Sellfy Print on Demand Review (Sellfy Merchandise Review)

Sellfy Print on Demand Review

What is selling merchandise with Sellfy is all about? how does it work? And is it easy to do it?

These are some of the questions that I will be answering for you in this detailed Sellfy Print on Demand review, where you will see how you can start and sell your merchandise on in 30 minutes from now.

Sellfy Print on Demand Review

  • Name: Sellfy Print on Demand – Sellfy Merchandise
  • Website:
  • Founders: Kristaps Alks & Maris Dagis
  • Beginner-Friendly: 10 of 10
  • Platform Reliability: 9.5 of 10
  • Support: 9.5 of 10
  • Products: 9.5 of 10
  • Pricing: 9 of 10
  • Cost: $29/month for the platform for lowest plan. Product prices differ from one product to another. 14-Day free trial to try the platform.
  • Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 9.5 of 10

Summary: Sellfy Print on Demand is legit and very easy to use for non-technical people in order to sell their merchandise online, starting with the lowest possible cost, and in few steps that allow you to start your first merch products in 30 minutes from now.

Although this service from Sellfy is still new, but is a reliable platform that I have been using to sell digital downloads for years now.

What Is Sellfy Print on Demand or Sellfy Merchandise?

Sellfy Print on Demand is a new service from that gives you the tools to create and sell your own merchandise online without having to buy inventory or pay any money in advance, and without doing any of the physical work related to the fulfillment and shipping.

What Is Sellfy Print on Demand

The way you do this is that you choose what products you want to sell to your audience, such as: mugs, stickers, posters, t-shirts, or hoodies, create and add your own design, slogan, or logo to them, list the prices you want for each product, and market them to your audience.

And when you get an order and someone pays you for a product, you then pay Sellfy POD their own cost of fulfillment, and you get the difference.

And Sellfy will do all the production and shipping work to send the product directly to your customer.

This is a simple business model to start making money online and sell your own merch with your deigns and without having to put a big investment in advance.


Start & Sell Merchandise on Sellfy Print on Demand in 30-Minutes?

Here’s how Sellfy Print on Demand works:


1 – Start an Online Store on

You simply choose one of the available plans at, in order to start your own online store that allows you to sell different kinds of products and membership programs.

I recommend that you start with the Starter plan here that costs only $29/month (or $19/month when you pay for a year in advance), and you get 14-day free trial with it.

Start Merch with Sellfy POD

When you login to the admin area, you will notice how easy is Sellfy to use even for people who have never started an online store before.

If you can use your email, then you can use for building a store to sell your merch.

And you can either use your own domain name for your Sellfy POD store, or you can just start without a custom domain, but by adding the name of your store to, where your store’s address becomes something like for example.

After you start your print on demand store on, and choose a name for it, you can connect it to your payment gateway such as PayPal or Stripe, and you are ready to go for the next step.

This 1-minute video shows you how works for building online stores:

NordVPN Banner

2 – Add Merch Products with Your Own Design

From the left sidebar in your admin dashboard on, click on the “Products” option, and then choose the “Print on Demand” option.

Create Merch on Sellfy

There you will find the different available products to choose from, choose the one you want to sell.

After that you will see a screen that shows you the product and the options to add either a graphic design or a text design.

You can upload your graphic design, or just use the “Add Text” option, enter the text and choose the font style, and then select the different variants you want to offer for the same product. (e.g. color).

And for a graphic design, you should upload a PNG or JPG file with a minimum of 150 DPI for a better resolution.

You can either hire someone to do the design for you on freelance websites like 99Designs and Fiverr, or you can do the design by yourself using a paid or free web tool such as Canva or Adobe.

On this same screen, you will see the cost of the product that Sellfy POD will charge you when fulfilling an order.

Click the “Continue” button, and you will be directed to the second page where you add a product title and description that will appear to your customers on the product page when they visit it.

Add Price in Sellfy Print on Demand

And on this page, you can list the price you want to sell at, which will be the price of Sellfy POD from the previous screen, plus your own profit margin.

Click the “Save Product” button, and the product page will be created, and it should look like this screenshot.

Sellfy Print on Demand Product Page

Now you can take the URL of that page, and share it with your audience as explained in the following step.

This short video shows you how easy it is to start your merchandise with the Sellfy Print on Demand service:


3 – Share Your Merchandise with Your Audience

You can do this in many different ways.

For example, if you have a YouTube channel with subscribers, a Pinterest account, a Facebook group or page or an IG profile with following, or if you have a website or a blog with existing visitors, then you can link from there to your merch products that are listed on your Sellfy store.

Market Sellfy Merch Products

You can also use the paid traffic methods like FB & Google ads to sell your merchandise.

And if you have a website, then you can embed product carts that shows the product and the “Buy Now” button, by placing a simple HTML code that you can get from your Sellfy admin dashboard.

What Happens When You Get an Order?

After someone orders one of your merch products, Sellfy Print on Demand will automatically deduct their own cost of the product, and you will get the rest of the money (your profit margin) in your PayPal or Stripe account.

Then, Sellfy POD will fulfill the order by printing the design on the product, and they will ship it directly to the customer without you touching anything.

And that’s it.

This is how simple it is to start creating and selling your merchandise online with the Sellfy Print on Demand service.

The great thing is that you don’t need to buy any stock in advance and take the risk.

You just create the design, marketing your product, and only when you get an order and someone pays you, you then pay Sellfy POD in order to fulfill the order for you, and you will get the profit directly in your PayPal or Stripe account.

Your only investment is the monthly fee for the Sellfy plan that you have selected, which is very low anyway.

Add to that, you start with the 14-day free trial of Sellfy Print on Demand, which means that you have two weeks when you can market your product that you have created in 30 minutes, and you might be able to make a couple of sales before you need to pay for the first monthly fee of

Merch Products to Sell on Sellfy Print on Demand

Here are the Sellfy Print on Demand products that you can use to sell your merchandise online:

1 – Clothing

Sellfy Print on Demand offers different options of clothing items to sell as merchandise, such as unisex and ladies t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and tank tops.

And each item is available in different sizes and different colors.

And for some of these products, you have the option to add your design not only to the front side, but also on the back side, and on the sleeves.

And you can even add your own band’s small logo on the inside or on the outside of the back, close to the collar.

Sellfy Merch Products

2 – Posters

Sellfy POD offers three types of posters to sell:

  • Enhanced matte paper posters.
  • Framed enhanced matter paper posters.
  • Canvas.

And each of these three comes in different sizes to choose from.

3 – Tote Bags

These are sustainable bags that can be used regularly, and there are three options available:

  • Organic cotton tote bag.
  • Organic cotton large tote.
  • All-over print tote.

4 – Phone Cases

There are three POD phone cases for selling with Sellfy:

  • Eco iPhone case.
  • iPhone case.
  • Samsung case.

5 – Coffee Mugs

Two types of coffee mugs are available to sell with Sellfy POD:

  • Ceramic coffee mugs: 11oz and 15oz.
  • Enamel coffee mugs: 12oz.

You can add your design either to one side or on both sides of the mug.

6 – Stickers

These are small stickers that you can customize with your design, and they are available in three different sizes:

  • 3″X3″
  • 4″X4″
  • 5.5″X5.5″

Sellfy Print on Demand Cost

The cost of selling with Sellfy Print on Demands comes in two parts mainly:

1 – The Sellfy Store Fees

These are the monthly subscription fees to use the Sellfy infrastructure for building the online store that is easy to use.

And you would need this store regardless of the products you want to sell, whether your own physical products, your digital products such as ebooks and video courses, or the print on demand products that are available on Sellfy.

There are many other platforms that you can use for selling POD products, such as Shopify that has many print on demand apps, but Sellfy is the easiest and fastest to start with.

As I detailed in my Sellfy review, they offer three plans for building and managing your store:

  • Starter plan: $29/month if billed monthly, and $19/month if billed annually.
  • Business plan: $59/month if billed monthly, and $39/month if billed annually.
  • Premium Plan: $129/month if billed monthly, and $89/month if billed annually.

Each plan has its own features and limits for adding products and receiving orders, but the starter plan is enough for you to use for starting and selling your merchandise with Sellfy.

When you scale later, you can upgrade to other Sellfy plans.

Sellfy Print on Demand Pricing Plans

And the 14-day free trial applies to all of the three Print on Demand plans.

2 – Order Fulfillment Costs

For POD products, you don’t need to pay anything in advance.

You first get the order, the customer pays, Sellfy deducts their cost of the product fulfillment, and you receive the profit in your PayPal or Stripe account.

This why you don’t need to have money in advance for the products if you sell your merchandise with Sellfy Print on Demand.

And the prices of the POD products depends on each product and its size.

The 11oz ceramic coffee mug for example costs around $9.95, and you add your profit of $5 for example, and list the total price of $14.95 to sell it.

Sellfy Print on Demand Product Prices

Important to note is that the payment gateway, PayPal or Stripe, will charge a small transaction fee on every order, which is the case when you sell anything online with any platform, whether Sellfy or not.

However, the difference is that Sellfy itself doesn’t charge any transaction fee per order, which is different from Shopify that charges a small percentage of each order.

Sellfy POD Shipping Times & Cost

The costs and time of shipping POD products with Sellfy POD is different from one product to another, and they vary depending on where the order is being shipped to.

There are these tables that show the shipping costs and the estimated fulfillment and shipping times for each product.

Generally speaking, the shipping times for Sellfy Print on Demand are very reasonable when compared to other POD companies.

Sellfy Print on Demand Shipping

Mainly, the highest shipping costs go for products that are either heavy, fragile, or big in size, such as the ceramic mugs and posters.

Who Could Benefit from Sellfy Print on Demand?

Many people could benefit by starting and selling their merch with Sellfy Print on Demand, including:

  • YouTubers who have subscribers and want to make an extra income with their channel.
  • Influencers and anyone with a following on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, …etc.
  • Blog and website owners.
  • Small businesses.
  • Graphic designers who want to start selling products easily instead of working for others.
  • Anyone who wants to start generating income with a very little investment and risk.

Because Sellfy Print on Demand is so easy to use even for people with no technical knowledge, almost anyone can create and publish their first merchandise product in less than 30 minutes.

And if they already have a following on social media or on YouTube for example, or if they have a website with web traffic, they could make their first sale on the same day without paying for ads.

Sellfy Print on Demand Support is a great platform for selling products online, and I have been using it for selling digital products for many years now, and I have never faced an issue when it comes to the technical side of the platform and receiving orders.

But when it comes to selling POD with Sellfy, this service is still new, and there’s not enough feedback about the quality of the products.

But overall, Sellfy is a respectful platform that keeps improving, and they won’t hurt their reputation by offering a service that they don’t stand behind it strongly.

I would advise that at the beginning you stay away from fragile items such as the ceramic mug and big posters as these are the most ones that are subject to damages during shipping.

You may order a sample of each product to check it out by yourself without listing it on your Sellfy Print on Demand store.

And you better not have lots of colors on the same design, in order to ensure good quality of printing.

Does Sellfy Print on Demand Accept Returns

Sellfy Print on Demand commits on their resources pages to give a replacement or a refund if the product was sent damaged, as explained here.

Pro’s & Con’s for Selling Merch with Sellfy POD


  • is very user-friendly and beginner-friendly to use for selling anything online.
  • Reliable platform with no bugs and technical issues.
  • The available products are good for starting your own merchandise.
  • Order fulfillment costs are reasonable.
  • Sellfy plans’ fees affordable.
  • No transaction fees from Sellfy per order.
  • 14-Day free trial to try the Sellfy by clicking here.
  • Good features for increasing conversions on your Sellfy merch store such as offering discounts.


  • The POD service on Sellfy is still new.
  • More products could be added to the collection.
  • The shipping cost on your customers could be a bit high for some items, such as ceramic mugs and posters, which could hurt the conversion rates.

Conclusion – Should You Use Sellfy Print on Demand for Selling Your Merchandise?

Sellfy Print on Demand is a really good service for starting and selling your own merchandise if you don’t have any technical experience, and you want a fast way to start at a very low cost, because they have the easiest online store platform for selling POD products.

As I showed you above, you can literally start your store and launch your first product in 30 minutes from now.

And most important is that Sellfy is a legitimate company that always try to improve their services.

Remember that there’s a 14-day free trial to try the Sellfy Print on Demand platform by clicking here before you pay the monthly fee.

That’s the conclusion of my Sellfy Print on Demand Merchandise review.

Sellfy POD Alternatives for Selling Merch

There are many platforms that allow you to sell merch through Print on demand model, but Sellfy Print on Demand is the easiest and fastest way to start.

And it is the one that is easiest for beginners and non-technical people.

If you are more advanced and you want to sell a bigger number of merchandise products with POD companies, then you can get the Shopify 14-day trial to start your store and connect it to a POD company, but it will take more work before launching your first product.

Sellfy Print on Demand is literally the easiest and fastest way to start selling merchandise online

If you still have questions, about anything in my Sellfy Print on Demand review, please, tell me in the comments’ section below, and I will be happy to help you out 🙂

Sellfy Print on Demand




Platform Reliability









  • Very Easy to Use
  • Reliable Platform
  • Good Products
  • Reasonable Prices
  • 14-Day Free Trial


  • Still New Service
  • Could Have More Products
  • Expensive Shipping for Some Items

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