Make Money on Instagram by Writing (3 Creative Ways)

Earn Money on Instagram by Writing

Instagram, with its immense user base, has become a hub for entrepreneurs, influencers, and creators.

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Especially for those with a knack for writing, the platform offers varied avenues to monetize their skills, which I will show you here.

However, because each of these methods comes with its own disadvantages, especially when it comes to long-term sustainability and scalability, I will recommend a more secure alternative at the end of this article for those looking for a more lucrative option.

Without further ado, here are three real ways to make money on Instagram by writing:

1. Write Posts with Tips for Your Niche & Monetize

A well-defined niche on Instagram can attract a dedicated audience.

Writing regular posts that offer valuable tips related to your niche can not only build your reputation but also offer multiple monetization channels.

After you grow an engaged audience, you can monetize it in many ways, such as affiliate marketing, selling merch, to bagging sponsored content deals as an Instagram influencer.

Each method has its own requirements and potential earnings. You choose what is best for you, or you can choose more than one method to earn by writing on Instagram.

Steps to Do This Method:

  1. Identify and define your niche.
  2. Start creating posts with valuable tips.
  3. Join affiliate programs related to your niche.
  4. Look for brands for sponsored content.
  5. If you’re into design, explore POD platforms to sell niche-specific merchandise such as Zazzle and TeePublic.

Cost to Start: Minimal – just the time and effort to create posts. You can use free tool like Canva for content creation.

Time to Start Earning: A few weeks to several months, based on the engagement and growth of your account.


  • Multiple streams of income.
  • Enhances credibility in the niche.
  • Allows for creative freedom.


  • Highly competitive.
  • Constant need for content creation.
  • Dependent on consistent audience engagement.

2. Publish an Ebook on KDP and Promote it on Instagram

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allows writers to self-publish their eBooks.

Depending on your niche or field of expertise, if you are good at doing something, you can create a short ebook explaining how to achieve a certain result, and publish it on Amazon KDP as a digital book.

Use Instagram to promote your book by sharing captivating quotes or snippets from your book, and gain followers and views through the proper use of hashtags, and lead your audience from the individual posts to your bio, where you have a link to your book on Amazon.

Once you start getting sales and positive reviews on Amazon, the marketplaces will start to push your book to other users who have purchased books in the same genre or on the same topic in the past, and you may get more sales.

You can write other short books and publish them in the same way, and it would be easier to push the new book if the first one has a positive feedback.

Steps to Do This Method:

  1. Write an eBook on a topic you’re passionate about.
  2. Publish it on Amazon’s KDP.
  3. Share quotes, snippets, or reviews on Instagram to promote the eBook through the link in your bio.

Cost to Start: Almost zero – barring any costs you might incur for eBook formatting or cover design. (You can use Canva’s free membership)

Time to Start Earning: As soon as your eBook is live and you begin promotions. Sales can increase with the growth of your Instagram audience.


  • Passive income from eBook sales.
  • Enhances authority on the subject.
  • Opportunities for cross-promotion.


  • Initial time investment in writing the eBook.
  • Sales highly dependent on the quality of the eBook.
  • Limited to Amazon’s royalty structure.

3. Sell Instagram Writing Services on Freelance Marketplaces

Many businesses and influencers need captivating content for their Instagram.

Freelance platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal and others are brimming with opportunities for writers to offer services like Instagram post copywriting, content strategy planning, or even crafting engagement boosting posts.

With this method, you can earn writing content for Instagram users and businesses all over the world.

Steps to Do This Method:

  1. Create a profile on freelance platforms.
  2. List services like Instagram bio creation, post scripting, or content strategy planning.
  3. Use your own Instagram as a portfolio to showcase your writing prowess.

Cost to Start: Minimal, mostly free registration on freelance platforms.

Time to Start Earning: Immediate, based on your ability to secure clients.


  • Diverse clientele.
  • Continuous stream of opportunities.
  • Can command premium prices with experience.


  • Competition from other freelancers.
  • Need to constantly pitch and bid for projects.
  • Potential for inconsistent workflow.
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The Risks of Relying on Writing on Instagram for Money

While Instagram offers lucrative opportunities to earn with writing on the platform, basing your income solely on it can be risky.

Platforms like Instagram evolve, algorithms change, and audiences migrate.

Without ownership of the platform you earn with, you’re always at the mercy of these external factors.


A Sustainable Alternative to Earning by Writing on Instagram

Since you are good at writing content, you don’t you write it on a platform that you own, and earn in many more methods compared to earning by writing on Instagram?

My recommendation to do this is by creating a niche blog with a domain name that you choose, write valuable content, and earn in multiple ways, such as affiliate marketing or display ads.

How it Works:

  1. Start a blog on a topic you’re passionate about.
  2. Write informative content targeting search queries your audience use in Google.
  3. Promote products or services relevant to your niche through affiliate links.
  4. Earn commissions for every sale made through your links.

This is a better approach than writing on Instagram to make money, because on Instagram, the post you write today will probably not be seen tomorrow as the platform rewards the latest content.

It’s like a rate race.

However, on a blog that gets traffic from Google, every piece of quality content that you write might get you traffic for years to come, which makes your earnings increase gradually from month to month.

For those looking to delve into this space with a step-by-step system, Wealthy Affiliate stands out.

This platform offers everything from training, website builder, reliable hosting, content research tools, editing tools, to a robust and welcoming community support.



In today’s digital age, opportunities for writers to monetize their skills abound, especially on platforms like Instagram.

While writing on Instagram offers immediate engagement and revenue streams, it’s essential to diversify and not place all bets on one platform.

The blend of Instagram’s immediacy with the long-term stability of blogging provides a balanced approach to building a sustainable income.

Harnessing the strengths of both ensures that writers can navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with confidence and financial security.

If you have any other ideas for earning money by writing on Instagram, or if you have questions on anything mentioned here, let me know in the comments’ section below.

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