Smart Money System Review 2020 – A Scam pr 4X Your Money in 48 Hours?

Smart Money System Review


Can you really 4X your investment in 48 hours or even earn a full time income with the repeated Bitcoin Bubbles even without a prior experience in the Cryptocurrency world with this software?! Join me in this Smart Money System Review in order to know if this is a real opportunity to make fast-easy cash or just another scam that is after your money.

The seller of this program tells you that they have a software that can give you, in advance, signals about the expected coming bubbles in the Cryptocurrency market in order to help you take advantage of them and become rich overnight.

They even claim that that Mark Cuban has a secret formula about making wealth from the Bitcoin bubble and that they now have this formula, which is how the promoted software can predict the upcoming bubbles and can help its users to make money with it.


And worse, they even tell you that you can generate a full time income with it and without any experience in the cryptocurrency world.

Even more, they tell you that this Smart Money System works on other kinds of assets such as CFD’s, Forex, ..etc.

I will show you below my honest opinion about this program and I will show from their own sales page and video why you shouldn’t trust them as you might lose your money forever.


And I will guide you into a 100% real and legitimate way to create a real business and brand online and create a consistent income with it, IF you put the time and effort to applying what you learn. NO Magical Push-Button Solutions!


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Is Smart Money System A Scam


Smart Money System Review Summary

  • Name: Smart Money System
  • Website: (it was earlier, they keep changing after they get exposed)
  • Founders: Mr. Unknown.
  • Price: $250 (Minimum Deposit).
  • Recommended? No.

Overall Rating: 0 of 100

Summary: Smart Money System is a program that is supposed to drag you in the deep whole of CryptoCurrency trading where you will mostly lose lots of money. Not recommended at all.


What Is Smart Money System?

What Is Smart Money System


In brief: it’s nothing other than a system that is designed to get at least $250 from you.

The spokesperson in the video says that you can 4X your investment and that Millions of people are making full time using the Smart Money System that sends them “Smart Signals” about the bubbles (ups & downs) in the Bitcoin market, which would help them trade with profitability every time.

And they even claim that this software doesn’t only work with the Bitcoin or with Cryptocurrencies in general, but also with the CFD’s and the FOREX!!

And worse, they say that you can start making money with it without any previous experience in trading.


But here’s the contradiction: on the Disclaimer of their sales page, they mention that “the sales video is fictitious and was produced to portray the potential of ‘Smart Money System’ 3rd party signals software”.

Even more: “Actors have been used to present this opportunity and it should be viewed for entertainment purposes only”.


Smart Money System Results


What The Heck!!!!!

They tell you in a video that you can make money easily without any experience through their software, ask you to deposit at least $250 in order to start, and then, in the Disclaimer page that almost nobody reads, they tell you that the video was created for entertainment purposes?!!!

And to make their claims believable, they mentioned the famous Billionaire Mark Cuban and say that he has a secret formula that helped him in making money with Bitcoin, and that they have this formula interpreted in the software they’ve developed that now would make you rich with no prior experience in the trading world.


This is the same pattern that is used to promote scams such as the ones I reviewed recently including:


I will show you with the screenshots below why I say that these people are just lying to you!


So, How Does The Smart Money System Really Work?

How Does The Smart Money System Work

Honestly, who knows what they will tell you after you pay the first $250 deposit and start using the “completely FREE” software”?!

As I mentioned, they claim that they have developed a software that can predict the ups and downs in the Bitcoin prices and that it can send “Smart Signals” to its users in order to help them know when to buy and sell and make profit.

As someone who already tried many making money online methods including trading Cryptourrencies, I can tell you that there’s really no software that can predict and guarantee to you to make profit of every change in the prices.

The prices are changed due to many factors, and are affected by main players in the market and by the news that is published almost on daily basis. There’s no software or expert that can predict the market correctly for 100% of the time. Sorry!

If you search the web, you will find some reviewes that tell you that you can make money with this “system” and they try to promote it to you through their websites in order to get a commission if you sign up through their link!

Yet you won’t find anyone who shows you real results of using the system or even shows you the “Smart Signals” they received from the software.


And I can tell you that there has never been something like that software and will never ever be!

How would you invest in a “system” that you don’t know how it works and nobody has shown real legit results of using it?!


What I Like About Smart Money System

Absolutely nothing!


What I Don’t Like About Smart Money System

Not sure where to start from. But let’s go with the video on their sales page:


1. Fake Made-up Testimonials

The testimonials on the sales page are fake! They show the same “12 minutes ago, 13 minutes ago, 25 minutes ago, …etc.” every time you login to the sales page!

Smart Money System Testimonials

And if you try to click on someone’s name in order to check if these are really extracted from real Facebook profiles, you get redirected to the same sales page.

This should be an enough reason not to trust these guys!

But let’s continue…


2. They Use The Name Of A Celebrity In Order To Get Social Proof

They say that Mark Cuban made lots of money with the Bitcoin Bubble through a secret formula, and that he became a billionaire thanks to the Dot Com Bubble initially.


Is Smart Money System Legit

First of all, Mark Cuban didn’t make his fortune thanks to the Dot Com Bubble, he made it through building real legitimate businesses from the scratch, growing them up and selling them out. And then, through a series of investments in real legit businesses and startups.

Secondly, Marc Cuban always warned against investing in the Cryptocurrencies several times.


3. It Doesn’t Make Sense At All!

They tell you that the software can predict whenever a bubble is going to happen, and not only in the cryptocurrency markets, but also with other kinds of assets such as CFD’s and Forex. And that you don’t need any experience in trading in order to 4X your money or make a full time income with it.

But knowing that there are lots of factors affecting each one of the different assets and markets, I can tell you that no one expert or software, no matter how sophisticated and intelligent he/it was, can predict the market successfully 100% of the time.

You need some experience and you need to follow up on the market and the news by yourself in order to make correct predictions most of the time (never all of the time).


4. The Disclaimer On Their Website:

As mentioned earlier, the Disclaimer says that the video was created for “entertainment purposes only” using actors! And that they don’t guarantee any results!


What does that tell you?!


5. Who Is The Founder Of Smart Money System?

Mr. Mysterious doesn’t show his face or even his name! How would you trust giving your money to someone you will be never know who he is.

Catch him if you can!


6. No Refund Policy

Of course, that’s what would happen if you hand your money to Mr. Mysterious.


Who Is The Smart Money System For?

  • For people who has money and want to pay it for the system’s owner and get NOTHING in return.
  • For whoever believes that there’s such a software that can predict the market correct’y 100% of the time.


Conclusion – Is Smart Money System A Scam Or Legit?

Sure it is a Scam!

  • Name: Smart Money System
  • Website: (it was earlier, they keep changing after they get exposed)
  • Founders: Mr. Unknown.
  • Price: $250 (Minimum Deposit).
  • Recommended? No.

Overall Rating: 0 of 100


Run away from such programs that tell you that you can make a full time income once you join them. Or the ones that tell you that you can make money with almost no effort or without learning and applying.

There’s literally no done-for-you system or program that can make you full time income without you putting real effort.


An EVERGREEN 100% Legit Alternative to The Smart Money System

As I mentioned earlier, the promises in the sales video are unrealistic, the testimonials are fake.

The fake testimonials alone are enough for you to avoid it.

In general, you can make money through trading Cryptocurrencies, but that takes time to learn, follow-up on the news and take risk in investing your money and you still can’t guarantee the results all the time.


Trading is NOT an easy and quick way to make money!

And it comes with a high risk of losing everything if you don’t know what you are doing.

You can’t make thousands per day while starting online with trading or with any other method. Sorry!

Making money online requires real work and effort, just like it is offline.

And that applies to all methods of making money online, including trading in Cryptocurrencies.


But when it comes to the online world, at least you have some flexibility in terms of the place and time you choose to work.

But still, you need to put in the time and effort in order to learn and apply any method before you start making any money.

And again, you can make money trading Cryptocurrencies if you put the time and effort in order to learn before you apply.

But even with that, it’s still a very risky method of making money, and there are somethings that you can’t predict no matter what. And you risk losing everything overnight.


Luckily, there are many alternative ways of making money that have less risk associated with them. And each one of them requires a specific amount of time and money in order to start with it.

But I have selected the best way that requires the lowest possible investment and has the least amount of risk associated with it, and it is the method I settled with after I tried many different ways of making money online.

And most important, this method is newbie-friendly, and if applied with consistency, can make you a sustainable income with time.


Free Make Money Online Guide


I know it might turn you off to say that it requires some time and effort before you make any money. But this is the reality with every method of making money, whether it was online or offline.

Even with trading! Most people think that it’s easy to learn and make money with it, but that’s NOT true at all!

As I explained earlier, you need to take the time to learn the patterns and follow-up with the market and with the news for long time before you start making reasonable predictions, which might not be correct all the time even after many years in this world.

At least the method that I recommend in my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide requires the lowest possible investment (you can even try it for FREE, NO Credit Card required) to start a REAL Business and Brand.

And you need the right training, mentoring, and tools in order to start the right way from the beginning. And that’s why I created my FREE Make Money Online Guide that you can get by clicking here.


The way I recommend is one of the many legit ways of making money online, but this one in particular doesn’t require a big investment, and you can try it for FREE through my guide mentioned above before you decide to pay anything.

When you go through my guide, you will understand what this method is and how it works.

Give YOURSELF a couple of minutes to read my guide and stop wasting your time and money looking for the magical solutions that don’t exist.

I’m sure that you tried many of the programs, and you wasted lots of money and time on those “done-for-you” 100% guaranteed systems and programs, I think it is the time to be realistic and understand that there’s nothing that is guaranteed and nothing can make you rich overnight.


What I’m recommending is a completely LEGIT & REAL way that many people are using to make money with, it’s a very beginner-friendly and most important, it’s an EVERGREEN method.

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As I said, this is a real method that requires time and effort in order to get results from, and this is the case if you want to make money with any other method. The magical “push-button” solutions Don’t Exist!

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And if you have any question about this Smart Money System Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you ASAP 🙂

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