13 Reasons You Should NOT Join Wealthy Affiliate [From a Real Member]

Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate?
Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate Training

This is one of many frequently asked questions that get asked by folks who are trying to learn affiliate marketing in order to start making money online.

And I know where this question is coming from.

As I explained earlier in my article: Is affiliate marketing legit or a scam?, there are many scams in the affiliate marketing industry, and many training programs that promise you to make lots of money overnight without putting much effort in advance and sometimes, with a push of a button.


And now after you have landed on some Wealthy Affiliate review, you probably are thinking that this is too good to be real, which could mean that WA is a scam, or is it really that WA is the best place for affiliate marketers to start their journey.

No worries, you are in the right place!

I will show you below the 13 reasons that will make you either join or completely avoid joining Wealthy Affiliate forever.


Should You Join Wealthy Affiliate?

If you are the kind of a person who keeps jumping around looking for ways to waste their money on the scams online, then you should NEVER join Wealthy Affiliate, because Wealthy Affiliate is meant for those who are serious about building a real and successful affiliate marketing business.

It totally depends on you as there are people who love to join only the overpriced and hyped-up affiliate marketing training programs and sometimes, the scams, which means that Wealthy Affiliate is not for them.


If this was the case, then …

THIRTEEN Legit Reasons to Avoid Joining Wealthy Affiliate

1 – There’s No Push Button That Will Make You Rich Overnight

I’m sure that you have seen some video promotion for some program’s founder with his Italian sports car telling you that you can get one during the first weeks or months of joining there programs working only ten minutes a day from your phone, or worse, doing nothing more than pushing one button on your phone in order to make anywhere up to $30k/day like this guy says.

No Push Button At Wealthy Affiliate

And the reality is that, these scammers say these lies in order to convince people who know nothing about building a business online or even offline in order to join their programs and give them their hard-earned money just to find out later that these are just lies.


While if you join wealthy affiliate, you will get told the truth that there are no magical push buttons!

Building an online business is much like building an offline business, it needs you to put the consistent work and effort for not a short period of time before you start making any money.

However, what is nice about building an online business is that you can work from almost anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and your laptop.

Also, you can start one at a very low cost (less than $500), or even for free like Wealthy Affiliate allows you to do.

And in addition to that, you can work on your business without hiring employees, and thanks to the nature and the tools used in building and maintaining an online business, you can make it work for you 24 hours and you can finally take breaks without really affecting the performance of your business and without the need to hire others to maintain the business for you.

But this happens after you have already put the effort for not a short period of time working on your business.


And this is why you should NOT join wealthy affiliate if you were looking for some magical push button.

At WA, you will learn the truth about building an online business, and they will not lie to you by telling you that just by joining WA, you will get rich the next month.

So, unless you are serious about building a real business, then you should avoid the Wealthy Affiliate program.


2 – An Amazing Training & a Large Set of Tools at a Low Cost

$49/month is low when compared to other programs that are being sold for $67-$97/month, and even compared to some programs that cost $47/month!!

Other affiliate marketing training programs are either much more expensive than Wealthy Affiliate, or they are sold at a similar price, but they offer a lower quality training, and they don’t offer great tools as Wealthy Affiliate does.


Some of the tools are:

  • The advanced keyword research tool called Jaaxy.
  • The premium web hosting for 10 websites with premium support, site speed, spam protection, SSL certificate, …etc.
  • The content planning, writing and editing tool.
  • An access to +1,000,000 royalty free stock images
  • Affiliate programs research tool
  • And many other stuff that gets added frequently for no extra cost.
  • A community where you interact on daily basis with successful affiliate marketers or with those just starting their journey.


Wealthy Affiliate Tools

If you calculate the cost of purchasing external tools instead of the ones that are provided by WA, then you will find out that these cost more than what joining wealthy affiliate costs!


So, even if you go and join another training program that costs $47/months thinking that you save the $2/month, you will actually pay more than additional $50/month (in addition to the $47/month) just to use an advanced keyword tool and to get web hosting of mediocre quality and support that cannot be compared to Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting.

And what is even better, is that every time wealthy affiliate adds a new tool or feature to the platform, you get to use it without having to pay extra money, all for the cost of the training of $49/month.


Even better, you can upgrade anytime to WA’s yearly membership that costs $495/year, which means that you pay for 10 months and get 2 onths for free in order to be a premium member of wealthy affiliate and enjoy the amazing training, tools, web hosting and the great and supportive community!


3 – No Upsells after Joining Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership

As I explained above, whatever is added to WA platform, you get it for no extra cost since you are a premium member.

While if you join other programs, the moment you pay for what you thought is the only cost, you will get pumped with pop-ups and emails promoting to you to buy either upsells to the same program, or worse, they will start promoting to you other programs in order to “supercharge your commissions”, although they promised you earlier that you can make a full-time income with their program! Lol.


4 – Promotion Free Webinars

Every Friday, This gentleman called Jay Niell will waste anywhere between 60-90 minutes of your time giving you pure value about one of the many topics in the internet marketing world in general, and affiliate marketing in particular, and finally, answering your questions in a live Q&A session.


WA Jay Neill

While if you join other programs, many of them will not offer you weekly webinars, and many of those who does, they will use some of these webinars in order to pitch to you to buy other programs that they sell, or worse, they will invite you to join their “guru” friends’ programs through their affiliate links so that they get a commission from what you pay to their friends!!!


WA Shameful Acts


5 – Existing Founders

Yes, in an industry where many courses founders hide their real identity behind the stock images and pin names, like this guy:
Affiliate Courses Fake Owners
The founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle & Carson, are real people and they are involved in the platform on daily basis.

While Kyle is responsible for the training material and resources, Carson is the man behind the scenes working on maintaining the technical aspects of the platform and on maintaining and improving the tools on continuous basis.

Wealthy Affiliate Founders

While in many other programs, even if you know the founder of the program, they might not be available on regular basis as many of them launch their programs, do the support for a period of time and then, they almost abandon it with no support or updates as they become business doing other stuff.


6 – Continuous Updates

As mentioned earlier, there are many tools that you can enjoy at wealthy affiliate for no extra cost, but also, the training itself gets updated whenever needed in order to match the new trends, regulations and external must-use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other tools.

This is all to make sure that you get the best for the membership fees you are paying, unlike other programs where the founders abandon them after a while and leave them with no updates.


7 – The Best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketers

WA provides one of the best WordPress managed hosting services out there, and guess what, for NO extra cost!

And this is not any kind of cheap hosting that buy from some companies that are being promoted as the “best” web hosting and you need to wait hours for their technical support whenever you need it.

The support at Wealthy Affiliates web hosting is a premium support, meaning that they already monitor the servers at a very high level of priority, and in addition to that, they answer your tickets few minutes after submitting them, and they fix whatever technical issue you are facing almost instantly.

In addition to that, WA’s hosting has the following amazing features:

  • Hosting for up to 10 websites on registered and free websites.
  • Fast hosting so that you provide a good user experience which can lead to more conversions and sales, thus, more money.
  • Double redundancy while hosting your website so that it doesn’t go down at the failure of one server.
  • Anti-spam and anti-hacking protection system that will keep you focused on creating helpful and money-making content instead of worrying about the next attack on your website or worrying on how to stop all of those spammy comments on your blog posts.
  • Daily backups for your websites. If you like to play around with the back-end of your WordPress website and you mess things up, then don’t worry, Wealthy Affiliate hosting has got you covered. You can contact the support and they will revert everything back to where it was hours before you touch it.
  • Free SSL certificate for all the 50 websites mentioned earlier, while other hosting providers will mostly make you pay anywhere between $40-$60/year for every SSL certificate.
  • Unlimited email accounts for the custom domain, while some other hosting providers allow for a limited number of custom email accounts.

Here’s a quick comparison table with some other services:

Join Wealthy Affiliate Hosting


8 – No “Exclusive” Facebook Group

While others are charging money for the “exclusive” Facebook group that didn’t cost them anything to create, and doesn’t really cost to maintain the technical aspect of it, and the one that cannot be relied on due to the control done by the continuous Facebook algorithm changes, joining Wealthy Affiliate grants you the access to their own developed platform where you can meet anyone within the community members, ask them questions, help them with their questions, read about their successes and experiences to learn more, and seek personalized help from more experienced affiliate marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate Members Area

This is a spam-free platform where all the premium members who have joined wealthy affiliate can meet and help each other for no cost and without selling on one another.


9 – No Ferrari or Lambo Beside The Books in Their “Garrrrage”

While that guy’s lame video ads have flooded YouTube and Facebook with him in his “garrrage” showing his books besides his Ferrari, looking for young people to pay him more money so that he keeps paying for his sports car, Wealthy Affiliate founders don’t show off with such ads as they don’t want to mislead people into joining WA by thinking that such cars can be bought overnight after joining any training program, which is completely far from the truth.

WA founders are honest about what it takes to make money online and this is obvious through not using such kind of promotions that are designed just to sell on the dream of getting-rich-quickly, which leads to nowhere other than making people chase one shiny object after another.


10 – No Fake Testimonials

Yup. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you will be continuously see the real testimonials and success stories from other members who have joined the platform and followed the training and took consistent action applying what they learned there.


WA Training Real Testimonial

The ones who give testimonials and share their stories are there everyday, you can say their activity regularly, and you can talk to them.

And you will know that this cannot be fabricated and that those cannot be paid to make some made-up testimonials and leave.

While at some other programs that I reviewed, where the founder usually hides himself behind a pin name, they buy fake testimonials from those freelancers who record short videos saying whatever they are requested to say, and they are usually hired from a freelancing marketplace called Fiverr.

Those are the kind of testimonials where the person says that they have made $3,000 on the first day of joining some program, while the fact is that they have only made few dirty bucks recording such lies to help the founder of that program scam others.


11 – 2 M+ Members NOT Scammed So Far at Wealthy Affiliate

More than 1.4 Million people have joined Wealthy Affiliate so far, isn’t this a sign that if WA is not just another scam that comes around to deceive some people, and leaves after getting exposed?


12 – 15 Years, and Still Teaching People Affiliate Marketing


Scams in the affiliate marketing come and go, but Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 14 years and counting.

The platform is ever growing with more members coming every day to learn affiliate marketing the right way, and with more improvements made continuously in order to effectively help more people, and with more tools added and improved continuously in order to help keep Wealthy Affiliate free and paid members keep the edge over other affiliate marketers out there.

Doesn’t that mean that Wealthy Affiliate is here to stay and to help more and more people everyday in building real and successful businesses?

I think this is an enough reason to avoid joining WA if you were a kind of person looking for some scam that is only designed to take your money away from you.


13 – WA’s Free Membership

Did I say that you can try and test the Wealthy Affiliate platform by joining them for the free membership before paying anything or even entering your credit card’s details?

Isn’t that another clear evidence that Wealthy Affiliate is NOT designed to scam people? Which means that there’s no risk in joining them to test the platform through this review.


Conclusion – Wealthy Affiliate Is Not Another Shiny Object – No Chance to Get Scammed!

Sorry to disappoint those who are looking for scams, one after another.

Wealthy Affiliate is not just another program that is after your money by telling you that there’s some kind of a magical push button that will make you rich overnight. And obiously, Wealthy Affiliate is neither a pyramid scheme nor an MLM program.

Wealthy Affiliate is a place that provides you with all what is necessary in order to become a successful affiliate marketer ONLY if you take a consistent action on what they teach you in their training and use the tools that they provide you with in order to get the advantage over many other affiliate websites out there.

So, if you are a person who is looking for another scam or for another shiny object to pay your hard-earned money to, then you better go away and not consider Wealthy Affiliate.


But if you were someone who is looking to take real action and build a long-term, successful affiliate marketing business the right way, then…

==>> Join Wealthy Affiliate Here Starting with The FREE Membership! (Not Recommended For Those Looking For Scams!)

Join Wealthy Affiliate

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