How to Get Affiliates to Sell Your Product?

Where to Find Affiliate Marketers

Where to find affiliates to sell your products? This is a question that is becoming more popular everyday. And there are many reasons to start looking for affiliates to promote your products and business for you, such as: Increased competition from other vendors, you need your product to be seen. Increased advertising prices that you … Read more

How Does TopCashback Make Money?

How TopCashBack Makes Money

TopCashback made around $167M in revenue, and $12M in profit in 2018. And they don’t sell any product or service to their users. How does TopCashback make money? This is the normal question that someone should ask after hearing this information. Because knowing the answer might open for you a wide opportunity to start making … Read more

7 Best Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives in 2021

Best Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives

What is better than Wealthy Affiliate? Many people ask this question for different reasons that might be the hype around WA, the cost of joining, the method it teaches you for affiliate marketing, or any other reason. Look no further! I will give you here a list of the 7 best Wealthy Affiliate alternatives for … Read more

Savage Affiliates Vs Wealthy Affiliate: 10-Point Comparison Table

Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates Vs. Wealthy Affiliate: Which one is better? I have purchased both programs and I can give you an educated and unbiased answer. Both are great training programs with many similarities, and many differences. And each one of the two affiliate marketing training programs might be better than the other in certain cases, and … Read more

How Does The Honey App Make Money?

How Honey App Makes Money

Honey made an estimated revenue of around $100M in 2018, and it was acquired by PayPal for around $4B in 2019. The surprising thing is that the Honey App doesn’t sell anything by the company itself! How does the Honey App make money? This is a very great question that you have asked! Because, if … Read more

How Does Brad’s Deals Make Money?

How Brad's Deals Makes Money

Brad’s Deals estimated revenue is around $17M per year, and they make this money without selling any products and services by the company itself! More surprisingly, they actually offer you a cash back if you buy some stuff from other merchants and online marketplaces if you go first through! How does Brad’s Deals make … Read more