converting ad copies that will save you money in the testing phase. Which is a bit unique about this training program.

      I have seen some training courses in the dropshipping niche that are being sold for the same or even double the price of the Super Affiliate System!!!

      In my opinion, if you already have another stream of online income and you afford to risk at least $2000-3000. Then you can go for the system. Otherwise, doing affiliate marketing through blogging as you learn on wealthy affiliate is the best way to start making money online.

      All the best!


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