Proximity Review – Is Proximity Software A Scam Or Something Unseen Before?

Proximity Software Review - Is It A Scam Or Legit

Is this really a unique opportunity to learn something unseen before or is it just another hyped up program that will just take your money? Join me in this Anthony Mancuso’s Proximity Review in order to find out if this a legitimate system that you will learn something new from or just a waste of your time and money.


I know that when you are struggling to make money online, you will want to believe any system that promises you to be able to make money with it quickly and easily, especially when the owner claims that you can make money in the first 24 hours of using it.


I have been in your shoes!


And as I already know that you can make some money with this Proximity training course and software, but I can also tell you that you might not make money with it as fast as they claim (within the first 24 hours!), and I know that it might not be a sustainable and evergreen way to make money online.


I will show you below why I say that, and I will help you learn about a more evergreen method that is very similar to what Proximity teaches you, but more sustainable on the long run. A 100% legit method that many people, including me, are using in order to generate income online.


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Proximity Review Summary

  • Name: Proximity Software – WordPress Plugin
  • Website:
  • Founders: Anthony Mancuso & Paul Nicholls
  • Price: $12.95 during the launch
  • Legit/Scam: Legit


Overall Rating: 80 of 100 (Check My #1 Alternative Method In My Guide 97 of 100)


What Is Proximity Software By Anthony Mancuso?

What Is Proximity Software

Proximity Software is a training course that comes with a WordPress plugin that allows you to use a new way to do local SEO and rank a micro-niche website for the search queries that include the phrase “near me” (such as: lawyer near me or accountant near me) even if you don’t have a real physical business.


And when someone in any place in the country looks for the same service that you have optimized your website for, your website will show up in the search results and they will click on it in order to find the service they want.


From there, there are different ways that you can monetize your website as in the following sections.


How Does Proximity Plugin Work?

  1. How Does Proximity Software WorkBuild a micro-niche website that is related to a certain service or profession.
  2. Create content and rank the website on Google and other search engines for the search queries that include the service name + the phrase “near me” such as: barber near me, lawyer near me, accountant near me, …etc. and then,
  3. After you start getting organic traffic from the search engines based on the search queries mentioned above, you can monetize it by showing relevant ads that are to the services people are looking for that will lead them to service providers in their geographical location.
  4. If they click on the ads and make a call or signup for something, you get paid by the service provider.





So, How Do You Monetize The Website?

How To Make Money With Proximity Plugin

There are three main ways that are suggested by Anthony in his Proximity training course in order to monetize your “near me” website:

  1. Show Google Ads through the Google Adsense network, and Google will detect the location of the website visitor and show them relevant ads based on that location, and you will get paid when they click on the ads.
  2. Join Pay-Per-Call networks and get a special link and place it on the page that people visit, and when someone clicks on it, they will call the service provider that is located in their area, and you get paid a certain amount of money for each verified call.
  3. Join CPA affiliate networks, and see what affiliate offers are available to collect leads in exchange for money, select one of these offers and place the link to it on your website, and when someone clicks on that link and signs up for the service providers data base, you get a commission.


These are the main three ways that are mostly automated.


But you can of course come of other ideas to make money with the website such as:

  • Contacting local businesses directly in some areas and offering to show banner ads for their businesses on your website for a certain period of time for a fixed amount of money.
  • Showing ads for online services that are relevant to what people are searching for. For example: if your website is ranked under the search phrase “yoga studio near me”, then you can also show a banner ad for an online Yoga course and promote such a product as an affiliate.


But Does Anthony Mancuso’s Method Of Proximity Really Work?

Yes and No!


If you search now on Google for the phrase “accountant near me”, then the search results page may show you businesses that didn’t target this keyword, but instead, they have targeted the keyword “accountant in Boston” or whatever city you are in.


Google is smart enough to show real businesses that are in the same place of the searcher even if the searcher types in “service x near me” and the website of the business doesn’t include the phrase “near me” at all.


This is the major downfall of the Proximity Software:


In case that real businesses in the same location of the searcher have already optimized their websites probably through proper Local SEO practices, then you they will always appear in the search results before you website.


In case that those businesses didn’t optimize their websites for Local SEO, then you might outrank them and get organic traffic from Google.


Inside Proximity Program

You get THREE main items when you purchase Proximity System:


1. Proximity Training Videos:

These are four modules divided as follows:


1. Module 1: The Money Is Near Me (And You):

Four video lessons about how to research the market using free and paid tools in order to find a niche with good potential and low competition:

  • Google Trends.
  • SEMrush.
  • Search Volume.
  • Niche Selection.


2. Module 2: Building Your Money-Machine:

Eleven video lessons about how to build your WordPress website from the scratch and add unique content to it:

  • Choosing Your Domain – How, Why & Where.
  • Configuring Your Nameservers.
  • Adding Your Domain As An Addon.
  • Installing WordPress.
  • Cleaning Up Your WordPress Installation.
  • Installing Your WordPress Plugins.
  • Choosing A WordPress Theme.
  • Content Planning.
  • Content Ordering.
  • Adding Your Content & Pages.
  • Creating Your Menu.


3. Module 3: Optimization:

Four video lessons about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will show you how to optimize your content and pages in order to appear for the searchers when they look for something on Google:

  • On-Page SEO.
  • Press Release.
  • Social Fortress.


4. Module 4: Monetization:

Three video lessons about three different methods that you can use in order to make money from the traffic coming to your website:

  • Pay Per Call Networks.
  • Adsense.
  • Affiliate Networks.


2. Case Studies:

Two video lessons where Anthony shows you how he made money with two campaigns in the past couple of years using the same method he teaches in the program:

  • $35k In 48 Months Case-Study.
  • $21k In 12 Months Case-Study.


3. Access To The Proximity Software/WP Plugin

A video training lesson about how to install and use the Proximity WordPress Plugin to your website that will allow you create a form for the website visitors to fill in their information, so that they get relevant results or services that you promote.


What I Like About Proximity Software/WP Plugin

  • The price of the core offer is very low, $12.95 One-Time Fee during the launch and $17 One-Time Fee after that.
  • A relatively new and less seen method of making money online.
  • Can work for good time if you were able to find low competition keywords.
  • Relys on organic traffic from search engines, my preferred traffic source.
  • Big part of it is related to my favorite way and the best way of making passive income, affiliate marketing.
  • You don’t need to create your own product or service.
  • You don’t need a physical location.


What I Don’t Like About Proximity Software/WP Plugin

  • Will not always work as Google will give priority in the search results for the actual existing businesses that are located near the searcher if those business owners have already done good local SEO, which limits you to the cities/places where the business owners haven’t done enough Local SEO.
  • I don’t think it will be an evergreen strategy due to the point above. Even though it will work at some places with low competition in terms of Local SEO, but these will eventually become more difficult in case that the businesses there start doing proper Local SEO.
  • You still need to create content or outsource it, which means that you need to invest more time and/or money.
  • Over-promised results of making money within the first 24 hours.
  • They offer a 30-Day Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


Who Is Proximity WordPress Plugin For?

Following are the main categories of people who can benefit from the Proximity Software:

  1. Local Business Owners: Who want to rank their businesses for the search query “… near me””.
  2. Local SEO Specialists and Local Marketing Agencies: Who want to help their clients’ businesses for the search query “… near me”.
  3. Affiliate Marketers: Who want to make commissions through the CPA or Pay-Per-Call networks & offers.


Proximity Software Price & Up-sells

The core product of the Proximity Software mentioned earlier (the training lessons, case studies and the WordPress plugin) will be sold for the discounted price of only $12.95 one-time fee during the launch, and will increase to $17 after the launch is finished.


The Proximity Software offers a 30-Day Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


In addition to the core training and the Proximity WordPress Plugin, there are three up-sells or upgrades for the Proximity Software as follows:


1. Proximity Software Up-sell #1: Proximity Done-For-You: $37 One-Time Fee:

Done-For-You upgrade that includes a list of the top secret & high converting offers, cheat-sheets, templates & quick start videos.


2. Proximity Software Up-sell #2:

Case Studies Pack + 3x Your Profits Training + Outsourcer Rolodex + Faster Results: $47 One-Time Fee:


More resources on methods and tricks that will help you increase your profit and outsource some parts of the work in order to increase the speed of creating content and scaling up your business, in addition to some other case studies.


3. Proximity Software Up-sell #3: License/Reseller Rights: $97 One-Time Fee:

You can sell Proximity Software as if it was your own and get 100% of the price.


4. Proximity Software Up-sell #4: Super Affiliate Classroom: $397 One-Time Fee:

A training on Affiliate Marketing that is supposed to help you make up to $500-$1k per day.


In my opinion, try to get the core training with the plugin first for $12.95 and then, if you like the method you can upgrade to the up-sell you want.


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Conclusion – Is Proximity A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Proximity Software – WordPress Plugin
  • Website:
  • Founders: Anthony Mancuso & Paul Nicholls
  • Price: $12.95 during the launch and $17 after that + Optional Up-sells.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit


Overall Rating: 80 of 100 (Check My #1 Alternative Method In My Guide 97 of 100)


Proximity Software is NOT a scam, it is a legit training program and software that will have some value in it and you can make some money with it.




As I mentioned earlier, this method might work if the people looking for the service you optimized your website for are located in a place where the local businesses or service providers have not done Local SEO properly, which means that you can get the traffic temporarily until those businesses do proper Local SEO.


This makes this strategy, although legit and you can make you some money with it, but unsustainable on the long term.


Which brings up the next question:


An Evergreen & 100% LEGIT Alternative To Proximity Software By Anthony Mancuso?

See as I have explained above, the method of Proximity that is taught by Anthony can make you some money, but it is unsustainable as it depends to some extent on the competition in terms of the Local SEO in each location or area, which is something that keeps increasing over time and is out of your control, which finally makes this method unsustainable on the long run.


And in any case, big part of what you are going to do with Proximity is actually Affiliate Marketing, which is getting paid by business owners, service providers or merchants for bringing them sales, clients, leads, calls, …etc.


And in any case you still need to create a website and create quality content consistently in order to rank on Google and other search engines.


So, you are basically doing almost the same steps, but when it comes to monetization, there’s a more sustainable and an evergreen approach than the one provided in the Proximity training course.


At my alternative to Proximity, you will learn this evergreen approach, and you will have the chance to start a real, sustainable online business and brand that pays off on the long run.


And even better, at my alternative, you can get all the necessary tools and you can build your website easily there without the need to pay for a third party to host it for you, as the hosting will be included in your membership.


And more, you can try my alternative for FREE before you commit to the paid membership. No Credit Card Require. 100% Risk FREE


You can learn about my alternative method and the platform where you can learn it in my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide through the following button:

Proximity Software Alternative


And if you have any problem regarding the Proximity Software Review, then leave it in the comments’ section below and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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