Make Money with Uber without Driving

Make Money with Uber without Driving a Car

Giving rides for Uber in order to make money is getting less feasible as the days go through, and you need a capital or a loan in order to get the car in the first place.

How to make money with Uber without driving?

Is that even possible?

If yes, then how much does this alternative cost, and how can you start with it?

And if not, then what is the alternative in order to make an extra income other than giving Uber rides?

These questions and more, I will be answering in this short article, and in five minutes from now, you will learn about the place that I personally joined in order to learn how to supplement my income without investing in a car and without overworking myself giving rides to strangers.


So, without further ado, let’s start!

How to Make Money with Uber without Driving?

You can make money with Uber without giving rides for strangers using your own car with the same business model that Uber makes money with, which is affiliate marketing.

Uber makes money by connecting their EXISTING users (riders) with their EXISTING drivers in order to make paid rides, and uber will take around 25% of the ride fees on each ride they bring to the driver.

The driver takes the other 75% and has to pay for the car usage and maintenance, car price or loan payment, insurance, taxes, …etc. and the rest can be considered as the net income.

Uber’s income from the rides is considered an affiliate commission that they get as a reward for bringing riders to the drivers.

And you can do the same in order to make money with Uber without driving a car, and instead, by being an affiliate for Uber.

You do so by referring NEW riders or NEW drivers to Uber in order to use the app to give/receive paid rides, and Uber will pay you a commission for every new rider or driver that you bring to them.

Make Money with Uber as an Affiliate

And the commission depends on the kind of driver/rider you bring and on the country they live in.

For example, if you bring an Uber driver that gives rides in US or Canada, you may get around $30-$40 commission on each driver after they complete a certain number of rides.

And if you bring an Uber Eats driver in US, you may get a $35 commission on each driver/partner.

And you might get a $5 commission for a new driver sign up before they complete any ride.

And for referring riders, you may get a $5 bounty, either in cash or in Uber credits so that you use them later to take rides.

The commissions differ from one country or city to another, and from time to another.

But the more new riders and drivers you bring, the more money you can earn.


Why Is This Model Better Than Giving Rides with Uber?

Making money with Uber as an affiliate without giving rides is a much better way for making money with Uber for many reasons, including the following:

1 – Much Lower Cost to Start & Maintain

As an Uber affiliate, you don’t need money to buy or rent a car, and you don’t need to use your own car and shorten its lifespan with the continuous rides.

You can start an affiliate business and start referring people to use Uber at a very low cost compared to paying even one car loan payment or one month of car rental fees.

2 – Less Headache

No necessary maintenance of the car, no issues with stuff that people might forget, or claim to forget, in your car, no long hours of work in the sun, rain, dust, on bumpy roads, …etc.

3 – You Have a Business That You Own

When you are an affiliate marketer, you own your business, and you can choose which company to work with, and no company can kick you out.

For example, as an affiliate marketer, you can make money with Uber without driving, but you can also make money with other companies that offer similar services.

If Uber closes its affiliate program, you can join the affiliate program of their alternative and start making money with them.

And better, you can make money with those affiliate programs even if you don’t live in the same country where they operate.

While as an Uber driver, if they decide to kick you out, it is a bit difficult to join other companies because there are only few companies in your country that work the same way, and they might have different acceptance criteria.

Uber Driver Vs. Uber Affiliate

4 – Affiliate Marketing is More Scalable Than Giving Paid Uber Rides for Money

You can make money driving for Uber, but it is not that rewarding, and the return is getting smaller every day.

If you need to make more money, then you need to give more rides and work longer hours, but you only have a certain number of hours every day.

But if you decide to make money with Uber as an affiliate, then you can upscale your business by recommending Uber to a bigger number of people online, and you can do that for many countries that you don’t even live in.

Even better, when you have an affiliate business, you don’t have to stick to Uber’s affiliate program, but you can join their competitors” affiliate programs at the same time and make money with them in the same way.

And you can also join affiliate programs of different booking apps and websites and recommend them to people in exchange for a commission, as I explained in my article about making money on Airbnb without owning properties.

Having an affiliate marketing business is scalable, driving for Uber is NOT.


So, these were the main advantages of making money with Uber without driving through their affiliate program.

And if you are interested in knowing how you can do this to generate income, like I personally do, then the following section is for you.

Make Money with Uber without Driving in 3 Steps

1 – Choose a Niche

In order to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to pick a niche (a group of people with something in common), and focus on what this niche needs.

And if you want to promote Uber for riders or drivers, then you can choose a niche like:

  • People traveling to a certain country and need safe, fast and easy rides, and recommend the Uber app for them.
  • People looking for a way to make extra money, and recommend to them to become uber drivers.

2 – Create a Simple Website (No Coding Required)

After deciding on a niche, you need to choose a domain name and start a simple WordPress site that doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

Don’t worry! In the following section, I will tell you where you can find the website building and hosting services for non-techie people.

But you need to create a website in order to bring your audience (niche) and tell them why they need to use Uber, either as riders or as drivers.

3 – Start Giving Helpful Recommendations

Now that you have your website up and running, you need to start answering what people ask on Google.

For example, if your niche is about people moving to Chicago for living or on business trips, then people might ask on Google stuff such as:

  • How to stay safe in Chicago
  • Best taxi company in Chicago
  • Best taxi app in Chicago
  • Cheap car rental in Chicago

And so on.

Create a Website to Promote Uber

And for each of these searches, you would write an article on your site that lists the best relevant services, including Uber and maybe some of their competitors, and recommend using them.

And in case that your site’s visitors took your recommendation and installed Uber and used it to take rides, you get a commission.

And if your site is about helping retirees make extra money on the side, then these people might ask on Google:

  • Ways for retirees to make extra money
  • Part time jobs for retired seniors

And so on.

And for each of these queries, you write a post on your site that lists the best ways to make money for retirees, and you include joining Uber as a driver as a way for making extra money by working certain hours of the day.

And when someone takes your recommendation and becomes an active Uber driver, you get a commission because you referred them to Uber.


And with these three simple steps, you can start an affiliate marketing business that allows you to make money with Uber without driving your own car or a rental car.

And if you are interested in starting a business that allows you to make money as an Uber affiliate, but you want a step-by-step system to follow, then the coming section is for you.

One Place to Find All What You Need to Start


I make money online with the same way I mentioned above, and not only as an affiliate to Uber, but also as an affiliate to many other companies as well, which allowed me to scale up my business and income.

And I started without a prior experience or technical background.

And all of this thanks to the platform that offered me all what I need to learn and start an affiliate marketing business.

And this amazing platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform is the way to go if you want to learn how you can make money on Uber without giving ride through their affiliate program, because this platform offers you:

  • The easy-to-follow, step-by-step training.
  • The tools to build and host your website without a technical hassle or experience.
  • The tools to research and find opportunities through Uber’s affiliate program and other similar affiliate programs.
  • And best of all, the great community of 2 million other people who joined this platform to learn affiliate marketing, and those who are willing to help you anytime you ask for help.

And much more.

And all of that, for a small monthly fee that is nothing compared to what you would pay on a car maintenance, oil change, or car loan or rental every single month if you decided to make money by driving for Uber.

Not sure whether to join or not?

No worries!

This recommended platform offers a free membership plan for you to try the platform and tools and to get to know the community before you invest in anything.

Learn to Become an Uber Affiliate

And this free plan will give you access to the first level of the training (10 lessons) for free in order to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

It’s up to you if you want to continue from there on.

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate updated review in order to learn more about this platform and start with the free plan if like it.

This is literally the best place to go if you want to start making money with Uber as an affiliate instead of giving rides or delivering food.



I hope that you found my article helpful in finding out how you can make money with Uber without driving a car for giving rides or for delivering food.

If you still have any questions about this method, or about anything I mentioned in this article, leave it in the comments’ section below and I will be happy to answer you asap 🙂

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