Million Dollar Replicator Review – Another SCAM?! (The Truth Revealed)

Million Dollar Replicator Review

Can you really make $3,000+ a day doing nothing using this new “completely automated” system by Michael Sachs, or is the Million Dollar Replicator just another scam? Join me in this detailed Million Dollar Replicator Review in order to expose this guy who claims to have a “secret system” that can make you a millionaire in a year doing nothing.


I know how it feels to be promoted to purchase these “done-for-you” & “push button” systems that promise you to be able to sometimes make thousands of dollars a day with not much effort or even doing nothing. And I know how tempting it feels to want to “give it a try, it may work”, especially when you are desperately trying to leave your 9-5 job and start a lifestyle business online.


I have been in your place!


But also, I’m sure that you felt that there is something wrong about this “100% guaranteed system” where his creator promises you to become a millionaire within a year doing absolutely nothing and that’s why you started looking for reviews in order to find out if the Million Dollar Replicator by Michael Sachs is a legit program or not.


Congrats! You made the smart decision!


Look no more! I will show you here why you should not trust such claims and FAKE testimonials as the ones in the video you have watched on the sales page of this program and be careful before you risk investing your money and more important: YOUR TIME, as this will lead into a big disappointment and waste of time even if you can get a refund for your money through the money back guarantee they provide.


I will show you with the screenshots below why you should AVOID joining such programs just by noticing the red flags in the video and on the sales page.


In addition, I will help you learn about a 100% LEGIT method of making money online, and will guide you to the platform that will teach you how to really build a successful and long-term online business, which will also provide you with all the necessary training, mentoring, tools and support in order to become successful IF you consistently apply what you learn there.


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Million Dollar Replicator Review Summary

  • Name: Million Dollar Replicator
  • Website:
  • Founders: Michael Sachs (FAKE Name!!)
  • Price: $37 ($17 if you try to leave the sales page) + Many Upsells.
  • Recommended? No, keep reading to know why!


Overall Rating: 30 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program in my Guide 97 of 100)


What Is Million Dollar Replicator?

What Is Million Dollar Replicator

In brief: Million Dollar Replicator is a program that is designed to take your money selling you the dreams of freedom, and then, ask you for more money without fulfilling the promises they make in making you 7 figures per month or year on autopilot.


If you watch the video or read everything on the sales page, you will leave with only promises and claims of making you rich quickly, without giving you any information about how you will do that.

Is Million Dollar Replicator A Scam

Here’s what they describe their system:

  • Their group of “insiders” have developed a “done-for-you system”
  • You login and pay the “one little tiny payment” (That’s a LIE by the way, keep reading to find about the up-sells!)
  • The “system” will start finding different opportunities for success on your behalf.
  • The “system” will “replicate” these opportunities on your behalf without you lifting a finger.
  • You will wake up tomorrow morning with an extra $3,000 in your bank account, and the same for everyday during the coming years.




Honestly, who believes such a BS?!!


I have reviewed many of the scams and low quality programs and systems that give you such generic and hyped claims of getting rich quickly with so little or even no effort at all, such as:


And some of these are total scams while the others are either low quality or mediocre programs that are extremely hyped up and focus more on making money FROM YOU rather that helping you make money.


There’s really no completely done-for-you system or program that can make you money while doing nothing or by working few minutes a day.


These claims are only made in order to deceive people who are desperate of making money online and know absolutely nothing about how the internet works or even about how business work in general.


Building an online business is similar to building an offline one when it comes to having to put the time and effort in advance and be patient and consistent in your efforts before you make any money, as you will learn in my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide.


Sure, you can use tools in order to automate and speed-up some tasks that you have to do, but there’s NO Complete Done-For-You system. If there was such a thing, then everybody will start using it and it will eventually stop working because everybody is doing the same without adding any value.


You can’t make money, whether online or offline without adding any value.


And if you think that the 100% guarantee and the testimonials in the video are an evidence that this program works, then wait until you read the “What I Don’t Like & Why I Don’t Recommend The Million Dollar Replicator” below.


So, How Does Million Dollar Replicator Really Work?

How Does Million Dollar Replicator Work


That’s a complete BS!


Again, there’s nothing like that and there will never ever be one.

You don’t just set it and forget it!


To be fully transparent with you. I haven’t purchased this program and didn’t see what is in it exactly!


Why?! Well, because I’m really tired of these BS creators who keep creating crappy programs or “done-for-you systems”, one after the other and they all promise you to be able to make hundreds or thousands of dollars per day without doing anything or by clicking just few clicks per day on your mobile phone or on your laptop.


These are all lies that are used in order to market such crappy programs and training courses and get people inside the door and pay the first payment, and then, they start offering you up-sells and external tools and tell you that you need to purchase all of them in order to succeed and make any money.


And finally, you will leave with a disappointment and you will lose your money and more important: YOUR TIME.


What I Like About The Million Dollar Replicator

The only thing I like about the Million Dollar Replicator system is that they offer a 60-Days money back guarantee.


But remember that they will not compensate you for the time you will lose and for the big disappointment you will get when you discover their lies.


What I Don’t Like & Why I Don’t Recommend The Million Dollar Replicator

Not sure where to start from, but let’s go with the sales page and video first:


1. FAKE Testimonials By Paid Actors

I have already seen this very person giving testimonials for other “done-for-you” systems, and these all are FAKE.


The screenshot on the right is from his profile on where he and many others offer their services to record a video for you saying what you ask them to say for a few bucks!!

Million Dollar Replicator Testimonials

And the same applies for the other guys.


Unfortunately, this is a common practice that you will see a lot among scams and low quality programs as they all purchase fake testimonials through fiverr because they can’t get real and legit testimonials for promises they give because they know already that their programs don’t deliver those results.


2. Another Done-For-You Systems

As I mentioned earlier, many crappy programs and scams are being promoted as the completely done-for-you, set it and forget it, push button, …etc.


And they all promise you to become a millionaire in one month or year, and this program is no different.

Million Dollar Replicator Results

As someone who has already tried different methods of making money online, and reviewed many of such programs, I can tell you that there’s nothing like doing hundreds or thousands of dollars working few minutes right from day one.


Yet this program has taken it to another level by saying that it is 100% guaranteed to make you 7-Figures in one month without you doing anything.


Please, stay away from such claims as these are only used to get people join them and the only one who really makes money in this case is the owner of the program himself!


And even if there was a complete done-for-you system, then after many people start using it, it will stop working because everybody is doing the same and no one is adding any value.


Learn how to fish, don’t as for a fish! (Check my recommendation in the last section below!)


3. Hidden Up-Sells

Once you join the program, expect to pay more hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the road!


In general, I have nothing against up-sells, if they are worth the investment!

But the problem here is that the creators of the Million Dollar Replicator don’t disclose that to you since the beginning.


They tell you that all you have to pay is the one time little tiny payment of $37 and once you are in, they will start blasting you with up-sells and promote to you other courses and external tools telling you that you need to buy this up-sell, join another course, use that magical tool (for money of course!), …etc. in order to keep squeezing the money from you.


I don’t like this shady method of doing business, it only shows you how unprofessional and desperate of themselves they are.


While at the platform I recommend in my Make Money Online Guide, everything is clear since the beginning.


They don’t hide unnecessary up-sells, they don’t blast you with surprises of new costs that you need to pay. Actually, in addition to the detailed step-by-step training and WEEKLY LIVE webinars, they provide you with all the main necessary tools for NO EXTRA COST, they provide you with the excellent support, and better, you can try this platform for FREE before you pay anything or even enter your credit card info. Check the last section below for more info!



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4. Pay For What?!!

As I mentioned, the video and the sales page don’t really tell you what to expect in terms of the training, tools, support or anything they provide, they don’t tell you what method you will use in order to make money online, they don’t say anything.


They just sell you on the dream of becoming a millionaire in the first month.

Million Dollar Replicator Fake Claims

How would you pay for something and don’t know what to expect at ALL.


Ah yeah, I remembered, it’s a complete done-for-you system, you don’t need to learn or do anything and it will make you millions. LOL!


5. It’s A 100% Guaranteed System, But Then There’s No Guarantee!

They tell you that it is the first 100% guaranteed system to deliver the promised results, but then, in the disclaimer at the bottom of the sales page, they tell you that they don’t guarantee any results!!!

Million Dollar Replicator Guarantee


So they are admitting that they are lying to you!!


6. Is “Michael Sachs” Even A Real Person?!

Hell NO!


The founder of the Million Dollar Replicator is unknown.


And for the image that is available on the sales page, you can do a simple Google image search and find that this is just a stock photo that is being used on different websites for different purposes.

Million Dollar Replicator Founder Michael Sachs

Then who is the real person behind this program?!


Mr. Unknown neither shares his real name or even his face! And you want to trust him with your money?!! RUN AWAY!


Million Dollar Replicator Price, Discount & Up-sells

As I mentioned earlier, $37 is only the first payment.


And if you try to leave the page without joining the Million Dollar Replicator program, they will offer you a discounted price of $17.

Million Dollar Replicator Cost & Discount

But as I explained earlier, expect to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the form of up-sells, other programs and the tools that will be promoted to you later down the road!


While at the recommended alternative platform in my Make Money Online Guide, which teaches you the best way of making money online, you get the best training in their industry, and they provide you with all the necessary tools and the amazing support all in one place for NO EXTRA COST, NO Hidden Fees or Surprises!. Even better, they have a Free Plan to start with! Check the last section to know more!


Conclusion – Is Million Dollar Replicator A Scam Or Legit?

  • Name: Million Dollar Replicator
  • Website:
  • Founders: Michael Sachs (FAKE Name!!)
  • Price: $37 ($17 if you try to leave the sales page) + Many Upsells.
  • Recommended? No.


Overall Rating: 30 of 100 (Check my #1 recommended program in my Guide 97 of 100)


To be transparent again, I have not purchased the program due the reasons mentioned above.


The only reason I’m giving the rating of 30 and not ZERO is the money back guarantee, because I’m pretty sure that you will need it after you discover the lies they told you.


Due to this deceptive behavior, unrealistic claims, fake founder, fake testimonial, …etc. I will never buy or recommend buying the Miliion Dollar Replicator.


And even though they have a money back guarantee, remember that they will not compensate you on the time you spent and the disappointment you will get after discovering that there’s really NO 100% Guaranteed, Done-For-You system that will make you any money with you doing nothing, then how about make you 7-Figures in one month!!


But you will discover that after you have already wasted a lot of your most valuable asset, your TIME!


And that’s why I recommend that you start the right way since the beginning, with a proven platform that is transparent and honest with you and doesn’t just try to sell you on the dreams of making money fast with little or no effort and doesn’t keep offering you one up-sell after another.


Which takes us to the next question:


Is There An EVERGREEN & LEGIT Alternative To The Million Dollar Replicator Program?




The platform I recommend for you in order to learn how to make money online is the same platform where I learned, and I still continue to learn how to make money online the right way.


There are of course many legit and proven ways for making money online, and each one of these methods requires a certain investment, amount of effort and time to put before you start making any money.


But the main method that is taught in my recommended platform in this guide is the method that I consider to be the most newbie-friendly, requires the lowest investment (you can really try it for FREE), associated with the lowest level of risk, and the one that is most evergreen.


And most important, it is the method that I personally use in order to make money online, and this is why I will recommend it!


You will learn what this method is, how it works and what is the platform that I recommend in order to learn it in my FREE Guide For Making Money Online through the following button:

Million Dollar Replicator Alternative


And from there, you will know exactly what you will receive from that platform when it comes to the training, tools and support. No secrets, no promises on the dreams, no hidden up-sells or surprises!


And what is great is that you don’t worry of getting ripped off, you can try this platform for FREE before you pay anything and without entering your credit card information, and you can even stick to the FREE Starter membership for as long as you wish, but realize that each membership plan has its own features and benefits.


And again, there’s NO Magical Push Buttons that will make you money without you adding any value consistently. Forget about these scams!


The method in my guide is a 100% legit way of making money that requires you to put effort and time in advance before you expect to get any results, like any other legit method of making money online and offline.


So, if you are really SERIOUS about making money online, and you want to take real ACTION consistently, then go ahead with my guide through the following button:

Ultimate Make Money Online Guide


Go and take action now and stop wasting your Money & Time trying to find that 100% guaranteed magical push-button, done-for-you solution. It doesn’t exist, Sorry!


And if you have any question about this Million Dollar Replicator Review, leave it in the comments section below and I will be answering you ASAP 🙂

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