How to Sell MLM Products Online in 3 Steps

Sell MLM Products Online in Three Steps

Since you are looking to learn how to sell MLM products online, this means that you are probably tired of all the traveling you do, phone calls you make, and parties you host or organize, and most important, you no that selling MLM products through the traditional ways isn’t scalable.

That’s why you started looking for a way to promote MLM products online, and that’s why I encourage you to do so, as it will open many opportunities for you to do so through the three steps I will explain below.

And don’t worry, I will guide you at the end of this article to the place where you can start with these steps in five minutes from now.

How to Sell MLM Products Online in 3 Steps

1 – Decide on Your Niche

In order to make your efforts give you the best possible outcome, you need know your target audience well and talk to them accordingly.

And this is what is called a “niche”.

MLM Online NicheIt’s a group of people that have something in common that would make them interested in buying the products you promote.

And it is very easy to decide on your niche.

For example: If you sell organic beauty products, then your niche would be women who want to look beautiful and like to use only organic products.

If you want to promote reusable, indoor and outdoor products, then your niche would be adults who care about the environment.

If you want to promote high quality cutlery items that are a bit pricey, then your niche would be housewives who live in certain places and has a certain household income that allows them to buy these items.

And so on.

Choosing your niche is very important for making your efforts count, as this will make your promotions very targeted to this group of people and it would help you communicate more effectively, which helps in converting more prospects into customers.

2 – Create a Simple Website Around Your Niche

This is a must if you want to create a scalable online MLM business.

People must see your promotions somewhere online, and while that could be done using a Facebook page or a group, but it is not as efficient, secure, and scalable as it is with having your own website.

Facebook might close your page or group at anytime they want, or they might limit the reach to your audience in order to make you spend money on ads.

While with a website that you own, no one can do that to you in case that you build it the right way I will explain shortly.

And don’t worry, building a website today doesn’t require any technical experience or coding.

At my recommended platform, you will see how you can create a WordPress website in 30 seconds without having to deal with anything technical.

Just like in this screenshot:

Build a Website to Promote MLM Products

3 – Create Helpful Content Where You Can Recommend The MLM Products

Now after you have started your website, you can now start creating articles and pages that would cover different topics that your audience would be interested in reading about.

For example, for promoting reusable or organic products, you might write an article about the best ten reusable kitchen items, or about reusable cutlery products for outdoor activities, and so on.

And in this article, you can recommend the MLM products from the multi-level marketing company you work with, in addition to other products from other companies in the same market.

And the more articles you write, the more visitors to your website you can get from Google and other search engines for FREE on continuous basis, and thus, the more sales you could potentially make overtime.

This is because the article you write once remains on the web for a long time and keeps getting free traffic, day and night 365/24/7.

This model is scalable, unlike organizing and hosting parties, where the only way to get more sales is to organize more parties, make more phone calls, and hire more members into your downline.

The Benefits of Having a Website to Promote MLM Products

1 – More Passive Way (Sell MLM Products While Sleeping)

As I mentioned earlier, the content you create on your website for selling MLM products online keeps getting visitors day and night, non-stop.

This means that you can make sales even when you are asleep.

This cannot be done with the normal ways of selling MLM products offline, unless you hire more people in your downline, but you can’t control their performance.

2 – Lower Costs (Spend Less on Traveling, Phone Calls & Hosting Parties)

With selling multi-level marketing products online, you need to keep making phone calls in order to organize parties, host them at your place sometimes and travel to others’ places at other times.

And these all requires you to spend money on continuous basis, several hundreds of dollars per month at least, and sometimes thousands.

While if you have a website where you promote the mlm products online, then you only need to pay the small monthly fee for the training you get, and for the website hosting and support, in addition to the internet bill of course.

But with selling MLM products online, you don’t need to pay anything for phone calls or to travel to anywhere, or to host any party at your own place.

You do everything on your laptop from anywhere you want as long as you have an internet connection.

This will cut your costs to a large extent and will save you time and effort.

3 – More Security (You Have a Real Business, You Are NOT a Salesperson)

With selling MLM products on your own website, you have a real business.

While if you just sell them offline, or if you use the website that you are given by the MLM company, then you are just an underpaid salesperson!

To understand this, think about it for a minute:

If you just sell the MLM products offline, or through the website that the company itself gives to you, what will happen in case they close their doors all at once, or in case that they stop selling in the place where you are located?

You will lose all of your income overnight!

That’s not secure at all.

While if you have your own website where you sell the MLM products, then no problem.

If the company closes its door, you will replace the products you recommend in your articles with alternative products from other companies, while keeping the content on your website almost unchanged.

This way, you really have a secure and stable business that you own, and not a job that you might lose at anytime.

Selling MLM Products Online Vs. Offline

4 – More Opportunities (Even Outside The MLM World)


In case that you have a website that you own, no one company can restrict you to sell only their own products.

On your website, you can sell products from different MLM companies at the same time.

Even better, you can sell products from companies that offer an affiliate program, which is much better and more lucrative than the MLM model.

And if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, then in brief, it is a model where you promote products from other companies, and get paid a commission on the sales you bring.

The Main Difference between MLM & Affiliate Marketing:

With MLM companies, you need to hit a minimum sales target every month in order to deserve the commissions, or you lose your all of your efforts.

Add to that, with affiliate marketing you don’t need to recruit others and mentor them.

And with affiliate marketing, there are many more companies that you can make money with than it is with MLM companies.

If you want to find these companies, then simply go to Google search, type in the search bar the name of your niche + affiliate program, and you will get hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliate programs in that niche, like in the following screenshot.

Alternative to Selling MLM Online

That’s why creating your own website for selling MLM products is better than just selling them offline through parties and face-to-face meetings.


What You Will Need in Order to Start Selling MLM Products Online (And Where to Get it NOW!)

1 – A Step-by-Step Training

In order to start a website and start selling MLM products online with the three steps mentioned above, you need a step-by-step training from professionals who follow this method in order to make money online.

And in a minute from now, I will tell you where you can get this training.

2 – A Simple Website

This is a WordPress website that doesn’t require any technical knowledge or coding, just like the website you are on right now.

I don’t have any technical knowledge and I don’t know how to write a simple line of a code, yet I have this website where I create content as much as I want in order to make money online.

And this is what you will need if you want to sell products from multi-level marketing companies online.

And again, don’t worry, at the same place where you will find the step-by-step training, you will be able to create a website like this one and not worry about the technical stuff that is taken care of.

3 – Professional & Community Support

Entrepreneurship is lonely. And it is easy to get discouraged and give up when you don’t see immediate results.

And you will have lots of doubts and questions to ask along the way.

That’s why you need to be part of a group or community of like-minded internet entrepreneurs that have gone through that journey, and ones that are truly helpful and supportive.

And again, don’t worry, because in the next section, I will tell you where you can find the most amazing community of online entrepreneurs that I personally belong to, which is the same place where you will find the training, and you will be able to build your website without technical knowledge or experience.



Where Can You Learn How to Start Selling Multi-Level Marketing Products Online?

The place where you will find all the three: the step-by-step training, the website builder, and the expert and community support is a place that is called Wealthy Affiliate.

This is the same place where I learned how create this website, and many other websites, and monetize it through recommending good products to people who need them.

And although this platform was mainly created to teach people how to make money with affiliate marketing, but it is the same process as selling MLM products online: you choose a niche, create a simple website, and create helpful content recommending useful products to others.

Actually, it is better if you join this platform as they will teach you how to promote products as an affiliate, in addition to the MLM products on the same website, which gives you more options and opportunities for making money instead of relying on one MLM company that might close its doors at anytime without a prior notice.

And this platform will provide you with all the training, tools, and support, including web hosting for up to 10 websites for no additional cost other than the monthly fee that is very low compared to what you pay on phone calls, transportation and hosting parties through the traditional ways of selling MLM products offline.

Learn to Sell MLM Online

Even better, they offer a free membership plan where you can try the platform and finish the first level (10 lessons) of the training.

So, in case that you are interested in learning how to sell MLM products online, then you can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here and see what this platform has to offer, and join it from there starting with the free membership in order to see it from the inside.

I’m sure you will like it a lot!

And in case that you have any question about this platform, or about anything I mentioned in this article, please, let me know in the comments’ section below, and I will happy to answer you asap 🙂

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