Is Monat a Pyramid Scheme? Monat MLM Review 2022

Monat MLM Scam Review - Is It A Pyramid Scheme

Is Monat a pyramid scheme? Is it a multi-level scheme? A network marketing opportunity? Or is it an affiliate marketing based opportunity?

These questions and more I will be answering in this Monat MLM Scam Review!

Bear with me where I show you the 6 RED FLAGS about joining this MLM company.

And if you join Monat Global as a Market Partner, the can you really make money with it?

If yes, then how much can you earn with Monat Global?

And if no, then what is the best alternative in order to build a real and legitimate business from home where you can really earn a good income?

Join me in this Monat mlm review where I will explain everything to you, and will tell you why it is really risky to join such an “opportunity”.

And better, I will guide you into my recommended alternative to Monat Global opportunity where you can build a real, long-term and sustainable business that could make you a more stable and sustainable income in the long run if you take consistent action into learning and applying what you learn.

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Monat Global Alternative

Monat MLM Scam Review Summary

  • Name: Monat Global
  • Website:
  • Founders: Luis Urdaneta & Ray Urdaneta
  • Price: $99/month for the lowest plan + $20 one-time activation fees. Much higher recurring monthly costs if you want to move up the MLM ladder. You also need to spend on marketing.
  • Recommended? Not by me.

Overall Rating: 60 of 100 (Check my #1 recommendation 97 of 100)

Summary: Monat Global is primarily an MLM company that requires you to pay in order to join them as a “Market Partner” and then, to continuously sell Monat hair care products to others in order to make commissions on direct sales you bring, or to recruit others in order to join the same MLM scheme so that you make multi-level commissions.

While it seems to combine both methods of making money: Affiliate Marketing & Multi-Level Marketing, but the problem is that you need to pay in order to join them, which means that you are a customer more than a partner.

Also, as per their income statement, the typical participant in the Monat Canadian MLM plan for example makes $66-$890 per year!! Which is $6-$74 per month!! And they might need to pay around $99/month only on Monat products, in addition to marketing costs that they need to spend.

This makes Monat Global not all that lucrative opportunity as you can see.


What Is Monat Global?

What Is Monat GlobalMonat Global is a company that primarily sells hair care & Skincare products, such as:

  • Hair shampoo & conditioner.
  • Skincare products such as creams.
  • Pet washing products.

What Is Monat Global Opportunity?

Monat opportunity is a program that Monat Global allows you to join (after you pay money) in order to earn money with them by selling their products with two main methods:

  1. Promoting Monat products to retail customers and VIP customers and get commissions on every sale that you bring, which is similar to affiliate marketing, except that Monat wants you to buy from them with your money, while with other affiliate programs, you can promote their products without first buying their products.
  2. Recruiting others to join Monat as “Market Partners” so that they also can start promoting Monat products and make commissions for themselves, which also allows you to make small commissions on the sales these people bring as well. And this is called MLM or Multi-Level Marketing.

And while this seems a great opportunity to make money with legitimate methods, but there are many reasons that it is really difficult to make money selling Monat products that I will explain below in this Monat Global scam review.


How Does Monat Global MLM Work?

How Monat Global MLM Works

As mentioned earlier, Monat is supposed to allow you to make money with two methods:

1 – Promoting Products To Retail & VIP Customers

This means that you can go and promote Monat products to anyone and if they buy from you, you get a commission from -30 on every order that comes through you.

Monat Sales Commissions

This is similar to affiliate marketing, which is a business model that allows you to promote others products and make commissions on every sale that you bring through your unique link, but the problem with promoting Monat Global products is that you are supposed to only promote their products, and not other products in the same market or in any other market.

Also, with Monat, you don’t own the website they give you, which makes it risky to build an entire business around selling Monat products.

While if you learn affiliate marketing the right way like it is taught at my top recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate, then you can create an online business in almost any market or niche and promote many different products.

2 – Recruiting Others To Join Monat Global MLM Scheme

MLM schemes are systems that you need to pay money in order to join them, and then, keep promoting the same scheme to other people in order to recruit them to join the MLM company, who will then go and recruit others to join the same scheme and so on.

This way you are supposed to be able to make commissions not only if you bring new members to the network, but also you get commissions on the members that join through your referrals (2nd level), and the new members coming from the referrals of your referrals (3rd level) and so on.

And while this seems to be a lucrative opportunity, but it is actually not.


Why Is it Difficult to Make Money with Monat Global MLM Opportunity?

The truth is that joining MLM schemes makes it risky for two main reasons:

  1. You need to keep recruiting other people in order to join the scheme, and your new referrals need to continuously recruit others. This usually works at the beginning of an MLM company and then it gets difficult as more people join the scheme.
  2. You and all your referrals and their referrals need to keep buying on monthly basis and to reach a minimum volume of sales in order to qualify to get the commissions. And if you don’t achieve that volume for a given month, you don’t get anything for that month, which makes it risky as you will always need to pay but you don’t always get paid the commissions!

This means that your referrals performance is not under your control, which means that you need others to do their best in order for you to make money, and if they don’t, you won’t get paid even if you did your part.

This is the ugly truth about MLM schemes that makes them designed to make money of the members who pay to join the scheme instead of actually allowing them to make money.


Is Monat a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Monat Global is not a pyramid scheme. With pyramid schemes, there are no actual products to sell, you just pay for the sake of joining the pyramid scheme. But with Monat, you sell real products.


Is Monat A Multi Level Marketing (MLM)?

Yes, Monat Global is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company where you recruit others to join it as members and buy its products as well.

Different from pyramid schemes, with MLM schemes such as Monat MLM opportunity, there are actual products, and when you pay to for the membership of Monat MLM scheme for example, you also get products in addition into becoming a member.

This difference is what makes Monat hair products not to be a pyramid scheme, and instead, an MLM.

Is Monat Network Marketing?

To a high extent, yes, Monat Global relies on network marketing in order to bring new members into their MLM scheme.

This means that you might need to keep networking with others in person, whether online or offline, in order to convince them to join their MLM network.


Monat Compensation Plan

Monat Global compensation plan is available on their website as a PDF document, but it is really confusing.

Monat MLM Copensation Plan

The truth is that the two methods I mentioned earlier (promoting products to retail & VIP customers, and recruiting others to join the MLM company) are the main methods of making money with this company.

But here’s the problem:

Can You Really Make Money with Monat Global?

Not for sure!

Because if you want to make money by selling Monat hair products to retail and VIP customers, you need to spend by yourself in order to become a Monat Market Partner, and it seems that you need to be active with a minimum sales volume every month in order to deserve the commissions on the sale you bring.

And worst, if you want to make money based on recruiting other MLM members, then you all of them also need to be active and make minimum sales volumes (called Personal Volume or PV) and recruit others so that you get commissions on their sales.

And how many sales you need to bring depends on what membership you have.

The higher level you want to be at, the more members under you there should be, and they all need to be active.

Monat Global MLM Structure

This video is confusing, but it is the best way to describe how it works.


How Much Do You Make Selling Monat?

How much you can make selling Monat should depend on your effort and your group and down lines effort, but in general, don’t expect much money.

Actually, the income statement in Monat’s compensation plan makes it clear that the typical participant in the Monat Canadian MLM plan makes $66-$890 per year!!

Monat MLM Income Statement

That means only $6-$74 per month!!

Do you see that as a lucrative opportunity?

Absolutely not.

And remember that to join the lowest rank (Monat Market Partner), you and your group need to keep spending money and making a minimum number of sales volume in order to qualify for any month’s commissions.

That means that the $74/month is not all profit. Actually, you might need to pay more than that by yourself every month.

And worse, there are many costs associated with your marketing efforts that you need to pay in order to either arrange for meetups or to promote Monat products online.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell Monat Products?

Depends on the method you choose.

Offline, you need to pay for transportation, phone calls, meetups, …etc. like it is with Vector Marketing for example.

And online, you need to pay for advertising costs that depend on the type of ads you want to purchase.

Either way, you might end up paying much more than what you will get in return.

How Do You Become a Monat Market Partner?

Working for Monat is possible mainly for people in the United States and Canada.

There’s a one-time activation fee that costs $20 in order to give you a replicated website that belongs to Monat itself in order to use to promote their products.

In order to become a Monat Market Partner, as in the video shared earlier, you need to buy the starter kit that costs $99 and to have personal volume of 200 PV every month in order to be considered an active Monat Market Partner.


What I Like about Monat Opportunity

Part of it is similar to affiliate marketing, which is making commissions on the sales you make with retail customers and VIP customers.

But it cannot be considered a real affiliate sustainable business as:

  • You need to purchase for yourself first in order to be able to promote.
  • You are not allowed to promote other products.
  • You don’t learn how to research the market and create an affiliate marketing business in any niche.
  • You don’t own the website they give you.

Note: Check the last section below for the right place to start an affiliate marketing business today!


What I Don’t Like about Monat Opportunity [6 RED Flags]

1 – No Website Means No Real Business

As mentioned earlier, Monat gives you a replicated website that is actually a sub-domain from their main domain.

For example: your website might be:

Monat Partner Website

This means that you don’t own the website, and you don’t have a sustainable business as you are fully dependent on Monat’s website. If they decide to close your account, you are left completely out.

With that, you are actually a salesman more than a partner. And worse, you are a salesman who needs to purchase for himself first what he is hired to sell!

2 – You Can Only Promote Monat Products

Another downfall of all MLM schemes, including Monat Global is that you can only promote their products.

This is completely risky as you might end up out of business overnight if the company closes its doors.

While if you learn affiliate marketing the right way like in my recommended alternative at the end of this Monat review, then you can have your own website in any niche and promote any products in that niche and not rely on one company.

3 – You Need to Continuously Recruit Others

As per the Monat compensation plan mentioned earlier in this Monat Global review, you need to recruit many people in your down lines, who would also recruit others to do the same, in order for you finally to make money.

This is a problem with MLM companies like The Super Affiliate Network, Earn Easy Commissions, The Profit Shortcut and others because it might be easy to do that at the beginning, but after a couple of years, it becomes more difficult to find other people to recruit.

And Monat Global has already been around for several years now.

4 – You Need to Continuously Pay by Yourself

As mentioned earlier, and like it is with HempWorx Affiliate Opportunity, in order to be consider an active member at any level and get the monthly commissions, you and your group of referrals need to keep spending money on buying Monat products for yourselves every single month!

This doesn’t seem like a lucrative opportunity for me.

Add to that the normal costs that you need to pay in order to market the products.

A real affiliate marketing business doesn’t require you to buy the products for yourself. Wealthy Affiliate platform teaches you how to build a real affiliate marketing business.

5 – The Monat Income Statement

As mentioned earlier, the income statement in their compensation plan shows that the typical Monat member makes $6-$74 per month!

Even if that was all profit, would you consider it worth the time to join Monat Global?

And the fact that you might need to spend more than that amount of money on products you buy for yourself, and the fact that you need to spend on the marketing activities make it even worse to join such an MLM scheme like Monat Opportunity.

6 – Monat Hair Products Reviews & Complaints

Not only that you might not make lots of money with Monat products, but worse, you might be risking other people’s health, which might get you sued!

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. You better consult one before you join them.

Through the years, many complaints have arisen about the quality of Monat hair products and it seems that many lawsuits have been filed against the company.

Actually, many of customers negative reviews and complaints about Monat Global products are available online and you can see them on:

At the time of writing this review, there are over 740 complaints about Monat’s products just regarding the quality of the product!

Monat Products Customer Reviews

Other complaints you might find on Amazon as well.

I wouldn’t risk promoting products that are directly related to the health of the human body parts. Even if I wasn’t going to get sued, I just won’t do it.


Who Is Monat MLM for?

I don’t recommend joining MLM schemes in general as it is really difficult to make money with them due to the many reasons mentioned earlier. That’s just how MLM companies work.

But add to that, is that with Monat MLM opportunity, you are risking others’ health with the products that have received lots of complaints and lawsuits.

If you want to build a real, legitimate and sustainable business from home, then my FREE Make Money Online Guide will tell you about the best method and how to learn it.


Conclusion – Is Monat a Scam or a Legitimate Opportunity to Make Money?

Monat Global is not a scam since there’s an actual product that they sell. It is an MLM and not a pyramid scheme. However, just because MLM schemes are legal it doesn’t mean that you can make money with them.

  • Name: Monat Global
  • Website:
  • Founders: Luis Urdaneta & Ray Urdaneta
  • Price: $99/month for the lowest plan + $20 one-time activation fees. Much higher recurring monthly costs if you want to move up the MLM ladder. You also need to spend on marketing.
  • Recommended? Not by me.

Overall Rating: 60 of 100 (Check my #1 recommendation 97 of 100)

As explained above, joining an MLM company like Monat Global is usually risky as the vast majority of their members don’t make any money, but rather, they spend money!

And with Monat Global, you are risking people’s health as there are many complaints about Monat hair care products.

Conclusion: I DON’T recommend joining Monat MLM opportunity, even if Monat was a legit company.


A 100% Legitimate & Proven to Work Alternative to Monat Global MLM Opportunity to Make Money from Home? (NOT an MLM Opportunity)


As I explained above in this Monat MLM scam review, part of what you might do with Monat Global is similar to affiliate marketing, which is a completely legitimate model.

And this is my favorite method of making money online, and that’s why I recommend it to you.

But in order to make money with this alternative, you need to learn the steps into doing it the right way in order to build a real and sustainable online business.

And the best place to learn affiliate marketing is the same place where I personally learned it, the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

You will learn at this alternative to Monat Global MLM Opportunity how to research the market and start an online business in any niche that you choose and make money promoting any product that you find beneficial to your audience and from any vendor.

You are not tied into promoting products from one company like it is with Monat Global.

That’s how you do affiliate marketing properly.

You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review in order to learn about what this platform will give you, but in short, they will give you all what you need in order to learn and build your affiliate marketing business starting today through their training and tools.

And the cost of joining this Monat alternative is much lower than the cost of joining the lowest membership rank at Monat Global that costs $99/month!

And better, you don’t need to do network marketing and to recruit others or promote to your family with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is done completely online!

Even better, there’s a 100% free starter membership at this platform that you can get through this link, so that you can try it before you enroll in the premium membership that grants you a more advanced training and better tools.

Following screenshot is from the first level of the core training that is involved in the FREE starter membership, which teaches you how to research the market and find affiliate programs to join and products to promote in any niche you want:

Monat MLM Alternative

This is the way to learn affiliate marketing and start a long term business in this field away from the MLM dark world.

So, if you are ready and serious about building your own online affiliate marketing business, then..

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And if you have any comment or question about this Monat MLM scam review, or if you had any experience with Monat Global and you want to share it, then leave it in the comments’ section below and I will be answering you back asap 🙂

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