Push Button System Review – A Scam Or $20,000/Day With A Push Of A Button?!

Welcome my friend to my Push Button System Review where I expose this repeated dirty SCAM that will take your money and give you nothing in return!Push Button System Scam Review


I know that it feels overwhelming and enticing to hear such promises of making this amount of money with little or no effort.

Who wouldn’t want to make $20,000 per day with a one push of a button?!

I would like to believe these claims by myself!


But unfortunately, these claims are just designed in order to let scammers such as Jay Brown (assuming this is the real name of the founder) to make money from people who know nothing about making money online.

I will show you below six evidences that the Push Button System is a scam that you should avoid. And don’t worry, I will guide you know how to make money online through the best method that is newbie-friendly and one that you can learn from a 100% LEGIT program that I personally learned from.


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Push Button System Review Summary

  • Old Name: Push Button System. New Name: Push One Button System.
  • Website: www.PushOneButtonSystem.com (Previously they used www.PushButtonSystem.com)
  • Founders: Jay Brown (Mostly Fake Name!)
  • Price: $67 Front end. Optional upsells might be offered.
  • Legit/Scam: Scam

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 0 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation In My Guide 97 of 100)

Summary: Push Button System is a scam that is repeated under a new name: Push One Button System that promises you to make $20,000/day with a single push of a button. “Jay Brown” is fake name for the founder of this program.


What Is Push Button System?

Push Button System is a re-launched program that had previously been exposed as a scam when it was hosted on (www.pushbuttonsystem.com), and now it is launched again using a new website domain name (www.pushonebuttonsystem.com), but with the same sales page and video.


What Is Push Button System


Is The Push Button System Real?

No, Push Button System is not real and doesn’t work as claimed in the sales video on the pushonebuttonsystem.com website.

It is not what they tell you of being a button that you push once and it makes you $20,000 in one day!

While the people behind the program seem to be the same people who previously sold it, however, it is more dangerous now to join this program as the sales page makes it clear that this is just another scam, as this time they don’t offer a money back guarantee, and worse, there are no legal pages that you can read like: Income Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Contact, …etc.

And I’m sure that you already felt that there’s something wrong about this Jay Brown’s Push Button System, and that’s why you started looking for Push Button System reviews.

To be fully transparent, I didn’t purchase the program because of the clear signals mentioned above that makes it clear that this is a total SCAM.


Keep reading to see more evidences!


How Does Push Button System Work?

Push Button System works by the founders of the program taking your money and NOT giving you $20k/day in return. Actually, not even twenty dollars/day.

And worse, maybe by asking you to buy upgrades or deposit more money.

The sales video of on the Push Button System website is one of the cheesiest sales videos that you will ever watch.

The guy who claims to be the founder of the Push Button System, Jay Brown, claims that he is a super affiliate who can bring sales to others’ products in one push of a button

He shows you fake screenshots that are supposed to be for his bank account, but it is clear that the numbers are added to the image through an image processing software.


Fake Screenshots Jay Brown Account

Not only that, but he acts that he is going to show you a case study of finding a random guy om the streets and asking for a few minutes of his time and keep saying: “I think we can make it work”.

At this moment I though I was watching some kind of a porn movie!! LOL!


How Push Button System Works


Anyway, Jay offers the guy the chance to “Push the Button”, and in few minutes, the guy has a couple of thousand dollars in his bank account!


This kind of claims and tactics are the same that are used in order to sell scams and low quality programs that I exposed earlier in my:


They all use cheesy sales videos and sales pages with actors and paid made-up testimonials in order promise you to make money with a push of a button.

While the truth is that there’s no push button that makes you money on autopilot.

Where is that money coming from?!

You need to provide value in order to receive the money.

These claims are just used to steal people’s money by selling them on the dream of making lots of money doing nothing.

These tactics are only used to deceive people who know nothing about making money online.


Now of course, making money online has its own advantages such as the ability to work remotely from virtually anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop, and you can start a real legit online business for as low initial investment as $500, like the method in my make money online guide.

And of course, you can use tools in order to automate some tasks.

But it has not reached the point where you can just push one button and make money. That’s a total BS that is just used to scam people.


What I Like about Push One Button System

Absolutely NOTHING!


6 Evidences That The Push One button System Is A Scam

Here are the 6 evidences that Push Button System is a SCAM:

1 – Income Claims That Don’t Make Sense

As I mentioned earlier, there’s no push button that will allow you to make a penny without providing value or doing something useful, then how about $20,000 in one day?!

If this was possible, then where is that money coming from? Who is paying it? And what will happen when everyone starts using it the Push One Button System?!


Push One Button System

I’m sure that you already realized this, and that’s why you started looking for Push One Button System Reviews.


2 – Fake Screenshots


If you look at the numbers in this screenshot, you will notice that the numbers are just added to the original screenshots through some image processing software.

Fake Results Of Push One Button System


3 – Who Is Jay Brown?

He claims to be a super affiliate.

Jay Brown Founder Of Push Button System


But as someone who has been doing affiliate marketing for not a short period of time now, I know that this is not true at all!

I have never heard of this person before.

And if you google him, you might not find anything about him other than this scam called Push Button System.


4 – The Missing Important Pages on The Pushonebuttonsystem.com Website

If you try to find the Income Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Refund Policy, Terms and Conditions and all other stuff that you find on every website.

This means that they can literally take your money and run away, take your information and contact details and sell it to others, take you credit card information and steal your money, …etc.

And you won’t be able to find these guys!


5 – The Old Website

When the program used to be sold on the original website (www.pushbuttonsystem.com) that is unavailable now, they used to have a disclaimer that the testimonials you saw in the video are just made-up testimonials that were recorded by PAID actors.


Push Button System Testimonials


Even more, this image for the nany mentioned in the video but one of the actors, is actually just a stock image that you can find online.

If you make a simple Google image search you will find that this is a stock image that is used on different websites for different purposes.

Fake Push Button System Testimonials

6 – There’s a Guarantee, and Then There Isn’t!!!

They tell you in the video that the money is guaranteed!

But in the small statement in the bottom of the sales page on the Push One Button System, you will find the statement that they don’t guarantee making money with the program.

Push Button System Guarantee

So, which one should we believe?!


Who Is Push Button System for?

For anyone who loves to be scammed!


Actual Push Button System Cost

The initial cost of joining Push Button System is $67 with NO money back guarantee.

Now that’s only the initial cost that you will hand to them by yourself.

I don’t know how much they will steal from your credit card after they get your information!!

And you have no way to contact them or get your money back!


Push Button System Support

They don’t even have a contact page, a privacy policy, terms and conditions, …etc. And you expect them to provide support?!!

Run Away!


Conclusion – Is Push Button System A Scam Or Legit?

Push Button System is a scam. The fake founder, fake testimonials, fake results, unrealistic income claims, illegal income guarantees, unavailable important pages and no money-back guarantee. These all are evidences that this system is a scam.

  • Name: Push Button System
  • Website: www.PushOneButtonSystem.com (Previously they used www.PushButtonSystem.com)
  • Founders: Jay Brown (Mostly Fake Name!)
  • Price: $67 Front end. Optional upsells might be offered.
  • Legit/Scam: Scam

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 0 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation in My Guide 97 of 100)


Push One Button system is a SCAM.


In my opinion, there’s no way that this is a legit program.

Stay away from such programs that are designed to steal people’s money.

Never trust someone who tells you that you can make money online with a push of a button.

Making money online, like offline, needs some consistent effort before you make any money, but it has its advantages of course.

And that’s why I recommend you to start an online business, but from a legit program that is honest to you and one that is not there to scam you.


A 100% LEGIT & Proven To Deliver Alternative To Push Button System?


As I explained earlier, there’s no button that you push and expect the money to start pouring into your bank account.

You need to do something useful in order to deserve the money, period.

And this applies to the online business world as it applies to the offline world. 

But at least, with the online business you have more flexibility over your time and location.

And in the online world, you can start a legit business for less than $500 as it is with my recommended alternative.

My alternative to the Push Button system is the same place where I personally learned the best way of making money online.


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Start taking action now and stop wasting your time and money on the scams that promise you the magical push buttons that don’t exist.

And if you have any question about this Push Button System Scam Review or if you still think that it is not a scam, then leave it in the comments’ section below and I will be answering you ASAP 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Push Button System Review – A Scam Or $20,000/Day With A Push Of A Button?!”

  1. Hey I like the review about the Push Button System, thank you!
    I was about to get scammed by these guys, but I felt that there’s something wrong, now that I know that it is impossible to make money with a push of a button, I have changed my mind and will mostly join your alternative.


    • Thank you Kiara for your comment!

      I’m glad that you have searched for reviews before joining the Push One Button System and that you landed here.

      Unfortunately, these people take advantage of people who don’t have experience in making money online and sell them on the dream of getting rich with putting effort and time.

      I’m glad that you are going to join my alternative in my Make Money Online Guide.

      All the best!

  2. I’m listening to the video carefully and everything is excited to me, but I am trying all my best to register with pushonebuttonsystem but I am not going through.
    Here is my background history, I am pensioner from Namibia but i didn’t have any money in my account and i am in debt of water home loan and electricity bills.
    From Monday to Friday i just listening to your video and it touch me, the problem isn’t airing to my area.
    I ask you with humble to help me and allow me to register with your company to get access to press a button.
    In the Holly Bible God says Ask,Seek Knock (Lk 11.9_13) and also Matthew 7 .7_9
    Please help me in this problem because I don’t want to lose my house and my grandchildren are in senior primary school.
    I’m much appreciated if you can help me .I want to come out of poverty.If possible I can send all the pictures of my house.
    With much love.

    • Hello Anneli and thank you for the comment!

      Actually, I’m not the owner of the Push One Button System. I’m just writing this review to warn people from joining such shady programs that promise them to make money with a magical push button.

      There’s nothing like what they guy in the video claims about making money with a push of a button. That’s not how the internet works, and that’s not how any business works.

      Making money online, like offline, requires real work and effort.

      Such programs are just designed to take money from people instead of helping them make money online.

      I wish you the best luck in your life and I wish all the success for you and for your grandchildren.


  3. Oh My Gosh! Your article is so lively and engaging, I was glued to it till the end and I couldn’t help but laugh at some point.

    Seriously when I stumbled upon this system promising I could make up to $20k by just the push of a button, I had my reservations and that is why I decided to check it out before committing.

    I am not really surprised because I know it was too good to be true.

    I am glad you exposed every tactic they use in scamming us off our hard earned money.

    From now on I will be sure to not waste time with products like this.

    I like what you said about your guide and the platform that can help me get started for free.

    Will surely check it out and see if it’s the right one for me.

    Thanks for saving me from this dreadful scam.


  4. I appreciate the value you are providing here.  Before I did my due diligence on the online market place, I was bombarded with suggestions and sites that proved to offer nothing but a scam.  

    I am of the belief, though experience, that there needs to be a mutual level of exchange when it comes to gaining the fruits of an online income.  Get rich quick schemes tend to be the go to for many people online and it diminishes the integrity of those who actually add value and provide solid arenas for someone to make a good living working online. Your research and post are supremely advantageous as well as the link to offering a solution that is scam free!  I appreciate the investment you have put in here with much gratitude,


    • Thank you Bex!

      It is sad how some scammers are ruining the reputation of the make money online industry. These guys are after quick bucks for themselves and not for those who join these programs.



  5. What kind of people even waste their time making these kinds of websites? I think they would have lost
    more money in paying the actors than they could have got by any innocent child who happened to come across
    their site with his parent’s credit card in his hand, lol. Can’t believe this kind of stuff is still happening in 2019. 

    • True, LOL!

      The Push Button System was initially created a few years ago and was exposed by many other bloggers. It disappeared for a while and now it comes back with the new website “Push One Button System”.

      I too can’t believe that it’s using the same tactics and some people are being deceived to pay for it.



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