Make Money on Instagram without Showing Your Face (3 Ways with Tools)

Earn Money on Instagram without Showing Your Face

Instagram, with over a billion users, has become a powerhouse for entrepreneurs and influencers alike.

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But did you know you can leverage its potential without ever showing your face? And there are several ways to do that.

I will tell you about some of these methods, ideas for creating faceless Instagram content, and the tools that can help you with that.

However, each of these methods comes with its own limitations and disadvantages, which is why I will tell you at the end of this article about the alternative I decided to pursue that comes with more potential for growth and sustainability.

Without further ado, here are three legit ways to make money on Instagram without showing your face:

1. Sell Shoutouts to Instagram Accounts in the Same Niche

Selling shoutouts involves promoting another account’s content on your Instagram page in exchange for money.

Many budding accounts are looking to grow their audience and are willing to pay for shoutouts from established accounts in the same niche.

You can list your rates in your bio, or just write something like “DM for shoutouts”, and others who want to grow their accounts with this method might find you when looking for accounts like yours.

Alternatively, you can list your account on one or more of the many online directories and marketplaces for Instagram influencers, and list your niche, the number of your followers, and your rates.


  1. Build a niche-specific Instagram account with engaging content. Use specific hashtags instead of general hashtags such as “#cat” or “#dog” in order to avoid the high competition on organic views.
  2. Reach a considerable follower count with good engagement. Don’t buy fake followers as that will hurt your account.
  3. Offer shoutout services in your bio, through a post, or through specialized online directories.
  4. Collaborate with interested parties and agree on a price.

Cost to start: Minimal. Just time and effort in building your account.

Estimated time to start earning: 3-6 months, depending on growth rate and engagement.


  1. Passive income potential.
  2. Enhances networking in your niche.
  3. Offers cross-promotional opportunities.


  1. Requires maintaining account engagement.
  2. Dependence on the niche’s popularity.
  3. Risk of audience fatigue with too many promotions.

2. Set Up a Shopify Store and Sell without Inventory

With Shopify, you can create an online store and integrate it with Instagram for seamless shopping.

You can sell products that you don’t hold inventory of via the print-on-demand services, or through dropshipping items from suppliers on AliExpress.

Either way, you don’t buy in advance, but rather, you list products on your store and add your profit to the cost of the supplier, and you advertise these products to your followers on Instagram with photos or with video demonstrations even without showing your face.

When you get a sale, you pay the supplier their own price, forward the customer’s details to them, and keep the profits.

You then keep track of the shipment from the supplier to the buyer in order to make sure that it finally arrived to your customer as promised.


  1. Set up a Shopify store and brand it to fit your niche.
  2. Choose between POD or dropshipping.
  3. Promote products through Instagram posts or stories, or even ads.
  4. Fulfill orders through your chosen method.

Cost to start: Shopify’s basic plan starts at $29/month. Additional Costs for ads (optional).

Estimated time to start earning: 1-3 months, depending on product choice and marketing strategy.


  1. Wide range of products to choose from.
  2. Scalable business model.
  3. Integration between Shopify and Instagram.


  1. Dependence on third-party suppliers.
  2. Potential inventory issues.
  3. Competition can be fierce.

3. Sell Freelancing Services

Use your experience with creating content and growing Instagram accounts in order to manage Instagram accounts for others for a return.

Whether it’s writing, design, videography, running ads, or any other skill, there’s potential for growth for these account owners, and you can earn without showing your face on Instagram by helping them.

You can list your services on online freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Guru, or through reaching out to businesses in person, or through email and phone calls after locating them through Google or online business directories.

With this method, you may be able to earn consistent income with Instagram without showing your face at all, and without using your own account in the first place.


  1. Define your services.
  2. Set up an Instagram account showcasing your work/portfolio.
  3. Promote your services and engage with potential clients either through freelancing platforms or by reaching out to businesses.
  4. Make sure to provide quality service so that you charge higher rates compared to others and still get repeat customers.

Cost to start: Minimal. Primarily time and effort to set up a portfolio.

Estimated time to start earning: 1-2 months.


  1. Flexibility in choosing projects.
  2. Direct communication with clients.
  3. Build a strong portfolio.


  1. Competition can be tough.
  2. Income may be inconsistent.
  3. Risk of non-payment or scope creep.
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Ideas for Faceless Instagram Content to Earn Money

  • Inspirational quotes over aesthetic backgrounds.
  • Funny, relatable videos, animations or GIFs.
  • Product demonstration videos.
  • Tutorials with voice-over.
  • Artistic time-lapse videos.
  • Nature or scenic videos.

Recommended Tools to Earn with Faceless Instagram Accounts


For Instagram Growth & Management

  1. Buffer: Allows you to schedule, publish, and analyze your posts.
  2. Iconosquare: Offers Instagram analytics to help you gauge the performance of your posts.
  3. Linktree: Allows you to share multiple links through one URL, which is particularly useful in Instagram bios.
  4. InShot: A video editing app great for editing Instagram stories and posts.
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For Creating Faceless Videos & Posts

  1. Animoto: Create impressive videos from photos, video clips, and music.
  2. Lumen5: This AI-driven tool turns blog posts into engaging videos.
  3. Moovly: Offers various templates to create animated videos.
  4. Vyond: Lets you create animated videos effortlessly.
  5. Biteable: Easy video maker.
  6. Canva: For design and video editing.
  7. Pexels & Unsplash: Stock video and photo platforms to find high-quality visuals.
  8. Storyblocks: A subscription-based resource for downloading stock footage, after effects, and more.

The Risk of Faceless Instagram Content for Income

Depending solely on platforms you don’t own, like Instagram, is risky.

Algorithm changes, account bans, or competition can drastically affect income.

You need to diversify through more sustainable methods if you want to build a secure income stream online, and like it is with Instagram.

My #1 Recommended Alternative

You can earn in a more sustainable way without showing your face on Instagram or anywhere else, and without even creating videos.

This can be achieved through blogging.

No one can take your blog away from you, and you don’t need to show your face in order to make money or even create videos like it is on Instagram.

You can monetize your blog in many different ways, but my recommendation for beginners is to start with affiliate marketing where you promote others’ products for a commission on every sale you bring to them through your referral links.

How it Works:

  1. Create a blog in a niche you’re passionate about.
  2. Publish valuable content that answers the questions your target audience ask on Google.
  3. Promote products related to your niche through unique affiliate links that you get from merchants like Amazon.
  4. Earn commissions for every sale through your referral.

If you are interested in learning this method as an alternative to earning on Instagram with faceless accounts, then I recommend that you join the Wealthy Affiliate platform and community, which is a one-stop-shop for aspiring bloggers.

This platform offers training, web hosting, research tools, content editing tools, and a supportive community. By investing time and effort, it’s possible to create a sustainable passive income.


While Instagram offers various avenues to earn, diversifying income sources, like through blogging and affiliate marketing, can ensure long-term financial security.

I hope that this article was helpful for you to get some ideas for earning money on Instagram without showing your face, and learning the risks associated with these methods.

If you still have any questions or have any other ideas, feel free to share them in the comments’ section below.

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