Simple WiFi Profits Review 2021 – Can You Make $10k/Month?

Simple WiFi Profits Review - A Scam Or Legit
Welcome my friend to my Simple WiFi Profits review!

What is this program about? How does it work? How much does it cost? And most important, can it help you make money online and earn up to affiliate marketing promoted load weight loss programs to others these questions and more and is $10,000 a month by helping others lose weight even if you don’t know anything about this industry?

Is it worth joining or is there a better alternative?

These questions and more I will be answering in this review. So, bear with me till the end.


Simple WiFi Profits Review Summary

Overall Rating: 80 of 100 (Check my #1 recommendation in the last section below 97 of 100)

Summary: simply Wi-Fi profits is a legit program that will teach you how to do affiliate marketing using Facebook ads to promote weight loss programs to people who need them and make commissions in the process.

The program is legit but the problem is that it is expensive for some people and it focuses on a specific type of offers in the weight loss industry, which might get saturated too soon if everyone who joins the Simple WiFi Profits system will promote the same offers to the same people using the same campaigns and Facebook ad.


What Is Simple WiFi Profits?

What Is Simple Wifi Profits

Simple WiFi Profits is a training course that will teach you how to do affiliate marketing using Facebook ads in order to promote weight loss programs to people who need them and getting a commission every time someone buys what you promote.

The programs you will promote are usually diet plans and recipes, dieting courses, fitness programs and so on


How Does The Simple WiFi Profits Work? (Simple WiFi Profits 4 Steps Process to $10k/Month)

How Simple Wifi Profits Works

The Simple WiFi Profits system works in four steps as follows:

Step #1 – Find A Problem That Lots of People Suffer from

In general, with affiliate marketing, you can work on any problem such as having debt, needing a loan, wanting to learn how to draw or play music, and so on.

But the problem that you will work on if you join the Simple WiFi Profits program is having excess weight and fat that people need to get rid of.

The reason of going after this problem in particular is that this is a global problem and lots of people suffer from it, and there always will be people having issues with weight and fat in the body, which means sustainability in your business.

Step #2 – Find The Solution

Each problem has its own possible solutions, and for the problem of excessive weight, the solution could be a dieting program, a meal plan, a weight loss exercising program, …etc.

These all could be in the form of a training video, an ebook, a membership program, or a mix of two or all of the three forms.

The nice thing is that you don’t have to create the solution yourself, but rather, you need to find someone who already created the solution and is willing to give you the commission if you sell it for them.

Step #3 – Share The Solution with People Who Have The Problem

And this could be done in different ways, but the way you will learn in Simple WiFi Profits is through using Facebook ads.

The reason of that is that you can reach almost anyone on Facebook and promote to them what you want to promote based on their needs.

And for weight loss programs, you can find people who are already searching for solutions to help them lose weight, create ads to show up for them and lead them to buy the products or programs you want to promote.

Simple Wifi Profits Traffic Method

Step #4 – Start Making Commissions & Scale Up Your Business

After you find the people who need the solution and show them the offers you promote, some people might buy these programs, and you will make a commission of up to 75% of what they pay.

And sometimes, if they join a monthly membership program, you get a commission every month they stay and pay to the program owner.

And after you make your first commissions and receive them in your PayPal or bank account, you can use them to re-invest in ads and reach more people in order to make more money.

Simple Wifi Profits Scaling Method

So, these were the four steps that you will be following if you join the Simple WiFi Profits system.

What Is Unique about The Simple WiFi Profits System?

The Simple WiFi Profits is different from other programs that teach affiliate marketing by the fact that it focuses on the weight loss niche in particular, and it mainly utilizes the Facebook ads in order to reach people who need help in this space.

While with other programs that teach affiliate marketing with Facebook ads like Commission Hero for example, they teach you how to do affiliate marketing in any niche or industry such as singing, playing guitar, drawing, cooking, saving money, yoga, …etc.

Weight loss might be a big industry and you can make lots of money with it, but you need to be careful with how you advertise it on Facebook as you might get banned if you give any false claims or guarantees.

But the nice thing is that with Facebook ads, after you get a certain number of sales, you can get Facebook’s A.I. technology to help you find more people like them faster and promote your offers to them through building what is called “lookalike audiences”.

AI With Simple Wifi Profits


Inside The Simple WiFi Profits Program

When you join the Simple WiFi Profits program, you get the following as a member:

1 – The Simple WiFi Profits System Step-By-Step Training (& All Updates)

This is a video training course that will show you how to start from scratch and create your first Facebook ad campaign, how to connect it to the offer/solution you promote, how to find people who need this solution, and how to scale up your business after you make profit.

The Simple Wifi Profits Course

2 – Done-For-You Best Products

Here you will find the best products that Andrew and Chris have already made money with, so that you don’t have to test many products before you find one that converts well and makes you money.

3 – Done-For-You Ad Swipe File

This is a set of Facebook ad text and images that Chris and Andrew found to be effective in advertising and can help you make sales and commission at a low advertising cost.

They will share it with you so that you can use them immediately instead of creating your own ad creatives.

Done-For-You Ads With SWP

4 – Done-For-You Ad Targeting

Facebook ads is a big world and you may lose lots of money quickly if you don’t know what you are doing.

This is why you need to accurately find the people who need what you promote instead of wasting the budget of your ads on people who are not in need of weight loss programs.

This is why Chris and Andrew will share with you the information you need in order to properly target the people who might buy the programs you will promote.


Simple WiFi Profits Bonuses

In addition to what is mentioned in the previous section, you get the following bonuses if you join the Simple WiFi Profits program:

Bonus #1 – Done-For-You $1,220,680 Campaign

This is the same campaign that Chris, Andrew and some of their students have made lots of money with.

They will share with you all about this campaign, the offer, the ads, the targeting and so on, so that you can try to make money with it.

Bonus #2 – Done-For-You Outsourcing: Train VA’s for You

In this bonus, Chris & Andrew will provide you with a step-by-step training that you can give to anyone you want to hire as a virtual assistant in order to help you do some of the tasks in your business.

Simple Wifi Profits Bonuses

Bonus #3 – Instant Access to The VIP Commission Club

This means that Chris & Andrew will discuss with some of the product owners and get you higher commission rates than what is normally paid to other affiliates.

Bonus #4 – High Ticket Commissions: $1,000.00 Upgrade

This is where Chris and Andrew will show you how to get high commissions for up to $1,000 for every sale that you bring on some products.


Simple WiFi Profits Pricing Plans & Up-sells

The Simple WiFi Profits program costs $1,497, one-time payment, or you can pay in three monthly installments of $577 each.

Simple Wifi Profits Pricing Plans

Also, you need to pay for the ads in the beginning, until your business becomes profitable and starts to spend on itself.

Let’s say, you need an additional $500 to start with ads.

You might also need to pay a monthly fee of few dollars for tools that you would need in your business.

There are two optional upsells, the Simple WiFi Profits Inner Circle Coaching, and the Simple WiFi Profits Platinum Package.

Simple WiFi Profits Discount

There’s no discount on the price of the Simple WiFi Profits system, however, as mentioned earlier, you can pay through three monthly installments of $557 each if you go through this link to watch the free webinar first.

Simple WiFi Profits Free Download

There is no free download for Simple WiFi Profits although many people are looking for it.

Even if it was there, it won’t be an authorized distribution and you should not get it.

Anyway, it won’t come with the updates, done-for-you material and the support that you would need in order to succeed with the system.

So, you better either buy the program or if you can’t afford it, then check out the last section in this Simple WiFi Profits review for my recommended alternative program to learn affiliate marketing at a much lower cost.


Simple WiFi Profits Guarantee (Important to Read!)

Chris and Andrew provide you with a Strong 45-Day Success Guarantee which gives you the chance to put the Simple WiFi Profits system to work and experience success with the program, and if you don’t succeed, they promise to coach you until you do.

And after that, if you still can’t make it work and don’t make you money with this system, then they promise to give you a full refund.

What is important to note though, as it is with other programs like the 1K A Day Fast Track program, is that usually with such guarantees, you need to give a proof that you have gone through the whole training program, and that you have taken action on what it teaches you, and that you couldn’t make any results.

Also, just because you made some money, now you don’t qualify for a refund, but making money doesn’t necessarily mean that you are profitable.

In my opinion, if you want to buy the Simple WiFi Profits system, then consider buying it without the money back guarantee, and don’t buy it unless you are sure about taking consistent action.

Also, keep in mind that the optional upsells are non-refundable.


Pro’s & Con’s of The Simple WiFi Profits Program


  • It is about affiliate marketing, my favorite way of making money online.
  • Using Facebook ads can help you scale your business fast if you master it.
  • Done-for-you campaigns can be helpful as a start.
  • The weight loss industry is a big and profitable one.
  • There’s an installment plan of three monthly payments if you can afford the one-time big payment.
  • There’s a free webinar that you can watch by clicking here.


  • The program is a bit expensive, not for everyone.
  • The main focus is on promoting weight loss programs, which is something you have to be careful with if you want to use Facebook ads because they might ban you if you use certain claims or give guarantees.
  • If everything is done-for-you, the offer, the ad, the targeting, the landing pages, then the market might get saturated too quickly because every one else who joined the SWP program will use the same ads to promote the same offers to the same people.


Who Is Simple WiFi Profits for?

If you are serious about making money online you want to take action consistently, then you may join the Simple WiFi Profits system if you can afford it.

>>>Click Here to Watch The Simple WiFi Profits Free Webinar<<<

And if you are willing to take action but you can’t afford to pay to join the Simple WiFi Profits system, then you may check out the last section of this SWP review in order to learn about an affordable alternative.


Simple WiFi Profits Support

The Simple WiFi Profits program is still new and there’s not much feedback about it. However, the sales page has some testimonials from successful students, and also they promise a 24/7 help desk support in addition to the exclusive Facebook group where you can network with the founders and with others who joined the system and succeeded with it.

Simple Wifi Profits Support

This in addition to them monthly and weekly live webinars either by the founders of the Simple WiFi Profits system or by successful students who would help you and keep you on top of things.

They also promise to keep the course updated as needed.


Conclusion – Is Simple WiFi Profits a Scam or Legit?

Simple WiFi Profits is not a scam. It is a legit program that will can help you learn how to make money with affiliate marketing by promoting weight loss programs on Facebook.

Overall Rating: 80 of 100 (Check my #1 recommendation in the last section below 97 of 100)

Join Simple Wifi Profits

However, the program is a little bit expensive and because of the nature of that every thing done-for-you solutions, it gets saturated to easily and stops making you lots of money.

If you are looking for a more affordable and evergreen way of making money with affiliate marketing, then the next section might be for you.


A More Affordable & Evergreen Alternative to Simple WiFi Profits?

As I said earlier simple Wi-Fi profits is a good program that can help you make money with affiliate marketing but there are downfalls to it, mainly the high cost and the done-for-you unsustainable concept.

Also, the use of paid ads is not a beginner-friendly method and requires an additional investment.

And my recommended alternative to the Simple WiFi Profits program that eliminates these issues is a platform that is called Wealthy Affiliate, which is the place where I learned affiliate marketing and where I continue to learn everyday.

This platform will provide you with the following:

  • The step-by-step training that will teach you how to do affiliate marketing using other methods other than Facebook ads, such as getting free traffic from Google and other search engines, which is more beginner-friendly and less risky.
  • You will learn how to do affiliate marketing in any niche and not only in the weight loss niche. For example: Drawing, singing, playing guitar, basketball, how to pay off the debt, …etc.
  • The premium web hosting for 10 websites without paying any additional money, other than what you would pay for the training itself.
  • Many tools that would help you in doing research and finding better opportunities for making money with your affiliate business.
  • The access to more than two million like-minded entrepreneurs who would help you and every step if you need any help.

And all of this for the cost of the training only, and the cost of a complete year membership is less than one installment of the three installments of the Simple WiFi Profits program.

Even better this alternative allows you to try it for free and they give you the first level of the training of complete 10 lessons, in addition to some tools and a free website to start with and see if you are comfortable with this them or not before you pay and get the full membership and the advanced training and tools.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here in order to learn more about it and see if it was for you or not.


So, this was my review for the Simple WiFi Profits system.

If you are comfortable with it, then you can join it and start by watching the free webinar by clicking here.

And if you don’t think it’s for you because it’s expensive and not beginner-friendly, then you may need to check my alternative mentioned above, which also teaches you affiliate marketing, especially that they provide a free plan to try it

If you like my Simple WiFi Profits review, please share it with others who might need it. And if you have any question about this program or anything else, please, leave it in the comment section below and I will be happy to come back to you 🙂

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