Shoptimized Theme Review – Is it Worth The Price?

Shoptimized Theme Review

You are probably thinking of upgrading your Shopify store with a paid theme and not sure if Shoptimized is worth the money. Join me here in this Shoptimized Theme Review in order to know more about this theme and to know if it’s worth the investment.

But as I always explain, before you think of upgrading to a premium theme, you should be able to be successful and be profitable and make consistent sales with a free one, and then, you might go with a paid one. The premium one like Shoptimized is created to increase your conversions and profit and not to make you profitable initially.

You can read my article about the best converting Shopify themes here in order to know more about this.

In case that you are still not profitable with your Shopify store, then I recommend that you check this eCom Elites review for the best training on dropshipping with Shopify.

So, let’s go into details about the Shoptimized Theme.


Shoptimized Theme Review Summary

  • Name: Shoptimized Theme
  • Website:
  • Founders: Bradley Long, a Conversion Rate Expert & Consultant
  • Support: 84 of 100
  • Features/Adds: 95 of 100
  • Customization: 92 of 100
  • Pricing & Guarantees: 88 of 100
  • Success Stories – Testimonials: 94 of 100
  • Price: $169 for one license, $197 for three licenses, $597 for ten licenses. One time fees, one year support & updates. NO refunds are allowed.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 91 of 100 (Check #1 Shopify Theme 96 of 100 – 14-Day Money Back Guarantee)

Summary: Shopitimized is a good Shopify theme as it offers lots of features for advanced and serious ecom stores owners. The main issue is that they don’t seem to offer 24/7 support like the official Shopify Themes by Out of The Sandbox, in addition to it’s high price.


Shoptimized Theme Overview

As I mentioned earlier, this theme was created by a conversion rate expert called Bradley Long, who works also as a consultant with many international brands helping them increase the conversion rate for their online stores, in addition to managing his own Shopify stores.

Bradley’s experience in the e-commerce since 2005 helped him in understanding the customer psychology and know what works and what doesn’t, which eventually helped him in creating a premium theme that is optimized for increasing conversions.

Shoptimized theme is known for the ability to customize many aspects in order to match your niche, audience, brand, products, …etc.

Shoptimized was created to meet the Mobile-First criteria, which is better for getting higher rankings on Google and other search engines.

Also, the Mobile-First based design will improve the user experience and get you better conversion rates, better performance with Facebook ads, and as a result, lower CPM, CPC, CPP, …etc.

Also, this feature will make your store load faster and keep the visitor on your store, because many people leave before reaching the landing page if it was slow.

The many features that are built in the Shoptimized theme are there in order to help your store get higher conversion rates, Average Order Value, increase the trust in your store, collect more data about your store’s visitors in order to advertise to them directly at a later stage for a much lower cost.

Many of the features mentioned below are not provided with free themes, you have to install either free or paid apps in order to get them, which might make your store look a bit unsystematic as each app is developed by a different developer and they have different looks.

Also, many of the paid apps have monthly subscriptions, which makes it more feasible to use a premium theme that has all these features built-in for no extra cost.


Shoptimized Theme Features:

Following are the main Shoptimized Theme features:

  1. Countdown timer to invoke urgency.
  2. Scarcity remaining stock count to give the sense of scarcity. Shoptimized Urgency & Scarcity Features
  3. GEO-IP Recognition works as a social proof and gives more trust and familiarity.
  4. Currency converter converts the prices in some of the main currencies.
  5. Shipping Time Estimator.
  6. Email Pop-Up. Collect e-mail addresses for future free marketing.
  7. Sold in last 24-hours that works as a social proof.
  8. Marketing Integrations with important and useful apps that will help you increase your revenue and sales.
  9. Risk-Reversal badge that ensures customer satisfaction or money-back.
  10. Value Proposition that would give reasons to your store’s visitors about why they can trust you. Trust Badge For Shoptimized Theme
  11. Video Embedding ability.
  12. Sell Personalized Products Without The Need For Costly Apps.
  13. Mega-Menu option.
  14. Conversion-Optimized Header Area. (mega menu for easier navigation, store’s phone number, offer discounts, announcements, …etc.)
  15. Social-Proof Pop-Up to show the visitors that other people are buying now. Shoptimized Social Proof Feature
  16. Simulated live Traffic Count.
  17. Free Shipping Bar.
  18. Upsell Pop-Up to increase AOV (Average Order Value).
  19. Fully Customizable CTA Button test more than one text and then choose the one that works better.
  20. Cart Page Urgency timer to urge them complete the purchase now.
  21. Cross-sell Pop-up to sell more to the same number of visitors. Cross Sell With Shoptimized
  22. Skip the Cart and go directly to Checkout for easier shopping and better experience.
  23. Product Badging to show discounts or free shipping on products images.
  24. Free + Shipping Offers.
  25. Product Filter to easily find the products.
  26. Site Search Auto-Completetion.
  27. Volume Purchase Social-Proof.
  28. Exit Pop-Up to catch them before they leave and offer additional discount. Exit Pop-up In Shoptimized Theme
  29. Sticky Add-to-Cart Button.
  30. “Dynamic Day” Cart Coupon that would show the discount with the name of each day in order to invoke urgency in taking action.
  31. Instant Coupon Code Delivery in order to collect emails on the exit and offer discount.



Shoptimized Theme Pros & Cons


  • Built with Mobile-First in mind, better user experience and fast loading speed.
  • The price is a one time fee with lifetime use, but the support and updates are only available for one year for free.
  • Developed by a conversion rate expert and consultant, who has been already successful with his own stores and works as a consultant for big brands.
  • Has positive reviews on the web and good number of testimonials on the sales page of the theme. However, since it is not sold on a third party platform, you can’t find reviews other than these.
  • Good level of flexibility for customizing the theme in order to fit your store, niche and audience.
  • Lots of built-in features that will help you save money instead of purchasing paid apps, and will save you time and headache in managing the different tasks.
  • There’s a bonus with the Pro and Ultimate plans, two courses for free: the “7-Figure Store Blueprint” which is usually sold alone for $997 & the “FB Ascension Formula Facebook Training”
  • The support is available for seven days a week.



  • Although the price is a one time fee for a lifetime use, however, the updates and support are available for free for only one year.
  • In order to update, you have to re-install the theme, which means you might need to customize the theme again. Also, it would take more time to update than just update in a click it with a dedicated app like it is with the best alternative mentioned in the “Shoptimized Alternative” section below.
  • No refund policy. Unlike the recommended alternative that offers 14-Days money back guarantee.
  • There are some negative feedback about some of the basic customization features of the home page and the fact that they have to pay Shoptimized support in order to create changes in the code. However, the theme is continuously updated, and still, it has a good level of customization ability.


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Who Is The Shoptimized Theme for?

Shoptimized Theme is for those looking for theme that is build based on the Mobile-First criteria, with fast loading ability and better user experience. Also, for those looking for a good high level of flexibility and customization ability in order to make their store’s look fit the niche, audience, brand, products, …etc.



Shoptimized Price & Discount

The Shoptimized Theme has three different plans with the following structure, pricing and discounts:

1 Store License: $167

3 Stores License: $197

10 Stores License: $597


Shoptimized Theme Pricing Plans & Discount


Notice that as I mentioned earlier, the Pro & Ultimate plans give you a free access to the “7-Figure Store Blueprint” training course, which is usually sold alone for $997 & to the “FB Ascension Formula Facebook Training” as a bonus.

IMPORTANT: The above prices are one time fees, NON-Refundable, and you can use the Shoptimized theme for lifetime. However, the free support and updates are available for only one year.

While at the best Shoptimized alternative mentioned below (or you can learn about it in this review), there’s a free one year support and updates through a dedicated app.

Also, for the recommended alternative, there’s a 14-Days money back guarantee, which makes it the best choice in my opinion despite higher price.


Shoptimized Theme Free Download

Many people are looking to download the Shoptimized theme for free, but it is unavailable.

And even if you find a free version of it, it will be either cracked or distributed by an unauthorised party, which means that you don’t get the updates and support.

If you are not sure about purchasing the Shopify Shoptimized theme, then you can go with my recommended alternative mentioned below which is considered the #1 Shopify theme and it offers 14-day money back guarantee and lifetime support and updates.


Shoptimized Theme Support & Updates

As mentioned earlier, the support is available for seven days a week. You can reach them through sending them a ticket in the member’s area.

The testimonials and reviews are positive about the support.


Shoptimized Support Reviews


As I mentioned earlier, the support and updates are available for free only for the first year. Unlike the lifetime free support and updates in the alternative below.

The downfall with the updates, is that unlike the alternative mentioned below, you have to re-install the theme in order to get the new version. Which means more time and effort and you might need to re-customize it for your store.

Another thing, the Shoptimized Theme reviews on Trustpilot show that some of the Shopify store owners are not satisfied with the speed of the support response, which is not available 24/7 like it is with the Out of The Sandbox themes.

While with the Shoptimized alternative, you can do that through a special app without the need to customize it again.


Shoptimized Theme Testimonials

Shoptimized theme is only listed for sale their website, so, the testimonials are available on their sales page and not on a third party platform. However, the general reviews on the web are positive about the theme and the support. And many big stores are using it and they are happy with it.

Shoptimized Testimonials


The Best Shoptimized Theme Alternatives

There are many great themes to use for your Shopify store, but in my opinion, the best two alternatives to Shoptimized are the Flex ThemeTurbo Theme by Out of the Sandbox, a Shopify owned company, which cost more at the beginning, offers free one-year support and updates. And they have a special app for easier updates.

Also, they provide a 14-Days money back guarantee, while Shoptimized doesn’t.

==>> Click Here to Read My Flex Shopify Theme Review!

==>> Click Here to Read My Turbo Shopify Theme Review!


And if you think that the first alternative above is expensive, then you might check out my third alternative, which has a similar name to the alternative mentioned above, eCom Turbo theme, which is created by Franklin Hatchett, a successful dropshipper and creator of the top recommending dropshipping course, eCom Elites.

This theme offers the most important features and is sold at a much lower price than Shoptimized (58% of Shoptimized price), and it offers free lifetime updates and a 14-days money back guarantee.

==>> Click Here to Read My eCom Turbo Theme Review!


Conclusion – Is The Shoptimized Theme Worth The Price?

In general, Shoptimized is one of the good themes out there with the mobile-first design and the many features included.

The price, when compared to other paid themes is justified, not too high and not low. But the 3 licenses plan is better than the 1 license plan as it includes bonuses and gives licenses for two more stores for only extra $28. But remember that it’s non-refundable.

  • Name: Shoptimized Theme
  • Website:
  • Founders: Bradley Long, a Conversion Rate Expert
  • Price: $169 for one license, $197 for three licenses, $597 for ten licenses. One time fees, one year support & updates. NO refunds are allowed.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 91 of 100 (Check The #1 Shopify Theme 96 of 100 – 14-Day Money Back Guarantee)

However, as I mentioned earlier, I prefer Flex theme by Out of the Sandbox as it comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.


So, this is it for this Shoptimized Theme Review.

If you have any questions or if you need any help with choosing a good theme for your Shopify store, please, tell me in the comments section below and I will be answering you as soon as possible!

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10 thoughts on “Shoptimized Theme Review – Is it Worth The Price?”

  1. Shoptimized is a good theme when it works… The problem is it often breaks and I have spent countless hours fixing it. Support is very slow, at least 24 hours to hear back and they ALWAYS want a screenshot for the easiest of questions, delay tactic? However, Support eventually does do a good job assisting and fixing things. I think if they put half the effort into the product that they do marketing we would all be better off. Overall, not recommended due to cost and issues. Also, I didn’t find this theme to be anywhere near “38% Faster”.

    • Thank you Jim for sharing your experience and for your advise!

      I agree, it is sad to see all this aggressive marketing and not quality and support that matches such hype.
      While Shoptimized is a good theme, but it is way overpriced compared to better alternatives such as Out of the Sandbox themes, and especially: Flex theme and Turbo theme which, in addition to being created by a Shopify company, they also offer a 14-day money back guarantee so that you make sure that you got what you wanted. This is in addition to the current 20% discount on both themes.
      While Shoptimized, unfortunately doesn’t offer a money back guarantee.

      Thanks again Jim!

  2. Thanks for this honest review!

    I’m not yet owning a Shopify store, but I plan to go down that route next year.

    I like your advice to only investing in a paid store after you already have some revenue from the free one. Shoptimized sounds really appealing to me with all the features provided. The way it’s build, I’m sure it can help with conversions.

    Thanks again!


    • Hello Felix and thank you for your comment!

      Sure, Shoptimized is a great theme, but you might also check the alternative I mentioned in the article as it offers lifetime support and updates.

      Let me know if you need any help in the future!


  3. Hey Amjad,

    this is a great review.

    I don’t have any experience with this so far, but you got me hooked to read through it. You’ve taken your time to provide thourough details and help me with my decision if I should use it myself.

    Thanks for sharing, Veit.​

    • Hey Veit,

      Thank you for passing by and for the comment. It is my duty to write detailed reviews about the products I know in order to assist others in finding what they are looking for.
      Shoptimized is a great theme indeed, despite the cons that I mentioned above. If you feel like it, you can go ahead with it. If you are looking for a better option despite a higher price, then Shopify Turbo Theme might be a better alternative.
      And if you are looking for something great with the lowest possible price, then you might go with the eCom Turbo theme.

      All the best!

  4. As I am just in the process of doing my research into beginning a shopify website the timing of my finding this article couldn’t be better!

    I will take your advise and ensure my site is profitable before I go ahead and upgrade,  but it is fantastic to read the benefits that come with upgrading the theme.

    Bookmarked and thank you very much! 

    • You are most welcome Dianne!

      True, many people mistake buying a paid theme such as Shoptimized with becoming ready to collect the money.

      Unfortunately, this is not how it works!

      In order to make any profit with Dropshipping, you must first learn many skils such as finding good products, reliable suppliers, researching the market, writing a good ad copy and learning the traffic methods very well.

      Before you acquire these skills, you won’t make any profit even with the best theme. You better invest that money in learning and testing different products until you find a good product and you start making profit. After that, you might purchase a premium theme such as Shoptimized in order to increase your sales and profit.

      All the best, and let me know if you need any help in the future!


  5. I must thank you for this review because my friend and I were trying to find is there someone opinion about this new theme and is it worth it. Now that I have read this article I can say that it is definitely worth it. Maybe the price is a little high but I will give it a try for sure.

    • Hello Daniel and thank you for your comment!

      Indeed, Shoptimized is worth the price, it has many features that will save you money and time instead of dealing with lots of Apps, free & paid. And most of these features are designed to increase the conversions at your Shopify store.

      Please, let me know if you need any help!



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