Shopifortunes Review 2020

Shopifortunes Review - A Scam or Legit

Welcome my friend to my honest and unbiased Shopifortunes Review!

Can you really make money with what Tim Rose teaches you or is this just another shiny object?

If this program is NOT about dropshipping, then what is it about?

How can you make such big profits without having to invest in paid traffic method?

And is the real cost of this program only $37 as Tim says in the video, or are there hidden costs?

These questions and more I will be answering in this review of Tim Rose’s Shopifortunes, so, bear with me until the end.

And if this program wasn’t for you, then I will recommend a better alternative for you.


Shopifortunes Review Summary

  • Name: Shopifortunes
  • Website:
  • Founders: Tim Rose
  • Price: $37 To get started, +$200 in optional upsells. You also will need some money to fulfill the first few orders and probably pay in advance for influencers to do marketing for you. No free membership, but there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 85 of 100 (Check out my #1 recommendation to learn making money with Shopify 97 of 100)

Summary: Shopifortunes is a legit program that teaches you how to make money with e-commerce in a way that doesn’t require a big investment in holding inventory or in using paid advertising.

Although Shopifortunes is not a scam, but there are many downfalls such as the fact that Tim tells you that the only cost to join it is $37, but there are upsells, in addition to the fact that you can’t make money as fast and easy as he promises you.


What Is Shopifortunes?

Shopifortunes is a complete program that is supposed to help you start your own Shopify store and make money with e-commerce, from scratch.

What Is Shopifortunes

Shopifortunes consists of a step-by-step video training course, in addition to the done-for-you templates that you can use to save some time.

And if you don’t know what Shopify is, then it’s a platform that allows you to easily create an online store without experience or coding.

And there are many models that you can follow in order to make money with an online store, like creating your own product by yourself and selling it, buying someone else’s product in bulk and then selling it and shipping it by yourself, and many other methods.

But dropshipping, which is a legitimate model, is the most popular method of monetizing a Shopify store, which is where you list products that you still don’t own with a price that is higher than their vendor’s price, and when someone buys from your store, you then pay the vendor their price and ask them to send the product directly to the customer without you touching anything, and you keep the margin after paying for the advertising.

However, Tim Rose says that Shopifortunes doesn’t teach dropshipping, but focuses on a different model, and that you don’t need to pay for ads in order to make sales, as you will learn in the next section.

How Does Shopifortunes Work?

From what Tim says in the Shopifortunes sales video, it seems that he will teach you how to research the market and get a good idea of a product with a good potential which you can then outsource from one vendor or probably ask a manufacturer to create it for you through the white label or private label model.

How Shopifortunes Works

Shopifortunes Traffic Methods

When it comes marketing, instead of paying for paid ads using Facebook, Instagram and other methods like it is with eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett, Shopifortunes focuses on using the following main methods:

1 – Influencer Marketing:

In brief, influencer marketing is when you find a known personality that has a big following on social media, and ask them to promote your product to their audience, in exchange of a fix amount of money, or in exchange of a commission on every sale that they bring, which is similar to affiliate marketing.

2 – Multi-Level Marketing:

In brief, multi-level marketing (MLM), is when you pay your influencer or affiliate for the sales they bring to you through their followers, but you also, allow them to hire some of their followers in order to promote your products in the same way, and the influencer gets also a 2nd-tier commission on the sales that their followers bring.

Shopifortunes Multi-Level Marketing

And these two methods of marketing can help you get started faster and with less experience and a lower cost compared to using the paid Facebook and Google ads.

This is what is unique about the Shopifortunes program by Tim Rose.


Inside The Shopifortunes Members’ Area

If you decide to join the Shopifortunes program, here’s why you can expect to get:

1 – The Step-By-Step Shopifortunes Training Course

This is supposed to be a simple plug-and-play guide that consists of 10+ hours of easy-to-follow video classes that will guide you on how to set up a Shopify store within minutes, how to come up with a product idea, outsource it, market it and fulfill the orders until you scale with the 6-figure scaling secrets from the exclusive Syndicate group that Tim keeps talking about.

The Shopifortunes course consists of the following six phases:

Phase 1: Defining Your Product.

Here you will learn how to research the market and find the product that has a great potential of being a successful product to sell and profit with.

Shopifortunes Course Phase 1

Phase 2: Building & Branding Your Online Store.

Here you will learn how build your online store and make the necessary branding in order to make your store trustworthy and make it appeal to people in order to buy from it.

Phase 3: Let’s Get Technical.

Here you will learn where to get the product you want to sell and how to agree on the costs and fulfillment steps.

You will learn how to add the product to it at the price that will allow you to sell a good quantity to many people and make a good profit at the same time.

Phase 4: Building Buzz & Tapping into Your Audience.

Here you will learn how to use the influencer marketing and mlm model in order to allow others to promote your product to their followers and networks without having to pay for the paid advertising that requires more experience and budget.

Shopifortunes Course Phase 4

Phase 5: Ready, Set, Launch.

Here you are supposed to learn how you can do the customer service and hire others to support you, how to deal with the orders and suppliers, how to handle refunds and returns, …etc.

Phase 6: Syndicate Secrets for Scaling to Success.

Here you will learn how to scale your business in order to grow your sales, increase your store’s overage order value through upsells and suggestions, and more.

Also, you are going to get a free access to The Elite Mentorship Package that includes 5 incredible bonuses

Shopifortunes Bonuses

Shopifortunes Bonus

1 – Shopifortunes Prodigies.

An exclusive group of successful online stores owners that are going to help you succeed with your business.

2 – Exclusive Interviews.

A set of interviews with known social media influencers that will teach you the secrets to succeeding with marketing your business.

3 – No-Hassle Marketing Templates.

A set of templates that you can use for email marketing or to communicate with the influencers you want to help you market your product.

4 – Social Media Mastery Mini-Course.

A mini-course about the smart ways of using social media marketing channels such as: FB, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat in order to market your online store products.

5 – +1 Syndicate Membership

This means that when you buy the Shopifortunes membership, you get access credentials for yourself, and for another partner or a team member that you have without having to pay for their membership.


Shopifortunes Cost & Up-sells

The cost of joining Shopifortunes is $37 for getting the front-end product of the program, and there are optional upsells that will be offered to you, which might cost you more than $200 in total.

Shopifortunes Actual Cost

This is in addition to the fact that you need to pay a monthly fee of $29 for using Shopify, but they offer a 14-day free trial that you can get here.

You might also need to spend some money in the beginning on hiring some influencer in order to market your product for you, if they don’t agree on promoting it based on getting commissions on the sales they bring.

And you will need a small amount of money to start fulfilling orders when you first receive them before becoming profitable and your business starts spending on itself.

In my opinion, consider having $500-$1,000 in advance before starting with Shopifortunes.

The good news is that there’s a 60-day money back guarantee on the front-end that costs you $37 if you get Shopifortunes through any of the links in this review or through the following link.

>>> Click Here to Get Shopifortunes with The 60-Day Money Back Guarantee<<<


Pro’s & Con’s of Shopifortunes


  • It’s about e-commerce, a legit way of making money online.
  • Introducing MLM to ecommerce can be a new way of marketing your online store in the middle of the competitive advertising methods.
  • The front-end cost of Shopifortunes is low, $37.
  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you join Shopifortunes through any of the links on this page.


  • Tim says that there are no hidden costs other than the $37, but in truth, there are optional upsells of probably more than $200.
  • MLM is not my favorite way of doing marketing for any business, because sometimes it becomes as if people buy the product just in order to join the system and promote it.
  • Misleading information when Tim tells you that can make $+20,000 a month in sales working only few minutes a day, but the truth is that e-commerce is a model that requires lots of follow-ups and customer support, and even if you hire VA’s to help you, you still need to manage them and spend time on training them at the beginning.  No Effort Shopifortunes System


Who Is Shopifortunes for?

Shopifortunes can be good who want to learn how to make money with e-commerce using influencer marketing and MLM in order to get new customers without spending on paid FB & Google ads.

However, I don’t really like the MLM method for many reasons as I explained earlier, and for the Influencer Marketing, you can learn it as one of the many ways of getting traffic to your Shopify store through my #1 recommended e-commerce training program in the last section of this Shopifortunes review.


Shopifortunes Support

The program is still new, and there’s not a lot of feedback about Shopifortunes’ support.

There’s a “contact us” page on the Shopifortunes website where you can send a message to ask for support and they should reply to you through email.

However, the program comes with a 60-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee for the front-end cost of $37, which makes it safe to try.


Conclusion – Is Shopifortunes a Scam or Legit?

Shopifortunes is a legit program, it is not a scam, and it brings some new insights about marketing your online store.

However, my main objection are the misleading claims about working so little and making so much money, in addition to the fact that I don’t really like the multi-level marketing method.

  • Name: Shopifortunes
  • Website:
  • Founders: Tim Rose
  • Price: $37 To get started, +$200 in optional upsells. You also will need some money to fulfill the first few orders and probably pay in advance for influencers to do marketing for you. No free membership, but there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall Rating: 85 of 100 (Check out my #1 recommendation to learn making money with Shopify 97 of 100)

The good thing is that there’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you get Shopifortunes through any of the links in this review or on the following image.

Join Shopifortunes

However, if you want a more comprehensive training program on making money through e-commerce with Shopify stores, then the following section is for you.


A More Comprehensive & Legit Alternative to Shopifortunes?


As I said earlier, Shopifortunes teaches you how to use influencer marketing and MLM in order to bring new customers to your Shopify store, and that’s good.

But in my opinion, MLM is not the best way to adopt as a main method to market your online store, and influencer marketing can be limited in some cases.

There are many other advertising methods that you can use in order to get more customers and make your business more scalable.

And you can learn most of these methods, in addition to the influencer marketing method, in one program through paying a one-time fee for a lifetime access.

And here comes my alternative to Shopifortunes, which is eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.

This program is a comprehensive, step-by-step video course that will teach you, from scratch, how to start a Shopify dropshipping business by researching the market, outsourcing products, marketing your store, and scaling your business.

This course will teach you different methods of advertising, free and paid such as:

  • SEO.
  • Social media organic traffic.
  • FB & IG Ads.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Search ads.
  • Google shopping ads.
  • And more.

And all of this for a one-time fee that you can pay to get access to the most comprehensive training program in the dropshipping industry.

You can check my eCom Elites review in order to learn about this program and join it from there. I don’t think you will find a better alternative.

It’s up to you to decide which program to join.

I hope that you find my unbiased Shopifortunes review useful and helpful.

If you still have any questions or need any help, please, let me know in the comments section below and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

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