Stream Store Cloud Review 2020

Honest StreamStore Cloud Review
Can you really make anything with the Amazon affiliate stores that you create with this software or is the StreamStore Cloud just a scam?

This honest & unbiased Stream Store Cloud Review will tell you the truth about this program and if was worth it to purchase it or not.

And if this is not something that you should get, then in the last section of this review, you’ll learn about my recommended alternative to the StreamStore software.


So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Stream Store Cloud Review Summary

  • Name: Stream Store Cloud (StreamStore Cloud Software)
  • Website:
  • Founders: Ariel Sanders
  • Price: $27 One-time payment for the front end, optional upsells available starting from $37/month, to $567 one-time payment. 60-Day money back guarantee available.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 92 of 100

Summary: Stream Store Cloud software is a legit tool and it can save you lots of time and effort while creating Amazon affiliate stores, but you need to promote them by yourself.

And despite that there’s an auto article generator that comes with StreamStore Cloud, but I believe that you need to revise and edit the content by yourself if you want to get seo traffic.


What Is StreamStore Cloud?

What Is Stream Store CloudStreamStore Cloud is a software that you can use to automatically create Amazon affiliate stores in few minutes by doing small actions, as you will see in the following section.

And if you don’t know what Amazon affiliate stores are, then in brief, these are websites that normal people own (affiliate marketers), where they show specific products in a certain category, which they recommend to their audience to buy them from Amazon, and they link to those products pages on Amazon through a unique link (affiliate link).

And if someone visits those stores, click on a link that takes them from that affiliate store to Amazon and purchases the product, the Amazon affiliate store owner gets a commission (affiliate commission).

What Does StreamStore Do

So basically, StreamStore Cloud software helps you make money with Amazon through affiliate marketing, which is a legitimate business model, and my favorite way of making money online.


How Does StreamStore Cloud Work?

StreamStore Cloud software and tool works by helping you create Amazon affiliate sites that automatically pull out products from Amazon marketplaces, put them on your site or store, and allow people to shop from these products while on your site, and when they decide to check out, the get directed to Amazon to pay, so that you get a commission.

How StreamStore Cloud Works

And this is a very smart way of getting affiliate sites ready with little effort, but everything that is so easy, although it might work and help you make money, but it comes with a price in the shape of limitations, as I will explain later in this StreamStore Cloud review.


How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store with StreamStore Cloud?

To start your first Amazon affiliate store with StreamStore Cloud software, you to follow these simple steps:

1 – Get The StreamStore Cloud Program

Start with StreamStore CloudYou will be asked here to enter the name you want for your store, and the URL that will stand for the subdomain of your store.

For example, your store name here in the screenshot is “Super”, and the URL will be “”

2 – Enter Your Amazon Affiliate ID

You get this ID by joining Amazon’s affiliate program, and your ID will be a unique one that no other affiliate has, which helps Amazon know which customers you referred to them so that they give you a commission on what those customers purchase.

The nice thing is that StreamStore Cloud allows you to add your Amazon affiliate ID from the different Amazon affiliate programs, as they have a separate program for each marketplace they own like the,,, …etc.

StreamStore Amazon Affiliate Integration

This means that from wherever you bring people to your store, you can still get a commission if they head to their country-specific Amazon site to buy.

3 – Select The Category/ies of Products You Want to Promote

For better conversions, you are recommended to make your store about a specific niche, audience, or industry, and list related products for that segment only, instead of having all sorts of products on the same store.

This helps increase conversions as people will associate with your store when they visit it and find most of the products related to them.

And here, you need to tell StreamStore Cloud what category of products you want to promote on your Amazon store, so that it will fetch them for you.

How to Create a StreamStore

And for better conversions, you might choose one of the done-for-you StreamStore templates that associates with your niche or audience.

For example, if your store is about pets, you might consider the Pets template, and if your store is about watches, you better select the Watches template, and so on.

DFY StreamStore Templates

And the result will be a store that contains products from the category you selected, with a general theme that associates with these products and with your target customer, like the following example of a product related to kid toys, fashion, and luggage.

StreamStore Cloud Example

And all of these products will have your affiliate links, so that when someone clicks on a product and goes to Amazon to purchase it, you get a commission from Amazon.


And now the next question is:

How Do You Get Visitors to Your Amazon StreamStore?

This is the critical part, as without a targeted traffic to your affiliate website, you can’t really make money.

And there are many ways of driving traffic to your affiliate store, such as using paid ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, …etc., or it could be by using free traffic methods like placing normal posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora, Medium, and linking back to your StreamStore.

Or you could try to optimize your store for SEO in order to get organic and free traffic from Google and other search engines, but this method requires you to put in more effort as the automatically-generated content that the StreamStore Cloud software will create is not a human-generated content, and this makes it a bit difficult to rank on search engines.

There’s a feature in StreamStore Cloud program that allows you to easily generate articles that are supposed to rank on search engines, but I recommend that you revise them and edit them to make them more humanized before publishing them.


Stream Store Cloud Pricing Plans & Up-sells

The cost of getting StreamStore Cloud is $27, one-time payment, and your store will be hosted on their cloud servers, which means that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee like it is if you build an affiliate site that requires hosting.

But it is unclear for how long you get the hosting from them in exchange of this one payment, is it for a year, two, or more?

There’s a 60-day money back guarantee that comes with purchasing StreamStore Cloud through any of the links on this review. (Normally, it is only a 30-day guarantee).

Get Stream Store Cloud

There are different optional upsells that come with purchasing StreamStore Cloud, as follows:

1 – StreamStore Upsell #1: StreamStore Club: $37-$47/month.

This upsell allows you to build unlimited stores, it gives you 10 store DFY templates added to your dashboard every month you keep paying, a monthly database with trending products, and an SSL certificate to your Stream Stores.

Stream Store Upsells

2 – StreamStore Upsell #2: Social Autoposter: $67-$97 One-payment.

This upsell is an easy-to-use software that you can use to automatically post on different social media platforms such as: FB, Twitter, Pinterest, …etc., in order to bring targeted visitors to your store.

3 – StreamStore Upsell #3: Agency: $267-$567 One-payment.

This StreamStore Cloud upsell gives you the right to sell Store-Service to others who have online or local businesses, allow your clients to register their own account with StreamStore.

You can charge your clients for this service, which helps you increase your income.


What I Like about Stream Store Cloud Program

  • It’s about affiliate marketing, my favorite passive income model.
  • A smart way to get an affiliate store build easily and quickly.
  • Cloud-hosted, which means that you don’t need to pay for hosting yourself.
  • Useful features and done-for-you templates that can save you lots of times.
  • Connects with all Amazon marketplaces and directs the visitor to a landing page and marketplace based on their country.
  • No need to get Amazon’ API keys or links by yourself.
  • The upsells are really useful.
  • The pricing of the StreamStore Cloud front end and upsells is reasonable.
  • 60-Day money back guarantee if you join it through any of the links on this StreamStore review.
  • Easy to use and clean user dashboard.

StreamStore Cloud Dashboard

What I Don’t Like about Stream Store Cloud Program

  • It works only with Amazon’s affiliate program, which I don’t recommend being the only affiliate program to join as it pays low commissions, in addition to many other reasons I think that Amazon’s affiliate program is not worth it anymore.
  • You still need to do some work to get traffic, and this means either using paid ads, or getting free traffic from social networks, which requires continuous effort.
  • When it comes to seo, like with WP Affiliate Machine, getting everything from Amazon to your store will make it difficult to rank on search engines due to duplicate content issues, and even the auto-generated content articles, you still need to edit them by yourself to make sure that they make human sense and they are readable.
  • Amazon affiliate stores are not the best kind of affiliate sites that convert the best as they are almost a replication of what is on the Amazon marketplace itself, while content marketing through blog posts is a more efficient way in my opinion. (Check out the last section in this review to learn about this method)
  • You don’t own your store since it is built on the StreamStore Cloud servers, and you can’t take it with you to a server that you want like it is with WordPress affiliate sites.


Who Is StreamStore Cloud for?

StreamStore Cloud can be a good program to get in order to get started with Amazon affiliate marketing easily and quickly, but remember that you need to learn how to get traffic.

The second upsell is nice because it helps you by automatically posting on social media platforms in order to get visitors to your Stream Store, but it won’t be as effective way to get consistent sales.

If you are a beginner and want a quick way to start an Amazon affiliate store, but drive traffic by yourself, then go for it.

But if you want a more long-term approach and a more secure one, then my alternative in the last section of this Stream Store review is for you.


StreamStore Cloud Support

The user dashboard is easy to use, and with few, easy steps, you can get your first Amazon affiliate store up and running with StreamStore Cloud.

But in case that you need any help, you can contact the desk help support of Stream Store Cloud through the email on their website.


Conclusion – Is StreamStore Cloud a Scam or Legit?

StreamStore Cloud is not a scam, it’s a legitimate program that helps you easily and quickly start an Amazon affiliate store and fill it with products with your affiliate link with few clicks of a button.

  • Name: Stream Store Cloud (StreamStore Cloud Software)
  • Website:
  • Founders: Ariel Sanders
  • Price: $27 One-time payment for the front end, optional upsells available starting from $37/month, to $567 one-time payment. 60-Day money back guarantee available.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 92 of 100

But as I explained earlier, StreamStore Cloud comes with limitations and some risks.

This is my final conclusion of this Stream Store Cloud Review.


However, this program is good as a start, but if you want a more sustainable and secure way to make money with affiliate marketing, then the following section is for you.

A More Lucrative & Sustainable Alternative to Stream Stores?


This is not against purchasing the StreamStore Cloud program, don’t get me wrong!

But as I explained earlier, Amazon’s affiliate program has many disadvantages and low commissions, and the method of Amazon affiliate stores is not so seo-friendly like it is with content marketing through blog posts and reviews like I do in this review you are reading about the StreamStore Cloud program itself.

Also, creating an affiliate site on a platform that you don’t own comes with some risks, unlike building a WordPress affiliate site, like this site you are on right now, which you can move anywhere you want.

You can join StreamStore Cloud if you want as a start, but if you want a more sustainable approach to affiliate marketing, then I recommend that you build a WordPress site (doesn’t require coding), and create helpful content and reviews and rank them on search engines through seo.

And to do so properly, you need the following:

  • A step-by-step plan.
  • A quality, detailed training program.
  • A powerful web hosting with support.
  • An easy website builder to start your site with no hassle.
  • Research and content creation tools.

And luckily, I found all of these at one place, a platform that is called Wealthy Affiliate, which is where I personally learned affiliate marketing years ago.

And although this platform comes with a monthly fee, but it is very affordable and even low, if you want to build a more sustainable and secure affiliate business, especially that they give you all what is mentioned above in training, tools, support and more, for only the monthly fee without upsells or hidden fees.

Even better, the have a free plan to try it before paying anything, which will give you access to the first level of the training (10 lessons).

Stream Store Cloud Alternative

If you are interested in building a sustainable affiliate marketing business, then this is the way to go.

Check out this review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform to learn more about them and how you can start with the free Starter plan.


And if you have any question about what I mentioned in this Stream Store Cloud review, please, leave it in the comments’ section below and I will do my best to answer you asap 🙂

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