Shopify Turbo Theme Review

Shopify Turbo Theme Review

Shopify Turbo Theme Review


You are probably thinking of upgrading your Shopify store theme with a paid one and wondering if Turbo is worth the investment. Join me here in this Shopify Turbo Theme Review in order to know more about this particular theme and to know if it deserves your money.


But before you buy any paid theme, you have to understand that you have to be able to be successful and make money with your Shopify store and generate profit and consistent sales with your store before you invest in a paid theme such as Turbo – Portland. The paid theme will help scale up your business and increase your revenue and profit, and not to start making profit with it.


You might also want to check my article about Best Premium Shopify Themes where I go in details in when and how to decide which theme is better for your store.


So now let’s start with the details about the Turbo Theme that is created by Out Of Sandbox.


Shopify Turbo Theme Review – Rankings

  • Name: Turbo Shopify Theme (Click here to get it with the 14-day money back guarantee)
  • Website:
  • Founders: Out Of The Sandbox, a Shopify Company
  • Support: 95 of 100
  • Features/Adds: 98 of 100
  • Customization: 94 of 100
  • Pricing & Guarantees: 94 of 100
  • Success Stories – Testimonials: 98 of 100
  • Price: $350 one time fees. Lifetime support. 14-Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit


Overall Rating: 96 of 100 (# 1 Shopify Theme)


>>Click here to get the Shopify Turbo Theme<<



Turbo Shopify Theme Overview

As I mentioned earlier, this is one of the themes that are created by Out Of The Sandbox, one of Shopify companies, which is one of the main reasons that this theme is superior when compared to other themes.


There are actually five Turbo Themes (You can click on each one to be directed to the theme itself directly):

  1. Turbo Theme – Portland: which is the most common and most reviewed as it was the first one to be developed.
  2. Turbo Theme – Florence.
  3. Turbo Theme – Seoul.
  4. Turbo Theme – Chicago.
  5. Turbo Theme – Dubai.


Since all these themes are developed by the same company and team, they are all recommended and reliable, even if the Portland theme is the most reviewed and most popular.


The theme is known for its many features and customization ability. Whether it was the header, footer, home page, product page or collection page, you have a great flexibility in customizing the theme to meet your store’s needs, niche and audience.


Also, many features are designed in order to increase the trust in your store, increase the conversion ratio, AOV (Average Order Value), and these are built-in inside the theme for no extra cost. Otherwise, you would need to pay for these features by purchasing apps with monthly subscription fees. Which means you will save money with the Turbo theme.


Following screenshot is showing the Exit Pop-Up feature that detects when the store visitor is leaving the store and gives them the chance to submit their email, offer them coupon codes, lead them to another page, …etc. You can customize it as you wish.


Turbo Theme Features - Exit Pop-Up


Also, having these features built in the theme means that you will save time and headache instead of installing and continuously updating many apps on your store that might have bugs sometimes.


Turbo Shopify Theme Features:

Following are some of the features that you get with the Turbo/Portland theme from Out Of The Sandbox, many of them aren’t included in free themes:


For the Header area:

  • Announcement bar
  • Currency converter
  • Cart icon options
  • Customer login
  • Dropdown menu
  • Top bar/top menu
  • Mega menu
  • Interactive mini cart
  • Logo options
  • Phone number
  • Social icons
  • Sticky header


For the Footer area:

  • Agree to term checkbox
  • Built-in theme translations
  • Shipping rates calculator
  • Social icons in footer
  • Blog DISQUS comments
  • Button shape options
  • Configurable footer content
  • Image gallery template
  • MailChimp newsletter support
  • Custom footer logo
  • Page details template


For the Home Page:

  • Social feeds (Instagram + Twitter)
  • Testimonials
  • Featured video
  • Google map
  • Contact form
  • Newsletter popup
  • Newsletter section
  • Recently viewed products
  • Rich text + image
  • Predictive search section
  • Featured promotions
  • Image gallery
  • Image with text
  • Image with text overlay
  • Logo list


For the Collection Page:

  • Multiple pagination options
  • Multi-tag filter in sidebar
  • Recently viewed items in sidebar
  • Sale/New/Coming Soon banners
  • Collection sorting + filtering
  • Color swatches below thumbnail
  • Configurable sidebar


For the Product Page:

  • Back in stock notification form
  • Integrated Shopify Reviews
  • Recently viewed products
  • Related products
  • Color swatch shape options
  • Configurable sidebar
  • Support for tabbed product descriptions
  • Quantity box
  • Size Chart



Turbo Theme Pros & Cons:


  • Developed by a Shopify company, which means that it has gone through extensive and strict testing and quality control and meets all their requirements.
  • Has more than 125 reviews with the overall rating of 5 stars!
  • One time fees with lifetime updates & support. Different from many other paid Shopify themes. Easy updating through a dedicated app.
  • 14-Days money back guarantee.
  • High level of flexibility for customizing the theme in order to fit your store, niche and audience.
  • Lots of built-in features that will help you save money instead of installing many paid apps, and will save you time in managing the different tasks.
  • Optimized for speed and mobile experience.



  • The license is for one store. If you want it for another store, you have to pay the full amount of $350. But it is still worth the price since it provides a lifetime updates and support. Also, you can transfer the theme from one store to another.
  • The support doesn’t have a live chat, and the technical support is not guaranteed as stated in the support policy, but also, it is stated in the Support Policy, that the aim is to answer all questions and requests within 24 hours, but might take 1-2 days if there’s a large volume of requests. However, the many positive reviews about the strong support makes it clear that it is safe to go with it.

Who Is Out Of The Sandbox Turbo Theme For?

Turbo Shopify theme is for those looking for mobile optimized, fast loading theme with high level of flexibility and customization ability.


People who want to make sure that there theme is continuously up-to-date with the Shopify requirements and tested under strict conditions, with lifetime support and free updates through a one-click-app.


Shopify Turbo Theme Pricing

The cost of purchasing a one store license is $350 one-time-fee. But you can transfer the license from one store to another by contacting the support team.


The price isn’t really high as you get free lifetime support and easy updates through a dedicated app. Different from other themes that provide the free updates only for the first year.


Also, Turbo theme has a conditional 14-days money back guarantee. This is also not provided by many other paid themes.


>>Click here to get the Shopify Turbo – Portland Theme<<


Shopify Turbo Theme Discount

Currently, there’s no discount on the Shopify Turbo theme from Out Of The Sandbox, but remember that this is still the best Shopify theme out there and it is created by a company that belongs to Shopify itself.


Also, it includes lifetime updates and support, while some other top Shopify premium themes require an annual fee in order to keep your theme updated and supported by the developers.


And on top of that, this theme offers a 14-day money back guarantee.


These reasons together make the Turbo theme totally worth the price.


>>Get The Shopify Turbo Theme With The Lifetime Support & Updates<<



Shpify Turbo Theme Free Download

Many people are looking to download the Turbo Shopify theme for free, but it is unavailable, and even if it was, then it would be a cracked version that won’t work as the original version and won’t get the lifetime updates and support.


>>Click Here To Download The Original Shopify Turbo Theme<<


Turbo Shopify Theme Support & Updates

Although the support policy states that the support is not live and the support requests and questions might take 1-2 days in order to be answered, still, the support is strong and many of the reviews on the Out Of The Sandbox website are positive about the support.


Turbo Theme Support


In any case, the need for the support will mostly be limited as the theme is powerful and meets high levels of quality and performance since it was developed by a Shopify company.


Important to mention that the updates are done through a free app that you install on your theme. Lifetime free updates.


Shopify Turbo Theme Testimonials

The Turbo theme is only listed for sale on Out Of The Sandbox platform, while other themes from the same company such as: Artisan, Parallax, Retina, Mobilia & Responsive, are sold on both Out Of The Sandbox and on Shopify Theme Store.


As I mentioned earlier, the Turbo theme has five different versions, the Portland version is the oldest and most popular and it has over than 125 reviews with the overall rating of 5 stars.


Turbo Theme Testimonials


While other turbo themes such as: Seoul, Florence, Dubai, Chicago are relatively new and have fewer reviews.


The reviews are positive about the quality and performance of the Turbo Theme and about the strong support from Out Of The Sandbox team.


How To Buy The Turbo Theme?

As I mentioned earlier, Turbo Theme is available only to purchase through Out Of The Sandbox website. Click here to get it!


The reason it is not listed on the Shopify Theme Store is that it has already outperformed all other themes and exceeded all the shopify requirements and standards.


Conclusion – Is The Turbo Shopify Theme Worth It?

  • Name: Shopify Turbo Theme (Click here to get it with the 14-day money back guarantee)
  • Website:
  • Founders: Out Of The Sandbox, a Company by Shopify
  • Price: $350 one time fee. Lifetime support & Updates. 14-Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Overall Ranking: 96 of 100 (# 1 Shopify Theme)
  • Scam/Legit: Legit


Turbo Theme is absolutely worth the price. So far, it is the most theme that showed such reliability and performance. The price is totally justified and there are many themes out there that cost more money and don’t provide lifetime updates and support.


So if you liked this Turbo Shopify Theme Review, and you are ready to upgrade your store and scale up your business and increase your revenue, then go ahead with the Turbo theme if you liked it.


>>Click here to get the Turbo – Portland Theme<<


And if you have any questions or you need any help, please, let me know in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer you asap!

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6 thoughts on “Shopify Turbo Theme Review”

  1. Hi Amjad!

    Thank you for this comprehensive review of the Turbo Shopify theme! All those extra features are incredible, I’m especially intrigued by the Header area and Homepage features. 

    I also like the fact that it is a one-time fee that comes with lifetime support. That’s a definite plus for me.

    What type of store would best suit this theme?

    • Hello and thank you for your question!

      The Shopify Turbo theme goes with almost any niche thanks to the flexibility in cutomizing most of its aspects.

      It could be a spiritual niche such as Yoga and Meditation, Accessories, Home & Garden niche, Tech products, …etc.

      Just choose the niche and change the default images on the home page.

      However, other turbo themes such as: Chicago, Dubai, Florence & Seoul might be already customized to fit certain niches, which can save you some time. Make sure to explore them as well.

      I hope my answer helps you. If you need more help, please, let me know what niche your store is and I will do my best to help you in choosing the right option out of Turbo themes.

      All the best!


  2. Wow I did not realise that there were high end themes such as the Turbo theme built specifically for you to use on your Shopify stores.

    Many of the features that this theme has would definitely save you a lot of money as well as time since you won’t have to go look for additional apps to buy and install if you were looking for more advanced options. I am going to have to keep this theme in mind for my next store.

    Thank you!


    • Hello Huy and thank you for reading my review and for your comments!

      I’m glad that you liked this theme and willing to help you in any related stuff in the future. Just ask.

      Thanks and good luck!


  3. I need to do more and learn more about Shopify.  It seems lots of people are making money through this type of e-commerce.

    It feels some days that there just isn’t enough time.  However, when I read articles like this it gets me more and more interested.

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed explanation!


    • True, you can make money with Shopify in many different ways. And dropshipping is only one of them.

      If you are currently busy with another method of making money online, then I encourage you to stick to that one until you are successful. 

      And when you have time to start another business such as dropshipping, then I encourage you to start with the Turbo theme from Out of the Sandbox if you have the budget as it is really a powerful and reliable theme.

      Please, come back to me if you need any help in the future!


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