Private Cash Sites Review – Avoid At All Costs!

Private Cash Sites Review

If you think that you can really make 3 to 5 figures per day with this system, then you must read this detailed Private Cash Sites Review in order to know what you are really going into and why you should avoid it.


I know that when you are looking for a way to start making money online then you would like to believe anyone who says that you can make multiple figures a day quickly with their done-for-you “business, system, ..etc.”.


I have been in your place!


But I also know that you felt that there’s something unrealistic in the claims in the sales video of this program that made you start looking for Private Cash Sites reviews in order to find out if this program is a legit one or just another scam.


Congrats! You have made the right decision.


I will show you here why I don’t recommend this program that will make you only lose your time and money (even though there’s a money back guarantee).


And don’t worry!


I will help you know the right way to make money with the method that is mentioned in this program from a legit program that is trusted by over 1.5 Million other like-minded internet entrepreneurs, which is the same place where I learned this method.


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Felicity Sandman' Program Alternative


Private Cash Sites Review Summary

  • Name: Private Cash Sites
  • Website:
  • Founders: Felicity Sandman (Fake Name), the real founder is Nathan Canfield
  • Price: $47 One-time payment for the front-end, discounted to $37 and then to $17. Optional upsell of $147 one-time and discounted to $97 one-time. + You need $100+ per month for tools and more for traffic.
  • Recommended? No.


Overall Rating: 30 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation 97 of 100)


What Is Private Cash Sites?

Private Cash Sites is a training program that is supposed to help you make 3 to 5 figures per day with the “done-for-you businesses” they will give to you in order to start making money with affiliate marketing without doing any of the hard work.

What Is Private Cash Sites


And if you are not familiar with what affiliate marketing is, then in brief, it is a model where you, the affiliate marketer, promote others’ products to make people who need them through a unique link (affiliate link), and when someone buys through your link, you get a commission from the merchant or the product founder.


And it is a great way, and my favorite way of making money online.




It is not as how they teach you to do it in the Private Cash Sites program by “Felicity”.


So, How Does This Method Work?

In four steps:

  1. Research the market and pick a niche to work on.
  2. Research what problem or questions your audience have, and find the products that help them solve their problems or answer their questions.
  3. Create and publish quality content that helps your audience and include your solutions in the content using your affiliate link.
  4. When someone buys through your link, you make a commission.


And the following chart shows you the flow of this method:

Affiliate Marketing With Private Cash Sites

And when it comes to step #3, then there are many ways of getting people to see your content and see what you promote, and each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, and has its own level of effectiveness.


But the problem with the method in Private Cash Sites Program is that it is one of the least effective, and in my opinion, WRONG ways of doing affiliate marketing, as I will explain below.


How Does Private Cash Sites Work?

By taking your money, offering you an upsell and then, teaching you one of the worst ways of doing affiliate marketing using expensive tools that cost you over $100 per month, and paid traffic that will cost you much more!!! Until you realize that this method doesn’t work!


The method that is taught in the Private Cash Sites is using marketing funnels in order to do affiliate marketing without building trust with people who you bring to your promotions.

How Private Cash Sites Work


The method woks by bringing people using paid traffic to a landing page where you offer them products to buy without explaining to them why they should buy them, and without letting them know you and trust your recommendation.


Or in steps:

  1. Buy the Private Cash Sites System.
  2. Create a ClickFunnels account that costs anywhere between $97-$297 per month. (Probably through their link so that they make more money of YOU!)
  3. Create a ClickMagick account that costs $12-$66 per month. (Also probably through their link!)
  4. Join ClickBank in order to find offers to promote. (Mainly sleazy offers that promise people to become rich overnight, just like Private Cash Sites!)
  5. Connect the three systems in steps 2-4 above and insert your affiliate link for many offers/products.
  6. Go and buy crappy traffic using Solo Ads (traffic from others’ email lists) and send them to your offers.
  7. What people clicking on your links and NOT BUYING anything because they don’t know you and don’t trust you, and because you didn’t explain to them why they should buy what you promote.
  8. After trying for a couple of months and losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the tools and traffic, and after realizing that the money back guarantee has already expired, go and look for another program that will give you the same promises, and probably it will be from the same founder of this program, but with another fake name!
  9. Rinse and repeat.


Sorry my friend, but that’s the truth!


The method they tell you to do affiliate marketing with is the least efficient method possible.


I have always been bombarded with emails from strangers telling my stuff like:

  • Click here to collect your payment!
  • Earn $2k today.
  • This system is 100% guaranteed to make you a millionaire in one year.


And the list goes on.


And they always send you through their affiliate link in order to buy rubbish programs with cheesy sales videos that promise you to become rich overnight, just like the one you watched on the Private Cash Sites sales page.


And guess what, I have never purchased any of those programs!


And The guys behind Private Cash Sites tell you to do affiliate marketing using this method that doesn’t work!


All of what they are after is make money from you by selling you their rubbish program and by letting you purchase the expensive tools through their affiliate link!!


Why Is This The Worst Way Of Doing Affiliate Marketing?

Actually, I bet that many of you have known about Private Cash Sites through an email from someone you don’t really know who is using a fake name and told you that you can make up to $2k with this “system” today.

And you didn’t trust that person, and this is why you are here now in order to know the truth, right?!


Isn’t this an evidence that this method doesn’t work?!


So, What Is The Right Way To Do It And Make Money Instead Of Wasting It?

As you will see in the last section for my alternative, the right way of making money with affiliate marketing is by having your own online presence and brand by creating useful content that helps people to solve their problems and improve their lives.


And through that process, you offer them the products that would help them.


That way, you will gain trust from the people who consume your content, and will make it easier to convince them buy through your link and make you MONEY.


And if you are wondering how to build your own online presence and brand, then go to the last section and you will get my FREE guide. (FREE Training & Tools included!)


Inside The Members Area Of Private Cash Sites Program

The front end product of the Private Cash Sites training course include the following modules:


1 – Module #1: Pre-Setup: How to select the “done-for-you” landing page, and creating your ClickFunnels & ClickBank accounts).

2 – Module #2: Setup: How to get offers to promote and connect them to your landing page.

3 – Module #3: Make Money: About link cloaking and rotating offers in a spammy way.

4 – Module #4: Extras: Webinars and another hyped-up program I reviewed in the past called Explode My Payday.

5 – Module #5: Traffic: About 100 ways of getting traffic that won’t make you money because you didn’t build trust!

6 – Platinum Club: (This is probably an upgrade)

7 – Ninja Upgrade: (Costs $147 and discounted at $97)


What I Like About Private Cash Sites System

  • It is about my favorite way of making money online, affiliate marketing. But unfortunately, they teach it the wrong way.
  • There’s a 60-Days money back guarantee that you will probably need, but they won’t compensate your for the money you spent on expensive tools and traffic and more important, your TIME!


What I Don’t Like About Private Cash Sites System

Not sure where to start from, but let’s go with:


1 – Unrealistic Claims Of Results

As I mentioned earlier, they tell you that this method can bring you 3 to 5 figures a day with affiliate marketing through a landing page and a solo ads.

Private Cash Sites Unrealistic Results

And I can tell you that you can never make this money with this method. You will just lose your money on the expensive tools and the rubbish quality traffic.


2 – Fake Founder

The spokesperson who calls herself Felicity Sandman is not the owner of the program, and mostly this is a fake name.

Private Cash Sites Founder

If you go to the disclaimer page you will find that the real founder is called Nathan Canfield.


3 – Hidden Upsells & Costs

They tell you that all what you need to pay is one payment of $47, but they don’t tell you that they will immediately blast you with the optional upsell after you join them.

Actual Cost Of Private Cash Sites

And worse, they don’t tell you that you need to spend over $100 per month on expensive tools, and much more on traffic that doesn’t convert.


4 – The Wrong Way for Doing Affiliate Marketing

As I explained earlier, sending strangers from others’ email lists directly to offers is a spammy and a scammy way of doing affiliate marketing that doesn’t work.


You need to provide value in order to make money, Period!


And this is what you will learn at my alternative for learning affiliate marketing in the last section below.


5 – Re-hashed System From Another Program

As I mentioned earlier, they include another hyped-up program in their Extras, probably it was created by the same person, but they gave the founder another fake name there.


But even worse, if you go to the Privacy page of the Private Cash Sites website, you will notice that the title of the page says “Greedy Mentor Privacy”. Which means that the same guy behind the Greedy Mentor program (another low quality one) is also behind this Private Cash Sites program.


6 – Fake Scarcity

They always tell you that you might not get the chance to join again if you leave the sales, and they will keep saying the same for the coming months.

Private Cash Sites Fake Scarcity


7 – Limitation

Using solo ads to get traffic to the offers you promote can only allow you to promote other programs in the Make Money niche, like Private Cash Sites itself.


And this niche is the most competitive one in affiliate marketing.


And in any case, you should select a profitable niche that you would like to work on, and not just a niche that you think that it can make you money.


And what if you want to do affiliate marketing in the Basketball niche, Yoga niche, Knitting and Crochet niche, …etc.?


Solo ads don’t work in these niches at ALL.


Which means that if you join the Private Cash Sites system you will be limited to promoted products in the making money niche only.


While at my alternative in the last section of this review, you will learn how to create your affiliate marketing business in almost any niche you want.


8 – Done-For-You “Business”

In general, the whole done-for-you thing is unsustainable and doesn’t work on the long run.


But worse,


The done-for-you business that you get from the Private Cash Sites program is no more that a simple landing page that is built with an expensive tool that you can learn how to do it easily, which is similar to the method that was explained as part of the Daily Cash Siphon program that I reviewed recently.


This is just a tiny part of the whole business, and it is not a business by itself.


If you want to use ready-made funnel-based campaigns in order to do affiliate marketing through email, then you can join CB Passive Income 5.0, which is a legit and quality program.


But still, the best way to do affiliate marketing is to build your brand and authority through building your online presence, as in the last section below.


Who Is Private Cash Sites For?

For anyone who is willing to waste hundreds, if not thousands of dollars trying to make money with affiliate marketing the wrong way.


Private Cash Sites Price & Discount

The price of the front end of joining Private Cash Sites is $47 one-time payment, you can get a discounted price of $37 if you try to leave the sales page, and another price of $17 if you try to leave again.

Private Cash Sites Discount

Yes, they are that desperate of selling you their stuff before you leave and discover teh truth!


There’s an optional upsell of $147 one-time payment that is also offered for a discounted price of $97 if you reject the $197 price.


There’s a 60-Days money back guarantee.


But that’s not the actual cost!


You still need to pay for:

  • ClickFunnels $97/month at least.
  • ClickMagick $12/month at least.
  • Solo Ads: Hundreds if not thousands of dollars until you realize that you can’t make money this way.


And even if you get the refund for purchasing the Private Cash Sites training program, you won’t get a refund for what you paid on the expensive tools and for the solo ads traffic.



I don’t know what to say after all what I explained above. It’s up to you if you want to waste your time with this program.


Conclusion – Is Private Cash Sites A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Private Cash Sites
  • Website:
  • Founders: Felicity Sandman (Fake Name), the real founder is Nathan Canfield
  • Price: $47 One-time payment for the front-end, discounted to $37 and then to $17. Optional upsell of $147 one-time and discounted to $97 one-time. + You need $100+ per month for tools and more for traffic.
  • Recommended? No.


Overall Rating: 30 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommendation 97 of 100)


To say the Private Cash Sites is a scam or legit depends on how you define a scam.


Since you get something in exchange of what you paid, then we can’t technically call it a scam.


However, because of unrealistic claims of income, the useless and ineffective method being taught in the program, the fake founder, the undisclosed costs of the expensive tools and traffic, and many other reasons, I DON’T recommend joining the Private Cash Sites program.

Is Private Cash Sites A Scam Or Legit

Even with the money back guarantee, remember that they won’t compensate you for what you paid for the tools and the traffic, and most important, for your wasted time!


And this takes us to the next question:


A 100% Legit & EVERGREEN Alternative To Private Cash Sites?




As I mentioned earlier, the method that is taught in the Private Cash Sites course doesn’t work because you don’t build trust with the people you get from others’ email lists directly to the offers you promote.


You won’t make any money this way!


You need to provide value before you promote anything to people so that they trust you and they understand why are your promotions useful to them.


And this requires you to create quality content that helps them, and a content that builds your authority and brand.


And there are different ways to do this, but the most evergreen method to do this, is by creating content on your blog.



Why did you come in to this review in the first place?


It is because you didn’t trust the email you received that promoted Private Cash Sites to you. Right?


And don’t worry about not having any experience with websites, you can create a website TODAY in only 30 SECONDS at my recommended alternative.


==>>Click Here To Learn About My Recommended Alternative!


You don’t need to worry about the technical stuff or to learn any coding.


Your role is to research and create content that helps others in the niche you have chosen.


And when you create that content, you make it rank on the search engines so that people can find it when they search for what you are promoting, just like when you came to this review.


This way you get the FREE organic and HIGH QUALITY traffic from the search engines instead of paying others to send low quality traffic to your offers that won’t make you money.


And when someone finds your content through search engines, they know that you have a brand and authority and that you can be trusted, unlike when you get the traffic from others’ lists directly to your offers.


This is the right way and the EVERGREEN way of doing affiliate marketing!


And in order to learn and apply affiliate marketing this way, you need to join the best platform that will provide you all the necessary step-by-step training, tools (including the website), technical support and the amazing community of 1.5 million other internet entrepreneurs who have already joined this platform.


My recommended alternative to Private Cash Sites is called Wealthy Affiliate.


This is where I learned, and where I continue to learn how to do make money with affiliate marketing the right way.


And the membership cost at this platform is much less than what you will pay for the tools in case that you join the Private Cash Sites program.


And don’t worry, they also offer a Starter Membership so that you can try it for FREE before you invest any money. NO Credit Card Required. 100% Risk FREE!


And following screenshot is from the first level of the training that is included in the FREE plan.

Private Cash Sites Alternative


This level will make you understand how affiliate marketing exactly works, and will allow you to start your first FREE website TODAY and start adding quality content to it.


It’s up to you to decide whether to upgrade to the premium membership or not.


So, if you are ready to start building your affiliate business the RIGHT way, then read this review of Wealthy Affiliate and you can join them for the starter membership from there.


And if you are completely new to the affiliate marketing world, then you can read my FREE Guide through the following button in order to understand why I consider it to be the best way to make money online, and you will be directed to the same platform from there:

Make Money Guide


Go and take action now and stop looking for the magical “done-for-you” solutions that don’t exist!


And if you have any question regarding this Private Cash Sites Review, then leave it in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you asap 🙂

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