Spring Profits Review – [The Truth] That Daniel Didn’t Tell You!

Spring Profits Review
Wondering if the guy who calls himself Daniel has really made $3,912,383.11 in three years selling T-shirts with Teespring or if he is a true scam? This detailed Spring Profits Review will let you know the truth about this guy and about the “testimonials” you saw in the video on their sales page.


I know how it feels to hear such claims and promises when you are struggling trying to make your first dime online, and how you want to believe these claims and “give this program a try, it might be legit this time”.


I have been in your place!


But I also know that you felt that there’s something unrealistic about these claims, and that’s why you started looking for Spring Profits reviews in order to see if this system is a scam or legit.


Congrats! You are in the right place.


I will show you here the truth about the claims that you heard in the sales video of this program by “Daniel Green”.


And I will help you know how you can really make money online by building a real business that you own, and one that can make you money for years to come IF you put the time and effort to consistently work on learning and applying what you learn.


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Spring Profits Review Summary

  • Name: Spring Profits System
  • Website: www.SpringProfits.com
  • Founders: Daniel Green
  • Price: $37 for the front end. There might be optional upsells, and you will need to spend on PAID web traffic.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but not my recommendation (Keep reading to know why!)


Overall Online Passive Income Guide Rating: 75 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommended Program In My Guide 97 of 100)


What Is Spring Profits?

Spring Profits is a training program that is supposed to help you make $25,000 per week working only 10 minutes everyday on your computer.


The irony, “Daniel” tells you that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. LOL!

What Is Spring Profits System

And although the method that is taught in the Spring Profits System is a legit way of making money online, and although you can make lots of money with it if you learn the method properly and make consistent effort, but I don’t understand how can he tell you that you can make up to $25k every week working only ten minutes a day and claiming that he’s not inviting you into joining a get-rich-quick scheme!


This method requires lots of work and doing different tasks and hours of daily work in order to start making thousands with it.


And even after that, these thousands are not all profits. Actually, a small portion of them is pure profit.


More about this in the few coming sections.


How Does Spring Profits Exactly Work?

The method that is followed in the Spring Profits Program in order to make money online depends on doing what is called Print On Demand Dropshipping.


And if you don’t know what this is, then here’s a brief:


It is an e-commerce business model that allows you to create your own custom designs and place them on different products such as: t-shirts, mugs, leggings, bags, …etc., and market them to people who might be interested in buying them.


And when someone purchases something and pays you, then you pay a third party company in order to create the product with your design printed on it, and get the item shipped to the end customer on your behalf.

How Spring Profits Works


And in steps, this is how Spring Profits system works:

  1. You create a custom design and place it on a specific product (t-shirt, leggings, mug, …etc.) that is sold by a third party called Teespring, specify the price and launch the product in their market.
  2. Use the different possible ways in order to bring people who might be interested in buying this product with your design on it through the different paid traffic methods.
  3. When someone buys the product and pays for it, the third party company (Teespring) will fulfill the order by printing the design you created on the product and shipping the product directly to the end customer without you touching anything.
  4. If the customer complains about the product or asks for a refund, the third party company will take care of everything on your behalf.
  5. After the customer receives the product and accepts it, the third party company will deduct their cost of fulfilling the order from the selling price that the customer paid, and will give you your profit.

Selling Products With Spring Profits


And this is a great way of making money online, where you don’t have to handle any of the customer support by yourself or even touch the product.


Your focus will be on doing the following tasks:

  • Researching the market and finding compelling ideas for the designs.
  • Creating the designs by yourself or by hiring freelancers to do them for you.
  • Placing the designs on the products and launching them in the third party’s marketplace for the price you decide.
  • Doing the marketing and driving targeted web traffic to your products from people who might be interested in buying these products with your designs on them.
  • Testing the performance of your campaigns and optimizing them, cutting the losing ones and scaling up the winning ones.
  • Rinse and repeat.


And these steps are absolutely doable, and you can learn how to do them, but they cannot be done by working 10 minutes a day!


This is the problem with the Spring Profits Program, they are not being honest with you about what it takes to make money with the print on demand model.


Each one of the tasks above requires consistent work and you will need to spend hours on daily basis in order to make money with this method.


And another thing, you need to bring targeted web traffic to your designs, which means that you need to pay for advertising, and you might not be profitable in the beginning until you test different designs and different ad campaigns before you find a compelling design the people love, and start making profit.


And from the money you get from the customers, you still need to pay for the following:

  • The third party company for the cost of creating the product and for the shipping.
  • The advertising networks such as: Google ads, Facebook ads, …etc.
  • The payment gateway for the processing fee.
  • And you probably will need to pay for a professional designer if you can’t make the designs by yourself.


Which means, depending on the performance of your marketing campaigns, your profit margin could be very small, and if you are not good at doing the marketing part, then you might even be losing money.


So, the numbers that you saw in the screenshots in the sales video, if not fabricated, are mostly spent on the above mentioned costs.


And regarding the testimonials, check the “What I Don’t Like About Spring Profits Program” below.


What I Like About Spring Profits Program

  • It is about a legitimate business model, print on demand dropshipping.
  • The front end cost of joining the program is low $37, and there’s a 60-days money back guarantee if you join through this link.


What I Don’t Like About Spring Profits Program

Not sure where to start from, but let’s go with the sales video:


1 – Fake, Made-up Testimonials From PAID Actors



This guy claims that he made over $400,000 in four months and that he already bought a house.


Now in addition to the fact that if someone makes this money with this method, then as I explained earlier, this is not all profit, but also this guy is actually a PAID actor that you can hire from fiverr.com in order to record whatever you ask him to say.


The screenshot below is from his profile on Fiverr, and the same applies to the other guys:


Spring Profits Testimonials

Unfortunately, this is a common practice between those who try to sell you their crappy program that don’t deliver.


If you could really make lots of money with the Spring Profits System, then why would “Daniel Green” pay to actors in order to create fake testimonials?!


2 – Unrealistic Claims Of Hyped-Up Results For Very Little Work

They tell you that you can make up to $25,000 a week working only 10 minutes a day.

Time Needed For Spring Profits Program


As I explained earlier, this method still needs lots of work in order to do several takes everyday in order to make hundreds of dollars in sales, then how about thousands?!!


3 – Misleading & Incomplete Information

As I explained earlier, they show you screenshots of huge revenue, but they don’t tell you that there are lots of costs behind making these sales, which might make you only a small fraction in profits.


4 – Who Is Daniel Green

The founder of Spring Profits doesn’t show his face, and there’s no available information about him on the web.


How can you know if this is even his real name?!


5 – One Small Payment?!

They tell you that you only need to pay $37 in order to work on this method, but they don’t tell you that you still need to pay for the traffic in order to bring people to your designs until you find a winning design that makes you money!


And this is assuming that you did the designs by yourself without hiring anyone.


6 – You Don’t Own Teespring

Different from having your own website or online store, you are building your whole business on a third party platform that you don’t own.


This has two main risks:

  • If the owners of this platform decide to either shut it down for any reason, change their policies or their prices, or close your account for some copyright infringement issue, you risk losing your business overnight.
  • The customers you bring, the become Teespring customers more than they are your customers. What if someone doesn’t buy your design, and instead, they buy someone else’s design that is sold on Teespring? You paid for the traffic, right?!


And in addition to that, even if they buy your design, then it is Teespring who gets their email address, and they can market to them later for buying others’ products.


While if you have your own website or store as it is in the expensive training called Print Profits, you get the details of that customer and you can market to them again later.


I don’t recommend that you build your entire business on a platform that you don’t own.


Who Is Spring Profits For?

For those who want to make money online without having their own website or store, but they still want to put the time and effort creating designs and doing marketing campaigns and finally, not getting the results they expected after they have watched the sales video of the Spring Profits System.


Spring Profits Price & Up-sells

The cost of the front end of the Spring Profits system is $37 one-time payment. There might be optional upsells later.


And the program offers a 60-Days unconditional money back guarantee, which makes it safe if you join it through this link.


However, you still need to pay for the advertising campaigns and for the designs if you can’t create them by yourself.


The Support

Since the program is still new, there’s not enough feedback about its support.


Conclusion – Is Spring Profits A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Spring Profits System
  • Website: www.SpringProfits.com
  • Founders: Daniel Green
  • Price: $37 for the front end. There might be optional upsells, and you will probably need to spend on PAID web traffic.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit, but not my recommendation for the reasons mentioned earlier.


Overall Online Passive Income Guide Rating: 75 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommended Program In My Guide 97 of 100)


Spring Profits is NOT a scam since you actually get a training in exchange for the money you pay.


However, just because you get something in return doesn’t mean that you should purchase the program, as you will get disappointed when you don’t get the results they mentioned in the program.


Due to the unrealistic claims, FAKE testimonials, the founder who doesn’t show his face, and the actual cost that you need to pay on ads before making any profit, then I can’t consider Spring Profits my #1 recommended program.


Which takes us to the next question:


Is There A 100% Legit Alternative To The Spring Profits Program?


Of course!


As I mentioned earlier, the method that is mentioned in the Spring Profits program can make you money online, but just not as much as they make you expect, and it requires lots of work on daily basis and needs a good investment in paid web traffic and maybe in designs before you make any profit, which is something that you might not be able to do.


For the reasons above, and the fact that I don’t consider them to be trustworthy after they lie to you regarding the income and with made-up testimonials, I would like to recommend a different method for you that is even more newbie-friendly than print on demand dropshipping.


The method I’m recommending still needs you to put the effort and time consistently before you make any money with it, but at least, it is more sustainable than what they teach you in the Spring Profits system as you will have your own business on your own website that no one can take it from you.


And don’t worry about building a website!


You don’t need to handle the technical stuff or learn any coding.

Actually, at the platform I will recommend for you, you can build a website in 30 SECONDS!


Your role is to research and create useful content that helps others and makes you money.


And with the method I’m recommending, you don’t need to spend on paid ads as you will rely mainly on the FREE organic traffic from search engines, which makes it less risky.


You can learn about the method I’m recommending, and about the platform where you can learn and apply this method and find all the necessary support in your journey if you go to my FREE Ultimate Guide For Making Money Online.


Make Money Online


In this guide, you will understand how this method works exactly and why I consider it to be the best way of making money online.


And you will also learn about the platform where I learn this amazing method, and the platform where you can find all the necessary tools to start building your business today.


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So, if you want to learn about my #1 method of making money online, then click on the following button in order to get my FREE guide, which will provide you with all what you need in order to start building your business today!

Spring Profits Alternative


Start taking action now and stop wasting your time on the magical push button solutions and crappy programs that overpromise and under-deliver!


And if you have any question regarding this Spring Profits Review, leave it in the comments’ section below and I will be answering you asap 🙂

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