Savage Affiliates Vs Wealthy Affiliate: 10-Point Comparison Table

Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates Vs. Wealthy Affiliate: Which one is better?

I have purchased both programs and I can give you an educated and unbiased answer.

Both are great training programs with many similarities, and many differences.

And each one of the two affiliate marketing training programs might be better than the other in certain cases, and for certain people with certain personalities, situations, and goals.

I will help you in this 10-point comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Savage Affiliates know which one is better for YOU, and how to get it at the best price.


So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Savage Affiliates Vs. Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Table

This table is the summary of the comparison between Savage Affiliates and Wealthy Affiliate, and below the table, you will find the detailed breakdown for each of the ten comparison points.

Savage Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliate

Training Material



Tools & Services

Not Really

















Advanced Material



Fast Results Methods






Best for

Beginners & Advanced who want to get their hands dirty with some technical stuff, and people looking to use paid traffic methods

Beginners looking for a more focused approach and an All-in-One program at a low cost

Overall Rating

94 of 100

97 of 100

Full Review

10 Comparison Points between Wealthy Affiliate and Savage Affiliates:

1 – Training Material Comprehensiveness

The training material in both programs, Wealthy Affiliate and Savage Affiliates is great.

There are some differences though!

Wealthy Affiliate has the course training course (5 levels, total 50 lessons) in more in a step-by-step order, along with tasks associated with each lesson, so that you build your business as you learn.

And it mainly teaches you how to get SEO traffic from search engines, and in the affiliate bootcamp, you learn using PPC traffic from Bing & Google.

While Savage Affiliates has nine basic modules of the training and some other bonus modules, each one is related to a certain topic, like choosing a niche, building a website, promoting digital products, promoting software products, promoting physical products, seo, free traffic methods, paid traffic methods, email marketing, …etc.

Savage Affiliates Vs. Wealthy Affiliate Courses

In general, with Wealthy Affiliate, it is easier to follow the training and build your business without confusing yourself with many tactics and methods.

While with Savage Affiliates, although it teaches more traffic methods, but you need to pick a specific method and try to stick with it.


2 – Tools & Services

Wealthy Affiliate offers in its membership lots of services and tools for no additional cost, that otherwise you would buy separately, including:

  • Managed WP hosting with premium support.
  • Advanced keyword research tool, Jaaxy.
  • Content writing, editing, and grammar checking platform.
  • Access to +1,000,000 royalty free images.
  • Domain name registration platform.
  • Affiliate program research tool.

And all of these are provided for no additional cost on the original membership.

Savage Affiliates Vs. Wealthy Affiliate Tools

While with Savage Affiliates, there are some done-for-you funnels and landing pages that you can use to promote certain products, but you need to use ClickFunnels ($97/month) in order to use them.

And for the web hosting, keyword tool, and domain registration, you need to buy them separately.


3 – Community

WA has the biggest online community for affiliate marketers, with more than 2M people joined the platform over the past fifteen years as it was founded in 2005.

And there’s a members’ area where members get to connect with each other, share their experiences, ask questions, answer others’ questions, join the live chat or send us messages, …etc.

SA on the other hand has a Facebook group dedicated for the members of the program to ask questions and help one another.

SA Vs. WA Community

But in general, the community at WA is much bigger and more active than it is at SA.

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4 – Support

At WA, you can get support in many different forms, based on what you need the support for.

For example, if you need help regarding the training material, you can ask in the comments’ section of each lesson, you can ask in the live chat, you can send private messages to the founders, mentors, and other members, or you can just write a question-based post, and others will answer you.

Usually you get response in few minutes.

And when it comes to the website support, you can contact their SiteSupport and they will respond to you in few minutes, and they provide premium support from hosting experts, and not just some help desk staff.

In general, you can get the support you need at WA in the matter of minutes.

For the support at SA, you mainly need it to ask questions about how to do things, especially that the program mainly gives you the training material and not the tools, and you receive that support through the FB group either by Franklin, his support team members, or other students.

Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Savage Affiliates Support

Of course, if you have issues accessing the course itself, you can contact Franklin by email and he will sort it out for you.

And when it comes to the tools and services you are using, such as the web hosting and the funnel builder, you need to contact each service provider separately in order to ask for help.

Overall, WA is easier to get support and help.


5 – Founders

Wealthy Affiliate has two founders, Kyle and Carson, and they are involved in the platform on daily basis, and you can contact them through the private messaging system.

Savage Affiliates has one founder, Franklin Hatchett, who is also involved in his program in a direct way, and he will help you when you have an issue regarding the access to the course.

And if you need help regarding questions about applying the training, you can ask in the FB group, and either others, or Frank will help you.

SA Vs. WA Founders

All are great people and different from founders of many other programs who sell you their expensive program and leave you alone after a while.

6 – Updates & Continuous Learning

Both training programs are continuously updated when necessary.

The advantage at WA is that they have a weekly live webinar for the paying members, where you learn either in-depth topics, or advanced stuff, such as.

And each webinar ends with a live Q&A session, and the recordings for all of the previous webinars is available for you anytime you want to watch any of the webinars.

WA Vs. SA Updates

7 – Easy to Follow for Beginners

Because WA has a very clear step-by-step plan to build your business with tasks to complete with each lesson, and mainly through blogging and seo, I find it easier for beginners to follow and go through until they build their business.

While SA, because it teaches many traffic methods in the main modules, in addition to strategies for promoting certain products, it might become confusing for some people, especially for beginners.
SA Vs. WA Course Structure

8 – More Advanced Tactics

Both WA & SA teach advanced stuff like paid ads, building landing pages, email marketing, video marketing, …etc.

However, the advanced stuff in the WA program are mainly in the form of weekly live webinars, as the core training is kept easier to follow for beginners without getting confused.

And in the SA program, the 9+ modules include everything from beginner to advanced material.

The advantage that SA might have is that they offer a training on Facebook ads, and more in depth email marketing training.

While WA offers more in-depth training on tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

WA Vs. SA Advanced Material

9 – Faster Results

In general, and for any online business, I don’t recommend that you expect to succeed overnight.

You need at least 3-4 months before succeeding in affiliate marketing, regardless of the method you follow.

But in general, using paid ads like FB ads and email marketing like taught in SA might sometimes give you slightly faster results when starting, and you can scale faster with paid ads.

But remember, this means paying money for the ads which is another investment, in addition to paying to the autoresponder and maybe some other services.

10 – Pricing & Additional Costs

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free plan that gives you access to part of the training and the tools.

But if you want to get everything you need in one place, then WA gives you what you need for $49/month, or $495/year.

And this includes everything such as the training, managed WP hosting for ten sites (alone worth the price), domain name registration for one site, keyword tool, royalty free images, …etc.

You don’t need to purchase external tools and services when joining WA.

And since you use the free traffic method of seo, then you don’t need to pay for ads in order to succeed.

You can use the paid ads later to scale your business, and there’s a training on the PPC search ads in the affiliate bootcamp.

While with Savage Affiliates, there’s no free membership, and they have two membership plans that cost $197 and $297, one-time payment.

But with SA, you need to pay for external services like the domain name registration, web hosting, keyword tool, landing page builder, …etc.

And the training of SA teaches both, free and paid traffic methods, which means that you need to invest money if you want to follow the paid traffic methods.

Savage Affiliates Vs. Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

Conclusion – Which One to Join: Wealthy Affiliate or Savage Affiliates?

In general, both are great programs to learn affiliate marketing from.

Wealthy Affiliate is better if you want a more focused approach and clear step-by-step plan to follow, and you want to find all the training, tools and services with support at one place.

While Savage Affiliates might be better if you want to focus on the paid traffic methods, and you want to scale faster, but remember that you need more money in this case, and you need to use external tools and services.

It is up to you to choose which one to join based on your situation:

For an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan and lower overall cost and less headache, read this Wealthy Affiliate review to learn more about it and join starting with the free plan.

For a more advanced training and potentially faster results, but with higher overall investment, read this updated Savage Affiliates review to learn more about it and choose the right plan for you.


I hope that this Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Savage Affiliates comparison was helpful for you.

If you still have any questions about anything in any of the two programs, or you need help in choosing the one that fits you best, then feel free to ask me in the comments’ section below, and I will do my best to answer you asap 🙂

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