SiteGround Affiliate Program Review – 7 Reasons You Should Join!

SiteGround Affiliate Program Review - Is It Worth It Or Not?

Trying to make money online promoting web hosting services and looking for a SiteGround affiliate program review in order to know if this program is worth it to join and if you can make good money promoting SiteGround as an affiliate?

You are in the right place!

I will show you in this review all what you need to know before you join the SiteGround affiliate program, what you get in case that you join it, how much money you can earn with it, and the different ways of promoting SiteGround.

And at the end of this SiteGround affiliate review, I will tell you about other alternatives to this affiliate program in case that you chose not to join it, along with resources and tools that would help you in growing your affiliate marketing business.


SiteGround Affiliate Program Review Summary

Overall Rating: 95 of 100

Summary: SiteGround affiliate program is a legit program and you can make money with it if you know how to do affiliate marketing thanks to their excellent products, services and support, which increases customer satisfaction and makes it easier to convert your referrals into paying users.

Along with the A2 Hosting affiliate program, SiteGround affiliate program is one of the top recommended affiliate programs web hosting industry.


What Is The SiteGround Affiliate Program?

SiteGround Affiliate Program is a program that you can join in order to make money online by promoting the web hosting services provided by them through your own unique link (affiliate link) and get a commission (anywhere from $50-$100 or more) on every new paying customer that you bring to them.


SiteGround Referral Program

This is the same SiteGround affiliate program but sometimes people call it referral program.



How Does The SiteGround Affiliate Program Work?

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1 – Sign Up for SiteGround Affiliate Program & Get Your Affiliate Link

This is a normal process for every web hosting affiliate program out there and not only SiteGround.

You need to fill in the form in order to apply to SiteGround’s affiliate program and provide the main information about you and your business such as your name, address, phone number, email address, your PayPal email, your website(s), the methods you will use to promote SiteGround, …etc.

Join SiteGround Affiliate Program

They might review your request before approving it in order for you to get your SiteGround affiliate link and start promoting them.

This might take 1-2 days, and it might depend on your website to decide whether to approve your request or not.


2 – Start Promoting SiteGround through Your Affiliate Link

Once you have your links, you can now start promoting SiteGround as an affiliate and make money.

You might be asking yourself now:

How to promote SiteGround as an affiliate?

There are many ways in doing affiliate marketing with promoting the SiteGround web hosting services such as:

  1. Building websites for clients and using your own affiliate link in order to signup for the hosting plan.
  2. Building a website with a blog where you teach people how to create websites, how to migrate websites from one host to another, best web hosting deals and reviews, …etc., and share your affiliate link in your content.
  3. Displaying banner ads on your website with your affiliate link to SiteGround, assuming that your website is relevant to the websites and hosting industry.
  4. Starting a YouTube channel and uploading video tutorials where you show people how they can build websites with SiteGround for different purposes.
  5. Promoting SiteGround web hosting services through email marketing.
  6. Helping out people by answering their questions on forums and Q&A platforms that are related to creating websites and landing pages with ease, and then, promote SiteGround using your affiliate link.

And many other ways.

But the best method in my opinion is the one using a blog where you can create helpful content with images and screenshots and optimize your content to rank and show up on Google and other search engines whenever someone is searching for the info that you provide.

This way you will get the free, organic traffic, which is the one that converts the best, and it is the most evergreen method of doing affiliate marketing with SiteGround’s affiliate program.

And if you don’t need a prior experience with websites and writing content, then don’t worry, as these days, you can start an affiliate marketing blog in 30 seconds with a good website builder like the one provided by Wealthy Affiliate, the platform that provides affiliate marketers with all of what they need in order to succeed with their business such as:

More on that in the last section of this SiteGround affiliate program review.

3 – Earn a Commission Every Time One of Your Referrals Buys a SiteGround Hosting Plan

After you have promoted SiteGround through one of the methods mentioned earlier, you will now get a commission everytime one of your audience clicks on your SiteGround affiliate links to go to SiteGround’ website and purchases one of their packages.

The commissions will be held for around 30 days and then they will be released through the weekly payout to your PayPal account.

And that’s how the SiteGround affiliate program works and how you can make money with SiteGround as an affiliate marketer.


SiteGround Affiliate Program Features

Here are some of the basic components of the SiteGround affiliate program that you should be aware of before you join them:

1 – SiteGround Affiliate Program Commission

SiteGround’s affiliate commission depends on how many referrals you bring in a certain calendar month, as follows:

  • You bring 1-5 referrals, your commission is $50 per referral.
  • You bring 6-10 referrals, your commission is $75 per referral.
  • You bring 11-20 referrals, your commission is $100 per referral.
  • You bring more than 20 referrals, you get a custom commission that you agree with SiteGround on.

This means that if you were actively promoting SiteGround, the more referrals you bring to them, the higher your commission would be for each new referral.

This structure is similar to A2 Hosting affiliate commission structure, which pays a little bit more.

2 – SiteGround Affiliate Payment Method

Currently, SiteGround pays affiliates their earnings through PayPal only. No check or bank transfers are available.

3 – SiteGround Marketing Resources

Inside your affiliate dashboard, you will find content material and resources that would help you in succeeding as an affiliate promoting their services.

Also, there are promotional creatives and banners that you can use in order to promote SiteGround on your website.

SiteGround Affiliate Resources

You can also setup tracking links in order to use in your campaigns.

4 – SiteGround Affiliate Payout

SiteGround withholds the affiliate commission for 30 days only, and then it is released through the weekly payout with no minimum threshold, which is one of the things that makes it one of the best web hosting affiliate programs out there.

5 – SiteGround Affiliate Cookie Duration

SiteGround’s affiliate cookie duration is 60 days! This is great compared to other hosting programs.

This means that if someone clicks on your SiteGround affiliate link today, and buys their service 59 days later, you still get a commission on that sale.

6 – One Month of Free Hosting for SiteGround’s Affiliates

This is unique to SiteGround’s affiliate program.

SiteGround will offer you a full month of free web hosting in order to try it for yourself without paying anything.

This will allow you to create a video or take screenshots for creating content showing people how they can use SiteGround by themselves.

7 – Custom SiteGround Affiliate Landing Page

If you are actively promoting SiteGround, then you get the chance to get a landing page customized for you in order to drive your referrals to it, which might increase your conversions further.

8 – SiteGround Affiliate Program Cost to Join

SiteGround’s affiliate program doesn’t cost you anything in order to join it.

However, there are some costs involved in starting an affiliate business such as creating a website or blog for yourself where you promote SiteGround, a proper training on affiliate marketing, an advanced keyword research tool, …etc.

But don’t worry, you can save the money and get all of what you need in one place at a very reasonable cost at the platform I mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate, which also offers a free membership and tools to start with.

Check the last section of this SiteGround affiliate review to know more.


What I Like about SiteGround Affiliate Program

There are many reasons why I consider the SiteGround affiliate program one of the top web hosting affiliate programs, here are some of them:

1 – Many Products to Promote

SiteGround offers many different plans for web hosting services, such as shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, WP hosting, Magento hosting, WooCommerce hosting, …etc.

SiteGround Services To Promote

This way, you can promote SiteGround to many different categories of people and make better conversions.

2 – So Many Happy SiteGround Customers

SiteGround has lots of positive reviews from customers on TrustPilot and other websites, because they offer great services and support.

SiteGround Happy Referrals

This makes it easier to convert your referrals because they would usually look for reviews online before they purchase SiteGround’s plans and they will be comfortable when they see how happy other customers are.

3 – Good Material & Resources for SiteGround Affiliates

Inside your SiteGround affiliate dashboard, you will get resources on how to effectively promote SiteGround services along with ad creatives and with good tracking capabilities that would help you optimize your campaigns better.

SiteGround Affiliate Support

4 – Lucrative Commission Structure

The SiteGround affiliate commission structure described earlier is a lucrative one, the more sales you bring, the higher your commission.

Some other web hosting services offer a fixed commission no matter how many referrals you bring them.

5 – Long Cookie Duration

As mentioned earlier, the affiliate cookie duration for SiteGround is 60 days, which increases your chances of getting a commission for the sales you bring.

6 – Short Withhold Period

SiteGround holds commissions for only 30 days and offers a weekly payout with no minimum threshold, this is unavailable by other competitors.

7 – The Free Hosting for Affiliates

As I mentioned earlier, SiteGround allows its affiliates to enjoy a full month of free hosting in order to use it by themselves and be able to efficiently promote it to others.

I don’t know other web hosting affiliate programs that offer the same.


What I Don’t Like about SiteGround Affiliate Program

The only thing I can complain about it is the SiteGround affiliate payment method.

SiteGround pays affiliates only through PayPal at the moment, which might not be suitable for everyone.


Who Is SiteGround Affiliate Program for?

SiteGround’s affiliate program is a great affiliate program that any affiliate in relevant niches can join in order to make money with.

You could join SiteGround if your niche is related to web hosting, web development, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, e-commerce, …etc.

The combination of outstanding service and customer satisfaction, affordable prices, great affiliate support, high commissions and great payout terms, all together make it one of the top recommended web hosting affiliate programs to make money with.


Best SiteGround Affiliate Program Alternatives

In case that you don’t want to join SiteGround’s affiliate program for some reasons, here are some alternatives to SiteGround that you can promote and make money with as an affiliate:

1 – A2 Hosting Affiliate Program: The best alternative as it offers a wide variety of products related to web hosting from shared hosting, to VPS, to cloud hosting, to managed hosting, ….etc., and they have a great reputation and offer a great affiliate support and a great affiliate commission structure.

2 – Shopify Affiliate Program: This affiliate program allows you to make money promoting Shopify for those who want to build online ecommerce stores.

They offer a great product and good support, in addition to the resources available for affiliates.

3 – Wealthy Affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate is not originally a web hosting service provider, but it is a place that provides affiliate marketers with all of what they need in order to grow and manage their affiliate marketing businesses from training courses, keyword tools, affiliate program research tools, and they also offer web hosting services (Mainly managed WordPress hosting with premium technical support) for up to 25 websites with free SSL certificate for every premium member they have.

This means that you can promote them as an affiliate to people who need a managed WordPress hosting with free SSL certificates and great support, and you will get a monthly recurring commission for your referrals subscriptions.

These three are the best alternatives in my opinion to making money with the SiteGround affiliate program, and you can read my guide on how to find affiliate programs if you are interested in finding more web hosting affiliate programs.


Conclusion – Is SiteGround Affiliate Program Worth it to Join?

Absolutely, SiteGrounds affiliate program is one of the best in the web hosting industry and I encourage you to join it and start promoting them because of their great reputation and great affiliate commission structure and payout terms.

  • Name: SiteGround Affiliate Program
  • Website:
  • Founders: Ivo Tzenov
  • Price: Free to join
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 95 of 100

That’s my final conclusion for this SiteGround affiliate program review.


But wait, before you go…

A Great Affiliate Program Without Traffic, Tools & Skills Won’t Really Work

This was the case for me when I first started looking for good web hosting affiliate programs like SiteGround’s affiliate program to join and make money with.

I joined many great affiliate programs, but couldn’t make money, because I lacked many skills on how to promote stuff effectively.

Affiliate marketing is about building real business and I you can’t make money if you lack the necessary skills, knowledge, tools and support.

Luckily, after a while, I came to know this great platform and community that provided me with all of what I need in order to succeed as an affiliate marketer by doing the necessary things they have taught me.

Some of what I found in this platform:

  • The comprehensive, step-by-step affiliate marketing training program.
  • The weekly interactive live webinars.
  • The advanced keyword research tool and affiliate program research tool.
  • The outstanding, state of art web hosting with an amazing support.
  • Many tools that would help me do things efficiently and track my progress.
  • An amazingly supportive community of more than 2 million internet entrepreneurs that are willing to help me whenever I need help in my journey.

And much more.

And all of this was only for the cost of the training program that is already very affordable to join and much less than what other inferior training programs cost.

Want more? This recommended platform offers a FREE Starter membership plan to start with, which gives you access to a good part of the training and the tools that would help you even if you don’t go for the premium plan.

Give yourself few minutes and read my review about my recommended platform and maybe, join it for the free membership in order to get whatever you can get from there that would help you in your journey with affiliate marketing, exactly as it helped in the beginning of my journey.

It’s completely up to you.

And if you have any questions or you want to add anything to this SiteGround affiliate program review, please, feel free to do so in the comments’ section below, and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information as I had not heard of this service and company before. I appreciate all the details and will add the SiteGround affiliate program to my list of possible affiliate programs to promote. All the Best.

  2. This is the first time that I have heard about this program but from what you have said it seems like it is worth the investment as far as your time and money is concerned. I believe with the right promotional tools that you have discusseed this program can be a winner.

    • Indeed Norman,
      SiteGround’s affiliate program is worth joining as they provide really great services and customer support.
      If you have an audience who might benefit from web hosting, then SiteGround’s services are among the best web hosting services to recommend to your audience.
      You can also check the A2 Hosting affiliate program and the Shopify affiliate program as well, they are the top in their field.


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