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Overnight Freedom Scam Review

Looking for an honest Overnight Freedom Scam Review because everyone else is trying to push you in order to join this program through their link promising you with the $10,000,000 worth of bonuses and you are wondering if you should really join this program or is it just another scam?


Important Note: The Overnight Freedom course has been sold out and it doesn’t accept new students. However, if you want to learn affiliate marketing the right way and at a much lower cost and it includes all the necessary tools, the you can check my top recommended alternative here (Free membership plan available!)


Congrats! you made the right decision.

I will show you here if this program by Rob Jones, Gerry Cramer and Sean Khang is for you or not based on your situation and on your budget.

And if this program wasn’t for you, then I will help you learn about the alternative that you can join in order to start your own affiliate marketing business today in the last section of this review.

So, let’s begin..


Overnight Freedom Review Summary

  • Name: Overnight Freedom
  • Website: www.OvernightFreedom.com
  • Founders: Rob Jones, Gerry Cramer & Sean Khang
  • Price: $2,497 One-Time Payment or $997 three Monthly Payments. Another budget of around $1,000 is necessary to start with FB & YouTube Ads).
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 88 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended alternative 97 of 100)

Summary: Overnight Freedom is a training course that teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing through the paid advertising methods, and mainly, Facebook & YouTube ads. The program is legit but expensive and you still need to invest in ads and tools in addition to the cost of the program.


What Is Overnight Freedom?

What Is Overnight Freedom

Overnight Freedom is a new training program that teaches you how to make money affiliate marketing, focusing mainly on promoting digital products and high commission physical products, using paid advertising methods, and mainly, Facebook and YouTube.



What Is New in The Overnight Freedom Program?

What is claimed by Overnight Freedom owners is that this program comes with new techniques to help affiliates maximize their earnings.

Some of the “twists” that are promised by the program are:

  1. Two really scalable and powerful PAID traffic sources that are taught in the Overnight training course in detail: Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads.
  2. Possibly Higher Commissions: The founders of Overnight Freedom have negotiated some deals with some product vendors in order to offer higher commissions than the standard rates exclusively for the Overnight Freedom members, which in some cases can reach 90%+ commissions. Besides, they have some offers that the students will be able to earn a cut on the ‘backend’ sequence such as upsells and cross-sells.
  3. A software is provided to help students easily builds a high converting, Facebook & YouTube compliant site for them. A website is important because nowadays, in most cases, it is not allowed to send paid traffic directly to affiliate offers, in addition to the fact that this is ineffective even if it was allowed.
  4. The Ad Generator: A software that writes the ads for the students. It’s based on analysis of hundreds of high performing YouTube and Facebook ads, and it makes it easy to get a high converting ad copy created quickly.
  5. As claimed by the owners of Overnight Freedom, the students only need to make as little as 4 sales a week in order to make 100k a year PROFIT from this method and using the tools provided in the program.
  6. Weekly Cash Prizes: Every week for a complete YEAR, there will be cash prizes given away in order to hold the students accountable and encourage them to take action with the material in the program.



How Does Overnight Freedom Work?

As explained above, the Overnight Freedom program teaches you how to make money promoting others’ products as an affiliate marketer, mainly through using the paid traffic methods in order to drive targeted traffic into your website where you promote the affiliate products and you make a commission on every sale that comes through your website.

How Overnight Freedom Works

What I like about this program is that the founders agree that you need to have your own website where you drive people before sending them to the affiliate product sales page.

And the products that this program will focus to teach you promote fall under the following four categories:

1. Low ticket digital products with high percentage commissions.

2. Monthly recurring products with recurring commissions.

3. Digital and physical products with high CPA commissions.

4. High ticket offers with high commissions.


And the method how you drive targeted traffic to your website is through Facebook ads and YouTube ads.

Overnight Freedom Traffic Methods


And these are two great methods as both platforms has around 2 billion monthly active users, and these two platforms allow you to:

  • Target people accurately based on their interests, location, demographics, …etc.
  • Almost everybody is on Facebook & YouTube. There users are in Billions and in almost all niches, demographics and locations.
  • You can show ads at almost any time even to people who might be interested in the products you promote even if they are not actively searching for those products.
  • You can get cheap clicks with Facebook & YouTube ads compared to other methods if you master these two methods.
  • Facebook ads are very efficient if you do scaling properly.

This another thing I like about Overnight Freedom as most of the affiliate marketing training programs that focus on the paid method, they focus mainly on the Facebook traffic, like it is with Simple WiFi Profits and Commission Hero.

While Overnight Freedom, like Savage Affiliates 2.0 and The Super Affiliate System 2.0, focuses also on YouTube ads as it is still underutilized by affiliates.


NordVPN Banner

Overnight Freedom Pricing Plans

The cost of joining the Overnight Freedom program is $2,497 one-time fee. Or you can divide it into three monthly payments of $997 each.

Also, you can pay with PayPal credit if you join through one of the links on this page.

There’s also a conditional 30-day money back guarantee in case that you attended the whole course and properly applied what is in it and didn’t get positive results.

But keep in mind, that you still need to pay for the ads by yourself until you become profitable, which means that you need another $1,000-$2,000 as a start in addition to cost of the Overnight Freedom training program. And maybe, you will need to pay for external tools and web hosting.

If you have this amount of money to invest, then you can go ahead and start get the Free ebook even before you pay for the program.


>>>Click Here To Join Overnight Freedom<<< (SOLD OUT)


And if you don’t have this amount of money, then you can check my number one recommended platform to learn affiliate marketing in the last section of this Overnight Freedom review, which allows you to start at a much lower budget with the method it teaches. (Free membership is offered).


Overnight Freedom Discount

There’s no discount on the Overnight Freedom program and the program will be available to join only until September 19th.

However, …

Overnight Freedom Free Download

Many people are looking for a free download of the Overnight Freedom program, but it is unavailable.

This misunderstanding happens because there are three free webinars that you can watch now through the following link.

>>> Click Here To Watch Overnight Freedom 3 Free Webinars <<< (SOLD OUT)


What I Like about Overnight Freedom

  • It’s about affiliate marketing, the number one method of making passive income online.
  • It focuses that you need to have your own website in order to do affiliate marketing.
  • There are some exclusive perks such as granting higher commissions from some vendors, in addition to the software tools and the weekly prizes for top performing affiliates.
  • The course is fit for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers. (Who have the budget to join and pay for the ads).
  • It focuses on two sources of paid traffic while most other courses will focus only on one method.
  • You can divide the payment into installments on 6 months.
  • You can pay with PayPal Credit if you don’t have the money to pay for the Overnight Freedom course now.
  • There’s a 100% Money back guarantee in case that you attended the whole course and applied the methods and didn’t make any progress.


What I Don’t Like about Overnight Freedom

  • The price is a high, not suitable for everyone, especially if you are just starting trying to make money online. Remember that you also need some budget to start with the YT & FB ads until you find your first winning campaign (at least $1,000 in my opinion).
  • Starting affiliate marketing with Paid ads is not my preferred way, make sure you have the budget and you are willing to spend before you join the program. (If you don’t have the budget to start with paid ads, then check my better alternative in the last section below).


Who Is Overnight Freedom for?

Overnight Freedom is for those who want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing through the paid traffic methods, and mainly, Facebook and YouTube ads.

And those should have the money to pay for the program, in addition to the ability to invest in the paid ads (another $1,000 at least).

And most important, it is for those who are willing to put the time and effort into learning and consistently applying what they learn.

Also, people who have their own products and want to learn Facebook and YouTube ads in order to make more sales and scale up their business can benefit from the program.

However, if you can’t afford Overnight Freedom, but still want to learn Affiliate Marketing through the free, organic traffic, then read the last section for my recommended alternative.


Overnight Freedom Support

Since the Overnight Freedom program is still new and is being currently in the launch phase, then there’s no feedback about it.

But remember that you have a conditional 30-day money back guarantee if you join the program through one of the links on this page. This guarantee is backed-up by ClickBank marketplace, the largest retailer of digital and info products.


Conclusion of The Overnight Freedom Scam Review

Overnight Freedom is not a scam. It is a legitimate program that teaches you how to build a successful affiliate marketing business using the paid traffic methods, and mainly, Facebook and YouTube ads.

  • Name: Overnight Freedom
  • Website: www.OvernightFreedom.com
  • Founders: Rob Jones, Gerry Cramer & Sean Khang
  • Price: $2,497 One-Time Payment or $997 three Monthly Payments. Another budget of around $1,000 is necessary to start with FB & YouTube Ads).
  • Legit/Scam: Legit

Overall OnlinePassiveIncomeGuide.com Rating: 88 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended alternative 97 of 100)

The training in Overnight Freedom suits the beginners who are just starting and could help them become successful affiliate marketers if they learn and apply consistently.

The program also comes with a conditional 30-day 100% money back guarantee, if you apply what is in it and you don’t get positive results.

However, the main downfall of the Overnight Freedom program is that the cost joining the course is a bit high compared to some other high quality program in the industry ($2,500 one payment or $500 six monthly payments).

In addition, you need at least $1,000 in order to start with the paid YouTube and Facebook ads until you find a profitable campaign.

Also, you might need to pay for some tools.

And many people can’t afford the cost of Overnight Freedom program or the cost of the paid ads.

Which leads us to the next question:


Is There another 100% Legit, Affordable Alternative to Overnight Freedom?

Of course.

As I mentioned earlier, Affiliate Marketing is my favorite method of generating income online, and I encourage you to learn it.

And it is how I monetize this website you are currently on.

And if you can’t afford to join a program like Overnight Freedom, or if you can’t afford to start with the paid traffic methods such as YouTube and Facebook Ads, then you can learn how to start affiliate marketing at a much lower cost, even lower than any of the six monthly installment payments of $500 that are offered at OvernightFreedom.com.


The method you will learn at my recommended alternative to Overnight Freedom, Wealthy Affiliate, doesn’t rely on the paid traffic.

Instead, it relies on leveraging the power of the FREE, organic traffic from search engines such as: Google, Bing and Yahoo in order to get targeted and high converting traffic to your website where you promote affiliate products to people who might need them.

To be honest, his method might take longer time than the paid traffic methods in order to start bringing results and to scale up, but it is more evergreen and more suitable if you don’t have the budget to start with paid traffic or to join the Overnight Freedom course.


And Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to learn this method.

It is where I learned affiliate marketing and where I continue to learn.

This platform does not only provide you with the step-by-step comprehensive training, but also with all of the necessary tools that you need in order to start your business for NO Additional Cost.

And the annual cost of joining this recommended alternative is even less than any of the six monthly installments of the Overnight Freedom Training Course.


Even better, they have a monthly membership plan for less than $50/month if you can’t afford the yearly plan. That’s one-tenth what you would pay for one installment of the Overnight Freedom program.

Want more, you can try it for FREE before you risk any money through this WA review. NO Credit Card Required. 100% Risk FREE!

And this screenshot shows you only the first level of the comprehensive training that you can get through the FREE, starter membership:

Overnight Freedom Alternative


This level is enough for you to learn how affiliate marketing works, and it will allow you start building your first free website in 30 SECONDS! No coding or technical experience required!

And here, you will learn how to write quality content that ranks on search engines and brings you the FREE organic traffic instead of paying for the paid ads on YouTube and Facebook.

This is only the first level of the training, and you can stick to this free membership, or you can upgrade for the premium membership anytime you want in order to unlock the advanced levels of the training and tools, technical support, weekly live webinars and community of 1.5 Million like-minded online entrepreneurs.



Now it is up to you which program to join based on your situation, I won’t push you to go for the expensive one as many of the others do in order to get a high commission from you:

1 – If you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing through the paid ads on YouTube and Facebook and you can afford it then you can join Overnight Freedom (Now sold out, but Commission Hero teaches the same method at a lower price).

2 – And if you want to start affiliate marketing with my alternative and rely on the organic traffic instead, then click here to read my Wealthy Affiliate review and join from there.

Remember that you can start with the free plan in order to try the program.


Go now and take action and start building your online business with one of the above programs based on your situation and budget.

And if you have any question regarding this Overnight Freedom Scam Review, then leave it the comments section below and I will be answering you asap 🙂

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4 thoughts on “[Honest] Overnight Freedom Review 2022 & Free Webinars”

  1. WHY YOU SHOULD NOT TRUST GERRY KRAMER & ROB JONES. MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENT BY GERRY KRAMER, ROB JONES, and PROFIT ENGINE!!! This is feedback on a course offered by them in 2018. Further down I list the exact words of their promotion and point out how they failed to meet their obligations.

    It is true. There were students who made great profits. What I don’t know is whether they used the exact methods taught by Gerry or were just already experienced with affiliate marketing. We received additional webinars by experienced students to help us SOLVE the reasons for Facebook banning our ads. I suspect that Gerry’s free template that was supposed to make you millions did not work anymore was flagged by Facebook. I have sent a request for a refund as GUARANTEED and this is how they got away with it.

    I’ve lost 4 months of income due to failed training. Gerry’s system was hugely challenged by Facebook’s regulations. He advised that we only use his template and emulate his successes but avoid using his exact example since it will get you banned. I suspected his template was flagged by Facebook because if you used it, YOUR AD ACCOUNT GOT BANNED.

    How did they get away by not living up to their promised guarantee after I spent $3000 on their course? I quote their defense: “Customer had been previously contacted for additional information regarding her course experience. She is not eligible for a double refund as she has made sales with the program.”

    “Previously contacted” meant they sent me a questionnaire about my performance when I asked for a refund. Then they used that info AGAINST me!! I was asked to prove that I did indeed execute all the steps of the training, which I did. But their guarantee was worded so that it protected them and means SHIT to anyone else!

    I’ve spent a lot of money on ads and design. Neither did I make income for 4 months (how much is your time worth?) They promised PERSONAL reviews on our ads but blatantly announced in the videos that they won’t do it. You need a minimum income on ClickBank plus at least 5 sales (I made 3) and a variety of credit cards used before you can claim earnings. Outlined their exact words in their Advertising campaign followed by a comment on how their promises were NOT met.

    While you read this, note that they had more than 1000 students! Meaning for their training they received between $3m and $4.5m but REFUSED to offer one on one support as PROMISED in the ad. How could they. 2 people helping 1000-1500 students? No, they won’t but they’re happy to take your money!

    As per the marketing campaign quoting their EXACT words:
    * As long as you follow every step of the training curriculum without deviation, and actively use our support system and our tools and resources, we guarantee to not only refund your purchase but DOUBLE your money back if for some weird reason you’re unable to make sales.
    —I followed all the steps required. I have been in discussion with the vendor for a week to ask for my money back and am still waiting. They asked me to submit a questionnaire to proof that I have done what they have asked for. I have done so immediately but I received no actual commitment to getting my money back. I spent more than a month asking for the necessary steps to be taken to find a common solution. Never ONCE did Gerry hopped on an email or call trying to help. What disqualified me from claiming my guarantee? THIS part of the guarantee: “for some weird reason you’re unable to make sales” – because I made 3 sales!!! Whoop, whoop Gerry! Is this misleading or WHAT??????? Are you an honorable man or are you going to deal with this in a defensive way to justify your lack of integrity by giving me that pathetic defense you gave Clickbank?

    * We are 100% committed to your success and will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to ensure you succeed.
    — I have submitted several requests for help over more than a month now and have still not received ANY support as was promised.

    * You can get on the phone and get 1-on-1 help directly from us.
    — I have not received any 1-on-1 help, regardless of my requests.

    * After you’ve completed the Profit engine Master Blueprint training, either Gerry, Rob or one of our super affiliate mentors will hop on a 30 minute 1-on-1 call with you to help directly with your ad campaigns.
    — Several requests for help have been made. I received NO HELP WHATSOEVER, regardless of several emails where I have asked for help.

    * We will personally critique your ad funnel and help you tweak whatever you need to skyrocket your results! We will personally help you succeed.
    — Any requests submitted are handled by the support team, which in their words on 13 August were: “Our role here in support is to help point you in the right direction, answer course-related questions, and motivate and encourage you at times. Gerry and Rob will have a standardized funnel review process set up for you soon to provide you with expert recommendations on your ad images, presell pages, and ad campaigns from either them or a mentor, and that’s where these types of questions should be directed so that you get the best advice possible.”
    — No reviews were received by Rob or Gerry of any super-affiliate! And any email sent to any contact email ends up with the support team.

    * Get your ad critiqued by a multi-million dollar ad expert, a multi-million dollar copywriter and 6 super affiliates.
    —My Ad was never critiqued

    * Find out if your ad is good before you ever spend a single dime on traffic.
    —I received no feedback in this regard.

    * Remove all the risk & set yourself up for success before you even start.
    —This was a misleading promise. I signed up on 16 June. After the 4th week of training, we were told that we can start running our own ads. Yet no reviews on our ads were done. How can there be no risk???

    * We will review your ads personally.
    — A few delegates’ ads were reviewed for everyone to see. Out of more of 1000 students, mine was not. Not my Image and not my Ad copy and not my pre-sell page.

    Due to the fact that I paid through Clickbank, I could at least get back the initial investment. Value for my time in failed training is lost.

    • Thank you Inet for sharing your experience with the founders of Overnight Freedom program!
      It is really to hear how bad expensive programs sellers treat their customers.
      There’s a trend that is growing in creating false value and sell a really expensive products and give a guarantee, and whenever someone asks for a refund, they start with the long list of excuses why they should not give the refund.
      I have received previous complaints about Six Figure Success Academy that requires you to contact two prospects a day for thirty days and prove that you did it and nothing worked so that they issue the refund.
      Unfortunately, when you realize what you got into, it is already too late to contact your bank and request a chargeback.
      The fact that there are comprehensive and great affiliate training courses such as Wealthy Affiliate, Savage Affiliates and Project 24 that are being sold at a very low price compared to Overnight Freedom and Profits Engine, and they have many more successful students and real testimonials is an evidence that the likes of Gerry Kramer and Robb Jones don’t provide that match that would justify such high costs to join their programs.
      Thank you Inet again for sharing your experience! I will make sure to included it in the future if I ever review other products by the same team.

  2. That’s a great review! I just sat thru a portion of their pitch, yet have heard this all before. I needed something more, and will check out your Wealthy Affiliate program. Thanks!

    • Thank you Rudy for your comment!
      I’m glad that you are taking the time to consider what might be a more viable option.
      Please, let me know if you need help.


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