Money Sucking Websites Review – Willy Is a LIAR!

Welcome my friend to my Money Sucking Websites Review where I will show you all the evidences that this is just another SCAM.Money Sucking Websites Scam Review


From fake testimonials, to fake founder, to fake Sergey, to lies about the income, lies about the technology, lies about everything.

The guy who calls himself “Willy” claims that a Russian guy that is making $24 Million a year (but still works for a corporate. LOL!) has come up with a way that allows you to create a complete website that make you money on complete autopilot and without you doing anything.

And all of that, with a “Push Of A BUO’ON”! It is so fun to push this “BUO’ON”!

Push Button Money Sucking Websites



This is probably one of the cheesiest sales videos you will ever watch!

And I’m sure that you already realized that this guy is a BIG LIAR and that’s why you started looking for the MSW System reviews in order to know what this system is all about.

I will show you below all the lies that makes you never trust this FAKE “Willy”, and don’t worry, I will also lead you to a 100% LEGIT platform that will teach you how to make money online from real founders and with real members that have achieved success with it, instead of listening to the FAKE testimonials in the sales video of the Money Sucking Websites (MSW System).


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MSW – Money Sucking Websites Review Summary

  • Name: Money Sucking Websites – MSW System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Willy Hancock (FAKE!)
  • Price: $47 front end. + Continuous promotions to buy other scams
  • Scam? Yes.

Overall Rating: 10 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommended Program In my Guide 97 of 100)

Summary: Money Sucking Websites System is a program that will give you a done-for-you affiliate website that they claim it will make you money. But the truth is that done-for-you websites don’t work unless you make major changes that take time, or you drive paid traffic.


What Is The Money Sucking Websites System?

Money Sucking Websites is a program that promises to hand to you a done-for-you website that already have content in it and that will start making you money immediately after purchasing the website through affiliate marketing.

What Are Money Sucking Websites


“Willy” continues to claim that these websites are able to make you up to $500 daily without touching them thanks to some technology that might considered be illegal.

Money Sucking Websites Technology


He tells you the Russian guy made him click few clicks and came up with a complete website with articles about Golf, and then, after 45 seconds, the money started “pouring in”.

Is Money Sucking Websites A Scam

This some of the weirdest BS I have ever seen in the cheesy sales videos that are being used to sell scams and low quality programs.

I have reviewed many of such programs such as:


And many other programs that promise you to make lots of money doing so little or even doing nothing at all right from day 1 thanks to some “secret loophole”, “secret technology no one knows about”, “secret switch you can flip” and all that kind of rubbish.

And they are all using these lies just to sell their scams and low quality programs to people who know nothing about making money or about the internet.

Making money online is not done with a push of a button, it requires real work and consistent effort over a not short period of time, like it is offline.

But at least, with the online businesses you can work from anywhere you want provided that you have a laptop and an internet connection.

Also, you can start with a much lower investment compared to starting a brick and mortar business.

And of course, you can use some tools in order to automate some tasks, and you can hire people to do some stuff for you, but there’s nothing the is completely done-for-you that will make you any cent without anyone touching it, right from day one.


How Does The Money Sucking Websites System Work?

As I mentioned earlier, the idea is making money with Affiliate Marketing (promoting others’ products on your website and getting commissions on every customer that comes through your website), which is a legitimate way of making money online.

But it is not as they tell you that it works.

How The Money Sucking Websites Work


That’s not how affiliate marketing works.

You don’t just create a ready website with ready content and expect it to make you money.

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, then you need to research and see what products help people and create useful content about these products.

And when you write that content, you need to make it ready for search engines so that it can get you the FREE organic traffic from Google and other search engines when people use them in order to search for information or for products to buy.


Affiliate Marketing With MSW System


And that content must be unique in order to get ranked on search engines.

While if you just get a ready website from “Willy and Sergey” that everybody else gets when they join this program, then no one of you will get their website to rank on search engines because what you have on your website is considered a duplicate content that is published on many other websites.

And since no one will visit your website, then no one will click on the affiliate links and buy anything from the products you promote.

And affiliate marketing is a great way, and my favorite way of making money online, and I recommend that you learn it and build your business in this field.

But in order to do so, you need to learn from the best program that I personally learn from, which is mentioned in the last section below of this review of the Money Sucking Websites system.

Because what you actually get from the MSW system is a website that will make you nothing AT ALL.


What I Like about Money Sucking Websites System

  • There is a refund policy, but I don’t encourage wasting your time in the first place.
  • It is a bout Affiliate Marketing, which is a legitimate business model, but the MSW program itself is not a legitimate one to teach it. (Check the last section for alternative!)


What I Don’t Like about Money Sucking Websites System

Not sure where to start from, but let’s go with:

1 – Unrealistic, Hyped-up Results That Don’t Make Sense

Willy tells you that you can make up to $500 per day without doing anything, which is impossible, but then he goes further and tells you that he made up to $244k in 15 day! Which means that he made $15,000 per DAY!

This guy it a true LIAR. One of the biggest liars you will ever hear.

Money Sucking Websites Results


There is no way of making money that allows you to make this amount of money so fast with no effort.

Every method has a learning curve and requires you to put real effort over a consistent time in period before you make even a thousand dollars a month.


2 – Fake Founder of The MSW System

Willy tells you that other fake gurus are just hired voices behind the screen and that he is a real one.

But the truth is that he is LYING to you, right in your face.

The following image is just a stock image that you can use on any website you want for any purpose.

Willy Hancock Founder Of MSW

I think that this is a clear evidence that he is a scam artist!


3 – Fake Testimonials by PAID Actors

Yup. The people you saw in the video are just paid actors that you can hire from a freelancing platform that is called Fiverr in order to record whatever you want them to say.

This lady for example, I have seen her many times giving such fake testimonials for many other scams and crappy programs, and the screenshot below is from her account on

Money Sucking Websites Testimonials

Unfortunately, this is a common practice between programs that don’t deliver.

If the MSW system works as they claim, then why would they fabricate the testimonials?! Why don’t show real testimonials by real successful students?!


4 – Pay For What?!

For a website that won’t work and won’t bring you any money?!


5 – No Effort In Making Money

They tell you that you don’t need to do anything in order to make money.

No Effort With Money Sucking Websites

This is literally impossible.

You can’t make money without doing something useful that adds value to others’s lives or solves problems. And there will never be anything like that.

If there was something like this, then everybody will start doing it and it would stop working eventually.


6 – Fake Scarcity

Every time you watch the video, the sales page tells you that there are only 8 or 13 spots left.

Money Sucking Websites Fake Scarcity

And if you visit the same page a month from now, you will see the same BS.


7 – It Is The “Secret” Again!

They are afraid of raising the authorities eyebrows. LOL!

Unsustainable Money Sucking Websites

If they were going to bring the promised results, and they are afraid from the authorities at the same time, then they are doing something illegal!


Stay away!


Who Is MSW System for?

For anyone who wants to waste their time and money on getting a useless website that won’t make them a dime, and then, waste their time again looking for a refund.


Money Sucking Websites Cost

The front end cost of joining the money sucking websites is $47.

There might be optional upsells, I didn’t check that.

But be sure that they will keep advertising to you by email to purchase other products through their affiliate link so that they keep making money of you!


Conclusion – Is Money Sucking Websites a Scam or Legit?

Yes, it’s a SCAM.

  • Name: Money Sucking Websites – MSW System
  • Website:
  • Founders: Willy Hancock (FAKE!)
  • Price: $47 front end. + Continuous promotions to buy other scams
  • Scam? Yes.

Overall Rating: 10 of 100 (Check My #1 Recommended Program In my Guide 97 of 100)

Actually, “Willy” himself consider those who hide themselves behind the screen and fake names as scams, and he did the exact same thing. LOL.

Fake founder, fake testimonials, fake and unrealistic results, website that doesn’t make you a dime. All of these are clear evidences that the MSW System is a true scam.

Even if it offers a money back guarantee, I don’t recommend wasting your time.


However, even though the MSW System is a scam, but the affiliate marketing model is a legitimate way of making money online, and I do encourage you to learn it.

But of course, you won’t learn it from such scammers that are ruining its reputation.


Which takes us to the next question:

A 100% LEGITIMATE Alternative to The Money Sucking Websites System?


As I explained above, affiliate marketing is the best way to generate an income online, and I explained the reasons for that in my free Ultimate Guide for Making Money Online.

And it is the way that I follow by myself.

And for this reason, I encourage you to learn affiliate marketing and start your own online business in this field.

But in order to succeed with this method, you need to add value and create content by yourself, which will help others solve their problems and improve their lives.

And that cannot be done through a done-for-you website that you will be given if you join the MSW system.

And in order to be able to do what it takes for making money with affiliate marketing, then you need to learn from the best.


And for that, I’m recommending to you the best program in this field what will provide you with all what you need from the step-by-step training, to the advanced tools, to the web hosting with the great technical support, to the amazing community support all in one place for NO Extra Cost.

My recommended alternative to the Money Sucking Websites System is The Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

This platform is the right place to learn this method in a step-by-step approach, and to start building your business while learning.

And don’t worry about risking your money! This platform offers you a Starter Membership so that you can try it for FREE before you go for the premium membership. NO Credit Card Required. 100% Risk FREE!

So, if you are really serious about building your online business, then go ahead with my WA Review in order to see what this platform has to offer, and from there, you can join it for the FREE membership.

And if you are still completely new to the world of affiliate marketing, and you still don’t understand why I call it the best method of making money online, then you can get my FREE Make Money Online Guide through the following button, which will finally lead you to Wealthy Affiliate as well:

Money Sucking Websites Alternative


Go now and start building your business away from the magical “Push Buttons” and done-for-you push buttons that don’t work!

And if you have any question regarding this Money Sucking Websites (MSW) Scam Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be answering you asap 🙂

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