Silk Road Effect Review – A Scam or $1,800 a Day?

Silk Road Effect Review

Can you really make $1,800 a day with this new system buying cheap products from the East and selling them for higher prices in the West? Or is this just a joke? Join me in this Silk Road Effect Review in order to know if it is possible to make this amount of money with this method or not.

Steven Jenkins claims that he discovered the ancient secrets that made others get rich from trading between China and the West, which were based on the Silk Road, which that he calls “Silk Road Effect”.

And that using these secrets, that he already made more than $1,3 Million in one year thanks to this “effect”.

Steven Jenkins System Results


And that he now has created a system based on this “Silk Road Effect”, in order to teach others how to use this same method in order to make money from their own home.

He also claims that this system is making millionaires every day.

I know that when you are trying to learn how to make money online, you want to believe anyone who claims that he can teach you how to make lots of money online quickly and with so little effort.

But I also know that you felt that there’s something unrealistic about these claims you heard in the video on the sales page of the Silk Road Effect Program and that’s why you started looking for reviews for this system.


Congrats! You are in the right place!

I will show you here the truth about these claims and whether you should buy this system or not.

And in the last section of this review, I will offer you two alternatives if you are not sure whether to join the Silk Road Effect or not:

First Alternative: Another training program on the same method of the Silk Road Effect, from a 100% Legit and Well-known teacher who has created many successful people who applied what he teaches.

Second Alternative: This is a platform that teaches you a different method from the Silk Road Effect, which is also 100% Legit method, but a more newbie-friendly one, and one that requires much less investment and has lower risk level associated with it.


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Steven Jenkins' System Alternative


Silk Road Effect Review Summary

  • Name: Silk Road Effect System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Steven Jenkins
  • Price: $17 Front-End Cost, Up-sells are available. You also need to spend on tools and ads.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 70 of 100 (Check the last section for alternatives!)

Summary: Silk Road Effect is a program that promises to teach you how to make money with dropshipping by doing very little effort.

While Dropshipping is a legit way of making money online, but it is not as easy as these guys try to convince you.

To learn dropshipping, check out this review for the #1 recommended program from a legit person.


What Is Silk Road Effect?

Silk Road Effect is a training program that promises you to be able to make money through learning how the rich people made their fortune through trading between the East and the West.

What Is Silk Road Effect Program


And because the road between East and West used to be called “Silk Road” in the past, Steven calls this method the “Silk Road Effect”.

Steven tells you that with the Silk Road Effect, that he can make upto $2,362 a day without doing much effort.


How Does Silk Road Effect Work?

How Does Silk Road Effect Work

Silk Road Effect works by leveraging the difference between the prices in the East and the West, by purchasing stuff at very low prices from China for example, and selling them at higher prices at western countries.

This is also known as Retail-Arbitrage.

It is almost the same method that is used by some internet marketers who buy cheap stuff on eBay or Walmart, and sell them at higher prices on Amazon and enjoy the margin.


But the method taught in the Silk Road Effect is about sourcing the cheap stuff from China, in order to get them at even lower prices compared to sourcing them from eBay or Walmart.

And further more, the method that is taught doesn’t involve holding any inventory of the products, or shipping anything by yourself.


This method is called Dropshipping.

And if you don’t know what dropshipping is, then in brief: It is a retail fulfillment method where you, the dropshipper, don’t keep the products you sell in stock.

Instead, you find items that are being sold from an original merchant from China for example, and you list them on your online store for higher prices.

And when someone buys an item from your store and pays you, you then pay the original merchant and ask him to ship the product to the customer directly on your behalf without you touching the product.

That is how dropshipping works.

And it is a great method of making money online, and many people are making money with it.


Silk Road Effect Claims

However, please note that the sales video of the Silk Raod Effect makes it seem much easier than it is, and Steven claims that he makes thousands a day working so little.

And this is not true as I will explain in the “What I Don’t Like About Silk Road Effect” section below.



What I Like about Silk Road Effect

  • It is about a legitimate business model, Dropshipping.
  • It has a 60-Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • The cost of joining of $17 is low, but there are up-sells.
  • At least that he didn’t create fake testimonials like other programs.


What I Don’t Like about Silk Road Effect

Although dropshipping is a great method of making money online, but the video on the sales page of the Silk Road Effect System is inaccurate and misleading in a way that might give you a false hope, as I will explain here:

1 – Unrealistic Claims Of The Expected Outcome

The Silk Road Effect Method

Steven tells you that he earns up to $2,362 a day with so little effort, almost on autopilot.

And as someone who tried the dropshipping model, I can tell you that this is not true.

There is no method for making money online that makes you this money with almost no effort, including dropshipping.

Although you can automate some tasks, and yes, you can make money while you sleep because your online store doesn’t sleep.

But you still need to work certain hours a day finding products to add to your store, creating advertising campaigns on Facebook in order to bring people to your store, and fulfilling orders when they come in by paying the original merchant and sending him the address of your customer so that he ships the purchased items.


This is in addition to providing customer support, replying to customers’ emails, dealing with returns and refunds, …etc.

And all of that takes time to achieve, you can’t do that on autopilot or by working one hour a day.

You can hire a virtual assistant to help you, but you can’t outsource all of the work. You still need to do some stuff by yourself.


2 – Misleading & Inaccurate Information

Steven shows you a screenshot for the earnings of $30,000, and although it is clear that these are the sales, but that he doesn’t mention that.

And this might make you believe that these all are profit.

Silk Road Effect Results


If these screenshots you saw were real and not fabricated, then still these numbers you saw are not all profit.

You still need to pay for the following:

  • To the original merchant for the product and the shipping cost. (25-40% of the price you sell at).
  • The expensive Facebook ads in order to get visitors to your store. (30-45% of the price you sell at).
  • Processing fees for the payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, …etc.).
  • The virtual assistant that you will hire in case you reach this volume in sales.
  • And some other expenses.


This means that his profit at the end, and before taxes, might be only 15-30% of the mentioned number.

And this is still good, but not as much as you think when you first see the big number of $34,000!

Unfortunately, these are the same methods that are used by promoting other low quality programs that I reviewed before such as:

And many others.


3 – Any Testimonials for The Silk Road Effect?

He says that millionaires are being created everyday thanks to his systems (although it is still new!), then where are they, and why can’t we see real testimonials.

Silk Road Effect Testimonials


4 – Who Is Steven Jenkins

He doesn’t’t show his face, and if you look for him on the web, you won’t find someone relevant.


5 – $17 To Get What Exactly

He doesn’t tell you what kind of system or training you get. What if this was a basic training that you can find anywhere for free, and it doesn’t bring you results.


6 – Hidden Upsells

He doesn’t tell you that there are upsells, they let you in through the low initial investment of $17 and then offer you the upsells in order to get a more advanced training.


7 – The “Secret”, Again!

Silk Road Effect Secret

He tells you that this is something like nothing you have seen before!

And that’s not true, this method is well-known and many people are already doing it.


Who Is Silk Road Effect for?

Silk Road Effect might include some training about the dropshipping business model, but since there are up-sells, then I believe that the $17 product will not be sufficient to make the numbers mentioned in the video.

This is why I recommend that if you want to learn dropshipping, go directly to a well-known training like the alternative in the last section below.


Silk Road Effect Price Up-sells

The initial cost of the Silk Road Effect is only $17.

However, I don’t think that this will be sufficient to learn how to make real money with dropshipping. You will probably need to purchase some upsells.

And remember that you need at least around $1,000-$2,000 in order to start with the paid traffic through Facebook ads before you become profitable.


Conclusion – Is Silk Road Effect a Scam or Legit?

Silk Road Effect is NOT a scam as you will get something in return, and there’s a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, which makes it less risky.

  • Name: Silk Road Effect System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Steven Jenkins
  • Price: $17 Front-End Cost, Up-sells are available. You also need to spend on tools and ads.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 70 of 100 (Check the next section for alternatives!)


But just because you will receive something in return, it doesn’t mean that you can have to buy it.

As I showed you above, there are some upsells, which in my opinion, mean that what you receive for the initial $17 won’t be sufficient to make money with.

And due to the exaggerated results, lack of real testimonials and misleading information in the sales video you watched, I can’t recommend joining the Silk Road Effect as my #1 recommendation.


100% Proven to Work Alternative to The Silk Road Effect System?

I have TWO alternatives for you actually. You choose which one of them to follow based on your situation:

First Alternative:

If you have already started a dropshipping business with Shopify in particular, but you still can’t make any real success, then you need the best training in the dropshipping with Shopify industry.

The training I recommend was created by someone who is well-known and someone who already taught thousands upon thousands of students, and many of these students ended up being successful with the dropshipping model after applying what that he teaches consistently.

In that case, my recommended alternative for you is Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites Course.

Franklin is a well-known and successful teacher and that he is a genuine one.

Actually, his training, although it costs more than the initial cost of joining the Silk Road Effect program, but it is the most complete and comprehensive training about dropshipping with Shopify that I have ever heard of.

In fact, Frank’s course is really under-priced for the value it will give you and for the continuous updates and improvements that he provides.

This is the way to go if you want to learn dropshipping properly.


>> Click Here to Get Silk Road Effect #1 Alternative <<


However, if you still haven’t started a dropshipping business, and you are still in the phase of looking for the best method of making money online, then I have another alternative for you that teaches you a different method that is even more newbie-friendly than dropshipping, and one that requires a lower cost to start:


Second Alternative:

Even though Dropshipping is a great method of making money online, but the thing is that, you still need to invest in the PAID traffic using Facebook ads.

And to be realistic, in addition to the cost of the training course, you need to be ready to spend around $1,000-$2,000 in Facebook ads before you start making any profit.

And even though you don’t need to touch the products by yourself or ship anything, but you still need to put lots of time and effort paying doing the different tasks associated with this model such as: paying the original merchant, sending him the customers’ addresses, do customer support and reply to their emails, deal with refunds and returns, …etc.

This is in addition to the stressful task of monitoring Facebook ads continuously, which is a tough job on its own and requires hours of work every day.

And if you can afford this investment of $1,000-$2,000, and if you think that you can handle the stress coming from monitoring Facebook ads, then you can go ahead with learning this model from my recommended alternative mentioned above.


However, if you don’t have this money to invest, or in case that you won’t be able to handle the stress coming from monitoring Facebook ads and providing the customer support, then I would like to recommend what I consider to be the #1 method for making money online.

This method, like any other method of making money online, still needs you to put the consistent effort and time for not a short period of time before you make any money.

But at least, with this alternative you don’t have to deal with the customers by yourself, and you don’t need to monitor the Facebook ads campaigns for hours everyday as you will rely mainly on getting the FREE organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

It is a 100% Legit method and it is even more newbie-friendly than dropshipping. It requires lower investment, and thus, it is associated with a lower level of risk and stress.


So, if you want to know what this method is, how it works and where you can learn it (the same program I learned it from), then you can read my FREE Ultimate Make Money Online Guide in order to learn about it.

And in this guide, you will learn about the place where I learned this great method, which is the place that provides you with the training, tools and support all at one place for NO Extra Cost.

Even better, you can try it even for FREE before you pay any money! No Credit Card required, 100% Risk Free!

So, it’s up to you now what alternative to choose.

If you still want to do the dropshipping method, then click here to join the best Shopify dropshipping training program.

And if you want to learn my #1 method of making money online, then click on the following button to read my make money online guide:

Silk Road Effect Alternative


Go now and choose one of the above alternatives and stop wasting your time looking for the magical push-button that doesn’t exist.

And if you have any question about this Silk Road Effect Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Silk Road Effect Review – A Scam or $1,800 a Day?”

  1. Hello Amjad,

    This review is the best review for me.

    I am very interested in building an online business. I have heard about dropshipping before but I did not know about it so deeply before reading your review. 

    So, you can’t imagine how helpful your post was for me.

    I like the fact that you provided an unbiased opinion about the Silk Road Effect and the Dropshipping model, especially when some marketers are trying to push it hard one us in order to make us buy through their links.

    I always wondered about the screenshots everybody shares of making thousands a day and I always wondered if I should trust such claims or not, now I see that these still are the sales amount and not the profit.

    No longer waiting, I am going to follow your suggestion and start the alternative training you mentioned . Also, I ma going to share your post with my family and friends.

    I have query, how can I have an online assistant? and, how much I have to pay him/her?

    Thanks a lot for such a nice review 🙂

    • Thank you Radeet for the comment and for your question!

      You can hire assistants from freelancing marketplaces, and for a long term basis, preferred through

      The cost might be anywhere between $15-$30 per hour depending on the nationality and the experience of the assistant.

      You can get a good assistant from Philippines for around $15-$20 per hour.


      Before you hire an assistant, I recommend that you first learn everything very well by yourself and become profitable. This will make it easier for you to train your assistance and monitor their performance.

      And since there’s a cost associated with it, then hire assistants only when you want to scale up your business.

      Please, come back and ask me know if you need any help!


  2. Hi Amjad,

    Thank you for sharing this great informational Online Making Money Guide at the end of your review, it is very important article which will help my. 

    The method you mentioned there seems to be really better than dropshipping, at least for someone who can’t invest $2,000 in Facebook ads before making profit.

    I will go with the second alternative as it suits me better.

    Thanks again!


    • Thank you Usman!

      The second alternative to Silk Road Effect is really a great one and it is more newbie-friendly method when compared to e-commerce, retail arbitrage and dropshipping.

      Go now and join the second alternative and I will see you inside!

      Looking forward to working with you!


  3. Hello Amjad, 

    It is important that an online company such as “Silk Road Effect”  lay out exactly what value for money they are offering. Such as a strong customer support, real testimonials, realistic return on investment and accessibility to the owner.

    Asking for $17 upfront and not truly seeing what I am getting for my investment, is a huge red flag for me, even with the 60-day, money-back guarantee. 

    • Thank you Paul!

      This is also alarming for me as I feel that someone who uses these methods has nothing of real value to offer. That’s why I recommend going to someone well known and save your time, which is more valuable than money.

      All the best!


  4. Great review man, thnx for taking the time to write it. I understand the need for upsells in an online business and I’m not scared about investing in my own businesses, but I don’t like it when there is no verifiable information on these so called “mentors”.

    I keep seeing this Dropshipping Oportunity everywhere though… I might just have to give it a shot with that first program you mentioned!

    • Hello JC and thank you for passing by!

      I agree, not being clear since the beginning makes it difficult to trust what someone teaches you. This is why I always recommend better alternatives that are more honest and transparent.

      I wish you all the best!

  5. You are the best Amjad! I can’t help but admire the way you write.

    That aside, the silk road effect looks to be helpful to learn the basics of  dropshipping, which is something I need.

    I will try it due to the low cost, and if it wasn’t enough to make money with what they teach, I will go to the recommended training above.

    Thank you for the help!

    • Hello my friend and thank you for the nice comment! I really appreciate it.

      I wish good luck in your journey with dropshipping!

      And if you need any help or advice, please, come back here and ask me whatever you need.

      All the best!


  6. Hi Amjad,

    I have gone through this detailed review of the Silk Road Effect training course, and now I realise that it’s a legit program but might not be the best.

    I know that you want to recommend a more guaranteed program over this known one, but for me, and since there’s money back guarantee, I will give a try.

    And if it is not as good as I expect it to be, I will ask for a refund and will join your recommended training by Frank.

    Thank you very much for writing this review!


    • Hello Paul and thank you for your comment!

      I agree, there’s no harm from trying a product that has a money back guarantee like this.

      However, if you find out that this is not enough to make any money with, then don’t get disappointed!

      You can always try the other program I’m recommending as an alternative to learn dropshipping with Shopify.

      Please, let me know about your experience after you join the Silk Road Effect program.



  7. Hi Amjad! I really appreciate your honest review about Silk Road Effect.

    I have been hearing about dropshipping for a while, and now I came across your review.

    I know dropshipping is a legit way of building a business. But I also know it takes a lot of work, as building any business does.

    I don’t like the misleading affirmations stated by Steven Jenkins. Although Silk Road Effect may be considered a legit site, I would prefer to invest my money in another place.

    I have read good reviews about Franklin Hatchett’s Com Elites Course. I’ll try it instead.

    Thank you very much!

    • Hello Henry and thank you for your comment!

      I agree, it is really annoying to me that some people just mentioned big numbers without explaining what it takes to bring these results in terms of time and money invested.

      Frank is a great gut and his course is proven to teach well. And although the Silk Road Effect might a good training program, but I prefer to recommend someone known better with a good reputation over someone who doesn’t show his face.

      I wish you all success!



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