Pillow Profits Review – Is it Legit or a Scam?

Pillow Profits Review - Is It Legit Or A Scam

You are probably looking for unique items to dropship with reliable suppliers and less competition. Join me in this Pillow Profits Review in order to see if this POD company is a legitimate and reliable print on demand supplier or not.


Important Note: Like many other print on demand companies, Pillow Profits seems to be having serious issues regarding the shipping times due to the pandemic situation and their rating on the app store has dropped significantly from 4.8 to 3.4 stars in few months.

The most reliable alternative that also provides a wide range of print on demand products is Printful, and you can install their Shopify app without paying a monthly fee like it is with Pillow Profits. Check out my Printful Review to learn more about it.


But before we dive deep into the details, be aware that although this field has its benefits such as: selling unique items with your unique designs and avoid the competition, having reliable suppliers and better quality control, better shipping times, …etc. It also has its drawbacks such as: higher cost from suppliers, higher shipping costs sometimes, and the limitation of number of products that you can sell even though you can keep adding new designs to each item.

Note: If you have already tried dropshipping from AliExpress and didn’t achieve success, then you might need a proper training on dropshipping. My top recommendation in this case is Frank’s Ecom Elites program as it offers the most value at the lowest possible cost.

Whether to go after this field or not is completely up to you. And of course, nothing prevents you from having both POD and AliExpress products on your store.

So, now let’s go deeper into details about Pillow Profits Print On Demand App:


Pillow Profits Review Summary

  • Name: Pillow Profits
  • Website: www.pillowprofits.com
  • Training & Resources: 87 of 100
  • Support: 93 of 100
  • Pricing: 91 of 100
  • Shipping: 88 of 100
  • Products Variety: 96 of 100
  • Success Stories – Testimonials: 92 of 100
  • Price: $29.99/month, in addition to the prices of the products. FREE shipping worldwide (Express Shipping can be selected as an upsell). Details below.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 91 of 100 (Check the #1 POD Shopify App 95 of 100)

Summary: Pillow Profits is a good print on demand company that offers a wide range of unique items through their Shopify App.

The company has been reliable for a couple of years, however, due to the pandemic situation, they started having shipping issues and long delays, which led to many negative reviews on the Shopify App store that made their rating drop significantly from 4.8 to 3.4 stars in few months.


What Is Pillow Profits Fulfillment?

Pillow Profits Fulfillment is one of the Top Print On Demand Companies that have Shopify Apps that give you the ability to list their products with your unique designs on your own Shopify store and sell them to your customers. After you receive an order and you receive the money from your customer, you then pay Pillow Profits and the customer’s information will be forwarded to the company who will fulfill the order on your behalf and send the item to the customer without you touching anything.

Pillow Profits Fulfillment can only be integrated with Shopify at the time being. No integration for this company with other E-commerce platforms is available currently.

Pillow Profits also provides you with good resources and free designs that you can use in many niches for many products., free design mockups, video lessons, …etc. that can help you in building and growing your print on demand dropshipping business and will save you time and money as you will see below.

Where Is Pillow Profits Located?

Pillow Profits is registered as an American company and follows the laws of the state of Arizona, but there are no clear information about the locations of their fulfilment facilities and warehouses.


Pillow Profits Fulfillment Pros & Cons


  • One of the best POD companies for Shopify stores, they have the rating of 4.8 stars on the Shopify app store. (Update: Due to the delays in shipping during the pandemic months, the rating on the app store has dropped from 4.8 to 3.4 stars in few months)
  • A wide range of unique and trendy print on demand products that you don’t find at other major POD apps. New products are added continuously.
  • Relatively low prices for unique items and good quality.
  • Free Shipping worldwide, and express shipping is available as an upgrade.
  • 30-Day free trial before you start paying the monthly fee.
  • Free mockup generator.
  • +10,000 Free designs for different products in many niches that you can use immediately.
  • They have a referral program that their app users can join, and if you refer another seller to use their app, you get $1 (or less for some items) commission and every sale they make.
  • Lots of positive reviews about the professional support and high quality products.



  • The app has monthly subscription of $29.99 after the first 30-Day trial. However, this is a reasonable price if you are serious about your business. Especially with the free resources and free shipping they offer.
  • The company has an App for Shopify, but no apps for integration with other E-commerce platforms (e.g. Amazon, BigCommerce, …etc.) are available at the time being.
  • There have been many negative reviews and complaints recently due to the delays in shipping times during the past few months.


Pillow Profits Cost

As mentioned earlier, the Pillow Profits Shopify POD App costs $29.99/month to use, with a free trial of the first 30 days.


Pillow Profits Products & Pricing

The products prices are different from one product to another as you will see below. However, the prices are reasonable when compared to some of the other main similar companies, and many products are unique. You need to pay for the products after a customer places an order at your store and pays you. After that, You pay Pillow Profits and they will automatically receive the customer’s address and they will fulfill and ship the ordered items on your behalf.

The prices are different from one product to another. Following screenshots are from the current prices for some of the available print on demand products on Pillow Profits App:

  1. Print On Demand Face Masks
  2. Print On Demand Tumblers
  3. Print On Demand Barefoot Shoes
  4. Print On Demand Grocery Bags
  5. Print On Demand Flags
  6. Print On Demand Chunky Boots
  7. Print On Demand Bandannas
  8. Print On Demand Winter Sneakers
  9. Print On Demand Polar Boots
  10. Print On Demand Quilts
  11. Print On Demand Sleeve Blanckets
  12. Print On Demand Off Shoulder Sweater.
  13. Print On Demand Slippers
  14. Print On Demand Auto Sun Shades
  15. Print On Demand Capris Print On Demand Off Shoulder Sweaters, Slippers, Auto Sun Shades, Capris
  16. Print On Demand Leggings
  17. Print On Demand Sweaters
  18. Print On Demand Hoodie Dress
  19. Print On Demand Bomber Jacket
    Print On Demand Leggings, Sweaters, Hoodie Dress, Bomber Jacket
  20. Print On Demand Tapestry
  21. Print On Demand Sarongs
  22. Print On Demand Shower Curtains
  23. Print On Demand Beach Blankets
  24. Print On Demand Bath Robes
  25. Print On Demand Car Floor Mats
  26. Print On Demand All Over Print Hoodie
  27. Print On Demand All Over Print Zip Hoodie
  28. Print On Demand Hooded Blanket (Adults & Youth)
  29. Print On Demand Luggage Cover
  30. Print On Demand Car Seat Covers
  31. Print On Demand Framed Canvas Wall Art
    Print On Demand Luggage Cover, Car Seat Covers, Framd Canvas Wall Art
  32. Print On Demand Athletic Sneakers (Men/Women)
  33. Print On Demand Faux Fur Boots (Women)
  34. Print On Demand Leather Boots (Women)
  35. Print On Demand Leather Boots (Men)
  36. Print On Demand Bedding
  37. Print On Demand Kids Sneakers
  38. Print On Demand Premium Backpack
  39. Print On Demand Flip Flops (Men/Women)
    Print On Demand Bedding, Sneakers, Backpak, Flip-Flops
  40. Print On Demand Women’s Casual Shoes
  41. Print On Demand Sneakers (Men/Women)
  42. Print On Demand High-Top Shoes (Women)
  43. Print On Demand Low-Top Shoes (Women)
  44. Print On Demand High-Top Shoes (Men)
  45. Print On Demand Low-Top Shoes (Men)
  46. Print On Demand Umbrellas
  47. Print On Demand Bean Bag Chairs
  48. Print On Demand Men’s Shorts
  49. Print On Demand Men’s Tank Tops
  50. Print On Demand Rugs
  51. Print On Demand Women’s Shorts
  52. Print On Demand Auto Sun Shades
  53. Print On Demand Tapestry
  54. Print On Demand Shower Curtain
  55. Print On Demand Backpacks
  56. Print On Demand Crew Socks Print On Demand Shoes & Socks
  57. Print On Demand Slip-on Shoes (Men/Women)
  58. Print On Demand Slip-on Shoes (Kids)
  59. Print On Demand Lamp Shades
  60. Print On Demand Sporty Sneakers
  61. Print On Demand Chunky Sneakers
  62. Print On Demand Slip Covers
  63. Print On Demand Round Coffee Tables
  64. Print On Demand Rectangle Coffee Tables
  65. Print On Demand Pet Seat Covers
  66. Print On Demand Boho Bags
  67. Print On Demand Saddle Bags
  68. Print On Demand Shoulder Handbags
  69. Print On Demand Leather Tote Bags
  70. Print On Demand Large Leather Totes
  71. Print On Demand Pillow Covers
  72. Print On Demand Cloth Totes Pillow Profits Print On Demand Product Pricing - POD Pillow Cases


And other items added continuously.


Pillow Profits Fulfillment Shipping Rates & Speed

Pillow Profits Fulfillment offers free shipping on all items worldwide. The express shipping is offered as an upgrade

Production time for most of the items 5-9 days after the order has been placed.

Shipping time after the order has been processed is mentioned as 10-15 or 10-25 for the Express shipping for most of the items to the EMS countries, and 2-4 weeks for other countries. It’s not clear how long it is for the free shipping.


Update: Due to the pandemic situation, long delays are being reported by Pillow Profits App users. For a more reliable POD supplier, check our top recommended company here.



Pillow Profits POD App Features, Resources & Training

Pillow Profits Fulfillment provide many resources that can help you succeed with your print on demand dropshipping business.

Following are some of the FREE resources that you can utilize from Pillow Profits Fulfillment:


1 – Pillow Profits Free Product Mockup Generator

You can add your design to anyone of the different mockup files for the same product and get different images that you can utilize on your store or in your advertising campaigns.


Pillow Profits Free Mockup Generator



2 – Free Ready-To-Use Designs

+10,000 Free designs for many products in many niches that you can use immediately. Also, there are designs for some products for some occasions.


Print On Demand Free Designs From Pillow Profits



3 – Free Guides:

Videos and articles are available at the members’ area of their website in order to help you understand how to use the mockups and how to do the right size of the designs for different products.

Also, there videos and guides to help you in other stuff such as how to get your items cleared faster at the customs and other topics.


Pillow Profits Resources



4 – Pillow Profits YouTube Channel:

This channel offers you lots of help regarding the products sold at their app, and regarding the dropshipping business in general. You can Join it here!


Pillow Profits YouTube Channel



Pillow Profits Support

This company provides you with support through E-mail mainly.

There reviews on the Shopify app store are positive about the support of Pillow Profits Fulfillment. The overall rating on the Shopify Store is 4.8 stars from 720+ reviews, which is great and one of the highest ratings when compared to other similar companies.


Update: Currently, the rating has dropped to 3.4 stars due to the long shipping delays during the pandemic times.



How To Connect Pillow Profits Fulfillment App To Shopify Stores

Pillow Profits can be integrated only to Shopify stores through their app that you can install either from their website or from the Shopify App Store.

If you install it from their website you get 7-days free trial (click here to install it from their website), While if you install it from the App store you get 30-days free trial (click here to install it from the App store).

When you click the “Add app” button, you will be guided in a step-by-step process until you connect the app with your own store. After you install it, you can access to it from the back office of your Shopify store and from there, you can add products to your store.

And after you receive an order, you will can fulfill it from the app itself and the customer’s information will be automatically forwarded to Pillow Profits and they will print and ship the order on your behalf.


Pillow Profits Fulfillment Alternatives

Pillow Profits Fulfillment is one of the best POD companies. But their rating has dropped from 4.8 stars to 3.4 stars in few months due to the shipping delays during the pandemic months, however, they are still in the top 10 POD Shopify Apps.

But even though they offer a unique selection of products with good quality and at low prices and free shipping, you might still want to sell other products that they don’t provide, even on the same store, such as: Watches, Wallets, Phone Cases, Mugs, Hats, …etc. Therefore, I will suggest the best three reliable alternatives to Pillow Profits that provide a wide range of quality unique products and have a good reputation.

Following are the main companies that are alternatives to Pillow Profits POD:

1 – Printful: This company sells Men’s and Women’s apparel such as: t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, leggings, dresses, skirts, swimsuits, …etc. And they also sell Kids’ Apparel, Accessories such as: hats, different kinds of bags, phone cases, …etc.Home & Living items such as: wall art posters, pillow cases, mugs, …etc. You can read more about this alternative in my Full Printful Review.


2 – WC Fulfillment: This company sells print on demand Watches, Hooded Blankets, Men’s Wallets, Wallet Phone Cases, and some other unique products. They also offer express shipping for many of their items for low cost and even FREE Express Shipping for some of the products. You can also check my WC Fulfillment POD review for more details.


Pillow Profits Alternatives


3 – ShineOn Jewelry Fulfillment: This company provides you with many of the high quality and unique jewelry items at low prices, which you can sell at prices with high margins. Their products are made by moms in USA, great quality and fast shipping at low prices.

You can know more about it in my ShineOn POD App Review Here.


And The Best Alternative To Pillow Profits Fulfillment Is …

This alternative to Pillow Profits Shopify app is not another POD app, but rather, it is the best training in the Shopify dropshipping world.

You might have moved to print on demand because you couldn’t make money with AliExpress products, and you thought that you need something unique such as print on demand products in order to become profitable.

But that might not be necessary, because you might have not learned dropshipping the right way in the beginning.

And here comes my best alternative, it is a dropshipping training course that is called eCom Elites by Frank Hatchett.

This comprehensive training was created by someone who was really successful with dropshipping himself, it offers loads of helpful video tutorials, and it is being sold at a ridiculously  low price at the moment.

This training course will teach you everything about dropshippoing such as:

  • How to setup your store to maximize conversions.
  • How to choose the right niche products to dropship and make money with.
  • How research your audiences and create Paid ads on FB and other platforms that actually bring sales.
  • How to use other paid and free traffic methods in order to drive BUYERS to your store.
  • And much more.

And even if you want to stick to the POD industry, you still need to learn other skills like how to setup your store the right way, how to research the market, how to create paid advertising campaigns, how to get free traffic and more.

And this all you can learn at this amazing course.

If you are not sure, you can learn about this course before you buy it through my detailed Frank’s eCom Elites Review, I’m sure you will like it.


Conclusion – Is Pillow Profits Fulfillment a Reliable & Legit POD Company?

Pillow Profits is a good POD company that offers a good range of cool products. However, the main issue is that they are facing long shipping times due to the pandemic situation.

  • Name: Pillow Profits Fulfillment
  • Website: www.pillowprofits.com
  • Price: $29.99/month, in addition to the prices of the products. FREE shipping worldwide (Express Shipping can be selected as an upsell). Details below.
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 91 of 100 (Check the #1 POD Shopify App 95 of 100)


Pillow Profits is absolutely one of the top companies in their field. The fact that they had the overall rating of 4.8 stars on the app store before the pandemic tells you a lot about this company. A nice set of unique and trendy Print On Demand products at fairly low prices and free shipping and lots of free designs that could help you with your business.

However, since there are long delays now during the pandemic situation, I would recommend that you go with this alternative if you want a more reliable supplier.

If you still want to go with Pillow Profits, then click on the following button in order to install the app:


Install Pillow Profits Fulfillment App


And if you have any questions regarding this Pillow Profits Fulfillment review, or if you need my help in anything, please write to me in the comments section below and I will be coming back to you as soon as possible.

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